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सिमरन सिंह
जो लोग कहते है कि , भारत का पहला आतंकी गोडसे था वो दरअसल तैमूर,बाबर, औरंगजेब और अंग्रेजों को अपना बाप मानते है😏 @Dr_SimranSingh #MediaDefameHindus #SuperHeroesAtWork #YPDPhirSeTrailer #HolyFire
10 Aug, 02:57 PM UTC
Marcus Yam 火
The American dream in pink. #HolyFire Marcus Yam 火's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 11:17 PM UTC
Leslie Lopez
Insane video of the fire fight in Lake Elsinore. Fire fighters working so hard to save homes. Stay safe! #holyfire Leslie Lopez's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 01:37 PM UTC
Marcus Yam 火
Fire crews worked overnight to keep the #HolyFire from crossing the Ortega Highway and from destroying homes in Lake Elsinore. https://t.co/p7UYjKLdjX https://t.co/AdSZdkCCbu
10 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
Backstage Gabe
@producerdeb HOLY FIRE CHALLENGE:I am letting anybody displaced by the holy fire to use my travel trailer for a week at a time.I live Rancho Cucamonga.I challenge anybody who has a RV trailer to give it up to family in need #HolyFireChallenge #LakeElsinore #HolyFire Chagolla.G@gmail.com ✝️ Backstage Gabe's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC
#holyfire The community has shown a tremendous amount of kindness with all the donations to the firefighters. On behalf of the OCFA, we would like to thank you. Our needs have been more than filled. If you feel the need to give, please consider the Red Cross or a similar charity
11 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
Carlos Granda
Houses covered in fire retardant. Residents are praising the work of firefighters that saved these homes in Lake Elsinore. #Holyfire Carlos Granda's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 08:12 PM UTC
The Press-Enterprise
#HolyFire update: - The 18,100+ acre #wildfire is threatening 3,000 structures - More than 20,000 people have been evacuated - Highway 74 closure in #LakeElsinore was extended to Lakeside High, 15 Freeway off-ramps at Indian Truck Trail closed - Read more: https://t.co/b6hZX2sLh5 The Press-Enterprise's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
Thank you to all the brave firefighters out there battling the Holy Fire. As of 7:50 p.m. the fire has burned 19,000+ acres and is 10% contained. There is no threat to Irvine or any other Orange County Community at this time. #HolyFire
11 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
U.S. Forest Service
More than 1,200 interagency personnel, including more than 360 USDA Forest Service #firefighters, are fighting the #HolyFire, which now covers 18,137 acres. U.S. Forest Service's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 04:55 PM UTC
Jacquie Prebich
grim grey ash dead snowflakes fall from doomsday skies devil flames dance fiendishly feast on holy mountains iron winged birds defy death fly heroically damning the gods of fire back to hell #holyfire #poetry
10 Aug, 08:26 PM UTC
#California, #HolyFire, declarado el lunes y que ha duplicado rápidamente la superficie quemada. Un incendio que se ha convertido en muy peligroso, que ya ha arrasado 7.340 hectáreas, solo un 5% controlado y 20.000 personas con orden de evacuación InfoEmergencias's photo on #HolyFire
10 Aug, 03:19 PM UTC
TARGET: #QAnon Terrorists
BREAKING NEWS: California Arson suspected of starting the #HolyFire was an active #QAnon follower. https://t.co/FFvY9LKdPP
10 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
The town I live in (Lake Elsinore, CA) is threatened by a huge fire. This photo is from near my house. #HolyFire TroyGates's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 03:16 AM UTC
SO Irvine Park is base camp for a lot of the firefighters as the #HolyFire keeps burning. And leaving work at night, driving through the park and seeing all these firefighters sleeping ON THE GROUND and working well into the night blows my mind. Major shoutout to them.
