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Courtney Barnett
Think About You
Delta Goodrem
Cocky (feat. London On Da Track)
A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane & 21 Savage
NBC News
WATCH: Teens hold "lie-in" protest for gun reform outside of the White House in the wake of Florida school shooting NBC News's photo on House
19 Feb, 05:19 PM UTC
BuzzFeed News
Students are protesting outside the White House calling for stricter gun control laws on #PresidentsDay2018
19 Feb, 05:03 PM UTC
CNN Politics
Students from the Washington, DC, area stage a "lie-in" outside of the White House to protest inaction on preventing gun violence
19 Feb, 05:24 PM UTC
Shaun King
My God. A White House Staffer called the Florida shooting a reprieve from 7-8 days of getting pummeled by the press. A reprieve. They don't care about those kids getting slaughtered one bit. Trump is golfing and they call it a fucking reprieve.
19 Feb, 11:17 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
Today is #PresidentsDay2018. That means we all need to ask again: Why does son-in-law of @POTUS still have a security clearance? Also, did Kushner cause White House to initially turn against Qatar because they rejected his demand to finance the troubled loan at 666 Fifth Ave?
20 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC
私「目が数日ずっと痛いんです」 医者「ちょっと見てみますね」 私「お願いします」 医者「…あっ、種だ」 私「えっ」 医者「植物の種ですね。発芽してます」 私「発芽」 #ドクターに言われた衝撃的な言葉
20 Feb, 05:42 AM UTC
President Fish
Rob picking up his child from Blac Chyna house President Fish's photo on House
20 Feb, 12:38 AM UTC
Joy Reid
Why would he do that? And since you’ve brought it up, @realDonaldTrump why did @GOPLeader and @SpeakerRyan admit privately they thought Russia was paying you?
19 Feb, 11:20 PM UTC
Doe schefter
Me leaving blac chyna house 😂😂 Doe schefter's photo on House
19 Feb, 07:49 PM UTC
Trust me. You can have $1000 shoes, dream house, dream cars, more money than you know what to do with and still be miserable.. It may seem nice but look up the average of how many millionaires kill themselves every year
20 Feb, 03:26 AM UTC
Washington Post
Teens stage gun-control protest outside White House after Florida shooting: "I don’t want to be known as a member of the mass shooting generation"
20 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
David Hogg
Whoever the people are the are in front of the White House I thank you. #neveragain
20 Feb, 05:11 AM UTC
ɐntonio 📼
Mis PELÍCULAS DE TERROR favoritas de la última década (2007/2017) — Get Out — The Cabin in the Woods — Martyrs — House of the Devil — Sinister — The Conjuring — Let the Right One In — Inside (2007) — The Den — Raw — The Lords of Salem — Verónica — The Loved Ones
19 Feb, 09:26 PM UTC
okay but in this house we stan the most watched performance in the history of South Korea mat's photo on House
19 Feb, 07:16 PM UTC
homeless? just get yourself a nice house. hungry? food's what you need, pal. no no, don't thank me. this is effortless for me
19 Feb, 06:16 PM UTC
Caitlin Long
WOW!!! #Wyoming HB 70 #ICO #utilitytoken bill just passed the House UNANIMOUSLY!!!!! On to the Senate next! @coincenter @BKBrianKelly @ConsenSys @Tyler_Lindholm #bitcoin #blockchain
19 Feb, 06:29 PM UTC
Simulated parking structure teaser reel- That robot is named Francine. She's a power house ;) #AitheonPowered #Robots Aitheon's photo on House
20 Feb, 05:26 AM UTC
[#BTS] 6. House Of Cards "ผมว่าเป็นเพลงที่ดีที่สุดในอัลบั้ม HYYH เลยนะ ถ้ากล่าวในเชิงทฤษฎีการวัดค่าทางศิลปะงานเพลง Passion ที่เพลงนี้แสดงออกมานั้นมันสูงมากๆ..." #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #BTSARMY @BTS_twt
20 Feb, 07:57 AM UTC
Marilyn Manson é acusado de assédio sexual e racismo por atriz da série "House". PAN's photo on House
19 Feb, 11:44 PM UTC
Senator Hunkuyi
It is on record that few months back, @GovKaduna Mallam @elrufai marked another property of mine in Hunkuyi town for demolition but residents of the area prevented the officials from demolishing it. Today, he came well prepared with military men to destroy my house at Sambo Road.
