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David R
Jonathan Huberdeau celebrating his new 8 year contract 💰#FlaPanthers https://t.co/MMhd396Efe
06 Aug, 01:06 AM UTC
Calgary Flames
Yep, Huby looks 🔥 in his new gear. 📸: Jonathan Huberdeau on IG (jonnyhuby11) @NHLFlames's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 07:29 PM UTC
Gregory Strong
New Flames star Jonathan Huberdeau sporting Calgary colours today at celeb road hockey game in Montreal #NHL @GregoryStrongCP's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 06:33 PM UTC
Andrew Mangiapane is the best Breadman
Huberdeau wearing a custom-made Flames jersey with his name and number on it without having stepped foot in Calgary as a member of the Flames is pure king shit.
06 Aug, 07:04 PM UTC
Allan Walsh
Jonathan Huberdeau and Zachary L’Heureux in action playing ball hockey at IGA Stadium (Parc Jarry) in Montreal earlier today. @walsha's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 08:08 PM UTC
Wes Gilbertson
Brad Treliving ordered the baked halibut. Jonathan Huberdeau opted for a steak. A good sign. “I told him, ‘You’re ready for some Alberta beef, man,’ ” Treliving said. My latest, on the #Flames new face-of-the-franchise and ‘The Dinner’ ... https://t.co/td1EmqL3X9
06 Aug, 08:31 PM UTC
Andrew Mangiapane is the best Breadman
Flyers fans got crushed when Gaudreau didn't go home. Devils fans got crushed when Gaudreau didn't go home. Blues fans got crushed when Tkachuk didn't go home. Habs fans got crushed when Huberdeau didn't go home. Coming soon: Senators fans get crushed when Weegar didn't go home.
06 Aug, 09:25 PM UTC
Sportsnet Stats
#Flames Jonathan Huberdeau has the 4th-most points (346) and 2nd-most assists (243) since the start of 2018-19. @SNstats's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 07:04 PM UTC
F Jonathan Huberdeau's contract includes a no move clause in the first 6 seasons then turns into a no move clause + a modified no trade clause in the final two seasons (12 teams he's willing to be traded to) #Flames https://t.co/eDDal6K6pF https://t.co/lLCGoci6Gd
06 Aug, 12:10 AM UTC
Oilers John 🇨🇦 ✈️
“If we pump enough Huberdeau content, maybe that will over shadow that we let Gaudreau walk for absolutely nothing” - #fLames social media accounts.
06 Aug, 07:49 PM UTC
Nicolas Cloutier
Jonathan Huberdeau dans les couleurs des Flames au stade IGA pour un match des célébrités. @TVASports @NCloutierTVA's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 06:12 PM UTC
Brad Treliving confirms he DID NOT take Jonathan Huberdeau to a @bostonpizza 🎥: @timandfriends @FlamesNation's photo on Huberdeau
06 Aug, 09:47 PM UTC
Sportsnet Stats
#Flames Jonathan Huberdeau is 1 of 3 players with 85+ assists in a season in the last 25 years: Huberdeau (2021-22) - 85 Kucherov (2018-19) - 87 Thornton (2006-07) - 92 Thornton (2005-06) - 96
06 Aug, 07:57 PM UTC
Pro Hockey Rumors
Jonathan Huberdeau wasted little time signing an extension in Calgary and now MacKenzie Weegar appears to be open to doing the same: https://t.co/mkY5twC4eQ
06 Aug, 06:35 PM UTC
Sumit Tripathi
Looking at the Huberdeau contract rebuild would have been better. What they would get by trading Hub and Weegar at the deadline would have been awesome https://t.co/DqwQ7o4YO4
06 Aug, 09:49 PM UTC
Robert Joseph
@WatchMyReview Lol! Huberdeau is only 2 months older than Gaudreau. If Gaudreau got this, you wouldn't call it bad. Huberdeau is 29, he's not 37 yet as people are making him out to be
06 Aug, 10:33 PM UTC
Le Journal de Québec
Avec un nouveau contrat en poche, Jonathan Huberdeau regarde devant lui (@MBoulayJDM) https://t.co/KeIAhOnsfY
06 Aug, 09:16 PM UTC
Mike Gould
@MikeyRads Is Huberdeau a star in his prime, or is he an aging washed-up winger? Those two months separating him and Gaudreau sure make a huge difference!
06 Aug, 11:27 PM UTC
The Brindy Gypsy
Honestly regarding Huberdeau, I'm not sure it's worth it to have to live in Alberta for the next 8 years. Not even for that kinda cash. I kinda feel bad for him
06 Aug, 11:08 PM UTC
Top 5 possible #Flames captains from most to least likely imo 1. Backlund 2. Huberdeau 3. Tanev 4. Mangiapane 5. Monahan
06 Aug, 10:13 PM UTC
@Nau060810 @NHLFlames Lol what? Flames won in the value department.. they get way more in return, and now they won the trade even harder by locking down huberdeau long term, this can attract more star players to play here. So I don’t know about “low expectation organization”
06 Aug, 09:58 PM UTC
NHL Rumor Bot
@IslandersMemes_ Jonathan Huberdeau has signed an extension with the Vancouver Canucks: 4 years, $9M per year.
06 Aug, 09:38 PM UTC
@OilersJohn @Plornkle Huberdeau is the best passer in the League
06 Aug, 09:20 PM UTC
@WatchMyReview He gave Huberdeau the same contract he offered Gaudreau who is the same age, tho Huby obv had 1 yr left & CGY was in no position to offer him less.
07 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
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07 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
隔世傷心 🏒🥌🏓🎳
@WesGilbertson Now Huberdeau gonna loves our Alberta beef! 😋
07 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
Derrick Kernaghan
@WatchMyReview you do realize gaudreau and huberdeau are the same age right?
06 Aug, 11:59 PM UTC
Owen McDonald
@WatchMyReview There's literally a 2 month age difference between Gaudreau and Huberdeau. Do you do any research before you post dumb things?
06 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC
隔世傷心 🏒🥌🏓🎳
@WatchMyReview Gaudreau is in prime and yet Huberdeau while just 2 months older is not? 🙄
06 Aug, 11:58 PM UTC