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Los Angeles Angels
OFFICIAL: @MikeTrout agrees to terms on a 12-year contract. Los Angeles Angels's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
Los Angeles Angels
mood Los Angeles Angels's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 02:12 AM UTC
Toronto Maple Leafs
🚨 GOAL 🚨 Hyman scores into the empty net! 4-2 with 32 seconds remaining. #LeafsForever Toronto Maple Leafs's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Steve Dangle Glynn
Hyman played 5:28. He took two penalties.
21 Mar, 12:05 AM UTC
Toronto Maple Leafs
🚨 GOAL 🚨 Hyman goes hard to the net and redirects the rebound off Marner's shot! Leafs take a 3-1 lead right away in the third. #LeafsForever Toronto Maple Leafs's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 01:05 AM UTC
James Mirtle
Hyman closing in on 20 goals despite missing 10 games. Very good season.
21 Mar, 01:49 AM UTC
Is a Leafs game really a game without a Hyman empty netter? #LeafsForever
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Matt Vogel
Happy Birthday to the kindest (and biggest) bird of them all, @BigBird! #sesame50 #Always6YrsOld @sesamestreet (photo by: Zach Hyman) Matt Vogel's photo on hyman
20 Mar, 06:27 PM UTC
Kristen Shilton
Zach Hyman leads the NHL in empty-net goals with six https://t.co/yWjkhncCfB
21 Mar, 02:18 AM UTC
Paul Hendrick
Hyman ices it with an empty net goal, his 18th. Leafs about to go to 44-25-5 for 93 points and 6-6 in the 2nd half of back to backs. A gut-check win tonight after a grind last night in Nashville. #leafsforever
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
MUCH NEEDED VICTORY: Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Marner and Zach Hyman all net goals as #MapleLeafs get back in the win column, edging #Sabres 4-2 to snap a two-game losing streak. MORE: https://t.co/YUxvvFEjqJ SportsCentre's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 01:44 AM UTC
Kevin Papetti
Zach Hyman now leads the NHL in empty net goals with 6.
21 Mar, 01:46 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Hotstove
Bogosian steals Hyman's stick and throws it away. No call. #LeafsForever Maple Leafs Hotstove's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 12:34 AM UTC
James Mirtle
Hyman has six empty-netters this year, with eight games to go. Only had two before this season. Ovechkin has 33 in career, most of anyone in cap era.
21 Mar, 03:16 AM UTC
#32 Dudgee
Zach Hyman, the empty net scoring GOD.
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
With Hyman empty netters are a goddam skill.
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Paul Hendrick
Leafs open scoring 22 seconds into the 3rd. Marner’s shot may’ve been redirected by Hyman. It trickles over the line for a big goal and a 3-1 Toronto lead. #leafsforever
21 Mar, 01:05 AM UTC
Hyman is such a friggin beauty
21 Mar, 01:42 AM UTC
Maple Leafs Hotstove
Hyman scores the empty netter and that should just about do it. 4-2 Leafs. #LeafsForever Maple Leafs Hotstove's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 01:44 AM UTC
SiriusXM NHL Network Radio
#LeafsForever win it 4-2 over the #Sabres in Buffalo! Goal scorers: #TOR- Auston Matthews (35), John Tavares (41), Mitchell Marner (25), Zach Hyman (18) #BUF- Casey Mittelstadt (11), Alexander Nylander (1) #TORvsBUF SiriusXM NHL Network Radio's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 01:45 AM UTC
Michael Augello
Mr. Empty Net...aka Zach Hyman ices it for the #Leafs. 4-2
21 Mar, 01:43 AM UTC
Joseph A. Parker
@WEKetchum “I’m Hyman Roth, I make all my partners rich.” - Hov “Hyman Roth always makes money for his partners. One by one, our old friends are gone. Death, natural or not, prison, deported. Hyman Roth is the only one left, because he always made money for his partners.” - Johnny Ola
21 Mar, 12:44 AM UTC
Economic thought
New book: Minsky’s Moment: An Insider’s View on the Economics of Hyman Minsky, by Piero Ferri https://t.co/ogiKpneUwr Economic thought's photo on hyman
20 Mar, 03:28 PM UTC
Stephanie Lynn
Hyman doing Hyman things. 😂
21 Mar, 01:42 AM UTC
@Steve_Dangle um... he's played 2:46 at even-strength, which trails hyman (5:28) tavares (5:04), marner (4:43), kapanen (3:45), johnsson (3:12), nylander (3:07), marleau (3:01). kadri (2:58) what?!?! only brown, petan, and moore played less than matthews.