20 Feb, 07:35 AM UTC
Senator Hunkuyi
This is also the same way, Mallam @elrufai destroyed the house of the APC Dep National Chairman Northwest, Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir months back, which tells you that the governor is reckless, petty & cant stand political pressure, without resorting to being a ruthless dictator.
20 Feb, 07:36 AM UTC
Eternity Planner
God wants us to be incredibly excited and joyful that one day we will live eternally with Him in perfection ! "In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? John14:2
19 Feb, 04:06 PM UTC
Naila Inayat
In Lahore, 17-year-old Christian boy #PatrasMasih is accused of #blasphemy on social media by a local cleric. An angry mob led by Tehreek-e-Labaiak gathered outside Masih's house in Shahdara. Police lodged FIR under 295-C and the boy's father Indreas was arrested yesterday.
20 Feb, 07:27 AM UTC
20 Feb, 04:25 AM UTC
Robert Hutchison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇮
@RedHotSquirrel Brexit showed how out of touch politicians were, most of them wanted to stay in the EU We need more referendums and a referendum on wether to privatise the BBC should be next, followed by should we shut the House of Lords
19 Feb, 07:28 PM UTC
Sharon Tobin
Charities wanted! @FoodCloud has €8million worth of food to distribute. Sign up via Dept Social Protection Sharon Tobin's photo on House
19 Feb, 01:04 PM UTC
Kenji Milano
Guys! Guys! Guys! The Bubbly Festival, Hosted at the Park House of Events on 7, Hyde Park, plays host to over 15 cap classique and champagne houses. Dates: 18 May - 20 May 2018 Get your tickets here Kenji Milano's photo on House
19 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
I was a JSA claimant
"I don't feel safe in my own home. I want to go into a homeless shelter or anywhere. I just don't want to live here." Disabled man Mickey Diver too scared to live at home after suffering terrible ordeal being tied up and set on fire in his own living room I was a JSA claimant's photo on House
20 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
Cazador de Ideas
¿Ha oído alguna vez aquello de que no se puede vivir sin amor? Pues el oxígeno es más importante. (Dr. House).
20 Feb, 08:31 AM UTC
Tru Asembo
@anc_party party leader @MusaliaMudavadi seems to so keen on organizing his house away from @RailaOdinga mock swearing in. He met COTU boss Francis Atwoli on Sunday in a meeting attended by former ANC Amos Wako and today #ANCKeNECmeets
20 Feb, 08:55 AM UTC
Pauline Murphy
On this day 100 ys ago Kildare Fenian, Major William Roantree died. Head honcho in the recruitment department of the IRB, up to 2,000 men joined on his watch. He was later arrested, released & went to the US where he was given a reception at the White House by President Grant! Pauline Murphy's photo on House
20 Feb, 08:48 AM UTC
Geiseric 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿#FBPE #FBSI
Just the start of it all really, Like a house of cards, businesses failing one by one all due to the stupidity of the #ToxicTories #StopBrexit, #BrexitShambles #ToriesOut #ToryShambles #WhenItsGoneItsGone
20 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Mariusz Janczewski
We're Comarch! We're Software House! Join us on the @LinkedIn -> #telco #digital #banking #insurtech #loyalty #IoT #SmartCity #eHealth #ERP @Comarch Mariusz Janczewski's photo on House
20 Feb, 08:37 AM UTC
First Choice Homes Oldham Limited has had its viability rating downgraded because of declining surplus rental income and plans for a substantial increase in borrowing to fund new house building schemes
20 Feb, 07:00 AM UTC
➙CLIPTON HOUSE -STORY- #music #musik #japan #INFORMATION
20 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
HypeStackz 💰🥀
She let me T R A P 🏚 out her house that’s them relationship goals 💰 #TOB2
19 Feb, 03:38 PM UTC
Architecture Days
Please RT if you like!! #architecture #design #architects #interiordesign Cherem Arquitectos builds... Architecture Days's photo on House
20 Feb, 08:50 AM UTC
Sue McLearie
I've added most of the penultimate 'coat' to Trebek the cat. Tomorrow I can start his final colour paper prep. He's so damp I can't carry him over to the house, so currently curled up on the drying rack above my tube heater! Listen to that purr!🐾 Sue McLearie's photo on House
19 Feb, 08:48 PM UTC
Margaret Hodge
Our @taxinparliament and @APPGAntiCorrupt starts at 11.15am in the Thatcher Room, Portcullis House. Please join us as we discuss how the UK can combat fraud, tax evasion, and corruption, not only on its shores, but also in the global financial system it helps underpin.
