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Fantasy FB Gawd
*Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry wide open over the middle* Philip Rivers: “Fuck it the DB is down there somewhere”
08 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
Bolts From The Blue
The Chargers have Keenan Allen, Austin Ekeler, Hunter Henry and Mike Williams. Their first two goalline plays went to Derek Watt and Lance Kendricks.
08 Nov, 02:15 AM UTC
Yahoo Fantasy Sports
Keenan Allen watching Hunter Henry and Austin Ekeler catch TDs. @YahooFantasy's photo on Hunter Henry
08 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
B/R Gridiron
Chargers put together a LONG drive capped by a Hunter Henry score😤 (via @NFL) @brgridiron's photo on Hunter Henry
08 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
Yahoo Fantasy Sports
Hunter Henry solving everyone's TE problem since his return. @YahooFantasy's photo on Hunter Henry
08 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC
Peter Bukowski
Chargers have Hunter Henry, Mike Williams, and Keenan Allen and in a do-or-did situation these throws are going to guys no one has even heard of.
08 Nov, 04:28 AM UTC
Hannah Storm
Hunter Henry (age 24) is closer in age to Philip Rivers' oldest Halle (17) than to the QB (37). Henry told us he saw all nine Rivers kids together in Florida. "I went over the house and just saw them all sitting there and was like, wow, that's a handful." #TNFonPrime
08 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Hunter Henry looked open last play...
08 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC
SFB8 Champ Stompy
At least two of those where Hunter Henry is WIDE OPEN underneath that would have been 1st downs... 3 TIMEOUTS!
08 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
@MikeClayNFL Anyone else see Hunter Henry wide open on two of those plays that would have been 10 yard gains that would have had him running out of bounds on that last drive?
08 Nov, 04:37 AM UTC
@evano7 @RealFantasyHQ Hunter Henry wide open for 10 yard drags every play and he proceeds to throw it 20 yards over Keenan Allen
08 Nov, 04:50 AM UTC
Erick WFI
@410EastCoast @Tha_Frederation @angry_nfl I just rewatched all 8 plays. Can confirm pocket collapsed both times before Ekeler got open; he either blocked or was covered every other time including final play. Only one play (Hunter Henry underneath route) did Rivers have time and went deep instead. You guys gotta rewatch.
08 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
08 Nov, 04:54 AM UTC
Rond Burgundy
Finished my term paper, Josh Jacobs and Hunter Henry scored, and the Raiders win!! Bout to pour a drink!!
08 Nov, 05:10 AM UTC
Nick (Champz)
@LordReebs He could have hit Hunter Henry on at least 3 of those attempts and easily could have been in FG range... At least draw something up for Eckler while he’s on the field. Makes no sense
08 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
Between the 20's
@DynastyPrice Hunter Henry wide open... we need like 45 yards. Like go deep to shit Patton..... unreal
08 Nov, 04:56 AM UTC
Shout out to Melvin Gordon Keenan Allen and Hunter Henry all getting touchdowns. Carrying my fucking team lmao
08 Nov, 04:55 AM UTC
Future Chargers Beat Writer
08 Nov, 04:47 AM UTC
@JFowlerESPN Hunter Henry was wide wide open on 2nd down and he chucked it deep. Seems like a pretty typical Rivers game ending to me, in a pick.
08 Nov, 04:46 AM UTC
@BarstoolBigCat Hunter Henry seam sounds like a fun time
08 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
@DynastyPrice I’m a Hunter Henry owner too and he was the check down so I’m bias too. 😂
08 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
@Michael_Fabiano @TWIPFPat Glad he complete forgot Hunter Henry played for his team. Not a single target in the second half until the final minute
08 Nov, 05:12 AM UTC
4-6 🤡⚡️
Hunter Henry was wide open in the middle of the field on that 4th down play smh. I feel Rivers tho. Offensive line ain’t been giving you NO time to throw at all
08 Nov, 05:05 AM UTC
@Chargers Couldn’t find Hunter Henry in the last drive? Rivers lost us the game
08 Nov, 05:05 AM UTC
Marc Cedric Bethely
@candicepatton Did you have any players tonight? I had Hunter Henry and Ekeler. No bad but not great either!
08 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC
Harry Abelson
@Chargers That’s what one target for Hunter Henry in the entire second half will do
08 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC
Chris from Twitta
Got $$$ outta Ekeler and Hunter Henry
08 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC
Oregon 8-1
Chargers have Hunter Henry, Mike Williams, and Keenan Allen in a do or die situation these throws are going to guys no one has even heard of
08 Nov, 04:56 AM UTC
Sergio Rojas
Hunter Henry doesnt fall down on that INT that was returned for a TD we have a completely different game.
08 Nov, 04:53 AM UTC
Alan Murphy 8️⃣4️⃣
@dylanpalmer5175 I know to Hunter Henry that could have been an easy 10 and out of bounds
08 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC

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