11 Aug, 05:45 AM UTC
#StateOfEmergency Declared for Southern #California's #HolyFire #breaking #news https://t.co/1tFcUKF68a
10 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump @PressSec @WhiteHouse #MendocinoComplex #CarrFire #HolyFire Just a reminder - #Firefighters👨‍🚒have died fighting the #Wildfires 🔥and Trump tweets nonsense. Not even a Tweet of encouragement to the firefighters. #TrumpDoesntCare 🐾⚾️͏k͏o͏r͏b͏e͏l͏r͏e͏n͏o͏k͏i͏a⚾️🐾's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 08:32 AM UTC
Crystal Gonzalez
#holyfire creeping on Temescal canyon. By Tom’s Farms. Looks like volcano. Craaazy. Crystal Gonzalez's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 06:42 AM UTC
United Worldwide Web
#HolyFire via @unitedwww United Worldwide Web's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 08:46 AM UTC
City of Riverside,CA
Health officials warn Riverside County residents of dangers of ash https://t.co/GhqcJjQOZu @RivCoReady @RivCoNow #HolyFire City of Riverside,CA's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 06:22 AM UTC
NWS San Diego
High resolution model forecast for smoke over #SoCal featuring the #HolyFire. #CAwx NWS San Diego's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 07:54 AM UTC
Allana Heath
#HolyFire is now 10% contained. We are so blessed to have so many people working on this around the clock. Thanks to all the crew out there keeping homes safe.
11 Aug, 08:40 AM UTC
#HolyFire The care and reception center at Elsinore High School in Wildomar is now closed (Friday, 8/10 at 11pm). It will reopen if there is a need. The shelter at Temescal Canyon High School in Lake Elsinore remains open and available to assist evacuated residents.
11 Aug, 06:11 AM UTC
HazardHub USA
The #HolyFire has exploded to more than 10,000 acres and is in the back yards of #LakeElsinore homes- more than 7,000 homes are on evacuation notice. Fire departments are already stretched thin from so many #wildfires. https://t.co/bw8USjfzqc
10 Aug, 03:17 PM UTC
United Worldwide Web
#HolyFire explodes to 19,107 acres in Lake Elsinore area #RESIDENTS >>>> https://t.co/oChHplRoZE <<<<< & Fire Weather Warnings/Watches - https://t.co/Z83v44Nlhl https://t.co/NgmofJ2qTm via @unitedwww
11 Aug, 08:44 AM UTC
stunning capture of the #PerseidMeteorShower using iPhone/Nightcap #OC #HolyFire Roudabwoy's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 06:18 AM UTC
KESQ News Channel 3
As you wake up this morning you might smell smoke in the air. @CAL_FIRE confirms winds are carrying the smell of smoke from the #HolyFire to Coachella Valley. Watch @KESQ at 6am for updates. https://t.co/8asTn358NP
11 Aug, 11:47 AM UTC
Pete Light
They are frightened. Smoke from #holyjimfire HolyFire It has left me saddened They are frightened. A State of Emergency Called HolyFire videos I've taken in Lake Elsinore A State of Emergency Called HolyFire Smoke from #holyjimfire #HolyFire #lyric
11 Aug, 11:43 AM UTC
News 96.5 (WDBO)
California governor declares state of emergency in several fire-ravaged counties - https://t.co/dioXhZQnME #news965 #wdbo #HolyFire News 96.5 (WDBO)'s photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 11:42 AM UTC
Incêndio #HolyFire já consumiu cerca de 20 mil hectares na Califórnia https://t.co/lJwi32JB3U
11 Aug, 11:41 AM UTC
Incêndio #HolyFire já consumiu cerca de 20 mil hectares na Califórnia https://t.co/XpSQGIeIyE vonivar's photo on #HolyFire
11 Aug, 11:40 AM UTC
Michael R. Barnard
The HOLY FIRE destruction of Orange County was caused by a right wing nut job who immersed himself in every batshit crazy conspiracy theories that came his way. #HolyFire https://t.co/ZOXMDTkjCC
11 Aug, 11:38 AM UTC
#HolyFire. #firefighter and air support have been amazing only God knows why we did not loose more structures #we are proud
11 Aug, 11:37 AM UTC
The #HolyFire Is finally 10% contained @cybornews will post full video update by the 15th we all live out here and have seen it first hand
11 Aug, 11:33 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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