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I’m honestly behind the Redtails idea. Love the story behind it. Plus, we can still keep our color scheme and use #HTTR. I’d love to hear other suggestions from you guys too.
03 Jul, 04:22 PM UTC
Shomari Stone
JUST IN: FedEx has asked the Washington Redskins to change the team's name. “We have communicated to the team in Washington our request that they change the team name,” FedEx confirmed in a statement. @jackiebensen reports. VIDEO #HTTR https://t.co/vqrXSim8oC
03 Jul, 09:13 AM UTC
Redskins Run Down
This entire situation sucks, I see both sides. All I know is I’ll be a fan regardless #HTTR?
03 Jul, 02:25 AM UTC
Washington Redspears
Tradition’s, Legacy and Brand matter. Themes and motif don’t. Here is the Washington Redspears Roman Spartan Theme/Motif. #HTTR #HTTRedspears. https://t.co/yHrI5P21uJ
02 Jul, 11:07 PM UTC
@WashRedspears @AdamSchefter Had the pleasure of working on this project a while back. Easy solution that preserves the history and tradition. #HTTR https://t.co/QliCfISPHq https://t.co/1RnWZM8e8g
03 Jul, 03:40 PM UTC
Oliver Willis
Fan for over 34 years here, Danny. Watched Doug and Ryp win it all. Love Coach Gibbs. Bleed Burgundy and Gold. Change the name. #httr
03 Jul, 02:20 AM UTC
Shomari Stone
Redskins Will Review Team Name Amid Mounting Pressure; Pepsi Joins Calls for Change: @jackiebensen reports. #HTTR https://t.co/MTFJTeaXpn
03 Jul, 03:54 PM UTC
I don’t care what they change it to, when people ask me what my team is I’m gonna say Redskins and that’s what I’ll be wearing ✌🏼 #HTTR
03 Jul, 04:09 PM UTC
ᖇIGGO 70 ᑕᕼIᑭ ™ 🦠🍻
When the name changes, it’s gonna erase all my memories with dad growing up, spending time with him. I feel the closest to him when I watch Redskins games. It’s gonna be like going to his funeral all over again. History will be erased with the things I most cherish. #HTTR
03 Jul, 11:34 AM UTC
Save The Name
Dear Dan, Remember what you said. “We’ll never change the name, “It’s that simple. NEVER — you can use caps.” #Neverforget #SaveTheName #HTTR #Redskins @Redskins #Share
03 Jul, 02:51 AM UTC
chris garrison
I am a descendant of the Southern Band of the Cherokee!! I love the Washington Redskins and I refuse to be told by the mob what to be offended by or what to think!! #HTTR #KEEPTHENAME
03 Jul, 02:40 AM UTC
Jim Lokay
BREAKING: ⁦@Redskins⁩ announce they will “undergo a thorough review of the teams name.” More later on #FOX5DC and https://t.co/FH1PjS6tkc. #HTTR @LokayFOX5's photo on #HTTR
03 Jul, 03:05 PM UTC
Gabriel Schray
#NFL fans are arguing over a potential change of the Washington #Redskins name One suggestion is the #Redtails. The real #Redtails were a unit of Black fighter pilots in World War II #HTTR #Sports #SportsBiz #Tuskegee #WW2 #History #Football #BLM https://t.co/XwbbqSzYbd
03 Jul, 03:57 PM UTC
Emmanuel Chokuba 🗯
Those who feel the #Redskins name is offensive please please please do not trash or burn your jerseys. Please send em my way! Thanks so much! #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:36 PM UTC
Leon Harris
My money's on Washington Warriors - for now! #HTTR #Redskinsnamechange @nbcwashington
03 Jul, 07:42 PM UTC
Gator The Tank
@Redskins Made sure to bold REDSKINS at bottom. Keep the name #HTTR
03 Jul, 05:10 PM UTC
Manny 👑♏
@PhilaLakerSkins You forgot to mention who put the Native American on reservations? "Cowboys" who took the land from the Native American? "Cowboys". So they need to change their name as well!!! 😤 #HTTR
03 Jul, 01:10 AM UTC
The Burgundy Zone🐟
But if we change the @Redskins name then when are you guys going to talk or even think about native Americans? Seems like the only time you guys talk about them is in regards to the football teams name... #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:57 PM UTC
Jeff 📎🇺🇸
The Washington NFL team should really let a committee of indigenous nations select the new name and I hope they choose the Washington Black Lives Matter. #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:45 PM UTC
Southwest Virginia for Pete #PETEWONIOWA 🐝🌄
I'm on the Washington Redtails Hype Train 🚂🙌 They could bring back the fancy R logo from when I was in high school, which was my favorite, and also use the amazing one that someone designed with the plane. Plus "Hail to the Redtails" actually rhymes AND we can keep #HTTR https://t.co/2oXZzQa10d https://t.co/1yFTksX4yf
03 Jul, 07:23 PM UTC
@Redskins #HTTR since it’s being changed anyway this is my vote https://t.co/vo6SbGa4Nb
03 Jul, 07:56 PM UTC
Rob Rentner
@BrandonW573 @HilareeBanks A Native American Indian High School in Arizona.. Just sayin' #HTTR https://t.co/Y9UXRFgHdO
03 Jul, 07:56 PM UTC
Al Bundy
@MirindasHusband @DMV_SportsFan @TheBurgundyBD You give the name value but that’s a choice... and if it makes you feel guilty that’s a choice... me being a true diehard is a choice... I’m too loyal after dealing with Dan ruining the brand that I’m not letting no name change shit... #diehard #DCnative #DCsports #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:49 PM UTC
Mike Wise
You know I love you, Ellen. But I had to fix your tweet: "@elgo610 @MikeWiseguy I HATE 2020. #HTTR @Racialslurs Loudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying faceLoudly crying face" @MikeWiseguy on HTTR">https://t.co/UbYzgN7AmN
03 Jul, 07:48 PM UTC
@kevinsheehanDC @team980 Zzzzzzzzzz. #RedTails #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:45 PM UTC
Al Bundy
Dan might lose money if the name changes? 🤔🤷🏽‍♂️ he’s not an ally to true diehard Washington Redskins fans anyway... 20+ years losing tarnishing the brand anyway... #diehard #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:39 PM UTC
@Redskins #FuckFedEx #HTTR #HTTMFR
03 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
Scott English
@MichaelWFields I could get behind Americans or Red Tails. Keep the #HTTR with the latter.
03 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
stardog champion
@SInow @ConorOrr Anytime #HTTR comes up, I love to share this classic https://t.co/CJ7hcvZIZy
03 Jul, 07:59 PM UTC
@Nike obviously cares less about the last bit of #NativeAmerican anything that’s public. Only way we can see anything about a #NativeAmerican is in the museums and now you pressing the only team that respects them to change something they admire. #Fuckery at its finest #HTTR
03 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC

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