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Los home office son lo mejor 😋 https://t.co/UIY66bMA44
28 Nov, 06:20 PM UTC
Yvette Cooper
Home Office says 50 Diptheria cases from Manston. Why did they fail to introduce full screening/vaccinations weeks ago? Why are they still not screening everyone they moved out of Manston? This is a chaotic failure. Where is the Home Secretary? What is she even for? /1 @YvetteCooperMP's photo on Home Office
28 Nov, 06:51 PM UTC
Richard Tice 🇬🇧
SHOCKING Proves Home Office not fit for purpose. Proves all other asylum acceptances must be called into question. Need new Dept of Immigration staffed by competent believers in secure borders https://t.co/UTgrvYG3nv
28 Nov, 04:49 PM UTC
Richard Tice 🇬🇧
This proves our Home Office is incompetent & not fit for purpose. Only @reformparty_uk will stop the boats and set up a new robust Dept of Immigration, staffed by believers @TiceRichard's photo on Home Office
29 Nov, 09:36 AM UTC
ℓουℓου 🕷🐟❤
6. Imagine coming home & telling your partner that you felt like a demonised, worthless, and like a 2nd class citizen. Imagine being treated like that, lied to by the centre and by default, the Home Office. Imagine worrying about whether you've passed or not.
28 Nov, 09:39 PM UTC
Lindsay Galloway aka Little Whisky
A million a day to store unused PPE. Diphtheria Home Office altering birth dates of child asylum seekers Drip feed of a potential £50 to see a GP Retirement age to rise Mone PPE scandal And the rest. #ToriesOut145 #GeneralElectionNow
29 Nov, 06:43 AM UTC
kaey 💫 firebrd86 on tumblr 🧭
Modern WY skips into LZ's home office WY: Lan ZHAAAAAN you've worked one minute too long! I'm here to save you from the dreaded tyranny of capitalism! LZ looks up at his husband, blinking the hyperfocus from his brain. WY is standing in front of his desk, waving something
29 Nov, 09:15 AM UTC
Faria Lima Elevator
Até a China está reabrindo e você continua no seu migué de 3 anos de home office
29 Nov, 01:03 PM UTC
Kafka’s Wife
If Labour’s 1983 manifesto was the longest suicide note in history, the Home Office’s release of immigration statistics on Thursday was the shortest - me for @Telegraph https://t.co/P9ld6sBomm
29 Nov, 08:11 AM UTC
Peter Roberts
When Eddie Izzard gets into parliament ..will these two be his chancellor and Home Office minister ? 😮 https://t.co/SUrkdYjzfQ
29 Nov, 12:15 PM UTC
Bob For A Full Brexit
David Davis rages at Home Office over asylum laws interpretation. Tory MP’s Seats Are Now Unsafe! https://t.co/u0CrSEkaWQ
28 Nov, 03:12 PM UTC
FOKUS Dennis
📢📈Wir setzen weiter auf Wachstum und haben einige spannende Rollen bei @FOKUSCLANGG zu vergeben. Je nach Position sind auch ein Quereinstieg und Home Office möglich, so lange Passion und Skillset stimmen. Traut euch! 🤝 Zu den Traumjobs: https://t.co/etr1xwFmtv #123FOKUS https://t.co/UrBKVQoj87
29 Nov, 01:32 PM UTC
Cormack Lawson
Home office "routinely" manipulating records at Manston concentration camp to ensure children were treated as adults. One of the boys, from Syria, said: “I’ve never been more frightened than I was in Manston.” Another, from Sudan, added: “It’s the worst place I’ve ever been to.” https://t.co/tNoPLJD2nV
29 Nov, 08:11 AM UTC
@VFreedoms 2019 Serco and Mears won contracts GPB 2.9 bn from British government to provide accommodation and support for asylum seekers, lifting shares. Valued at GPB 1.9 bn fr Serco GPB 1 bn fr Mears, 10-year contracts were awarded by Britain’s Home Office https://t.co/LD42C3URhy https://t.co/zFczDrmqOA
28 Nov, 08:33 PM UTC
The diphtheria outbreak linked to the Manston migrant processing centre in Kent “could and should have been prevented” but was made “far worse” by the Home Office, public health leaders have said https://t.co/CFWHF6vuff
29 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
Safe Passage 🧡
This is outrageous 😡 Children should be believed and feel safe when they arrive in the UK, not housed within inhumane facilities like Manston. https://t.co/PYmCTsdrFB
28 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
- Yeni mezun 15k - 1,5 maas prim - 1 maas kadar yan haklar - Her sene sonu altin hediyesi - giris cikis saatleri serbest, toplam saat baz alinir. - ayin yarisi “home office” yapma imkani istegine gore - Ust/alt kavrami olmayan agile system. - Avrupa ve Amerika ile calisma ortami
29 Nov, 12:55 PM UTC
Torquay Exposing Economic Migration
@YorksRose_84 If this is true what message does this send out? Pay £5k to get here, get a hotel and free food. Then get a house. Then bring your family over and get to jump the NHS queues. Sue the home office (actually the British taxpayer) any time theres an actuall objection.
28 Nov, 04:29 PM UTC
Lord Oli Mason of Wokedom
@sophielouisecc Please provide the source for this tweet. We have been searching various sources and requested confirmation form the Home Office but can not substantiate your claim.
29 Nov, 09:47 AM UTC
Ed Wilson
"It would be really helpful if the media stopped just reporting Home Office press releases as if they were the word of God and actually applied some critical thinking." #wato https://t.co/OE6PJwhKix
29 Nov, 01:40 PM UTC
Akhter Hussain
Hong Kong and Malaysian property investors, Asylum housing contracts available from home office approved contractors for houses in Rotherham. This house available near central Rotherham like this one https://t.co/ZJirsSymFO Only £43,000 #hongkongUKprorperty #MalaysiaUKproperty
29 Nov, 12:36 PM UTC
No investing to rent to UK citizens. Hoovering up the housing stock in deprived areas as it becomes available then renting for inflated rental values to Home Office contractors is a nice big earner for some. https://t.co/AixuZR5MzE
29 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
Thomas Prenner
"Freu dich, du darfst Home-Office machen" haben sie gesagt. "Home-Office is ur angenehm", haben sie gesagt https://t.co/QALGebFS8Z
29 Nov, 02:22 PM UTC
Fernando R
@nobreceara @alicebiruta Neymar ganhou esse jogo no home office
28 Nov, 06:03 PM UTC
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29 Nov, 01:58 PM UTC
New motivational poster for the home office. "Be more goth. " https://t.co/JR5bWuVTND
29 Nov, 02:24 PM UTC
@Cometton09 Pero mañana juega argentina y cambiamos el dia de home office 💪🏻
29 Nov, 02:19 PM UTC
En 2 semanas me tocará hacer home office y cuento los días... 🤩
29 Nov, 02:30 PM UTC
Karim Van Der Baguette
Assange had been granted asylum by a friendly country to avoid persecution by the US government for his journalistic activities But Home Office had eight staff, and the Cabinet Office had seven, working on secret police operation to arrest Assange Ministry of Justice Justice 😂🤣
29 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
gente vcs tem disciplina pra trabalhar home office? às vezes eu acho que eu não tenho, eu disperso muito.
29 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC