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Kevin Sorbo
Hunter Biden should be in jail.
06 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Ask yourself why Merrick Garland's Department of Justice never leaked that there was enough evidence to indict Donald Trump but somehow *TODAY* just 30+ days before the mid-terms there is a leak that there is now enough evidence to indict and arrest Hunter Biden.
06 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC
Mueller, She Wrote
I wonder if the source for “feds see chargeable crimes for Hunter Biden” is the same source as “feds won’t recommend charges for Gaetz”. It’s the same reporter. Probably the same BS source. I would ignore it.
06 Oct, 07:23 PM UTC
Robert Maguire
Since we appear poised to start fresh Hunter Biden news cycle, some reminders are in order: 1) Hunter has no role in his father's administration 2) Hunter does not run a business that his father profits from as president that's used as an influence machine for special interests
06 Oct, 06:40 PM UTC
Attention Hunter Biden: Daddy cannot save you. You are going to jail.
06 Oct, 08:04 PM UTC
Don Winslow
Dear Merrick Garland, Since your own agents leaked the Hunter Biden story to The Washington Post in violation of DOJ policy, why not violate another so-called (yet unwritten) DOJ policy and indict Donald Trump before the mid-terms.
06 Oct, 09:10 PM UTC
Attention CNN and MSNBC: Please provide round the clock television coverage of Hunter Biden’s arrest
06 Oct, 08:06 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Hunter Biden should be in a prison cell.
06 Oct, 07:31 PM UTC
Lindy Li
The reporter who said Matt Gaetz is off the hook is the SAME one saying the DOJ has enough to charge Hunter Biden for tax crimes Take what he says with a grain of salt “According to people familiar w the case” means we gotta do everything we can to distract from Herschel Walker
06 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
Gunther Eagleman™
Hey trolls, Hunter Biden is going to prison before Trump… LMFAO!!!!
06 Oct, 08:09 PM UTC
Benny Johnson
MSNBC squirms as they're forced to admit LIVE on-air Hunter Biden is about to go to JAIL for MULTIPLE felonies, according to new BOMBSHELL reports @bennyjohnson's photo on Hunter Biden
06 Oct, 10:54 PM UTC
Heather Cox Richardson (TDPR)
"According to people familiar with the case." 😂😂😂 This is transparently laughable. An anonymous leak from a Trump appointee's team right before the election just when Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker is melting down spectacularly. Quick! To the Hunter Biden mobile! https://t.co/SdsOeBm8Yz
06 Oct, 06:39 PM UTC
Attention Department of Justice: Raid Hunter Biden’s House and arrest him immediately
06 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
Jesse Kelly
Hunter Biden isn’t getting charged with any crimes. Be serious with that. Have any of you been paying attention to what we’ve become?
06 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
New York Post
Federal agents have evidence to charge Hunter Biden: report https://t.co/JgeGSlUM9x @nypost's photo on Hunter Biden
06 Oct, 06:53 PM UTC
Randi Mayem Singer
The most important thing to know about Hunter Biden is that the GQP wanted Hershel Walker to stop trending
06 Oct, 07:36 PM UTC
Who had suspiciously timed Hunter Biden leak on their midterm BINGO card? Oh, everyone? It was the free space? I see.
06 Oct, 06:35 PM UTC
Insider Paper
JUST IN 🚨 Federal agents investigating Hunter Biden have gathered what they believe is sufficient evidence to charge him with tax crimes and a false statement related to a gun purchase - Washington Post
06 Oct, 06:31 PM UTC
Lauren Boebert
There is sufficient evidence to charge Hunter Biden with a crime related to his taxes. I’m sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg with Mr. Parmesan! He absolutely needs be held accountable.
06 Oct, 10:19 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Joe Biden lied about Hunter Biden's crimes and his involvement -- a new Republican controlled Congress must move to impeach him in 2025.
06 Oct, 07:46 PM UTC
Don Winslow
The strategic Hunter Biden October surprise leak dropped today 30+ days before the mid-terms is the 2016 Comey/Clinton announcement on steroids. It will have a substantial and negative impact and be used like a sledge hammer. And there aren't even charges yet. Just a LEAK.
06 Oct, 06:53 PM UTC
The only reason they will ever indict Hunter Biden is to protect his senile, corrupt criminal father.
06 Oct, 11:36 PM UTC
Real Mac Report
Jesse Watters: "This is not a Hunter Biden story, this is a Joe Biden story. The house of cards could fall if they keep the pressure on. Think about this. If you follow the evidence to where this is going, Joe Biden is a traitor." https://t.co/gZRUvebGgJ
06 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
Gunther Eagleman™
In my world, Hunter Biden’s laptop is called “evidence”
06 Oct, 09:34 PM UTC
Sen. Marsha Blackburn
A complete, thorough investigation into Hunter Biden is long overdue. It’s time to dismantle the two tiers of justice and air out every criminal act Hunter is responsible for.
07 Oct, 12:52 AM UTC
Kat Abu
Tucker could've been ranting about weed and Hunter Biden tonight but he's stuck with Kanye gossiping about Anna Wintour @abughazalehkat's photo on Hunter Biden
07 Oct, 12:30 AM UTC
Tim Young
I'll believe Hunter Biden is going to jail when Hunter Biden actually goes to jail.
07 Oct, 02:17 AM UTC
Catherine Herridge
The FBI has gathered - what it believes - is evidence to charge Pres. Biden’s son Hunter w/crimes related to his taxes and a gun purchase. FBI has sent the information to U.S. Attorney in Delaware, while Hunter Biden’s attorney hit back at the allegations. @CBS_Herridge's photo on Hunter Biden
06 Oct, 10:56 PM UTC
The First
Exactly 49 MINUTES after news broke that Hunter Biden could face drug charges, Joe Biden pardoned anyone in America convicted of marijuana possession... https://t.co/vpVxg5SXCN
06 Oct, 07:18 PM UTC
La Derecha Diario
🇺🇸 | El ex socio de Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, reveló que declaró ante el FBI denunciando todos los hechos de corrupción que involucran al presidente Joe Biden y su hijo con China. https://t.co/PcpLEvjXm2
07 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC