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Jeff Cavanaugh
Reminder that the Cowboys aren't the Hot Boyz(s) either. @JC1053's photo on Hot Boyz
21 Jan, 04:57 PM UTC
RJ Ochoa
Imagine the argument between the two groups, seriously. Cowboys: we are the hot boyz 49ers: yes, but we are the hot boyzz Cowboys: you're stealing our thing 49ers: ours has a second z Cowboys: it's the same thing tho 49ers: you get the second z when you go to the Super Bowl
21 Jan, 03:39 PM UTC
N ✭
@RapSheet @DarrenHeitner When you already have a Hot Boyz Brand...
21 Jan, 03:24 PM UTC
Kwon: Let's trademark 'Hot Boyz!' Lawyer: On it... Lawyer: Uh, actually... Kwon: What? Lawyer: DeMarcus Lawrence already did. Kwon: Shit... 💡 Kwon: I got it! Lawyer: What? Kwon: Throw another 'Z' on that shit!
21 Jan, 03:44 PM UTC
RJ Ochoa
Cowboys host San Francisco in 2020. The Hot Boyz(z) Bowl.
21 Jan, 05:36 PM UTC
@RapSheet @DarrenHeitner Hey yo @TankLawrence you need to triple the prices on the Hot Boyz merch!!! Maybe put the Star on all of it too! If these SF people want to bite the Hot Boys let them pay.
21 Jan, 04:36 PM UTC
KD Drummond
Me: Yes, we would've liked Tank to have more sacks, of course, but he still had a monster season and deserves more credit than y'all putting on his name. Also Me: The 49ers Deebo'd the Hot Boyz nickname from the Cowboys' D. There are level to this.
21 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
mike fisher ✭
.@49ers are 'Hot Boyz 'Imposters,' Says #Cowboys @TankLawrence as Nickname's Being ‘Legally Stolen’ by #SuperBowlLIV Team via @SInow
21 Jan, 04:50 PM UTC
Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration
It's pretty embarrassing that the 49ers are preparing for a Super Bowl while the Cowboys are debating whether they or the 49ers own the stupid Hot Boyz name...
21 Jan, 04:48 PM UTC
Patrik [No C] Walker
“Hot Boyz. Hot Boyzz. Hot wingzzzzzz and ranch. Don’t matter. BG, Wayne, Juvie and Turk by a hunna.” 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @VoiceOfTheStar's photo on Hot Boyz
21 Jan, 05:15 PM UTC
mike fisher ✭
AUDIO: Here's my summer 1-on-1 with @TankLawrence on the subject of the @49ers first trying to steal the #Cowboys 'Hot Boyz' nickname - @fishsports's photo on Hot Boyz
21 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
@SlaterNFL So what about these hot boyz from the 90's
21 Jan, 05:51 PM UTC
T̷R̷O̷Y̷ ̷H̷U̷G̷H̷E̷S̷
The legal fight over “Hot Boyz / Hot Boyzz” between DeMarcus Lawrence and the Niners is interesting However, HOT BOYZ HB was trademarked by Dontron, a Chicago radio cluster, in 2015 ... Does this matter? What do I know 🤷🏻‍♂️ .. I’m not a lawyer, but I sleep with one #DallasCowboys
21 Jan, 05:20 PM UTC
𝑷𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒂 𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆
We really fighting over Hot Boyz(z)? 🤦🏻‍♀️
21 Jan, 05:42 PM UTC
Boys Vlog
The only thing dumber than Hot Boyz is Hot Boyzz. And Hot Boyz is already pretty dumb.
21 Jan, 05:33 PM UTC
Christopher Bryant
@fishsports @TankLawrence @49ers @SInow @kevndriscoll @CowboyMaven @dallascowboys The Cowboys Hot Boyz are not good enough to call themselves anything! Can't be called Hot Boyz with an 8-8 record and fired defensive coaches. That's as cold as you can get!
21 Jan, 05:16 PM UTC
saints the only teams that should be callin themselves the hot boyz in the first place
21 Jan, 05:50 PM UTC
@SlaterNFL Tell him that Cowboy fans claim the Niners defense as the real Hot Boyz
21 Jan, 05:38 PM UTC
Snoop Dizzle
@RealPaulNeusch @cwil91 @amosmagliocco @SlaterNFL Bro i don’t think DLaw or the cowboys coined “hot boyz” lmfao
21 Jan, 05:53 PM UTC
Lmao everyone know the REAL Hot Boyz is Dem Boyz
21 Jan, 05:48 PM UTC
@GOATGANGORNOGAN @FatManZan @Danilo_vanGomez @TankLawrence @HotBoyzTM I'm thinking since the Cowboys D thought it up and started calling them self's "The Hot Boyz" first, it should without a doubt be there trademark name. Seattle had "The Legion Of Boom" so the 49ers should create there own name be original. Why would they want to copy the Cowboys?
21 Jan, 05:48 PM UTC
@dvmixic @DefofoMVP @Kirrch_ @RapSheet @DarrenHeitner Had no idea they were even the Hot Boyz lmao only cowboys fans do. Yall defense ain’t big enough for the whole nfl to know they have that nickname . Niners defense has actually been dominant and is now going to the Super Bowl. They’re the real Hot Boyzz rn
21 Jan, 05:46 PM UTC
@SlaterNFL He aint playing like no hot boyz dat defense trash
21 Jan, 05:35 PM UTC
One of One
@SlaterNFL Hot boyz! HELL NO! The Dallas Cowboys. Period! Come on man! @TankLawrence
21 Jan, 05:58 PM UTC
Alison Rose McCoy
@TankLawrence @HotBoyzTM A great example of why the @dallascowboys are not doing to the Superbowl for the 24th year. We are more worried about this kind of stuff than winning. P.S. there's only only one Hot Boyz and both of you guys know it
21 Jan, 05:57 PM UTC
La Flama Blanca #FlyEaglesFly
@MasterPMiller they trying to claim hot boyz 😂😂😂
21 Jan, 05:56 PM UTC
Carlos Wray
@brgridiron @RapSheet @DarrenHeitner Master P got Hot Boyz don’t he 🤷🏾‍♂️
21 Jan, 05:54 PM UTC
Danny Divac
🤡🤡🤡 everyone knows Demarcus Lawrence started the Hot Boyz
21 Jan, 05:52 PM UTC
@TankLawrence @HotBoyzTM Is this ok with Juvenile, lil Wayne and CashMoney? They were the Hot Boyz first.
21 Jan, 05:52 PM UTC

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