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A small piece of me died tonight. The greatest 237 days of my life. 🖤💛💔
21 Mar, 01:08 AM UTC
Buffalo Sabres
Housley says that the lineup will be the same as Sunday and Hutton will be in net. Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Sheary - Rodrigues - Nylander Sobotka - Mittelstadt - Thompson Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo Bogosian - Ristolainen Dahlin - Montour Scandella - Nelson Buffalo Sabres's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 03:41 PM UTC
// REDTAIL’S DEBT SPOILERS LMFAO SAME REDPAW SAME So far I’m really enjoying Clarissa Hutton’s writing. The characters actually have distinct personalities??? WHAT A CONCEPT Selina @ LOST STARS SPOILERS !!!'s photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 04:03 PM UTC
Vancouver Canucks
.@j_markstrom starts, no other #Canucks line-up changes tonight. Hutton will hopefully skate in the next few days, said Coach Green. Hughes will be reevaluated today. Vancouver Canucks's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 06:22 PM UTC
Buffalo Sabres
"I talk to [William] every day...It's been a lot of help." Tonight's game will mark the second regular-season meeting between Alex Nylander and his older brother, William: Buffalo Sabres's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 05:34 PM UTC
Vancouver Canucks
Coach Green updates the status of Hughes and Hutton and talks about the solid road performances over the last trip and continuing the same way. Vancouver Canucks's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 06:35 PM UTC
NLS Map Collections
Do you ever wonder about contour lines on #maps and how they came about? A new paper on the invention of contour lines, Hutton and Schiehallion: #contours NLS Map Collections's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 09:31 AM UTC
Brendan Batchelor
Quinn Hughes will be re-evaluated tonight by #Canucks medical staff. Ben Hutton should begin skating in the next few days.
20 Mar, 06:20 PM UTC
John Vogl
Carter Hutton yells at Nazem Kadri as he leaves the ice. He had to yell at someone as Leafs outshoot the Sabres 46-24 in their 4-2 victory.
21 Mar, 01:45 AM UTC
Ben Kuzma
Hughes will have his ankle bone bruise re-evaluated today. Another scan and then another decision. No update on Hutton, who's also sporting a walking boot. #Canucks
20 Mar, 06:30 PM UTC
Paul Hendrick
Leafs off to a good start, dominating possession in the offensive zone. Hutton denies Kapanen with a superb save to keep the game scoreless. #leafsforever
20 Mar, 11:20 PM UTC
┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.•) I prefer Beiga and Schenn ┳┻|⊂. over Pouliot and Hutton ┻┳|
21 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
Dylan Morrow
That win meant a ton; to the team & the fans... we needed something to feel good about! What makes it better is it was earned... they took Buffalo to school all night long- it could have been 7-2 except for Hutton. Matthews is on a whole new level lately. Sparks was better. 4-2 W
21 Mar, 01:56 AM UTC
Hutton: I’m frustrated and I am not good at hiding it.
21 Mar, 01:59 AM UTC
Brian Koziol
Hutton: "They generate that many chances, they're going to put the puck in the net...we get a big win (STL) and we can't answer the bell today" #Sabres
21 Mar, 01:58 AM UTC
Mike Harrington
Hutton doing it all in this game. Stops Matthews on the doorstep with 2:05 left to keep #Sabres in it
21 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
Lance Lysowski
Carter Hutton was as upset as I've seen him all season: "There’s only so much I can control, so I try to take it shot by shot and whatever comes – I can’t control what they get. I think right now obviously I’m really frustrated. I’m not very good at hiding it."
21 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Brian Koziol
Housley: "Carter Hutton bailed us out for the first two periods...we know the magnitude of this rivalry...we couldn't make a play...we turned it over, we were chasing a lot, when we had the puck, we didn't manage it well" #Sabres
21 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
The Goalie Guild
Great teaching point for goalies here by Hutton. It’s OK to be respectfully honest with how you feel after a very frustrating loss. It’s OK to show that emotion as a goalie. It can help you park it and move on. 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻 The Goalie Guild's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 02:32 AM UTC
Hutton: You can’t play one period against a good team like Leafs
21 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
Joe Yerdon
AND YET... Still a 4-2 loss with an ENG involved. Like I said earlier, team owes Hutton a dinner.
