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Karlie Alinta Noon
Fyi this is what a scientist looks like, clever and female and loving it 💝 #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience #WomenInStem #IDWGS2019 Karlie Alinta Noon's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 03:03 AM UTC
Tanya Ha
3 generations of #WomenInSTEMM: My mum was a physio; I'm a science & enviro communicator; and my baby has just qualified as a Speech Pathologist! Role models are powerful, particularly if close to home. #WomenInScience @ScienceAU @WomenScienceDay #SuperstarsofSTEM #IDWGS2019 Tanya Ha's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 12:46 AM UTC
Oxford University
Meet some of the @UniofOxford #WomenInScience! 🔬How are our scientists inspiring the next generation? From badger behaviour to aerospace experts, @OxfordSparks have explored how our researchers are leaving no science stone unturned…https://t.co/QNCeEdlvzm #IDWGS #IDWGS2019 Oxford University's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Antro Femminista
Oggi è la giornata internazionale delle donne e delle ragazze nella scienza. #IDWGS2019 C'è ancora molto da fare per colmare il gap e abbattere la discriminazione nel settore. @ScienzaDonne @ValoreD @Agendadonne @luisabetti @corpodelledonne @RebelNtwk @lauraboldrini @Anarkikka Antro Femminista's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 12:46 PM UTC
Mrs Truong
As a science teacher and educator of girls, I celebrate historic and present role models as we strive to inspire the next generation of female scientists #IDWGS2019 @WomenScienceDay #WomenInScience Mrs Truong's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:29 AM UTC
Arecibo Observatory
We are ready to celebrate the #IDWGS2019 with @theAGU in this amazing place we call home. #AGU100 #GirlsInSpace Arecibo Observatory's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 01:47 PM UTC
Heather Lee
It's International Day of Women in Science, so I'm honouring my Granny: Alma Lee. She got the University Medal in Botany, and went on to name and describe several Australian grass trees (Xanthorrhea). Her work has inspired my curiosity in nature. #IDWGS2019 #WomenInSTEM Heather Lee's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 12:38 AM UTC
ACS Publications
Happy International #WomenInScience Day! We sat down with our Editors and a junior researcher to take a closer look at the role women scientists can play in mentorship. Join us by celebrating #IDWGS2019 #MujeresEnCiencia #FemmesEnScience #WomeninSTEM https://t.co/SrBEUJ2yUn
11 Feb, 04:23 PM UTC
Westpac Wire
Toby Hendy's science videos have clocked up almost 11 million YouTube views, firming up her place in the growing global "EduTuber" community. #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScience
10 Feb, 10:00 PM UTC
Manchester Cancer Research Centre
Good morning it's the International Day of Women and Girls in Science and who better to spotlight today than our very own @DrRachelEyre! Read our interview with Rachel here: https://t.co/aGAbCa5Vpy 👩‍🔬👩‍🔬👩‍🔬 #IDWGS2019 #WomeninScience #WomenAndGirlsInScience Manchester Cancer Research Centre's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 09:31 AM UTC
Dr Mary McMillan
When I was younger I wish people had shown me that #Science was a place I could belong. So this @WomenScienceDay I’m telling that to all budding #scientists out there... #IDWGS2019 #SuperstarsofSTEM @ScienceAU #WomeninScience #WomenInSTEM #11February Dr Mary McMillan's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 07:43 AM UTC
Congratulations to Prof Christine Watson who has been awarded @KSLA_Academy's Wallenberg Professorship 2019. #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScience 📷 Prof Watson receiving her diploma at KSLA’s Commemorative Meeting from Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. ➡️https://t.co/tHejGhYBjM SRUC's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 09:19 AM UTC
Am Geophysical Union
