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The Labour Party
You earn £82k per year. You pay £9 per month for Spotify, £10 for Netflix And £8.33 per month in your subscription to: Free healthcare Free education Properly funding the NHS Lifting children out of poverty Ending the climate crisis Ending homelessness https://t.co/7bUociMEpt
02 Dec, 05:07 PM UTC
ESPN Fútbol Club
Mourinho y un gran gesto: invitó al alcanzapelotas del @Spurs_ES a cenar con el plantel. ¡Día inolvidable para Callum Hynes! 👏😍 https://t.co/odATSuyOmL
02 Dec, 05:17 PM UTC
All About the Jersey
After being embarrassed at home by Our Hated Rivals, the #NJDevils followed that up with their worst game of the season by far. A disaster of a loss. 1-7 with five allowed in the first period. John Hynes and his staff must be held accountable. If not, then so does Ray Shero.
03 Dec, 02:38 AM UTC
Bands FC
Spurs ballboy Callum Hynes, on that assist for Harry Kane https://t.co/zlog5jdaSc
03 Dec, 07:21 AM UTC
Devils Dude - Has Hynes been Fired?
@NJDevils John Hynes making his lines https://t.co/pkzdZ55frD
02 Dec, 07:39 PM UTC
Ryan Eddleston
Huge congratulations to Jessica Hynes & Dolly Wells, the Directors I got to work with that got mentioned... And the 2019 Braddies go to … Peter Bradshaw's film picks of the year https://t.co/p8Zc4GLjrY @WellsDolly
02 Dec, 09:34 PM UTC
Beverly Ruszel Cena
@NJDevils #FireHynes - or don't. I no longer care. I will always be a #NewJerseyDevils fan, but I have NO faith in #Shero. I will NOT be renewing my Season Ticket next season. What #Shero and #Hynes have done to the #NJDevils is a disgrace!
03 Dec, 04:55 AM UTC
Sparky Pictures
Congrats to Ryan Eddleston [Best Cinematography] and Jessica Hynes [Best Directorial Debut] for THE FIGHT and to Dolly Wells [Best Directorial Debut] for GOOD POSTURE, both from @pinpointpresent, for making it into the 2019 Braddies! @ryan_eddleston #JessicaHynes #DollyWells https://t.co/KYpVq3IUjf
02 Dec, 09:23 PM UTC
NanoTech at GA Tech
#F19MRS Join us for FF01.06.19 : Transcending #Graphene The Unique Properties Atomically-Thin Graphene-Templated Metal Films 8:00 PM–10:00 PM Dec 2, 2019 Hynes, Level 1, Hall B with Prof. Alamgir! https://t.co/5RCVi33KMg https://t.co/iT56tMDaJK
02 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
Jeff Rothman
Firing John Hynes would be a step in the right direction, but what pisses me off most re: the #NJDevils at this time is not only the lack of effort by the players, but also the ignorance & lack of accountability by management & ownership. They’ve truly ruined a great franchise ☹️
03 Dec, 11:48 AM UTC
Daniel Scisci
The fact John Hynes is still employed is hilaroious
03 Dec, 11:26 AM UTC
Matthew Gerrard
@LeeCPDAFC @NeilMoors1 @cliffking11 Hynes very underated player, we are crying out for a player in his mould currrently.
03 Dec, 11:14 AM UTC
Lee Bowman
@NeilMoors1 @matthew_gerrard @cliffking11 Mark Hynes the 1999/2000 (top left) one for me Neil. I was a ballboy at the time and remember speaking to Hynesie a lot and he loved the shirt! The 'Daihatsu' (Red Sponsor) shirt reminds me of Strouts and his collar up!
03 Dec, 11:09 AM UTC
Thomas Boyle
@oandbpuck @sportsology Amazing podcast guys. Like you said how does Hynes have a job. This is embarrassing.
03 Dec, 05:50 AM UTC
Fala Bandana
@NJDevilsBR @Kbid83 @DjMatheusHNEiVA Mais um pra lista. Apenas não tive forças pra comentar. Se não cair o Hynes, é preciso repensar o Shero. Não faz o. menor sentido.
03 Dec, 08:56 AM UTC
#firehynes (9-69-4)
.@NJDevils announce hynes being launched into the sun
03 Dec, 12:13 PM UTC
Jeff Parker
@NJDevils How about that time you fired John Hynes. #WearetheOnes who #FireHynes
03 Dec, 11:50 AM UTC
Scott Lomas 🇨🇦
I was hoping to wake up and read on Twitter that John Hynes we fired...no such fuckin luck! @NJDevils
03 Dec, 11:30 AM UTC
Lee Bowman
@matthew_gerrard @NeilMoors1 @cliffking11 Yeh I used to like Mark Hynes, did well for us. I recall we had former Macclesfield & Barrow frontman Marc Coates throughout pre-season and for the opening 8 games of that season too. Only scored once, away at Telford. Scored for Barrow at Crabble in that FA Trophy QF in 1998!
03 Dec, 11:24 AM UTC
#NJDevils I'm done blaming Hynes with this. The blame should be on the shoulders of GM Ray Shero he's the only man outside of ownership (cause ownership likes Hynes cause of Shero) who can fire this coach.
03 Dec, 10:16 AM UTC
Good night to Dev Hynes
03 Dec, 10:09 AM UTC
Joe Belli
I’ve loved you and I’ve hated you. But I always come back to you. Just because I’m angry doesnt mean I don’t care, but come on @NJDevils it’s time to Fire Hynes. Give the fans what they want. #NJDevils
03 Dec, 09:33 AM UTC
@Hayleyyemma Plenty of players want to stay. Who have we lost outside of Scott and Croft? Suli is on for next year and same with the Foxx. People need to relax. I don’t think Scott is even that much of a loss when you have someone like Nico Hynes. He’s exact same build as him but broader
03 Dec, 09:21 AM UTC
Steven Ives
@ToddCordell the Devils foremost problem is that the guy making the line combos is still John Hynes. He’s lost at sea, needs to be fired now
03 Dec, 09:18 AM UTC
🇧🇷 NJ Devils Brasil (9-12-4)😈
@LigaKontinental @Kbid83 Hynes tá perdidão
03 Dec, 09:15 AM UTC
Eduardo Reyes
@cmasisak22 Hynes needs to go now, how can someone still believe that hes the right man for the job???
03 Dec, 12:06 PM UTC
Gordon Bombay
So, we gonna Fire hynes today? @hughweber1 @jakereynolds24
03 Dec, 11:58 AM UTC
@Pat_Pickens If you remember correctly, Lou fired Mac right around/before Christmas. I think the timeline will be similar for Shero/Hynes if this continues.
03 Dec, 11:56 AM UTC
Terry Hartung
@SonicHockeyFan @NJDevils At this point I'd settle with "Player alleges Hynes didn't like his music"
03 Dec, 11:54 AM UTC

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