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Mare | Vote BTS
American Music Awards Jimmy Kimmel Live The Ellen Show The Late Late Show with James Corden I don't think most peo…
13 Nov, 09:53 PM UTC
lai 🥀
bts are dominating the largest american platforms with a *korean* song; a perfect example of how you never have to…
13 Nov, 10:15 PM UTC
Steve Redmond
How American voters buy the lies is a mystery to me. President Trump has made 1,628 false or misleading claims over…
14 Nov, 01:38 PM UTC
나탈리아 ✨
For me, more important than which shows and how many shows they will attend, is that they have fun and end this US…
13 Nov, 10:15 PM UTC
US Department of the Interior
Check out how @Interior supports Native American heritage & helps tribes strive towards a bright future…
13 Nov, 07:49 PM UTC
Gabe Fleisher
“How American politics went batshit crazy” by @JimVandeHei: 1. Gingrich weaponized politics 2. Fox News monetized r…
14 Nov, 02:26 PM UTC
Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸
How did Andrew Anglin go from being an antiracist vegan to... record scratch... EVERY TIME. Jason Kessler was BL…
14 Nov, 03:41 PM UTC
How American politics went batshit crazy? Once upon a time, in 1492, Vladi Putin invaded our great nation and murde…
14 Nov, 03:09 PM UTC
The Atlantic
COMING TOMORROW: The Making of an American Nazi by Luke O'Brien How Andrew Anglin, founder of The Daily Stormer, w…
14 Nov, 01:57 AM UTC
Mike Allen
the super-big picture .... @Axios CEO @JimVandeHei: "Politics is growing more personal, polarized and pugnacious" .…
14 Nov, 03:08 PM UTC
Sarah Kliff
My favorite paper from Uwe Reinhardt — “It’s the Prices, Stupid” — completely shaped how I think about American hea…
14 Nov, 04:57 PM UTC
Terry McAuliffe
Excited to announce @thebyrdrva will host the inaugural Pocahontas Reframed: Native American Storytellers Film Fest…
13 Nov, 09:48 PM UTC
We are all so ready for your debut on American television. We know you all will give it your all and show people ho…
14 Nov, 03:09 AM UTC
Andrei Cherny
This is one of the most insightful descriptions I've seen of how American politics has changed in the past couple o…
14 Nov, 01:38 PM UTC
Mariem is gonna die multiple times in these 2weeks
I hope american armys give the best exemple today and show the world how beautiful our fam is #LoveBTS10M
14 Nov, 04:47 PM UTC
.@JimVandeHei on the factors that led to this hyper-polarized political climate
14 Nov, 03:44 PM UTC
Diabetic Living
Happy #WorldDiabetesDay! Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing different milestones, illustrating how far diabetes r…
14 Nov, 03:05 PM UTC
+972 Magazine
Jewish American leaders are slowly beginning to understand just how vast the gap is between their values and those…
14 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
Levi Sanders
One graph shows how the rich control American politics via @RepresentDotUs
14 Nov, 02:32 PM UTC
Runner's World
Goulash, fried rice, and 57 miles a day: How Sandra Villines set a new Trans-American record 🙌…
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
THIS SAT 11/18 Sydney Valerio's @sydneywritehere one woman show, Matters 2.0 will be in the 12th Annual Latin Ameri…
14 Nov, 02:38 PM UTC
Jolene Vialpando
. @American_Girl wth!! Is this how you send catalogs out?? Check your filters .. I’m calling you in the morning 😡😡…
14 Nov, 02:48 AM UTC
"No one looks good in brown.” Learning to connect the dots between microaggressions and the institutional racism th…
14 Nov, 04:35 PM UTC
John Faig
New 18-city analysis examines how American cities are delivering on the promise of public #schoolchoice and explain…
14 Nov, 04:31 PM UTC
Raymond McCue
@benshapiro So the #MSM is going after people for disseminating information about the Democrats that the <7% Republ…
14 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
Editorial | How @realDonaldTrump projects American weakness.
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
David Valentin 🇵🇷
@Allison_Good1 Is zendaya really the choice for that role and how "African American " is she?
14 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
Dick Ungar
Mr. Johnson's American Sign Language 2 class practicing their technique! I'm always amazed how quickly our students…
14 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
American Girl
@jolenevnielsen This is not OK, Jolene. We are looking into this to see how this could have happened. This is being…
14 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
OC Music & Dance
David Hallberg, principal dancer for ABT, teaches a guy who can't dance to dance. Pretty cute.
14 Nov, 05:01 PM UTC
Doc Emerick
@SpeakerRyan “Typical American” is so vague and begs the question I thought this was a tax cut for ALL? What happen…
14 Nov, 05:01 PM UTC
Progressive Woman
Monday's Morning Email: An American Sickness: How Domestic Violence Often Underpins Mass Shootings
14 Nov, 05:01 PM UTC
Esteban Trujillo
Mystified about the Federal Reserve? Here you go.
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
@PressSec @POTUS How is it Historical? Every President has taken the same trip . You know what is historical . A U.…
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
BTS ℓegends | Khadiza
Can Bighit sue that woman please - and we don't want any apologies. Here we are minding our own business hyping our…
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
Chris Eddings
To think that Trump constantly talks about “Fake New” while he nurtures this kind of garbage about Malia. How can a…
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
Peter Hitchens
@PrmillsPaul @NeilClark66 @RT_com Why is it good.? RT captures a huge 0.04% of British viewers.
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
How American politics went batshit crazy, starting with Newt Gingrich via @axios
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
How Latin American Digital Consumers Shop and Spend #mrx
14 Nov, 05:00 PM UTC
Show your school pride this week with #AEW2017 and we'll RT! Find more ideas for how to celebrate American Educatio…
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
Ellen Dibble
Steve Inskeep with Luke O'Brien on Anglin, tweets from Moscow time-zone in 2015, 'The Atlantic': The Making Of An A…
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
As an African American, how far can you go in composing your #familytree #Genealogy #familyhistory #BlackTwitter
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
Phyllis Boyce
@Boldjrich19 @AP @POTUS Anything 2 shift blame. Obama alienated blacks, whites, American Mexicans. Racial crimes st…
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
#TheCakeIsALie 🍰
#TuesdayThoughts is this what we've become. How American. #MAGA 🇺🇸
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
Kenneth Baker
@hopelovepeaces @thehill @LatPoliticalAve They haven't forgotten how to serve. It's just not serving the American…
14 Nov, 04:59 PM UTC
N. Emmanuel
@randzejude Anywhere American military and other affiliates are found conveniently enough or coincidence, terrorist…
14 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
Tobey deChristopher
@RejinathR The Canadian company was partnered with an American company.. since it is Uranium how did that deal work?
14 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
all the european fans talking about how they got their tickets but the american fans are still sitting here s t r e s s e d
14 Nov, 04:58 PM UTC
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