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Turn Texas Blue
Cat 1 hurricane coming on shore near Galveston tonight. Y’all be safe’ #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC
WXChasing (Brandon Clement)
Intense winds and storm surge near landfall point #HurricaneNicholas at Surfside, Tx. https://t.co/coa9VXGhoK
14 Sep, 07:08 AM UTC
Zingamomma 🎶🇺🇸😷🇺🇸🎶
Be safe my friends! #HurricaneNicholas #Houston https://t.co/ONLVhirnoK
13 Sep, 07:54 PM UTC
Aaron Jayjack
Galveston island getting hammered. Surge moving in. Frequent power flashes. #nicholas #HurricaneNicholas @MyRadarWX https://t.co/cuVESsrANl
14 Sep, 05:21 AM UTC
Charly Edsitty
Having a very hard time sleeping. This wind is crazy in Lake Jackson/Freeport area — at times I feel the building move. Stay safe, all 🙏🏽. #HurricaneNicholas @CharlyABC13's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 04:18 AM UTC
Michael what are you doing, a hurricanes acoming, get inside #HurricaneNicholas https://t.co/zKp3hrUHqb
14 Sep, 04:14 AM UTC
Brian Emfinger
In the eye! 15 minutes between hurricane force gusts and walking around listening to frogs chirp from near Sargent Texas. #txwx #HurricaneNicholas @NWSHouston https://t.co/wO5PlDS8VS
14 Sep, 05:03 AM UTC
Yogi Baddie in Training
That moment when you paced yourself with tropical storm snacks but it turns into a hurricane and now you realized mistakes were made… #HurricaneNicholas https://t.co/3BqfQL26Ng
14 Sep, 03:33 AM UTC
🚨 BREAKING NEWS (10PM CDT): #Nicholas becomes a category 1 hurricane with maximum sustained winds near 75 MPH. #HurricaneNicholas will make landfall later tonight along the middle Texas coast. #TXwx https://t.co/9O3RPsGH8l
14 Sep, 03:13 AM UTC
Bob Pack
#HurricaneNicholas just won’t quit. Substantial storm surge here in Surfside. Lost anemometer a few minutes ago. @TravisABC13 @TillmanWeather @rachelabc13 @KBTXShel @KBTXMia @KBTXGrace @KBTXMax @JacquiJerasTV @mikeseidel @JenCarfagno @JimCantore https://t.co/ySYjIbCcd3
14 Sep, 04:46 AM UTC
Matt Dougherty
Conditions worsen on Galveston Island as we head into Tuesday morning. #KHOU11 #HurricaneNicholas @MattKHOU's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 05:15 AM UTC
Texas Division of Emergency Management
Nicholas is now a Category 1 Hurricane: 🌀Secure Loose Objects Outdoors 🌀Secure External Doors/Windows 🌀Cover/Shelter Vehicles 🌀Never Drive through Flooded Roads 🌀Heed Local Warnings #hurricanenicholas #severeweather #flashflood @TDEM's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
Wind 🌬️... and Storm Surge 🌊... and Rain ⛈️... OH MY! Here's what it looked like as #HurricaneNicholas edged into the Texas coastline Monday evening. #TXwx @WeatherNation's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 06:00 AM UTC
Andre Brooks
#BreakingNews #HurricaneNicholas has winds of 75mph and pressure of 988mb. Hurricane warnings issued for the central Texas Coast. https://t.co/BRwLBN7kUS
14 Sep, 03:09 AM UTC
Michelle Choi
Quick update from @GalvestonIsland as #HurricaneNicholas continues to pummel the island with strong winds and rain. @KHOU #houwx #Galveston #txwx @MichelleKHOU's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 08:49 AM UTC
Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
#HurricaneNicholas is NOT over. Please stay where you are until the storm has passed. Floodwaters are dangerous and VERY difficult to see when dark. If you are using a generator, DO NOT bring it indoors. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. @ReadyHarris's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:15 AM UTC
Sussex Daily
#HurricaneNicholas now. Days of heavy rain expected. Praying for safety and hoping that everyone's electricity will stay on. 🙏🤞
14 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Joshua Krause
Hurricane Nicholas going through Galveston Bay. I had to film the rest in my car because the wind was blowing so hard and causing the water to feel like sharp stings on my skin 😖 #HurricaneNicholas https://t.co/Vig9hlPlXe
14 Sep, 08:18 AM UTC
Edna Jaramillo G.
