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Anthony Pangilinan
So @donnypangilinan and I were discussing last night the de-cluttering going on in our home and how he wanted to do more of it as we welcome 2019. The 4 Bs! Look at your cabinet and decide: 1. Bigay na (kay Benj! Haha) 2. Benta pa 3. Basura please! 4. Balik sa cabinet, pwede pa!
11 Jan, 02:34 PM UTC
Sweet Savage 🎈
This is in the Kruger National Park. A whole wildlife reserve. This is their territory. Its not an everyday occurrence. Stop pushing this narrative that this is how we live across our country. It isn't. We do not have wild animals as pets living in our backyards.
11 Jan, 06:23 AM UTC
Sleeping Giants
Don’t forget, this was always about money. Money selling shitty vitamins and boner pills, sure. But more importantly, money from outrage clicks. @YouTube @facebook & @Twitter allowed this man to harass Sandy Hook parents and get paid to do it. We’re going to find out how much.
11 Jan, 11:37 PM UTC
Leah McElrath
Folks are understandably having a lot of reactions to this information. We cannot know how serious the possibility of Ivanka being appointed as head of the World Bank is, but make no mistake: if Trump CAN get away with it, he WILL DO it. Leah McElrath's photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 08:58 PM UTC
Please don't come into a D&D stream and say "Well this isn't how we do it" Of course it's not. Everyone plays D&D differently, that is an incredibly rude way to introduce yourself to chat.
11 Jan, 09:27 PM UTC
“Square your shoulders Britain, put something on the table and walk away! I want to see Britain look and sound how it used to look and sound” Peta Credlin to @JuliaHB1 on @talkRADIO Oh, so do we, so do we... #StandUp4Brexit #DitchTheDeal #StandUp4Brexit's photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty
This entire thread is very important. It's about how we react to those in need when we do not understand them, and how fear hinders our ability to respond in compassionate ways. This extends beyond the personal to the systemic.
11 Jan, 03:58 PM UTC
"How about we make 2019 the year we end cruel & pointless testing on #animals?" @RickyGervais Retweet if you agree with Ricky👍 We do🐶💖 @ScarlettBeagle @ScienceForCures @PeterEgan6 @ChrisGPackham @Protect_Wldlife @Animal_Watch This scientist destroys it in just 2 minutes🤔 ANIMAL ADVOCATE  Ⓥ's photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 04:44 PM UTC
@ARMYIndonesiaa @BTS_twt Tokyo 🙂 @BTS_twt Life is a word that sometimes you cannot say And ash is a thing that someday we all should be When tomorrow comes How different it's going to be? Why do love and hate sound just the same to me? Trus bagian akhir yg ada siulan itu 💜💜
11 Jan, 12:53 PM UTC
Uniters Brasil
#QueroNoTVZ | Imagina nossos amores passando na TVZ? QUE SONHÃO! Poxa, TVZ (@TVZMultishow e @DivulgaTVZ), realiza nosso sonho! Passa "How We Do It" do Now United (@NowUnitedMusic), por favor! ♥️✨
11 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
Nick Walden Poublon
Every Republican who has been callous enough to suggest that furloughed workers just "do extra" to make ends meet while they orchestrate the continued #shutdown of the government. I propose we stop the paychecks (of any kind) going to these individuals. See how it feels. Nick Walden Poublon's photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 08:41 PM UTC
F-35 Lightning II
Across air, land and sea, we’re committed to equipping the #UK with the F-35’s transformational capabilities, while driving down cost and ensuring aircraft readiness. See how we do it. @DefenceHQ @RoyalNavy @RoyalAirForce F-35 Lightning II's photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 10:00 PM UTC
Chris Stroop
3. We exvies were mostly indoctrinated as children, and many of us are still relatively young and not yet economically established. Or at least the latter. If you haven't lived abusive, authoritarian religion, you don't know how hard it is to leave:
11 Jan, 04:22 PM UTC
How do you think we can reduce the Child Abuse rate today? Or stop it entirely? 👇
11 Jan, 08:11 PM UTC
Niko House
Many people ask me “why don’t you do more videos about Trump” It’s because I’m one of the few people who remember exactly how we ended up in this mess to begin with - giving Trump way too much free publicity and not covering real issues and candidates
11 Jan, 09:57 PM UTC
This #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay we're thankful for the opportunity to work with our partner @Delta to create an awareness campaign for airline customers - reaching new audiences who may have heard of human trafficking, but didn't know how to spot it or what to do if they did.
11 Jan, 02:55 PM UTC
How can we trust British government to do anything? It can’t even order a few return ferry tickets for failed asylum seekers! Half of rejected asylum seekers REMAIN in the UK illegally, shock report finds
11 Jan, 11:18 AM UTC
Hey MRS why you not playing the QL's anymore? Well let me answer it for you, We pretty much used this as practice in a tournament environment and all this has proven is how strong we CAN be. Our focus is CL not Invitational, If they were on different dates we would do both.
11 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
🎙Ross Bolen
@SophieT @Maisie_Williams Madams, I host the #1 Game of Thrones podcast in the realm — @ClamsAndCockles — and it’s insane that we’ve never had either of you on. We must for season 8. How do we make this happen? 30 minutes over the phone is all we need. Our listeners would shit.
