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David Hundeyin
I'm not going to say anything about the Ike Ekweremadu story until he is arraigned and the charge sheet is made public. Then it's over for everybody who tried to discredit my work last year. It's over for you people.
23 Jun, 02:48 PM UTC
Eko L'omo
You see how Igbo people are celebrating the arrest of Ike Ekweremadu? You would even wonder if he's Igbo. Igbos banish evil people not support them. Igbos don't play ethnic politics and that's why the SE never supported any Igbo presidential candidate until Peter Obi came.
23 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
NK£M #PeterObi2023
Mbaka attacked Peter Obi and lost his Adoration Ground Wike attacked Peter Obi and lost the Primaries Ike Ekweremadu attacked Peter Obi and got arrested for Organ Trafficking in the UK. It seems this Peter Obi movement has become spiritual. 😹😹 #PeterObi2023 #PeterObi4President
23 Jun, 12:11 PM UTC
Ike Ekweremadu had all the opinion about Obi. Today, he’s been arrested by UK police for human trafficking & organ harvesting, including his wife. Bloomberg equally visited Tinubu’s Corrupt Empire. An angel must be behind the peacemaker; Peter Obi. The God of Obi, fight for us.🙏
23 Jun, 01:19 PM UTC
Ebonyi youths cautioned Umahi. Mbaka lost his Adoration Ground. Sen Ike Ekweremadu arrested by UK police. Bloomberg visited Tinubu’s Corruption Empire. Before you attack the peace loving Peter Obi, please think twice. Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come……
23 Jun, 01:42 PM UTC
Those in the UK, please go to the magistrate court our brother Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice Ekweremadu will be arraigned today. Give us standard pictures. The quality Osinbajo usually posts. Thank you.
23 Jun, 01:13 PM UTC
Dr Dípò Awójídé
Per allegations, it's either Ike Ekweremadu, his wife, or one of their children has a medical condition and they brought another person's child into the UK to harvest their organs and use them. Whatever it is, this is so shocking. The UK doesn't play with children.
23 Jun, 11:25 AM UTC
OBIdient FC
Wike mocks Peter Obi before Primaries & lost the Primaries + VP ticket Father Mbaka makes jest of Peter Obi & he lost Adoration Ground Ike Ekweremadu says igbos won't vote for Peter Obi & he gets arrested for Organ Trafficking in the UK Don't Touch God's anointed https://t.co/yEzb9t2DSR
23 Jun, 12:57 PM UTC
It’s not happening to Nigeria. It’s happening to Ike Ekweremadu. https://t.co/O7tQhSZjct
23 Jun, 10:54 AM UTC
Daniel Regha
Ike Ekweremadu tried to de-market Peter Obi some hours back in an attempt to promote Atiku, today he's been arrested & charged with organ harvesting; The bad publicity he tried to give Obi has now backfired. Sooner or later, all politicians will get a dose of their own medicine.
23 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
Ugwunna Ejikem
Joe Igbokwe Rochas Okorocha Ike Ekweremadu Okezie Ikpeazu Etcetera etcetera These are few examples of Igbo leaders that are unofficially persona non grata to Ndigbo. Just trying to remind some of you that Igbos don’t support nonsense just cos “they’re our brothers”.
23 Jun, 12:52 PM UTC
FS Yusuf
In a sane situation, Sen Ike Ekweremadu should even be running from President. He should be one of the powerful Aspirants standing as a force to place the southeast in a better position to get the presidential ticket. But a man who nobody listens to thinks he can floor @PeterObi
23 Jun, 06:20 AM UTC
Lmao people being proper shocked at that news of Ike Ekweremadu and his wife have too much faith in Nigerian politicians. Whatever they say a Nigerian politician did, he did that shit and if they investigate properly, so much more.
23 Jun, 11:00 AM UTC
Dr Dípò Awójídé
If you are applying for a student visa to the UK please go and apply early enough. There will be more stringent checks in the coming months. This Ike Ekweremadu's case will make the Border Agency do more checks!