21 Mar, 12:07 AM UTC
Marin Academy Cats
GV Lax beat Tam HS 15-14 w/ a goal by Winnick in the last minute of regular play. Goals by Schutt, Hawthorne, Klingelhofer, Hanley, Stovell, Winnick, Janney, & Steinle. Amazing def efforts by Hyman, Stiewe, J Ringness, & Mathieson w/ 5 saves by C. Lavine. #marinlax
21 Mar, 03:52 AM UTC
Intro Logo Animation
Looking for #Realestate #logodesigner? https://t.co/U8GLFpu0qL Revoke Article 50 #maymustgo Corrie #NotOnMySide Rana #Peston Hamas #TheBay Chuka Celtics Florida Sixers Celtics Embiid Jimmy Butler #HereTheyCome Kyrie #Survivor Sixers Sixers Hyman Celtics Tony Sixers Tony Intro Logo Animation's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
Zach Hyman when he sees the empty net ✭Jim✭'s photo on hyman
21 Mar, 05:40 AM UTC
@gabriel_mathy I wanted to joke "Hyman Minsky but for Saudi money" but I thought that it's a bad joke with non so great link, heh.
21 Mar, 05:03 AM UTC
Scott Corbett
@mirtle Does anyone create and generate space for other players better than Hyman? It’s insane how much that’s overlooked. If he’s dumping the puck in, he’s the first one on it. An absolute horse for the team
21 Mar, 05:00 AM UTC
New product available now with free shipping in one day in all Montreal 😍inst:@overdosemontre1 😎#Matthews #Florida #McCain #PLLThePefectionists #sparks #Hyman https://t.co/qdg8pe8YSV
21 Mar, 12:34 AM UTC
Bill Ashton
@NefCanuck @TheFordFANatic Ristolainen deserved that hit in the chops. Glad to see Hyman and Johnsson playing it tough. Kapanen got some good hits in too. The boys gotta keep up the physical play. GLG!!
21 Mar, 03:16 AM UTC
Jeff M
No one sniffs an empty net like Hyman, like a dog on a bone. #LeafsForever https://t.co/X5E8BcdCDP
21 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
Channelle Labelle-Viens
@Steve_Dangle Did Hyman break the curse with that open netter? Can we smile yet?
21 Mar, 02:56 AM UTC
Amanda Barendregt
@Steve_Dangle Is Zach Hyman the king of empty net goals?
21 Mar, 02:53 AM UTC
Kevin Black
Ohlone College students, don't forget to vote for me, Kevin Black, to be the next Student Trustee. Voting is on April 9 & 10 in the lobby of the Newark campus, online, and in Hyman Hall on Fremont campus ❤️
21 Mar, 05:16 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
France To Deploy Military Against Next Round Of Yellow Vest Protests | Zero Hedge https://t.co/182T7j97im
21 Mar, 05:16 AM UTC
Steve Limodude
See I predicted the empty netter for Hyman 😆 https://t.co/EuSRngwr7Z
21 Mar, 05:01 AM UTC
21 Mar, 05:00 AM UTC
@Alex D'attolico
@Steve_Dangle is babcocks ideal team 6 hainsey's and12 hyman's?
21 Mar, 04:51 AM UTC
Darryl Martin
NHL: Toronto 4 Buffalo 2 (F) TOR-Z Hyman (18), M Marner (25), A Matthews (35), J Tavares (41); BUF-C Mittelstadt (11), A Nylander (1); WG: G Sparks (TOR) 22 saves; LG: C Hutton (BUF) 42 saves ... Attn-19,070 ... TOR 44-25-5 93 pts; BUF 31-33-9 71 pts ...
21 Mar, 04:23 AM UTC
D.J. Llewellyn
@kristen_shilton That’s the most Zachary Hyman stat ever.