20 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Steve Murray
@OliverMcGee I was going to say President Reagan, until @AnthonyScarramu pointed out that @realDonaldTrump prevented @HillaryClinton from getting to the White House! #PresidentsDay2018
20 Feb, 06:44 AM UTC
【シェアハウスのデポジット✨必ず返金されるわけではないので確認を😱】 シェアハウスにはデポジットがあります😄 デポジットは返金されるイメージがありますが、返金の有無は管理会社によって異なります😷 シェアハウスのデポジットについて説明します‼︎ シェアハウスひだまり@公式's photo on House
20 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
@palomacreative @luis_montilla7 @TeaPainUSA Isn't he supposed to be running the Don's many bidnesses and otherwise keeping away from the White House except for family occasions?
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
The Architecture Mag
Please RT #interiordesign #homedecor #decoration Cross ? Stitch House by FND Architects The Architecture Mag's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Independent Press UK
Gay couple who kissed in a curry house were told by the boss their behaviour was not 'family-friendly'
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Dawn Margeson
@BootStateBrie Promposals are nuts. I got a phone call at my grandma’s house 2 days before and borrowed a dress. Of course that was back when the prom was in the school gym and limos were only for the wealthy.
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
eStream Studios
ICYMI: #bitcoin @bitcoinrts White House Official: Bitcoin Regulation Won’t Happen Anytime Soon | eStream Studios's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Beth Caldwell
Trendy is iffy when you're selling your house! Call me for details...
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Robert S
@hrenee80 @LMM1952 Was a single dad for 16 years... daughter got her BA, bought a house, married a guy that's terrified of me...son is a rambler, and good at it. ☺️
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
eBargains Today
ICYMI: #bitcoin @bitcoinrts White House Official: Bitcoin Regulation Won’t Happen Anytime Soon | eBargains Today's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Вишнёвый Сок🍒
@oIznQcCShXJ6AhY Из любимых на данный момент мот-муссоны ,l’one-Бони и Клайд и пролог BTS(тот который 12 или 11 с чём-то минут),а с тобой мне на ум приходит House of cards❤️
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Navaid Iqbal Syed
Students stage 'lie-in' at White House to protest Donald Trump… ExcitingAds! News
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Best of Ekurhuleni
Deciding whether or not to acquire property is one of the most daunting decisions one can possibly make. The city's seasoned property experts share the ideal age at which one should consider becoming a homeowner - Best of Ekurhuleni's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
"RT DapperHistorian: Bored in 1902? Why not try "the latest novelty for whiling away the time in a country house"? Some new thing called "Facebook"! "mottstreetslums's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Alaskan Mermaid
I find the alcohol content of this house to be insufficient to my needs... -Moms Everywhere
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Anna Edwards
This is a house where #VanGogh lived after moving to London as a 20-year-old trainee art dealer. Van Gogh and Britain, an exhibition at Tate Britain, will open in spring next year. Anita Singh writes about what you can expect @anitathetweeter Anna Edwards's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
📰 Historical American newspapers
@newspaperbot 'Keowee courier.' from Pickens Court House, S.C. 📰 Historical American newspapers's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
The Chewb
#NowPlaying Tweet Us - Unknown on #thechewb #Radio #House #Tech #Techno
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
architecture today
Please RT #interiordesign #homedecor #decoration VVIP Circuit House - I / Sunil Patil And Associates
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Urban & Rural Milton Keynes Estate Agents
* WELL PRESENTED THREE DOUBLE BEDROOM TOWN HOUSE * Urban & Rural Milton Keynes are delighted to offer for sale this three double bedroom semi detached townhouse in the popular area of Ashland. To find out more property details click here: Urban & Rural Milton Keynes Estate Agents's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
Bhaskerkumar Prajapati
@vinodsharma1834 put indian flag on your house roof. mp tourism office open ahmedabad airport. dead body burn all pass law save bharat land from terorist put ban mosque and church inside bharat....waste of land. both religion not belong to bharat.
