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What happens on #IdesofMarch 9GAG's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 11:36 AM UTC
Tom Hall ☘
⛷ It’s soooo Friday! ⛷ #FridayFeeling #IdesOfMarch #FridayMotivation Tom Hall ☘'s photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 01:57 PM UTC
Ashmolean Museum
Julius Caesar was assassinated #onthisday, the #IdesofMarch, in 44 BC following a conspiracy 🗡️ His death was a turning point in Roman history which ultimately led to the rise of the Roman Empire and its first Emperor, Augustus Ashmolean Museum's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 09:15 AM UTC
"I came. I saw. I conquered." Here's the history of the assassination of #JuliusCaesar. #IdesOfMarch HISTORY Canada's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Pee-wee Herman
Beware the eyes of Marge!! https://t.co/U9mVX6YteG #EyesofMarge #IdesofMarch Pee-wee Herman's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 12:40 PM UTC
Roman History Hit
"Beware the #IdesOfMarch " #OnThisDay in 44 BC Gaius Julius Caesar, history's most famous Roman statesman, was killed at or on his way to the Senate. The assassins believed killing Caesar might save the Republic; ultimately it only delayed its downfall Roman History Hit's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 09:39 AM UTC
These Superstars could have used a warning... #IdesOfMarch https://t.co/Ue19WxN2fh
15 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
🤣 The Dad Joke Man 😉
Beware !!! #IdesOfMarch 🤣 The Dad Joke Man 😉's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 09:11 AM UTC
Following Hadrian 🧔🏻
Flowers left on the altar that marks the site of the funeral pyre in the Forum Romanum where Julius Caesar's body was cremated #IdesOfMarch Following Hadrian 🧔🏻's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 11:59 AM UTC
Darius Arya
Beware the Ides of March! Today: live-streaming @Gru_Sto_Romano performance @ Largo Argentina plus new podcast with @barrystrauss (link in BIO) includes a real-time final Caesar walk from Domus Publica in Forum 2 Curia of Pompey #ancientrome @museiincomune @SaveRome #IdesOfMarch Darius Arya's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 10:15 AM UTC
Good morning and happy #IdesofMarch. Arguably the most recognizably “Shakespearean” scene in #GameofThrones and ASOIAF is Jon’s assassination by the Night’s Watch, which visually and thematically recalls Caesar’s assassination by members of the Roman Senate. Let’s talk about it! https://t.co/zCP4zLd9Sg
15 Mar, 01:16 PM UTC
Jonathan D. Lovitz
He was warned. #IdesOfMarch Jonathan D. Lovitz's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 01:42 PM UTC
C.P. Cavafy
“My soul, guard against pomp and glory. And if you can’t curb your ambitions, at least pursue them hesitantly, cautiously.” – C.P. Cavafy, “The Ides of March”, translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard. #poetry #Greece #IdesOfMarch C.P. Cavafy's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 06:32 AM UTC
Mad Men Bon Mots
Julius Caesar had epilepsy. He ran Rome. -Danny Things didn't turn out so well for him. -Don #MadMen #IdesOfMarch Mad Men Bon Mots's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 12:19 PM UTC
Dr Sophie Hay
#IdesOfMarch in 44 BC: Brutus—looking a little dashing in this portrait, if I may say—and a host of co-conspirators assassinate Julius Caesar which prompted a civil war and paved the way for Octavian (later Augustus) to take power. Dr Sophie Hay's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
Dat 12
You know what time it is. #IdesOfMarch #OperationBrutus Dat 12's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 04:33 PM UTC
Book Nerd
Beware the #IdesOfMarch 🗡🗡 Book Nerd's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 04:20 AM UTC
Gareth Harney
Once thought fake, two gold specimens of Brutus’ "Ides of March" coin are now known. This one was worn as a pendant in antiquity; perhaps by a patrician sympathetic to the assassins’ cause? #roman #numismatics #IdesOfMarch Gareth Harney's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 12:11 PM UTC
Steak 'n Shake
Et tu, Steakburger? 🔪 #IdesofMarch Steak 'n Shake's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 05:02 PM UTC
AP for Students
