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Naomi Ng 吳家殷
Enraged Lawmaker Charles Mok argues with police on disrespecting the legislature: “This is Legco! Do you think you’re the boss here? ... you’re beating up Hongkongers!” #HongKong #ExtradictionBill #HongKongProtests @ngnaomi's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 08:18 AM UTC
Cops at Hong Kong shot driver of news company right in the head without any warning, it is reported that the driver lost conscious on the ambulance. Please help retweeting and spread the news to raise global awareness. #HongKongExtraditionLaw #HongKongProtests #HongKongProtest @nicole_koon's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 09:50 AM UTC
홍콩 경찰이 지하철역에서 청년들을 모두 불심검문하고 있다고 합니다. #HongKong #HongKongProtests SRC: Reddit u/eddiehk08 https://t.co/10W1yDKcYW
12 Jun, 07:32 AM UTC
Not all heroes wear capes, as the saying goes. These drivers will most likely lose their jobs but deserve all our respect. #HongKongProtests #NoExtraditionToChina https://t.co/DWwvbtrWeH
12 Jun, 05:48 AM UTC
A friend of mine got sprayed w/ tear gas,a couple of STUDENTS and armless citizens got shot in the head,n many MORE All we ask is freedom in law and no China interference. In return we got violence and ignorance. #HongKongProtests #antiextraditionlaw #antiELAB #ExtraditionBill https://t.co/1BuYDBRxEP
12 Jun, 10:18 AM UTC
경찰이 홀로 바리케이드 앞까지 나온 시민에게 살수하는 장면은 2015년 한국을 떠올리게 합니다. #HongKong #HongKongProtests SRC: Reddit u/BrightN https://t.co/H1ifnMBMet
12 Jun, 07:32 AM UTC
逃亡犯条例改正反対デモに参加した証拠として交通カードに履歴が残るのを心配し、切符を買う人々の列 #香港デモ #反送中 #HongKongProtests https://t.co/mNvGo8iO38 香港も中国の「社会信用システム」ばりの監視社会になりつつあるのでしょうか
12 Jun, 12:58 PM UTC
I never post political tweets on this account but please spread this out. SHAME ON YOU, FKING HONG KONG POLICE SCUM. 皆さま、どうかこの動画を拡散してください。これは香港の現況。何が香港警察だ。くたばれクソ警察。よろしくお願い致します #HongKongExtraditionLaw #HongKongProtests https://t.co/ZIDLq1lIBj
12 Jun, 11:15 AM UTC
James Longman
Another battle line is drawn #HongKongProtests https://t.co/i2nLuCbq9D
12 Jun, 08:57 AM UTC
Matt Rivers
Extremely tense stand-off in Hong Kong as police continue to fire tear gas at protestors on Harcourt Rd #HongKongProtests @MattRiversCNN's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 09:34 AM UTC
Ramenbot a.k.a. Ice / Ramen is God
Not only bean bag shots, but rubber bullets too. Student hit on the head. Shouting out for global attention. #HongKongProtests #AntiExtraditionBill #Violence https://t.co/bgOg9TsKxP
12 Jun, 08:57 AM UTC
Jim Sciutto
The enormity of the crowds in #HongKongProtests and the police crackdown in response so close to the 30th anniversary of #Tiananmen should not be missed. Hong Kong remembers and so does Beijing. https://t.co/30a7HeF2zH
12 Jun, 11:59 AM UTC
Kate Lyons
“Retract! Retract!” chant the crowd in Hong Kong. They are not backing down despite the announcement the debate in parliament would be postponed. #HongKongProtests https://t.co/hlUT7ykZBL
12 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
Steve Cortes
As #HongKongProtests intensify, important for America to convey solidarity with China’s citizens who are abused by the Communist Party. Part of my essay from 3 weeks ago... @CortesSteve's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 10:57 AM UTC
Omega Research
Police in Hong Kong are using what appears to be hand thrown N225 Rubber Bursting CS Grenades, manufactured by the UK-based Chemring Group, against protestors @CAATuk @amnestyHK @AmnestyUK @RiotID @ForensicArchi @forum_asia @ClementBoursin @patrickpoon #HongKongProtests https://t.co/40dqCgePzD
12 Jun, 10:18 AM UTC
Ramy Inocencio 英若明
Hong Kong protestors against the #extraditionbill seem to have won the day: the city’s legislature emptied out after it announced it would delay a final debate set for today on the controversial amendments. Make no mistake: the war is yet to come. #HongKongProtests @RamyInocencio's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 08:01 AM UTC
Ramenbot a.k.a. Ice / Ramen is God
Ambulance towards Injured protester blocked by police force. Injured protester got arrested. No signs of medication for injured protester. #HumanRightsReport #HongKongProtests #AntiExtraditionBill #Violence https://t.co/o5plpiLll6