Today is International Day of Women & Girls in Science! Listen to this clip from scientist Renata Netto about her experiences being a #womeninstem https://t.co/tSUY50UmPr #IDWGS2019 #AGU100 #womeninscience Am Geophysical Union's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 06:15 PM UTC
When Christine Watson graduated with a degree in Soil Science she had no idea where her career would take her, and all the opportunities working in science she would have, from working in the European Parliament, to becoming Professor at @SRUC! #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScienceDay SRUC's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 07:30 AM UTC
Ontario Training, Colleges and Universities
Ontarians, this is your opportunity to support women and girls in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Join the conversation to help reduce the biases and gender stereotypes steering girls and woman away from these valuable fields. #IDWGS #WomenInSTEM #IDWGS2019 Ontario Training, Colleges and Universities's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 03:56 PM UTC
School of Pharmacy
It's the International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We have many wonderful scientists working in #STEM. One of our technicians was recently awarded a prize for her work. Read all about Alison's award here: https://t.co/rTJuaPaKzI #WomeninSTEM #IDWGS #IDWGS2019 School of Pharmacy's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
Happy #IDWGS2019! It's so empowering to see everyone's proud posts today. Yes, science is YOUR place and YOU belong here. Keep claiming your space. 💫 #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience @WomenScienceDay Sister's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 04:46 PM UTC
Uppsala Monitoring
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We're celebrating with these inspirational words by our talented data scientist @eva_1isa. Which piece of advice would you give to aspiring female scientists? #WomenInScience #WomenScienceDay #IDWGS2019 Uppsala Monitoring's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 10:15 AM UTC
James Smoliga
In celebration of @WomenScienceDay - This article is from 1971 in @JSTOR. Much progress has been made in the nearly 50 years since this was published, but many of the attitudes described still present barriers to female scientists today. #WomenInScience #IDWGS2019 #IDWGS #STEM James Smoliga's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 01:14 PM UTC
School of Pharmacy
Our #WomeninSTEM are passionate about encouraging other girls and women to do well. @NadiaBukhariUCL is one of our many #IDWGS heroines. Read more about her work to keep girls in education: https://t.co/FH3b0qzV1o #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScience School of Pharmacy's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 02:00 PM UTC
Tonight, we mark the #IDWGS2019 as we launch our maiden publication profiling African female climate scientists; 'New Interventions for a Changing World'. Download the 1st edition here: https://t.co/ss9THbFVW7 #WomenInScience Africa'sNextEinstein's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 05:34 PM UTC
Vanessa Sung, PhD 👩🏻‍🔬👩🏻‍💻🙋🏻
It’s here. Draft #MadeInCanada #AthenaSWAN charter, check it out. #EDI #IDWGS2019 #CdnSci #womeninSTEM https://t.co/ez4C2XY86p
11 Feb, 06:43 PM UTC
Dr. Amanda Caples
Prefect way to cap #IDWGS2019 with Boas Medal lecture @unimelb @ausphysics from Dr Elisabetta Barberio recognised for her work on #HiggsBoson first female recipient of Australia’s top award in #physics. No time to waste recruiting #students! https://t.co/kcmojgEMIp
11 Feb, 10:15 AM UTC
Kirsty Williams
We fund @Technocamps to deliver coding workshops to pupils & teachers, including specific workshops to engage girls. We’re also expanding @codeclubswales, with a focus on getting more girls interested in coding & technology @WomenScienceDay #WomenInSTEM #IDWGS2019 #IDWGS Kirsty Williams's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 02:04 PM UTC
Rachel Eyre
Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science and I’ve been featured on the @MCRCnews blog! Have a read for my views on science (love it), and being a woman in science (could be better). #IDWGS2019 https://t.co/IxtYh0q4Ck
11 Feb, 12:26 PM UTC
Arecibo Observatory
An amazing talk by @_AlePacini, a VIP tour, an incredible group of young Puerto Rican girls, the support of @theAGU and a big celebration of women and girls in science. #IDWGS2019 #AGU100 #GirlsinScience #WomenInScience https://t.co/qi5nmfcrQQ
11 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Thanks to @wogrammer and @NCWIT for showcasing #WomenInSTEM telling their stories, and celebrating their accomplishments! We are honored to partner with you on sharing @cae_looney's journey from @girlscouts to @HarrisCorp aerospace engineer. https://t.co/YHo5R1WcC5 #IDWGS2019
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
It's #IDWGS2019! You should know about these stunning posters from @neverthelesspod that feature 8 inspiring STEM Role Models, are illustrated by women artists, and are... downloadable! #WomenInSTEM #WomenInScience https://t.co/t5NyEhHcF7
11 Feb, 07:48 PM UTC
Am Geophysical Union
On today, International Day of Women & Girls In Science #IDWGS2019 @theAGU celebrates all of the women serving in leadership positions today. https://t.co/SwG6AiSHiA #WomenInScience  #WomenInScience #GirlsinScience #February11 #AGU100 @WomenScienceDay @UN  @UN_Women Am Geophysical Union's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:15 PM UTC
We’re proud to encourage girls to pursue their interests in #STEM. #IDWGS2019 https://t.co/lHsXhbIr2m
11 Feb, 06:40 PM UTC
Sci & Tech @ ECCC
We've got lots of amazing #womeninSTEM. Here are a few you could follow: #ecccsci #WomenInScience #IDWGS2019 #IDWGS
11 Feb, 08:41 PM UTC
As we mark @WomenScienceDay our numbers tell our story! #IDWGS2019 @aphrc @AASciences @AAS_AESA #DELTASAfrica #WomenInScience CARTAfrica's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 11:04 AM UTC
Pakistan ScienceClub
Fatima Rasheed PSC's host/ #maker Her dream is to be a #scientist @WomenScienceDay #Empower2Innovate #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScience #GirlsInScience #WomenScientists #WomenInSTEM #UNWomen @MathsSciencePK Pakistan ScienceClub's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 02:33 PM UTC
The Curiosity Box
Absolutely fabulous to see @reneewatson77 our founder and Head of Explosions with fellow judges @DrLucyRogers & @ferrygeo at #Oxford heat 1 of #Famelab Good luck to everyone taking part! #IDWGS2019 #scicomm https://t.co/J1Yat6y64i
11 Feb, 07:33 PM UTC
Every Girl in School Alliance (EGISA)
And we are off! International Day of women and Girls in Science #IDWGS2019 @mHubMW with our host @tildyTildz https://t.co/UAw6ceauu8
11 Feb, 10:42 AM UTC
Happy International Day for Women and Girls in Science! We are proud of our STEM women at Hikma, who help us transform cutting-edge science into innovative solutions that transform people's lives, for a healthier world wherever we are. #womeninsceince #hikmacares #IDWGS2019 Hikma's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Young Conservatives
🔵We're funding programmes to increase the take up of maths, computing and physics 💷 🔵It’s essential that gender is no barrier to ensuring that all young people have the knowledge and skills to succeed #IDWGS2019
11 Feb, 03:01 PM UTC
Sci & Tech @ ECCC
Dr. Josie Hughes (@JSPHughes) uses models and data to forecast how #forest disturbances like fire, logging, and roads impact boreal #caribou. On her agenda today: #rstats, coffee, and a little basic geometry. #IDWGS #ecccsci #womeninSTEM #WomenInScience #IDWGS2019 Sci & Tech @ ECCC's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:01 PM UTC
Around the world, more than 47% of our colleagues in science and R&D based roles are female. We’re happy to celebrate @UNESCO #IDWGS2019 and are proud of our many talented #WomenInSTEM #WomenInScience ADM's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 03:36 PM UTC
ACS Chemical Biology
Amanda and I had a fantastic conversation around #IDWGS2019 #WomeninScience and mentorship @KiesslingGroup Shout out to @AnnaMapp as well https://t.co/wMqToMeY1H https://t.co/Ctu9n6oIRN
11 Feb, 07:20 PM UTC
The Curiosity Box
It’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a chance to celebrate all the awesome young scientists exploring & experimenting with our STEM subscription boxes💡🚀🔬🧪🧲🧬⚛️💥⚗️🌍👩‍🔬 Here are just a few of our cadets in action! #IDWGS2019 #girlsinSTEM #getcurious The Curiosity Box's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 07:03 PM UTC
For International Day of Women and Girls in Science, let’s continue to inspire female youth in 🇨🇦 to pursue career paths in #STEM 📊🔬🎓👧. https://t.co/rPm4dG07Sv #WomenInSTEM #IDWGS2019 Jobs_Emplois's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
Just Trudi
Celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in science by registering for this: https://t.co/1tjhqAJaFM #IDWGS2019
11 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
Am Geophysical Union
Explore 100 years of women's contributions to Earth and space science on today, International Day for Women & Girls in Science. https://t.co/Gm1ZPuGdte #WomenInScience  #WomenInScience #GirlsinScience #February11 #AGU100 @WomenScienceDay @UN  @500womensci #IDWGS2019 @UN_Women Am Geophysical Union's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
Empowering Women in Chemistry is the theme of tomorrow's #IUPAC100 #GlobalBreakfast. It's being held in over 40 countries, and 9 places in Canada (Prairies locations are Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg). It also coincides nicely with #IDWGS2019 https://t.co/KOQ0yZbAKR
11 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
Sam Evans
@Kathryn_EB Thank you so much for a fantastic day! My daughter loved it! #MarieCurious #girlsinSTEM #womeninSTEM #IDWGS2019
11 Feb, 08:13 PM UTC
Dr Sandra Frank
International Day of Women and Girls in Science! "Investment in Women and Girls in Science for Inclusive Green Growth" is critical to tackling major global challenges #IDWGS2019 https://t.co/E39WIlVNmt Dr Sandra Frank's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 02:13 PM UTC
Global Lab Network
Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science. We appreciate all female scientists and we would like to say a special 'thank you' to all the women who support our work. :). #IDWGS2019
11 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Janette Edson
So great to be in Denmark collaborating with this crew of amazing #womeninscience for #IDWGS2019! @ProjectGenoJaws @UQGenomics @UQ_News https://t.co/jSduJAAotV
11 Feb, 08:03 PM UTC
Beacon Press
The new woman revealed by the scientific data revealed in @AngelaDSaini's #Inferior is as strong, strategic, and smart as anyone else. This is the sorely necessary science of women we need. Now. ➡️ https://t.co/nAg2ZR8xCo #IDWGS2019 #WomenInScienceDay Beacon Press's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:01 PM UTC
Erica Hammerstein
Happy #IDWGS2019!!! I am a #WomanInScience studying supermassive black holes as a PhD student in astrophysics 💫
11 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Dr Liz⚡️MacDonald
🥳 On this @WomenScienceDay #IDWGS2019 I'd like to shout-out to @UW 🌟alum Astronaut @bonniejdunbar who spoke at a little @aauw @wwschools event for #girlsinscience thirty years ago that I attended and was inspired by. Dr Liz⚡️MacDonald's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:24 PM UTC
Also this gem!👩🏼‍🔬😍 #IDWGS2019 Angela's photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 08:07 PM UTC
Assane Fall™
RT #kebetu RT AIMS_Next: Tonight, we mark the #IDWGS2019 as we launch our maiden publication profiling African female climate scientists; 'New Interventions for a Changing World'. Download the 1st edition here: https://t.co/kLqgqHdYMx #WomenInScience Assane Fall™'s photo on #idwgs2019
11 Feb, 07:59 PM UTC
Marisa Stoller
Hear that? Study what you want and don't let others tell you what your passion should be. #InternationalDayofWomenandGirlsinScience #IDWGS2019 https://t.co/s18h4Pm0Ub
11 Feb, 07:54 PM UTC

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