Julius Caesar was assassinated on this day in 44 BC, stabbed to death by Roman senators who feared (among other things) that Caesar would overthrow the senate and rule as a totalitarian. #IdesofMarch #apworld #aplatin (Painting: "La morte di Cesare" by Vincenzo Camuccini) AP for Students's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 03:00 PM UTC
Ebuyhouse’s rental property management app allows users to find and rent a home online from anywhere. Read more about it on our Ebuyhouse blog: https://t.co/xsdDU24NRE #NewZealandShooting #FridayFeeling #NZMosqueShooting #MatchDay2019 #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:00 PM UTC
What if the Ides of March, is an E. coli outbreak in Romaine Lettuce, and Caesar Salad ends up getting revenge. #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:10 PM UTC
The Royal Butler
Without training, they lacked knowledge. Without knowledge, they lacked confidence. Without confidence, they lacked victory. #quote Julius Caesar #IdesOfMarch The Royal Butler's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 12:57 PM UTC
Beware! We always take safety seriously, but especially today. 😱⚡️🗡 #IdesofMarch E.ON SE's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 09:02 AM UTC
KT #Ode2Joy Parker🐬
@michaelgove Oh, you're such a Joker, Michael! #IdesOfMarch KT #Ode2Joy Parker🐬's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 11:51 AM UTC
Dominique Revue
... Beware the ides of March. "What man is that?" A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March. "Set him before me. Let me see his face." ... "What sayest thou to me now? Speak once again." Beware the ides of March ... JULIUS CAESAR 1953 #IdesOfMarch Dominique Revue's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
Infamy, Infamy, they've all got it in for me #CarryonCleo #IdesOfMarch 2/4 Milady's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 09:50 AM UTC
@realDonaldTrump #RememberTheWall2020 Paul (R-KY) Lee (R-UT) Collins (R-ME) Murkowski (R-AK) Alexander (R-TN) Romney (R-UT) Moran (R-KS) Toomey (R-PA) Portman (R-OH) Wicker (R-MS) Rubio (R-FL) Blunt (R-MO) #IdesOfMarch 2019
15 Mar, 01:56 PM UTC
Jonathan Whitelaw
It's the #IdesOfMarch - which didn't bode very well for old Julius Caesar. But how will The Devil fare against Brutus and Cassius? You'll just have to wait until September to find out. I know. I'm awful 👿 https://t.co/E2VdQjdu36 Jonathan Whitelaw's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 07:24 PM UTC
Antinous the Gay God
#IdesOfMarch #JuliusCaesar. Modern #Priests of #Antinous love #MarlonBrando as #MarcusAntonius saying: "Let slip the #DogsOfWar!" in this brilliant scene. Watch: https://t.co/iae144gg4a Antinous the Gay God's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 01:52 AM UTC
Dr. Paul
Today is the #IdesofMarch, the day #JuliusCaesar was stabbed to death in 44 B.C.E. by a band of Roman senators who saw Caesar as a tyrant who was a threat to the Roman Republic. Ironically, the assassination that was meant to save the Republic actually resulted in its downfall. Dr. Paul's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:27 PM UTC
www.bragmedallion.come #indieBRAG #awardwinningbook #indieauthor #IdesOfMarch IndieBrag's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 02:50 PM UTC
Everyone knows the April 15 deadline, but CPAs have multiple deadlines throughout the year. Today, March 15, is the deadline for corporations to file returns. #taxseason #goals #idesofMarch DHJJ's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 06:42 PM UTC
"Beware the Ides of March." This quote is from Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar (1599). The warning is uttered by a soothsayer who warns the Roman leader that his life is in danger when March 15th, the Ides of March, rolls around. #IdesofMarch #OTD 𝐰𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 05:07 PM UTC
Latin/Greek Institute
It's the #IdesOfMarch! There's still a fortnight to complete your application for the Basic Latin, Basic Greek, and Upper-level Greek programs @lg_inst https://t.co/LBwwhDDayz
15 Mar, 06:52 PM UTC
Beware the Ides of March! #JuliusCaesar #Shakespeare #IdesOfMarch 📸by Rick Malkin https://t.co/t2EUT6ydXj
15 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
D E V D B E V T🌹
#IdesOfMarch #FridayFeeling D E V D B E V T🌹's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 07:54 PM UTC
Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage
Beware of the #idesofmarch & taxes plaguing employee health coverage. We call on #Congress to repeal #Cadillactax & #HIT. These #taxes increase premiums & co-sharing for millions of families with #esc. #Voice4ESC #donttaxmyhealthcare #StopTheHIT Partnership for Employer-Sponsored Coverage's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 01:30 PM UTC
Incorrect Literary Quotes
Casca: There's Mark Antony. Cassius: I never know what to say to people at funerals. Brutus: Me too. I'm terrible. Casca: Just say you're sorry and move on. [To Mark Antony] He'll be in our prayers. Brutus: [To Mark Antony] I'm sorry for your loss. Move on. #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
Brad Shively
Happy #IdesOfMarch ! On this day roman senators murdered Romes most celebrated general and loyal Roman. In my opinion 🙂👌🏛🏺 #GloriaRomam Brad Shively's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
Shayla Raquel
It's the #IdesofMarch and I'm reflecting on many years back while in Rome when I saw Julius Caesar's murder spot. It was a big deal to me because I had studied it so much in 8th grade along with everything else during the Roman Empire. #bewaretheidesofmarch
15 Mar, 08:33 PM UTC
📗 Oneshi 📚 Press 📘
It's the #IdesofMarch! Why not celebrate by supporting an #indiepublisher that #givesashit instead of stabbing an old friend in the back like they did to Julius Caeser? Just a thought. https://t.co/jJC3QzIFgR 📗 Oneshi 📚 Press 📘's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:32 PM UTC
Nisant Patel
Another year of listening to the Ides of March on repeat. @silverstein #IdesOfMarch Nisant Patel's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:32 PM UTC
Day 15 of the #minsgame. Beware the ides of March. Super boring one. All the redundant paperwork. @TheMinimalists #minimalism #decluttering #IdesOfMarch ArbitraryCommentary's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:31 PM UTC
Kevin Farley
I just realized it's March 15. Should I beware of the #IdesofMarch? Kevin Farley's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:31 PM UTC
Abigail Giese
Of all the Shakespeare tragedies I had to read in high school, #JuliusCaesar was probably my favorite. Here are some interesting facts about the #IdesOfMarch for all of the history or literature buffs. https://t.co/WWjmfKZ7xP
15 Mar, 08:30 PM UTC
Beach Automotive
In 44 BC, it became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar which made the #IdesOfMarch a turning point in Roman history. Beach Automotive's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:30 PM UTC
Beware the #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:29 PM UTC
El espléndido Señor Jack Taylor
"Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the music. Cry 'Caesar!' Speak, Caesar is turn'd to hear." #IdesofMarch El espléndido Señor Jack Taylor's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
Hui Li
Has it really been one year since I declared my #Classics major on the #IdesofMarch? Since March 15 last year, I've gotten a few more Classics books, picked up a Classic sense of fashion, and learned so much through @CHC_Classics! Looking forward to many more adventures with you! Hui Li's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
David Diemer
I guess people start getting nuts this time of year. Perhaps it's cabin fever from Winter, either way, watch yourself! #IdesOfMarch https://t.co/7aCVhtB2B1
15 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
Antinous the Gay God
#Antinous notes that people in the 21st century are losing the spirit of the #IdesOfMarch. It's not just about #stabbing... It's about coming together to #stab in groups. Antinous the Gay God's photo on #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:28 PM UTC
Emily Cote
My friends are all leaving town, so there is no one around to stab me. Once again, my Julius Caesar cosplay must be postponed to next year #IdesOfMarch
15 Mar, 08:27 PM UTC
Hint hint, nudge nudge... #IdesOfMarch https://t.co/VRB614Q8lU
15 Mar, 08:27 PM UTC
At least man saw that the system was totally broken. Then he got stab. Then a comet showed up and that is pretty much a deus ex maxhina or something and he became a god. #idesofmarch
15 Mar, 08:26 PM UTC

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