12 Jun, 10:09 AM UTC
This is hong kong police #HongKongProtests #NoExtraditionToChina #antiELABhk #antiELAB https://t.co/Icql0MWrCu
12 Jun, 12:34 PM UTC
Duterte Watchdog presents 😏
Hongkong citizens fight for democracy while Filipinos cheer for the people who take away their freedom. I wish the Philippines were a lot more like #HongKongProtests https://t.co/oRr3hPlpQL
12 Jun, 11:37 AM UTC
Victims of Communism
Thousands of protesters blocked #HongKong roads Wednesday, as lawmakers prepared to debate the highly contested extradition law that would allow #China to abduct the city's citizens. #HongKongProtests https://t.co/TWp1DZ1E0d @VoCommunism's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 01:37 PM UTC
You can tell that there's blood coming out from his nose and mouth. Poor man, who has ever thought that even the Police can beat and shoot the citizens in whatever reasons? #HongKongProtest #extraditionbill #HongKongProtests #antiELAB #反送中 #反送中大遊行 https://t.co/WSOLWIbUCu
12 Jun, 12:11 PM UTC
The police force has started to use pepper spray and tear gas since Sunday. And earlier today about 16:00, One of the teenaged protester was shot in the eye by rubber bullet and probably in a critical condition. #HongKongProtests https://t.co/Ejplo7RcZ5
12 Jun, 09:05 AM UTC
Hosuk Lee-Makiyama
As #hongkongprotests unfolds, it’s perhaps worthy to bring your attention to the fact that at least 7 EU countries have extradition treaties with China: France, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Italy, Romania.
12 Jun, 01:14 PM UTC
Seven Billion Today
Amid protests, do you think the Hong Kong government should withdraw the bill that would amend the city’s extradition laws? Vote in our online news poll and lobby governments: https://t.co/0sOiKgyNcH #HongKongProtest #HongKongProtests #HongKongExtraditionLaw #ExtraditionLaw https://t.co/YHTxkQMxfA
12 Jun, 09:21 AM UTC
Albert Au-Yeung
いま、香港の警察準備中。 Now, the HK Police is armed with anti-riot equipment including shotgun, rifles and teargas launcher #HongKongProtest #HongKongProtests https://t.co/9irHlfG3sI
12 Jun, 04:47 AM UTC
Naomi Ng 吳家殷
Police in riot gear stream out of Legco towards protestors #HongKong #ExtraditionBill #HongKongProtests @SCMPNews https://t.co/VcP8zDF1Wg
12 Jun, 07:57 AM UTC
Natsu@Cosplay Nursing Home
Also if you have a few minute t fight for freedom, please pay attention to the HK protest against extradition law that’s happening RIGHT NOW. Support them to be free from China’s unjustified arrest and trail, pray for them. #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 01:28 PM UTC
the UK government has allowed the export of a wide range of crowd-control equipment to Hong Kong, including tear gas, anti-riot guns, anti-riot shields, body armour, and crowd control ammunition https://t.co/A6lPFEUAdH #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 01:04 PM UTC
عبدالله عرب
الإستعمار البريطاني ترك في هونغ كونغ نهضة اقتصادية وحرية رأي والأخيرة تشكل ورطة للصين التي تراقب برعب خطر انتقال هذه الثقافة للداخل عاشوا شباب هونغ كونغ ✌🏼 #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 02:02 PM UTC
riazat butt
#NoToChinaExtradition #HongKongProtests https://t.co/dzDqPo1GFA
12 Jun, 05:17 AM UTC
SCMP Young Post
A temporary booth has been set up next to the "Lennon Wall" on Harcourt Rd to provide protesters with food, water and protective gear. #ExtraditionBill #hongkong #HongKongProtests https://t.co/xv1nMYhft9
12 Jun, 07:00 AM UTC
Andrew Paterson
Hong Kong Police in ultimate betrayal of Hong Kong people #HongKongProtests #HongKongProtest https://t.co/G5UN3I7x0I via @scmpnews
12 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
Carmen Ng 吳嘉文
This is not the 2014 Umbrella Movement. This is today — new #HongKongProtests against the Chinese #extraditionbill have brought parts of the city to a standstill, with tens of thousands of protesters blocking the roads around the Legislative Complex. #HK #反送中 https://t.co/XISwGsgChD
12 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
Jochen Fromm
@paulmozur The people in Hong Kong fear the end of their freedom, the Chinese government fears the end of their totalitarian one-party rule is near. A lot of fear on both sides. #HongKongProtests #ExtraditionBill
