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Big Game Bengal
The only play of the game Hollywood Brown got open, Tyler Huntley was the QB lmao
17 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Lamar connects with Hollywood Brown on a big 3rd & 18. (via @NFL) @brgridiron's photo on Hollywood Brown
17 Jan, 02:25 AM UTC
Sarah Ellison
Hollywood Brown was wide open. Had Tyler Huntley not overthrown him, he could’ve taken it to the house. https://t.co/FBNhtnRFDN
17 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
Bradley Gelber
Wow. Hollywood Brown is open deep and Huntley overthrows him. That’s a TD if they connect, instead it’s a turnover on downs. #Bills
17 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC
Jamison Hensley
Some teams might have played it safe on third-and-18. Lamar Jackson hits Hollywood Brown on a 19-yard completion, which keeps alive a drive that began with a sack and three straight penalties on offense.
17 Jan, 02:23 AM UTC
Ian Hartitz
Sheesh alert: the artist known as Hollywood Brown was wide, wide open on potential monster TD on 4th down to extend the game ... and Tyler Huntley sailed it. Wasn't close. Sad. Would've been a nice little cherry on top of Brown's solid end of season run. Alas: sheesh
17 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
I love you Hollywood brown so much I am sorry
17 Jan, 02:39 AM UTC
Nashville Vol Who Wants To Dump The Gump
@astrange42086 @ClayTravis Hollywood Brown? Mark Andrews?
17 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
OutKick Bets
The worst game ever to bet Mark Andrews, Hollywood Brown, and J.K. Dobbins to score an Anytime TD https://t.co/HZiF1r7kal
17 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
Neal Driscoll
Baltimore fans have been crucifying Hollywood Brown, but he is the only player on that offense that showed up this week.
17 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC
Fantasy Crypto Ⓥ
I have CeeDee and Hollywood Brown. Been offered Joe Mixon for those two. Thoughts? @MyFantasyLeague
17 Jan, 02:18 AM UTC
Fantasy Football Clinic
Hollywood Brown would be a top 10 WR with a real QB change my mind
17 Jan, 03:57 AM UTC
Hollywood Brown and the rest of the Ravens receivers tonight https://t.co/SUoZLwk8dY
17 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Hotboy Chuckie
JK bitch ass fucked up a wide open Hollywood Brown TD and dropped a potential touchdown pass in the flat. Mans had 1 person to beat after a easy catch.
17 Jan, 04:12 AM UTC
Nick Kostos
Remember when Trace McSorley and Hollywood Brown backdoored Steelers bettors and then Tyler Huntley and Hollywood Brown couldn't backdoor tonight for Ravens teaser bettors? Fun!
17 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
Stanley Price
@GorrestFump01 @ShannonSharpe Hollywood Brown is a solid 3rd option receiver, yet he has to be Lamar’s number 1?
17 Jan, 02:34 AM UTC
Alex Gardner
@Primetime_jet TURN THIS UP!!! LOUDER!! For the people in the back!!! Hollywood Brown is a STAR!!! https://t.co/s33R5pNx3j
17 Jan, 04:23 AM UTC
You can say what you want about Hollywood Brown but in 3 playoff games he got 18 catches & over 300 yards
17 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
Mike Tyson Disease
@whoreslayers @Ter0me And Hollywood brown* but yeah everyone else is not seeing the pearly gates
17 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Wendell Ferreira
Hollywood Brown seria muito mais valorizado (como deve ser) se jogasse num ataque mais voltado pro jogo aéreo. É um WR muito talentoso. https://t.co/SPYBns4qpU
17 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
Kyle Dawson
Dez Bryant or Hollywood Brown is going to go on TikTok tomorrow and tell us the Bills are gonna get clapped next week right?
17 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
A QB having a good defense only gon work if they have a few mid grade weapons. They have my QB throwing passes to Miles Boykin/Willie Snead/Hollywood Brown. MILES FUCKING BOYKIN dawg. 😂 https://t.co/sTC9qpt2eO
17 Jan, 04:14 AM UTC
Scott Seidenberg
Oh and the missed wide open Hollywood Brown long pass on 4th down that would have been walk in touchdown lol
17 Jan, 04:23 AM UTC
Seth Cook
@Chase_a_saurus Our money is still floating somewhere in the open space between Hollywood Brown and the nearest DB
17 Jan, 04:18 AM UTC
shoutout to hollywood brown man was the mvp of the playoffs for the ravens
17 Jan, 04:12 AM UTC
Baltimore has had EVERY chance to be in or winning this game. Two missed Tucker FG’s. Lamar 101 pick 6. Huntley misses wide open Hollywood Brown for would be touchdown. Dobbins and Andrews both drop touchdowns. Tough
17 Jan, 04:10 AM UTC
Nick Kostos
One of my 2020 NFL season betting legacies will be losing on both insane Ravens third-string QB end-of-game shenanigans involving Hollywood Brown
17 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
@Kapo_Status I'm happy they at least tried with Yannick, I csn respect trying with the trader. We went in this year with out replacing Hurst, and having Willie snead and Hollywood brown, miles blying as our wr corps. Then added Dez. Counted on proche and Duv. Sorry bout that's easily bottom 5
17 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
HitLife 🎯
How do you overthrow Hollywood brown ? how ?!?!?!?!
17 Jan, 03:51 AM UTC

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