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Leonard Tillerman
#bookreview out! Cloud Whispers by @SedonaHutton Perfect for readers who enjoy literary fiction which is embedded with romance, spirituality and metaphysics! 5 out of 5 Divine Stars for this one! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Leonard Tillerman's photo on Hutton
20 Mar, 11:30 PM UTC
Hutton made 42 saves on 77 Leafs shot attempts #Sabres
21 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
Hutton says he can only control those things that are his to control
21 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Buffalo Sabres plays and goals
Hutton yelling at Kadri after the game had ended. #sabres #leafsforever Buffalo Sabres plays and goals's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 01:47 AM UTC
Nylander, Mittelstadt and Hutton only #Sabres players to speak postgame
21 Mar, 02:08 AM UTC
Lance Lysowski
Quick recap from the Sabres’ 4-2 loss to the Leafs. Buffalo hasn’t won back-to-back games since Dec. 13
21 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
Kurt Gregory
@BrianWGR Game 72? How can you not be ready to start? Regardless of scoreboard, you know #sabres got run over when Carter Hutton makes a save on every player in the Toronto Line-up! Every One! #suffering @BuffaloSabres @ByMHarrington @Stuboyar @AdamBenigni
21 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
Buffalo News Sports
Despite remarkable goaltending from Carter Hutton, the #Sabres were plagued by bad luck and poor defense in a 4-2 loss to the #MapleLeafs in KeyBank Center
21 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
x- szn
The Sabres needed to find a way to win that game for Hutton. Fuck any other reason. Hutts played his mf heart out and kept them alive.
21 Mar, 02:07 AM UTC
Jason Rosenfeld
@BrianWGR Hutton was on it tonight
21 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
Seriously tho, if he does stick around. Really interested to see what happens. Hard to argue Hutton isn’t better for the tough love. I don’t agree with the thinking but it worked for Hutty. I will say them moving the posts on Goldobin is another not very positive wrinkle tho.
21 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Report
Maple Leafs lay siege to Carter Hutton, beat the Sabres 4-2 #MapleLeafs Maple Leafs Report's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 02:13 AM UTC
Christopher Amato
@ByMHarrington you’ve been calling for better goaltending and for one night at least they got it. Stars of the game 1st ⭐️ HUTTON 2nd ⭐️Hutton 3rd ⭐️ You guessed it, Hutton
21 Mar, 01:51 AM UTC
RT @UBC Meet Jane Hutton, whose perseverance and vision helped bring UBC to Vancouver’s downtown core…
20 Mar, 09:01 PM UTC
Justice Beaver
Carter Hutton worked his ass off he doesn't deserve this
21 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
Steven 🏆⭐ 🇨🇦
LEAFS FINALLY WIN and beat the Sabers of a final score 4-2! Goals by Matthews, Tavares, Marner & Hyman. Your 3 star players 1st 🌟 A. Matthews 2nd 🌟 🌟 J. Tavares 3rd 🌟 🌟 🌟 C. Hutton Up next the Rangers #LeafsForever #Leafs #Tmltalk #LeafsNation #GoLeafsGo Steven 🏆⭐ 🇨🇦's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 01:49 AM UTC
The_K9 👋💩💣
@Steve_Dangle Showed up on time...sparks played well...we gave hutton shell shock...defence was happy with that showing
21 Mar, 01:49 AM UTC
@Brett_Hutton @amarskipops Can we request an update to your 2013 Twitter profile pic? It reminds me of 13th Ave.
21 Mar, 02:23 AM UTC
nikita hughes
@xTechHockey hutton too? u sure about that one?
21 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
@xTechHockey Nah you can’t say Hutton is the best out of all 4, this whole season shows that
21 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Cory Tucker
@Swe3tsugar It’s always great seeing your beautiful face Hutton!
21 Mar, 02:17 AM UTC
Zach Jezioro
@BrianWGR Someone buy Hutton dinner
21 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
Mogilny's Oversized Visor
@Carloumanati I mean, Hutton really deserves to throw a little shade after a game like that
21 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
Mogilny's Oversized Visor
Watching the Buffalo post game broadcast. He may not be directly saying it, but Hutton is throwing this Sabres team under the BUS. Can't blame him really
21 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
Hutton is a real man here. I really do like his interviews, he's picked up his play recently.
21 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
So my nhl 19 franchise made the playoffs with this as a line I think it’s broken Krieder heinen buchnevich Namestnikov howden vesey Mersch Cogliano fast Soshnikov dal colle chaisson Skjei doughty Muzzin deangelo Coburn plonk Mrazek Hutton I am a god
21 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
Mike Pencington
@NightsLie @BuffaloSabres Hutton was great though and nylander scored a nice goal which is a positive.
21 Mar, 01:59 AM UTC
James P McCoy
#Sabres goaltender Carter Hutton (40) lets a shot by Toronto Maple Leafs left wing Zach Hyman (11) go into the net for a goal in the third period at the Key Bank Center in Buffalo, NY on Wednesday, March 20, 2019. James P. McCoy/@TheBuffaloNews News James P McCoy's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 01:58 AM UTC
Charlie Flowers
@beerdman Yessir! The Leafs played pretty damn good tonight and probably should've won with a higher score than that, but Carter Hutton played really well too. Oh well... a win is a win, and if the Leafs can play like that every night we'll get a lot more of them. :)
21 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Michael Paweska
1. Edler is extended for multiple years (no expansion protection) 2. Canucks win lottery, get #2, and draft Kakko 3. Series of deals see Trouba come in, and Sutter, Hutton, Goldy, 2020 #1 rd pick, and other lesser pieces go. 4. Canucks sign Panarin /2
21 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
Pat Brehm
Even when Hutton stands on his head the #Sabres can't get a win. Real sad
21 Mar, 01:51 AM UTC
@JoeYerdon @NHLSabresNews With two very lucky goals. Judi’s to Hutton, he was fantastic! Sabres need to shoot the puck!!!