12 Jun, 07:46 AM UTC
I'm not at the place but I'm here to support you all!! Keep fighting for HK!!! 私はその場所にいませんが、あなたをサポートするためにここにいます! 香港のために戦い続け!!! #HongKong #HongKongProtest #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 01:17 PM UTC
Brett Mason
“Australia supports the right of people to protest peacefully” @MarisePayne “The Australian Consul-General in Hong Kong has raised concerns about the proposed (extradition) amendments at senior levels within the #HongKong government” #auspol #HongKongProtests @SBSNews @BrettMasonNews's photo on #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 02:08 PM UTC
Never give up, drive China out of a country they have no right to be in. #HongKong #HongKongProtests https://t.co/lgVLlSzWUY
12 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Patricia M Thornton
The #HongKong police have now started shooting at protestors #HongKongprotests #antiELAB #NoChinaExtradition #香港 https://t.co/loG7xdjpMg
12 Jun, 07:53 AM UTC
警方現時推進中,示威者正向灣仔撤退。 #反送中 #HongKong #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
Frank Rausan Pereira
#TheBigPicture on #HongKongProtests with an excellent panel. Do watch. https://t.co/rMOH4Skg50 #hongkong #HongKongProtest #china #ExtraditionBill
12 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
Docenas de miles de personas se enfrentan a la policía en Hong Kong 🇭🇰 en una de las peores crisis en la historia política y social del país, “El miedo a China es lo que lleva a la gente a las calles” #HongKongProtests https://t.co/XneprRQ3BK
12 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
🇺🇸 American for Trump 🇺🇸
I support the protesters in #HongKong. China shouldn't be able to take #politicalprisoners on the Island and deport them to #China. #HongKongProtests #HongKong banking system is a house of cards. This will push it over the edge. #MoneyInMotion , leaving #HongKong
12 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
Like a hunter aiming at the animals, but this time, the 'animals' are the unarmed citizens. #HongKongProtests #HongKongProtest #HongKong #extraditionbill #antiELAB #反送中 https://t.co/dhiperHGvt
12 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC
Lamiomni 🇫🇷 🇻🇳 🇭🇰
Live coverage by the SCMP #HongKongProtests https://t.co/AK6k5R6ZQT
12 Jun, 07:58 AM UTC
Matthew Williams
Much love and support to the people of #HongKong! Show the world the power of peaceful protests! Resist Chinese oppression! #HongKongProtests #HongKongextraditionbill
12 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
This is so amusing but yet be enthralled by it at the same time - everyone working towards a common goal without being told #extradition #extraditionbill #hongkongprotests #hongkongprotest https://t.co/RVkctvj4fR
12 Jun, 02:09 PM UTC
#HongKongProtest #HongKongProtests 香港的朋友加油🙏🙏🙏 🇹🇼❤️🇭🇰
12 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
yung home_1nsurance
Solidarität mit den Demonstranten in Hong Kong #HongKongProtests A C A B https://t.co/7wEShD7bd3
12 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Jean G. Remise
About Huawei and protesters gather in #Hongkong to protest China extradition bill ... censorship ! #HongKongProtests https://t.co/9T2QYJozTu
12 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Lo de esta noche en Hong Kong es para aprender. Nadie canta, nadie disfrazado, nadie riendo, todos apoyando y luchando por su futura libertad, clamando contra la ley de extradición #HongKongextraditionlaw #HongKongProtests
12 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
今日の香港でのアクション。香港の方からの拡散要請が来ました! We are supporting from Japan ! #拡散希望RTお願いします #HongKongProtests #NoExtraditiontoChina https://t.co/dVIMJSU6Jf
12 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
The @CBS propaganda puppets covering #HongKongProtests are the very ones who claim Chinese policies are great.
12 Jun, 02:13 PM UTC
Devin Nunes’ Devin Nunes
#HongKongProtests https://t.co/ZqOgPwN6Mu
12 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
Teo Cheng Wee
No doubt about it - the current #HongKongProtests is the new #OccupyCentral #ExtraditionBill https://t.co/Mw6KtRwtgq
12 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC