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Matthew Berry
It’s been 1,826 days since @WashingtonNFL has been in a playoff game. Our coach beat cancer. Our QB overcame 17 surgeries. And tonight we start our 4th QB of the year. Whatever happens tonight, it’s been a great year and the future is bright. LFG! #HTTWFT @MatthewBerryTMR's photo on #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 01:33 AM UTC
Matthew Berry
For the first time in a very very long time, Washington football fans have hope and a direction for the franchise. Future is very bright. Helluva season @WashingtonNFL .... much to be proud of and build on. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 04:46 AM UTC
Chris Baker
Great game @WashingtonNFL proud of y’all hard fought game gave it all you had I can’t be mad #HTTWFT THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT
10 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
Tony Perkins
I am SO proud of @washingtonnfl Football Team and Taylor Heinicke, who was pretty great, sacrificed his body, and kept us in this game. We may have found our quarterback. What a tough year. Hats off, #WFT! #HTTWFT @TonyPerkinsFMTV's photo on #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
Julie Cohen
This guy. #HTTWFT @FilmmakerJulie's photo on #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 03:35 AM UTC
≡ moonchild ☾
Hail to Taylor Heinicke #HTTWFT https://t.co/CUE4fzzy4f
10 Jan, 03:40 AM UTC
Brett Williams
I am so proud to be a @WashingtonNFL fan. It's been hard to say that at times over the years, but it isn't now. What this team overcame all year long is just remarkable. And they proved they belonged tonight. Can't wait for next fall!! #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
Cashy Cash😎💯
What a heck of a ride and a season for this football team so far, I believe that we’ll be back and be coming back stronger than ever next season!! #HTTWFT #HTTR #WashingtonFootball ❤️💛🏈🏹🏆💯🔥 https://t.co/VB7fQJ7IQs
10 Jan, 04:54 AM UTC
Tyler Phillips
Man we fought like hell and I’m so proud of our team, and for the first time in a while things are seriously looking up. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
yugi soto
Also pro tip guys: None of y’all are gonna get cheeks from replying “😂😂😂😂😂” to every dumb ass take. I’m sorry to inform you. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 05:20 AM UTC
John Phillips
Last yr: 2nd worst record, no coach, horrendous culture. Challenges: coach diagnosed w/cancer, revolving door QBs, numerous off-field distractions. This year: Won division, comeback POY, Taylor Heinicke and of course best mullet! Hell of an effort! #HTTR #HTTWFT #RiveraStrong https://t.co/h7GpG1gWQK
10 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Brad Cochrane
#Heinicke left it all on the field tonight. Great game, great season, with a lot to build on and some unbelievable story lines. The WFT is building an identity...a culture...and that starts at the top....and by the top I mean Rivera. Looking forward to next year! #HTTWFT https://t.co/yMKEjoAMpT
10 Jan, 04:53 AM UTC
@WashingtonNFL @RiverboatRonHC THANKS FOR A GREAT SEASON! Nobody expected us to get this far. Resign Taylor Heinicke to a long term contract. We just need to add more weapons, beef up the Oline, get DB's that can cover, faster LB's. Can't wait till next season! #HTTWFT🏈
10 Jan, 05:01 AM UTC
lez ✨
my team <33 had a hell of a season, just know we coming back & better.. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 05:31 AM UTC
The Washington football still my happiness n that was a dope game... gonna hold onto this division for a lil while n make a run I’m thinking... #building #HTTWFT https://t.co/qAUhZhfKCI
10 Jan, 05:23 AM UTC
@WashingtonNFL @RyanKerrigan91 I hope and pray that @RiverboatRonHC will resign you even for another year so that fans can show you the appreciation for your hard work and play on and off the field! You're definitely one of the Great Redskins & WFT culture! #HTTWFT🏈 https://t.co/iiFsFsvXZq
10 Jan, 05:22 AM UTC
Holly 🩺🏈⚾️
10 Jan, 05:18 AM UTC
Ben Vasconcellos
Couldn’t have said it better... we found our Shane Falco. Lead us into the future Heinicke. #HTTR #HTTWFT #Heinicke https://t.co/HUYD1f5for
10 Jan, 05:15 AM UTC
Even though we lost, I’ll always have this moment. Yes, Tom, #Heinicke IS unbelievable! #HTTWFT! We’ll get them next year! #WashingtonFootball https://t.co/pwdbCGhm06
10 Jan, 05:09 AM UTC
i am emotional. i have work tomorrow. im going to tik tok to decompress. this will be my last tweet of the evening. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 05:09 AM UTC
Charles White
We fought in not mad. We found a new diamond lets get ready for next season!!!! #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
Cathleen Healy
"Taylor Heinicke nearly stole a playoff game... @TomBrady showed who’s the legend, though..." @Snide_Remarks @1067theFan #TBvsWFT #HTTWFT #NFLPlayoffs #WashingtonFootball #NFL https://t.co/5SwP4vA83i
10 Jan, 05:32 AM UTC
Still my Champions 💛 The future is bright ✨ #GoodEffort #HTTWFT #WashingtonFootball @WashingtonNFL https://t.co/NfKs4w49Tr
10 Jan, 05:29 AM UTC
Braves On The Warpath
@JPFinlayNBCS Taylor has won over this fanbase after this gutsy performance. He deserves a shot. Anyone who wants to knock him because he took over for Alex needs to look in the mirror. Ballers ball. And shout out to whoever was calling for him to play sooner. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 05:23 AM UTC
Michelle McKinstry
Thank you @RiverboatRonHC for everything you've brought to @WashingtonNFL I'm so excited to watch you and your coaching staff lead these talented players to greatness next year!! #HTTWFT https://t.co/R9otq9CWvy
10 Jan, 05:22 AM UTC
Joe Martocci
@RickDocWalker will you still be doing your weekly ‘Legacy’ segments? Always look forward to those each week. #HTTWFT
10 Jan, 05:22 AM UTC

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