21 Mar, 01:50 AM UTC
Hutton has an incredible game with 42 saves and is easily the biggest reason the Over just missed. Great individual performance from him, too bad no one else on his team decided to show up. On to the Jets game! #FreePicks #NHLPicks #GamblingTwitter #LeafsForever #LetsGoBuffalo
21 Mar, 01:48 AM UTC
Sabres Fan
@BrianWGR Housley: I chewed my gum 70,000 times this game about the amount of shots on poor bastard carter hutton so we just need to move on and focus on the next game can’t dwell on this one the team is new we didn’t play a full 60 minutes (fill in the blanks of the other million excuses)
21 Mar, 02:38 AM UTC
Joel 🇰🇷
@xTechHockey Pouliot and Guddy, sure. Hutton? Hes shown time and time again that he can handle top 4 minutes.
21 Mar, 02:37 AM UTC
UK Census Data
50 households in Longton and Hutton West, South Ribble have Electric central heating
21 Mar, 02:30 AM UTC
On page 53 of 229 of Mercury and Me, by Jim Hutton
21 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
Frankie Goguen
@xTechHockey Is that say hutton himself isnt that good or him with pouliot isnt that good, cause i personally like hutton and think hes a decent 4th guy on D
21 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
@3rdPeriodSuits Carter Hutton had a great game
21 Mar, 02:15 AM UTC
Rotoworld Hockey
Carter Hutton makes 42 saves in loss to Leafs
21 Mar, 02:10 AM UTC
NY Hockey Online
Carter Hutton bailed us out the first and second periods. Per Phil Housley in his post-game press conference.
21 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
seja o vaqueiro 🤠
5. It's Oh So Quiet - Björk matou e enterrou a original da Betty Hutton (q também é boa) seja o vaqueiro 🤠's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC
Mike Pencington
@NightsLie @BuffaloSabres I did. Saw some fight in the 3rd but my god the leafs were ALL OVER us the first two periods. The score should have been like 5-1 for them at least if not for Hutton and some luck.
21 Mar, 02:08 AM UTC
@kristen_shilton That was honestly one of the most complete efforts of the season, only reason the sabres stayed in the game is because of Hutton and the leafs getting tired towards the end
21 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
ColdSteel1863 🇺🇸
Hutton is the only one who gives a shit. The rest of these guys are mental midgets.
21 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
@HennyTweets Very good bounce back tonight. Deserved this w tonight. Matthews was a beast! If not for Hutton this game would’ve been over halfway thru.
21 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
Australian Hotels Association Newcastle Hunter
Paint, sip & have a great time at Lake Macquarie Tavern, Mount Hutton - Wednesday, 27 March from 6pm-8:30pm. Arrive at 5:30 to get your seat, order food and a drink and get ready to have a good time. We'll have a...
21 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Nick Shaw
I want Hutton to go full ape shit on the team #Sabres
21 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Jamie Cohn
Carter Hutton can’t be serious
21 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Mike Johnson
@GradySas @le_shipster Some scouts obv thought Schaller was worth $3.8m/2 last season. He obv had other offers for number to get to that point. Former 12 and 19 goal scorers. If they aren’t in Canucks plans, they should try to beef up the return for them in offseason Goldy getting Hutton treatment
21 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
@BuffaloSabres Although the end it wasn't what we wanted i think the team played well, never quit and Hutton was great in the net.
21 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
The_K9 👋💩💣
@ThatsKappy Poor hutton prolly has shell shock
21 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
David L.
Had the Cavs beating the BUCKS ✅ Sixers beating Celtics ✅ and the Sabres couldn’t beat a slumping Leafs team with their back up in and Eichel back in. Thanks Sabres! Heck of a game by Hutton but No $122.50 dolla for me! #ProLine #Sabres⁠ ⁠ #5dollabet @Schopptalk #nba⁠ ⁠
21 Mar, 01:51 AM UTC
Jeremy Juhasz
You pull Hutton and 17 is the guy you tap on the shoulder to jump over the boards as the extra attacker? #Sabres Jeremy Juhasz's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 01:49 AM UTC
Trade the Coach
Carter Hutton be like: *when you lose with a .933 SV%* Trade the Coach's photo on Hutton
21 Mar, 01:47 AM UTC
Sabres Gamenight
RT BuffaloVogl: Carter Hutton yells at Nazem Kadri as he leaves the ice. He had to yell at someone as Leafs outshoot the Sabres 46-24 in their 4-2 victory.
21 Mar, 01:47 AM UTC

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