21 Mar, 04:22 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
LifeWay Christian Resources to close all stores in 2019 https://t.co/l7NaVVpS4y
21 Mar, 04:20 AM UTC
@Hyman_86 参加ありがとう👍 はぐれメタルを討伐できたかどうか動画でチェックしてみよう! もしダンジョンクリアできなくても3/22(金)まで毎日参加できるよ! 詳細はキャンペーンサイトをチェック!https://t.co/fdwrAFJWNG 星のドラゴンクエスト(星ドラ)公式's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 04:09 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
Citi To Sell Confiscated Venezuelan Gold From Maduro Deal | Zero Hedge https://t.co/RIxnOVHLYh
21 Mar, 04:09 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
It's Happening: Most Dangerous Volcano In North America Just Erupted, Shot Ash A Mile Into Sky | Zero Hedge https://t.co/gIWhyMTafh
21 Mar, 04:07 AM UTC
Leafs keep Sabres skidding: Buffalo John Tavares and Auston Matthews each had a goal and assist, and the Toronto Maple Leafs won for just the second time in six games, beating the Buffalo Sabres 4-2 on Wednesday. Mitchell Marner and Zach Hyman, into an… https://t.co/MgCgVH7Xzu
21 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
After Multiple Reports About New Zealanders Turning In Guns, Guess How Many Actually Did It?  | Zero Hedge https://t.co/F0X0OgSVAs
21 Mar, 04:04 AM UTC
Andre Bo
@Steve_Dangle Who do you think Marchand will try his antics with, now that Leo is gone? Hyman or kadri is my guess.
21 Mar, 04:03 AM UTC
Only rock radio
#tiorr3 Wait. Don´t go. Listen out The Masters eyes by Adam Hyman @adamH1966 on https://t.co/INT0Aet38S
21 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
Morgan Rubes
@DaveAMcCarthy Wow. And does Hyman lead the nhl this year? I’m guessing he has 7 right now.
21 Mar, 03:43 AM UTC
all the sabres fans leaving after hyman scores an empty netter #mapleleafs lau's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 03:37 AM UTC
Morgan Rubes
@DaveAMcCarthy Zach Hyman has got to lead the league in empty net goals this year. Could he hold the single regular season record as well?
21 Mar, 03:35 AM UTC
@Steve_Dangle Love the stat that the Leafs are 11-2-2 (or something) when Hyman scores considering how many empty net goals he has
21 Mar, 03:34 AM UTC
Vacuum Seller
THe #Best #Vacuumcleaners for #Carpet and #Floors are here https://t.co/w1M6zdeIMd #HereTheyCome Harden #Survivor Kyrie Florida Sixers Celtics Embiid Jimmy Butler Marcus Smart #WPGvsANA Gasol Hyman#MayMustGo #Peston #NotOnMySide #thebay.
21 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
@Steve_Dangle When it comes to scoring empty net goals, is there anyone better than Zach Hyman?
21 Mar, 03:28 AM UTC
Sean Hyman
Drinking hot tea almost doubles risk of esophageal cancer, new study says - CNN #SmartNews https://t.co/hyoShdJMN7
21 Mar, 03:20 AM UTC
بست آبس Best Apps
Two great apps, your chance! Try now for free! # Speak any language with one click : https://t.co/hbSut75U4W # Document and Book Translator: https://t.co/gEG9ru8fXB Hyman
21 Mar, 03:14 AM UTC
@Steve_Dangle Hyman mattews brown Kadri tavarez marner Kappanen nyalnder Johnson
21 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
Habs should trade KK for Hyman based on what I am reading: #GoHabsGo Stv's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 02:50 AM UTC
Breaking News: Hyman was broken in 8th grade
21 Mar, 02:49 AM UTC
@CntrLeafsNation @OFFSIDETALK Hymans also on his offwing and constantly chips the puck in Kadri is consistently able to carry it in on LW. Let Kadri play with skill and Hyman can play chip and chase w marleau and Kappy who are actually suited for that role
21 Mar, 02:42 AM UTC
@CntrLeafsNation @OFFSIDETALK Its been done before this season. Mango Marleau Kappy and Brown have all played there, its not tragic and its not permanent. Just to juice up Kadri for playoffs. Why are you so attached to it, Hyman used to ride Matthews wing, hes a 40pt guy at best Kadri can give us 60
21 Mar, 02:41 AM UTC
Intro Logo Animation
Looking for #Realestate #logodesigner? https://t.co/U8GLFpu0qL #HarmonyDay Florida #ClosetheGap Embiid Celtics #EveryoneBelongs Jimmy Butler Sixers International Day Tony Hyman #survivor2019 #Survivor Matthews Celtics Embiid #Sixers Nylander #JimmyButler Sabres Revoke Article 50 Intro Logo Animation's photo on hyman
21 Mar, 02:38 AM UTC
Centre of Leafs Nation
@StCloudyCoffee @OFFSIDETALK You aren't swapping just two players, this isn't EA Sports. You would be disrupting two lines, and one line especially that has been clicking all year. Why break what doesn't need to be with the Tavares/Marner/Hyman line?
21 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC

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