23 Jun, 11:36 AM UTC
Káyọ̀dé Ògúndámisí 🇳🇬
Nwanneka Ekweremadu, 55, and Ike Ekweremadu, 60, both from Nigeria are charged with conspiring to harvest organs from child https://t.co/Ca8Q4tYC6Z
23 Jun, 10:47 AM UTC
Cruise Mistress 🦅🐺💰
When Ini’s Umoren death happened (RIP), David Hundeyin uncovered a story about how top politicians are involved in organ trafficking... Nobody debunked the news, no justice for Ini yet, almost everyone forgot about the investigations...... Now this news about Ike Ekweremadu https://t.co/jvlwBAWDBX
23 Jun, 11:43 AM UTC
Dahunsi Olabode🦋🦋
You see how Igbos are "celebrating" Ike Ekweremadu arrest? That's the only region that doesn't play tribal or bitter politics. They've rejected their kinsmen over the years for lack of efficiency. Now, they found solace in Peter Obi, you are trying to gaslight them... Lol.
23 Jun, 12:59 PM UTC
PA Media
#Breaking Beatrice Ekweremadu, 55, and Ike Ekweremadu, 60, both of Nigeria, have been charged with conspiring to arrange the travel of a child to the UK in order to harvest organs, the Metropolitan Police said @PA's photo on Ike Ekweremadu
23 Jun, 09:58 AM UTC
JJ. Omojuwa
From my Google searches, Nigeria’s former deputy senate president, Ike Ekweremadu could be in big trouble. The official release pointedly didn’t mention his background but the profile of the woman and that of the man match that of the politician.
23 Jun, 11:07 AM UTC
💥 Fr. Cyriacus Obi Kamai 🇳🇬
Ike Ekweremadu and wife who have been disOBIdient in Naija is being taught OBIdience abroad.
23 Jun, 03:16 PM UTC
That Ike Ekweremadu and him wife sentence suppose reach like 850years imprisonment, if found guilty 😏 I don’t want to know if it’s fair. I just want that man in chains like Kunta Kinte!😏
23 Jun, 03:11 PM UTC
Who is this man that God is so mindful of him? When they shoot their Otapiapia, it does back-to-sender & returns to them with Sniper in tow! I call it THE PETER OBI BOOMERANG EFFECT! #GoAndVerify from Mbaka, Umahi, Ike Ekweremadu, Wike, Sega, Reno~😋 #PeterObi2023 David Hundeyin https://t.co/UUf43EsdtO
23 Jun, 12:05 PM UTC
I can't see this alone!!!😂😂😂 Sega• ike Ekweremadu• lugbe https://t.co/CFgIvy6trC
23 Jun, 02:46 PM UTC
Ike Ekweremadu will be detained for a long time, I just read somewhere that his daughter needed a kidney so he and his wife had to fly a homeless 15 year old boy to the UK illegally, he has been in the Senate since 1999 and couldn’t build a proper medical center, sigh.
23 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Chigozie I. Alex 4 Peter Obi🇳🇬
Thank God UK Police is not Nigeria Police. Peter Obi went to the UK and was hosted by the prime minister, Ike Ekweremadu went to the UK and was detained by UK police. Fighting a man with grace results to disgrace.
23 Jun, 04:14 PM UTC
DR.PENKING™ 🇦🇺🇳🇬 #PeterObi
Ike Ekweremadu has 3 children other children apart from Sonia who needed the kidney transplant. Concerning organ donation, family members are the best option but No, our dear Senator didn’t want to tamper with any of his children. He needed a homeless boy. Life is cruel.
23 Jun, 07:09 PM UTC
Field Marshal ⚡️
This Ike Ekweremadu’s case got me thinking about missing people who turn up dead with missing organs in Nigeria. We conclude that they were used for money rituals without knowing if there’s an organ transplant farm somewhere in this country.
23 Jun, 05:28 PM UTC
'Fisayo Soyombo
To Nigerians: If you're travelling abroad or entering Nigeria from a foreign country for a specific purpose, find out about the laws of that country relating to your intended actions. That you'll escape it in Nigeria doesn't mean you will, abroad. In doubt? Ask Ike Ekweremadu.
23 Jun, 06:11 PM UTC
B i a f r a T w i t t e r 🕊️
OPINION: Unfortunately, #IPOB couldn't Deliver Sen. Ike Ekweremadu from his bad behavior. Now, he is being accused of Human Trafficking, a further International Disgrace. https://t.co/8lEykzt7LG
23 Jun, 01:34 PM UTC
Omo, Ike Ekweremadu is all over the local media today. BBC London news. https://t.co/O1FtOx9aIv
23 Jun, 06:12 PM UTC