11 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
Diamond Dorris
wtf, if we together you should be gassing me more than any stranger on the net lol. you should be doing the absolutely most for no reason at all times when it comes to me. how you let another man out do you?
11 Jan, 10:40 PM UTC
Brittany Pounders
Part of the reason I am a conservative is that I don’t think winning is the only thing that matters. It greatly matters to me HOW we win. Human decency has always been a pillar of conservatism. This Republican Party has nothing to do with conservatism anymore.
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
Jasmyne Cannick
The person in this picture died in 2018. I don’t really have the words to express how I feel about his death and Ed Buck’s role in it. I did get permission from his brother to share his recorded interview we did and Im trying to figure out the most respectful way to do that.
12 Jan, 12:03 AM UTC
a rat with a cough
It really is as simple as people wanting access to the most popular culture that being black culture. Black people & everything we do is “cool” & that’s how people “fit in”.
11 Jan, 11:52 PM UTC
This is all on Trump. Let your Senators know, tell them how much it matters. Enough is enough. We are being governed by people who do not know what they are doing. Has he taken us so far down that we have no uprising in ourselves.
12 Jan, 12:00 AM UTC
desperate™️ soft boi
I want to like study love cuz love is THAT BITCH™️ like people have been writing about love since like earths inception and people do crazy things for and because of love and it’s like consuming and the one thing we like want almost always as humans like what’s up with that
11 Jan, 06:15 AM UTC
Cathy Bryant
@realDonaldTrump Can you not do anything but brag? How about solving all our major problems we hired you for. I’m thinking it’s because you don’t have a clue and won’t listen to those that do. I really feel sorry that you were able to get this job without any qualifications at all. Pitiful
12 Jan, 12:04 AM UTC
alicia loves noah ♡
how we do it eh um hinooo [@NowUnitedMusic] alicia loves noah ♡'s photo on HOW WE DO IT
11 Jan, 11:33 PM UTC
Tyler Foy
How do you guys here on Twitter see this from the past and not think the left is twisted ?? As soon as we get a new president that takes ACTION the left completely flips the script! TIP: it’s a lot easier to see things when your eyes are actually open
11 Jan, 03:01 PM UTC
Lol it’s all we can do besides smoke they ass. Look how he grabbed his gun after the prank too 😂😂 cops really be feeling above the law like oh you finna shoot him for splashing you with water? Oh lemme guess he reached for sum smh 🙄 wack
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
Spikes Bros.
It's sad that the Spikes Bros. try and support as many people possible, in their music and artcraft! We don't get the mural respect! Is it so hard to give any feedback to people? Bad or good. How do you think @suicideboys got their name out? By working with any1 and every1! #vent
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
@heyitsCarolyn @AngeleStar11 what are we going to do about it? We have to raise our voices and email and call and tell them how disgusted we are.
11 Jan, 11:39 PM UTC
How do we feel about Wordpress 5.0? I'm using it now. The first con: I had to go to my hosting site for support since Wordpress has terrible support. The update literally locks you out of your site. The pros: the block system is actually kinda cool. So far...
12 Jan, 12:07 AM UTC
full moon 🌺 #응응
Dear Apink, I swear we're not the best, but at least, we are so proud of you and we gonna do our best to show you how much we are thankful to you. I believe in ourselves, we can do it and we WILL do it. For you, and only for you. #응응 #에이핑크
12 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
Peter Mcpartland
imagine thinking British managers haven't had opposition training watched! This reaction of "it's not how we do things over here" is utterly pathetic.
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
@FuckThatTaurus // Of course! // I was actually going to do one with AviandDisaster Qrow and was probably gonna use that as a general RP to really try and cement a position with everyone! // If you see it and like how it looks, maybe we can plot out one!
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
Why Do We Care How Long It Takes Artists to Make Their Work?
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Tanner Daniels
@ClayPirkle How do you feel about constitutional carry? I really hope we can get it passed!
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Dan #RipCity
@Achilles936 @CNN I mean you do realize it was legal here first right so we are showing places how to do it effectively if Cali is botching it (I haven’t looked so I don’t know for sure) that’s on them but Oregon is better for it and you’re a clown if you think otherwise
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Tia Will
@Coldhands2 @ewarren Reprioritize our spending. That is what we do at times of war. We don't say "How will we pay for it"? We just do it. Why not treat our people the same way.
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Tico S. Thepsourinthone
@RVAtrout @LambdaSchool I just finished my first week as a Lambda student and this is EXACTLY how I felt TOO! “If it was easy, everybody would do it.” Well, we aren’t “everybody” and what we can’t [yet] do by ourselves, we CAN accomplish it together! We’re #LambdaStrong ✊🏻. Tico S. Thepsourinthone's photo on HOW WE DO IT
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Oh James, when you say it it’s scary. How do we endeavor to persevere?
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Kathleen Hughes
@SenWarren How long do Republican's think "we the people" are going to deal with this?? Holding the nation hostage to make Mueller go away, obstruction of national security, national financial stability! It's like the Manchurian was instructed to break America apart! Still going strong!
