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Dwayne Haskins, Jr🌹
“They said we wouldn’t kneel again” #HTTR Blessings 🙏 https://t.co/9p5h4FNF1z
01 Dec, 10:42 PM UTC
Derrius Guice goes over the 100-yard mark for the first time in his career! @DhaSickest #HTTR #WASvsCAR 📺: FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: https://t.co/uPnyeJSIAR @NFL's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 08:58 PM UTC
Career day for Derrius Guice. 👏 #HaveADay @DhaSickest | @Redskins | #HTTR @NFL's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 10:10 PM UTC
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Fun day. Thanks for the seats @Redskins #HTTR @DaleJr's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:57 PM UTC
Kelvin Harmon
Needed dat #Httr
01 Dec, 09:45 PM UTC
Derrius Guice with his first career rushing touchdown! @DhaSickest #HTTR #WASvsCAR 📺: CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: https://t.co/uPnyeJSIAR @NFL's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 07:27 PM UTC
Washington Redskins
#HTTR 🗣 @Redskins's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:46 PM UTC
It’s a blessing just to be here #HTTR
01 Dec, 11:07 PM UTC
Washington Redskins
It was a fun day‼️ #HTTR https://t.co/XQLdc8m8nx
01 Dec, 10:05 PM UTC
Brian Mitchell
Flowers has been impressive this year and game. I have to admit that he has gained my respect!! #httr #redskins #opentheholes
01 Dec, 09:00 PM UTC
My man @DhaSickest #RanAngry today!!! 10 carries 129 yards 2 TDS!!! #HTTR #HogFarmers https://t.co/AKb4DblWV2
01 Dec, 10:32 PM UTC
Rhiannon Walker
Derrius Guice (@DhaSickest) dribbled Shaq Thompson’s head off the turf like a basketball on that 38 yard run. He has his first 100-yard (129) rushing game and added his first two career rushing touchdowns #HTTR @InstantRHIplay's photo on #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:01 PM UTC
Haskins is 2-2 through 4 starts, Jones is 2-8 in 10 starts. Feel free to cry below, giants fans #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:42 PM UTC
NFL Research
Derrius Guice (@DhaSickest) is only the 5th RB with 125+ rush yards, 2+ rush TD and 10 or fewer carries in a game since at least 1948. Others: @MJD (2009), Tim Biakabutuka (1999), Steve Broussard (1997) and HOF Ollie Matson (1954). #WASvsCAR | #HTTR
01 Dec, 10:48 PM UTC
Thomas Burgess
#HTTR #Redskin #LPD #97 @tim_settle Someone has something to say to you 🐧 so 97 likes and we can get a game jersey for his Birthday lol Thanks again for every he can’t wait to see you in two weeks at Feed Ex https://t.co/KoBg5QN3eK
01 Dec, 10:33 PM UTC
Mark Phillips
Dwayne Haskins has as many NFL wins in 4 starts as Daniel Jones does in 10 #Redskins #HTTR
02 Dec, 12:17 AM UTC
Mark Phillips
Dude watching Nate Orchard get emotional gets me pumped up. Hope this dude finds a way to stick because we need guys to care like that #Redskins #HTTR
01 Dec, 10:26 PM UTC
s ᴄ ᴏ ᴛ ᴛ 🦁
Daniel Jones, the “most pro ready QB” in the draft has won 2 games in 10 starts Dwayne Haskins, the “one year starter” has won 2 games in 4 starts HASKINS IS A WINNER #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:47 PM UTC
Mark Phillips
You're a fan of an NFC East team and your team hasn't won a game in two weeks...... can't relate #HTTR #Redskins
01 Dec, 11:59 PM UTC
Ed Sheahin
Hail Yeah!!!! #Redskins win!!! Love our team. This was a home game! Redskins takeover! #HTTR https://t.co/hZYNJlHrZp
02 Dec, 12:34 AM UTC
I love this fucking team!!! #HTTR https://t.co/qjNdA8mO2j
02 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
Earl Forcey
For a young group of players that will be the core of this franchise moving forward, there’s no such thing as a meaningless win or a worthless win. This is a really good win for the #Redskins #HTTR
01 Dec, 09:52 PM UTC
Giants lose Eagles lose Cowboys lose REDSKINS WIN!!! I can’t hear you!!!!! #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR #HTTR !!!!!!!!!!
02 Dec, 01:41 AM UTC
Michael Gordon KVIA ABC-7
Gonna tell my kids this was Warren Moon 😎 #Redskins #HTTR https://t.co/JAh5NXzPUd
01 Dec, 10:11 PM UTC
Great team win today. So happy to see @DhaSickest out there where he wants to be. Great game today Derrius! Congrats on your first of many 100 yard games. Had to share two of my favorites of his #HTTR #BackToBack https://t.co/sVVUwXKn20
01 Dec, 10:33 PM UTC
The Young Guns #TYG's #HTTR https://t.co/BETJs1R4An
02 Dec, 12:03 AM UTC
Earl Forcey
Here’s the @JPFinlayNBCS postgame interview with @nateorchard44 I was talking about earlier. Wins are a good thing for the #Redskins and not “worthless” or “meaningless” as some would suggest. Much respect for this man and his teammates who stepped up today at Carolina. #HTTR https://t.co/4KI6a4dmV7
02 Dec, 01:50 AM UTC
Crystal Reynolds
Loved seeing @AdrianPeterson & @DhaSickest take it to the house today!! Way to HAIL, gentlemen!! #HTTR #HailYeah #RedskinsTweetTeam https://t.co/VNZMYhuWWT
01 Dec, 11:03 PM UTC
Chris Bryant🍂
@Mitch_Tischler The big fellas bullied people today! #HTTR
02 Dec, 01:47 AM UTC

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