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
A woman just walked past my house pushing her dog in a pram, I’ve seen it all now
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
The East Insider
In Washington, the White House indicated that Trump was open to supporting a bipartisan effort to revise federal background checks for prospective gun buyers in the wake of last week’s deadly shooting at a school in Florida.
20 Feb, 09:03 AM UTC
hey how do i stay awake for one more hour so i can buy a house in a video game?
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
So I’m moving into a huge 4 bedroom house with my best mate in Queensland, will be doing roofing when I move earning $1000 a week approx. slowly starting a rap career and at the same time I’m working as a mechanic in my dream job all before I turn 18. I Did not expect to be here.
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
zeyma 🥀
this weather makes me never wanna leave my house 😅
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
im so ready for me & my mans to have our own place.. Cnt wait for him to come home from a long day of work to ME😌, a clean house🏡, dinner🍽, a movie📺, his fav beer🍺, & his weed rolled⛽️
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
♞BeIgH!!! JUMPMAN Junior 🏀2.0
: ELECTRONIC This is what you listen to, WHEN YOU WORKING...🎧🎧🎧🎧 #thecreativeprocCES🇿🇦 #JahRastafari🙏 Tchami in the house...↘ #work #techno #unstoppable ♞BeIgH!!! JUMPMAN Junior 🏀2.0's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Azlan Photojournalis
@twt_fotografi bagi yang tertanya sapa plak Pete Souza ni.. dia ex Chief Of Photography dekat white house, dia jadi photographer kat sana start Presiden Ronald Reagan dan Obama.. dia satu2 nya photographer yg bebas utk pusing satu white house even ke bilik Presiden sendiri
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
@americaperezz_ Also, ur phone is possessed please get a new one lmao I will not allow that shit in my house again
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Be Proud Warwickshire
@BarbaraLadmore Postie says hes not coming to your house, He cant get Anymore cardboard cut outs through your door.. have a ,lovely day,,, xxxx Be Proud Warwickshire's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
A white #House by #RIGIDesign #Architecture #China
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
I'm not having enough fun lmao but will I leave my house?? 🤷🏾‍♀️
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
(ง ° ͜ ʖ °)ง
Down payment is $650 (May 30) if y’all want to pitch let me know by Friday, if not y’all can just host a little house party or whatever
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
SenRehmanMalik's Off
Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior @SenRehmanMalik chairs committee in Parliament House Islamabad; strongly Indian Forces aggression across LoC, prayer was prayed for those who lost their lives in India firing.
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
テーミス門ノ前101 阪急伊丹駅バス乗車5分、バス停徒歩2分 日当たり、風通し良好 追い炊き機能付きバス 光ファイバー対応 新品ウォシュレット設置 室内小型ペット飼育可 期間限定キャンペーンを実施中 詳しくはこちら 【
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Trisha Montilla
Bata palang ako pinangarap ko na, na magkaroon ng tree house yung kami lang magkakaibigan yung nakakaakyat dun tas tambayan namin araw araw pati gabi gabi.
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Denis La Funk
the long awaited return from @FonLeman on the iconic @IntricateRec nice smooth deep underground progressive sounds ▶️ Fon.Leman - Not From Here 03.03.2018 on Intricate Records #progressivehouse #house #Electronic Denis La Funk's photo on House
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Eugene Jnr
Beach house 3
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
Constitution Bot
@realDonaldTrump persons from whom the House of Representatives may choose a President whenever
20 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC

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