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Tanel Tagaväli
@boxsterman77 @jalonas It can be hard to understand how such a mind would work, but we know that they are capable of trusting people, having friends, and enjoying life, just different from how we do it. We need to learn to do things the way they do, to understand them and get along for the transition.
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
Want to see a cool new page we made? It’s on our #Tumblr and it features all of the fabulous #30secondpitches. There’s so many cool things to do every month, now you can find them here! How #Surreal is that? #CMVan #CMCommunity
12 Jan, 12:14 AM UTC
@POTUS @SenTedCruz @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @GOP thousands of these people will make it in. Do something!!! We can’t sustain supporting them. You really don’t know how much they cost. This is more lives lost. We need a wall NOW!
12 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
"What is working and how can we do more of it" - Analyzing Kolat's Coaching Success at Campbell The Way #2: Switch: Finding the Bright Spots with @kolat
12 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
@MirrorFootball @johncrossmirror How do we blocão this account, or report it? Headline doesn’t match the copy!!!
12 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
Sarah Conroy
@Okbabyyt @happiestbaby Would you pay $120/month for safe sleeping peace of mind and an extra hour of sleep each night for the first 6 mo? Then it’s worth the price (on sale). That’s how we justified it and, having used it, we’d do it again without question.
12 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
Karen K Buchanan
@cspanwj So, we have this national emergency but @realdonaldtrump doesn't want to call it yet. How much longer do we have to put up with his crap??? How much longer can we allow him to play with hard working Americans?
12 Jan, 12:13 AM UTC
"Things do not always go the way we wanted it to be. No matter how prepared we think we are, we can never be ready when the time is over. Because even the good ones come to and end."
12 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
Alpine Swiss
@McclaryCody How do you like it? We’d love to feature your pic on with tagged credit. If you agree to our t&c's , please reply with #yesalpine. 😊
12 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
This is how it’s supposed to be. We ain’t gonna tell them what to do. They are grown ass men who can decide for themselves without having to fear judgment or hate💁🏻‍♀️ and that’s the tea😉
12 Jan, 12:12 AM UTC
Incorrect Palette Parade
Sisley: How do we get them out? Bazille: Break the fricking glass Sisley: Sorry, we can't. It is Monet-proof Bazille: NOTHING IS FRICKING MONET-PROOF, SISLEY!!
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
It's #NationalHotToddyDay, and we couldn't think of a better day for it! It's a beloved classic drink for cold weather, but how much do you know about its history? We explore it and share our own Hot Toddy recipe on our blog: WingsHoney's photo on HOW WE DO IT
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
Maciej Burczyk
My personal #LEC Spring Split power ranking! Right now - based only on my expectations built on orgs' history, roster etc. It will be updated every week based on how well the teams will do in the future. After 10 weeks we will see how close was I. (my heart says @Origengg!) #lol Maciej Burczyk's photo on HOW WE DO IT
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
It’s so crazy how for years animals have evolved to stay alive and us as humans just had to go and fuck it up for the rest of the species just trying to thrive because we want the easy way to do everything
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
@feltshy @hardlynormal We need more social workers speaking this truth. I know how the politics of "positivity" can stigmatize social workers who admit that the system is not allowing us to do what needs to be done, but just going along with it makes us culpable.
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
Zeke Reyes
Now we are seeing why many people have filed complaints on many of these "federal" workers. It's funny how we can now see how many do not care what the ones suffering day by day. The pic shows a sign that says not a pawn, but the millions suffering are ok to be pawns. Fire them.
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
@JezCorden @Karax9699 That’s not how it works or how things get done. No one would find out anything if we ran with that. At the same time people wouldn’t do it in the 1st place if there always consequences and punishment sure to come. I lean to 1st part, BR that’s how is now and until it changes.
12 Jan, 12:11 AM UTC
@WhiteHouse @realDonaldTrump If it such an emergency why doesn’t the Orange Dotard pull the trigger on the National Emergency to pay for the wall! If it’s a crisis how can you wait! How urgent is this if you can just threaten you might do it! Grow some balls I’d love for you to try it! We dare you!
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
@eeugeo Sometimes the past can cling to us and we don’t know it. Sometimes we cling to the past. Regardless, we all do that. I used to cling to how things were and ignore how things are. But that’s just being human... we all do that. But once we come back to the present, we change.
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
Cecile Lemay
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
@lastpositivist Have we seen the logic ship since he set it off? Sounds to me like he overestimated how well it would do in that ocean. Maybe a lake would be better next time we have one?
12 Jan, 12:10 AM UTC
Ryan Covey
@Coelasquid But spiciness isn't about flavor, it's about how much damage you can do to your body without actually dying so that you can brag to other people about how tough you are. Why on earth would you want to eat something because it tastes good? Are we not apes?!
12 Jan, 12:09 AM UTC
@1980reagan @realDonaldTrump Do we notice they don't mention how the Democrats were stringing along the voters for 8 years lying about fixing the border? It's not like we don't have the speeches to prove it.
12 Jan, 12:09 AM UTC

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