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Don Winslow
MY NEW VIDEO. #HowWeGotHere Remember your life before #COVIDー19? @donwinslow's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 09:51 PM UTC
Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸
Wow. This is a really good ad from @donwinslow. There was a window of time early on in this pandemic when we had an opportunity to avert disaster. Unfortunately, Donald Trump was President. #HowWeGotHere #DemCast @DemWrite's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 10:17 PM UTC
Really American 🇺🇸
Retweet this gem by @donwinslow far and wide. #HowWeGotHere @ReallyAmerican1's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 09:55 PM UTC
Preserve, protect and defend. Trump swore an oath to us and maliciously broke it resulting in death, unemployment and devastation. This is #HowWeGotHere. New from the great @donwinslow. @MeidasTouch's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 10:04 PM UTC
Really American 🇺🇸
Everyone needs to watch this. #HowWeGotHere by @donwinslow https://t.co/nqRMXCovAl
15 Sep, 10:19 PM UTC
Eleven Films
Remember your life before Covid? #HowWeGotHere New from @donwinslow 🔥 @Eleven_Films's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 09:56 PM UTC
kirk Acevedo🇺🇸
REMEMBER WHEN WE HAD A PRESIDENT WHO DIDN’T KILL AMERICANS? #HowWeGotHere #TrumpKnewAndDidNothing💀 #TrumpKills💀 #KidVicious💀🔪 @kirkacevedo's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 10:47 PM UTC
Jesse Lifson
Another COMPLETELY ON POINT video from @donwinslow. What could have been.........ughhh. #HowWeGotHere @DoYouEvenLif's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 09:56 PM UTC
#HowWeGotHere is because a lying, selfish coward was unable to step up and LEAD. And 195,000 died unnecessarily as a result. https://t.co/xmPphmOOyM
15 Sep, 11:43 PM UTC
This video by @donwinslow PERFECTLY tells the tragic story of #HowWeGotHere -- a failure to preserve, protect, and DEFEND the American people. SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE.🔥🔥🔥 @mmpadellan's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Your life right now has been completely altered by Donald Trump. This is #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/kNLKmfBagz
16 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
Cleavon MD
Nationwide healthcare workers are enraged at the inaction against the pandemic by science denier Trump. While we educate the public about the severity of COVID19, he spreads lies and continues maskless rallies. #HowWeGotHere @Cleavon_MD's photo on #HowWeGotHere
15 Sep, 10:40 PM UTC
Jess In Manhattan
@donwinslow was brave enough to use the C word. It's about damn time someone called it exactly what it is. #CULT #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/oPrfen1hPl
15 Sep, 11:37 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Donald Trump took an oath to preserve, protect and defend the United States of America. He betrayed that oath. This is the story of #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/kNLKmfBagz
16 Sep, 12:15 AM UTC
Don Winslow
Thrilled to see #HowWeGotHere Trending nationally! Let's keep pushing and making sure we expose the lies. Several new videos coming, including a COLLABORATION with one of my all time heroes AND one of the most respected and successful ____________ in the world. https://t.co/kNLKmfjzp1
16 Sep, 12:01 AM UTC
Ricky Davila
We were lied to. It was a cover up. Many died as a result. It is deliberate genocide. Corruption and ego healing. #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/y71cRdjVu9
15 Sep, 10:40 PM UTC
Andy Behrman
I can't remember the old America. It's so far in the past and we've lived in Trump's chaos and hatred for so long. It's been a fucking nightmare. This video explains: #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/lxgJzmybQQ
15 Sep, 09:58 PM UTC
Beki Knott
Even before covid, millions of us knew Donald Trump couldn’t be a good leader in a crisis. We shivered when he fired the pandemic team. When the planes brought infected citizens back from China to quarantine, we held our breath. This is #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/h3b589PsJL
15 Sep, 10:08 PM UTC
Southern Sister Resister - Wordsmith #WeAreFresh
Trump lied, dissed science, and rallied his cult to war against the truth. That’s #HowWeGotHere From @donwinslow Pass it on https://t.co/aEc0jrGqet
15 Sep, 11:27 PM UTC
ⓣ ⓗ ⓘ ⓝ ⓚ ⓔ ⓡ
@donwinslow nailed with another great one. Don is an American legend. #howwegothere https://t.co/xEqxNFaK3u
15 Sep, 10:23 PM UTC
Eric Cummings Wears a Mask
Incredible🔥new📺video by @donwinslow Films #HowWeGotHere Do you remember how it used to be. It didn't have to be like this and this video is a stark reminder. Thanks @Eleven_Films for sharing this gem. https://t.co/CpwETXdCeq
15 Sep, 10:01 PM UTC
The Daily Edge
#TrumpLied200KDied Here's a thread on #HowWeGotHere: https://t.co/f2cq44rybl
16 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
Duty To Inform
#TrumpLied200kDied Psychopaths like Trump are driven by three fundamental traits. They simply do not experience the appropriate emotional reactions to moral wrongs. Understanding the diagnosis helps us comprehend #HowWeGotHere--and how to move foward. https://t.co/0l1FkyMtpR
16 Sep, 01:16 AM UTC
Eric Feigl-Ding
DYSTOPIAN TIMELINE: We all had a life before #COVID19, before all the suffering, before when our kids could goto school, before 200k deaths. It simply didn’t have to be this way. But it’s not to late to change the course. #HowWeGotHere @donwinslow @DrEricDing's photo on #HowWeGotHere
16 Sep, 12:27 AM UTC
Harry Turtledove
#HowWeGotHere We elected a fucking moron who also happens to be a cheap hood. We impeached him, but the @GOP in the Senate kissed his balls instead of convicting him. We have 200,000 dead now. Thanks a bunch, shitheads.
15 Sep, 11:37 PM UTC
Do you want to know how we got here.?? Here you go.... #HowWeGotHere https://t.co/6IEhAVW2cT
15 Sep, 11:26 PM UTC
Steve Redmond
As I sit here listening to Trump remind Woodward what a victim he is, I’m reminded of the 195,000 people who never got to tell the world how they were victimized by the Trump administration. #TrumpHidTheTruth #HowWeGotHere #TrumpLiedAmericansDied
16 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
The Daily Edge
August: Families of those #MarkedByCovid get a voice at the Democratic Convention--while the @GOP doesn't even adopt a platform, going "all-in" on the Trump Death Cult. https://t.co/YaSDTwO9N4 #HowWeGotHere (8/9)
16 Sep, 01:06 AM UTC
ProudGramma 🌊 ☮
This is a fanatastic Don Winslow film, #HowWeGotHere. Check it out, and RT. Then make a plan to VOTE. Nobody can sit out this election; we have a country to save. #TrumpHidTheTruth #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare #ONEV1 Z29 https://t.co/o2YWnUlzg8
16 Sep, 12:31 AM UTC

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