#AHORA | El huracán #Nicholas toca tierra esta noche a unos 16 kilómetros al oeste-suroeste de Sargent Beach, Texas, como categoría 1. Vídeo: @Hannibals_pet82 #HuracánNicholas #HurricaneNicholas #nicholashurricane https://t.co/s8Cilq4prU
14 Sep, 07:09 AM UTC
Marcus Moore
Strong wind gusts in downtown Houston from #HurricaneNicholas @marcusmoore's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:05 AM UTC
Adrienne Bell
In the dark with thousands of my neighbors. #FixTheGrid #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 08:35 AM UTC
ACF Equity Research
#ACFMorningMeeting Asia mixed, EU/UK ▼. #NIKKEI ~▲0.73% highest since 1990. UK Claimant Count Change ▼58.6k v -7.8k m/m. #WTI▲ @$70 bbl - tightened supply b/c of #HurricaneNicholas. 40% of US Gulf oil/ gas output still shut after Ida. US ftrs ▼. Data: US #Inflation #ACFView https://t.co/LEugfUtMen
14 Sep, 09:00 AM UTC
Jason Whitely
THIS MORNING: #HurricaneNicholas is moving out of the Houston, Galveston area. 401,000+ customers w/o electricity from the coast up into the city. Sunrise will reveal damage, high water from this category 1 storm. #txwx https://t.co/j9Y3otkWov
14 Sep, 10:34 AM UTC
Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management
NEW from @NWSHouston | ⛔ FLASH FLOOD WARNING ⛔ issued for Harris County until 9 AM. ✅ Stay where you are for the duration of the storm ✅ NEVER walk/play in floodwaters ✅ Report downed power lines to 713-207-2222 More: https://t.co/QjVumPrH2j #HurricaneNicholas @ReadyHarris's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:52 AM UTC
John-Carlos Estrada
🚨 SCARY SCENE! This is a bit difficult to see, but this is across Galveston Bay around 3 AM. The storm surge from #Nicholas has been serious! Nicholas is now a tropical storm after making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane: https://t.co/sLlMAObwZ3 | #HurricaneNicholas @Mr_JCE's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:19 AM UTC
Francisco Got Vaxxed
#HurricaneNicholas is NOT over. Please stay where you are until the storm has passed. Floodwaters are dangerous and VERY difficult to see when dark. If you are using a generator, DO NOT bring it indoors. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. @DisasterPIO's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:17 AM UTC
Blue lightning #HurricaneNicholas https://t.co/pghAJTzUpj
14 Sep, 10:31 AM UTC
Chuck Bell
WHAT A STAT!!! 6 times the average!!! And the rain from #HurricaneNicholas is now heading into Louisiana. New Orleans has already had over 71" of rain this year. That's 23" above average with another 5-8" possible before this week is over! https://t.co/mnWMKAbOxp
14 Sep, 10:23 AM UTC
Charly Edsitty
It’s a mess in this Freeport neighborhood on the west side. So many snapped trees! The winds of #HurricaneNicholas were powerful! A live report is coming up in minutes on @abc13houston! 📺 📱 @CharlyABC13's photo on #HurricaneNicholas
14 Sep, 10:58 AM UTC
The worst part is over the main circle of the storm has passed. A tough night but blessed we still had lights. Now for the fall out rain prayers for no flooding. #hurricanenicholas
14 Sep, 10:42 AM UTC