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the united states has caused significantly more terror worldwide than the taliban and hamas combined. this shouldn't even be a controversial statement, since it's a fact and yet the democrats chose to pile on ilhan omar for even asking for accountability. some democracy we are.
10 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
beth miller #SaveSheikhJarrah
Imagine if we lived in a world where the headline was: "Member of Congress demands answers from State Department for victims of war crimes"
10 Jun, 01:59 PM UTC
top democrats when joe manchin stops literally any progress from happening vs when ilhan omar says that war is bad
10 Jun, 06:55 PM UTC
Hunter Woodall
New: Fellow Democrat and dean of the Minnesota delegation, Rep. Betty McCollum, responds to controversy around Rep. Ilhan Omar's tweet. @HunterMw's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 05:35 PM UTC
Gravel Institute
Ilhan Omar is very good, actually.
10 Jun, 10:48 PM UTC
Lee Zeldin
Ilhan Omar must be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She should have never been appointed to this Committee in the first place.
10 Jun, 03:19 AM UTC
noah kulwin
The reason they are trying to stick it to Ilhan Omar like this is because they know how dangerous it is once people who hold elected office speak frankly about how the atrocities that our government enables.
10 Jun, 06:31 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
"There are a lot of killers. What? You think our country's so innocent... Take a look at what we've done too." - Donald Trump, Feb 2017 Dear Republicans ginning up faux outrage over Ilhan Omar pointing out the ICC is investigating war crimes by the U.S. & Israel, pls watch this: @mehdirhasan's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 02:24 PM UTC
keyvan (کیوان)
it's so demented when you realize the republicans stood up more forcefully for Marjorie Taylor Greene than democrats have for Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 06:59 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Let's say Ilhan Omar had 'equated' the U.S. and Hamas - she didn't! - but, from a GOP point of view, so what? Aren't they the party of free speech and the right to offend? Don't they hate PC 'snowflakes'? And 'cancel culture'? Ah, the hypocrisy, the sheer hypocrisy...
10 Jun, 04:28 PM UTC
Michael Burkes
Ilhan Omar hates America, she needs to GO! If you hate America, just LEAVE!
10 Jun, 08:41 PM UTC
Justice Democrats
While Ilhan Omar fights relentlessly for human rights, members of Congress in both parties amplify far-right hate and faux outrage that put the safety of Rep. Omar and her staff at risk, just to appease foreign policy hawks. We stand with @IlhanMN. @justicedems's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 05:10 PM UTC
Brigitte Gabriel
Plain & Simple: Ilhan Omar is an Anti-Semite.
10 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
Katie Halper
This clip of me explaining that Ilhan Omar isn't an anti-semite & that calling her that perpetuates an anti-semitic trope conflating being Jewish with supporting Israel is from over 2 years ago. Sadly, it's as relevant today as it was then. #IstandwithIlhan
10 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC
aída chávez
Congressional Progressive Caucus comes out in support of Rep. Ilhan Omar: "We urge our colleagues not to abet or amplify such divisive and bad-faith tactics," @PramilaJayapal says. @aidachavez's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 09:29 PM UTC
It’s BLACK LIVES MATTER till the black person is a Muslim This woman’s life is in danger because of white liberals and conservatives alike What has she done? Called out the U.S military industrial complex for its contribution to crimes against humanity! I STAND WITH ILHAN OMAR @_SJPeace_'s photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Nick Adams
Ilhan Omar is the most anti-American Member of Congress in US History. She's an anti-Semitic terrorist sympathizer!
10 Jun, 07:31 PM UTC
Chuck Callesto
Breaking #FoxNews Alert : Top Dems rebuke Ilhan Omar for US, Israel comparison to terrorist groups
10 Jun, 07:46 PM UTC
Mac 🇵🇸
Ilhan Omar is 100% correct. The fact that it’s even controversial is a testimony to how propagandized Americans are.
10 Jun, 07:01 PM UTC
“How dare Ilhan Omar compare Hamas to the US” yes I agree the US’ wanton violence is categorically incomparable to the worst things Hamas has ever done or ever could do
10 Jun, 01:18 PM UTC
the entire western professional media and political class acts all shocked and dismayed when people like ilhan omar tell the truth about US empire bc as chomsky says they literally can't comprehend applying the principles they apply to others to themselves @zei_squirrel's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
aída chávez
House Democratic leadership puts out a statement attacking Rep. Ilhan Omar, saying her remark "foments prejudice and undermines progress toward a future of peace and security for all." @aidachavez's photo on Ilhan Omar
10 Jun, 06:13 PM UTC
First Words
Ilhan Omar needs to decide. She’s either with Hamas or she’s with us. And if it’s Hamas, she must be removed from Congress.
10 Jun, 05:43 PM UTC
Bishop Talbert Swan
Democrats in Congress are condemning Ilhan Omar for condemning apartheid in Israel and systemic terrorism against black people in America. With ‘allies’ like them, who needs enemies?
10 Jun, 05:22 PM UTC
ilhan omar didn’t go far enough. america (and by extension israel) have committed more atrocities in their own countries and abroad than isis ever did x1000000
10 Jun, 08:18 PM UTC
John Haltiwanger
.@AOC rips into fellow Democrats for taking @IlhanMN's comments on the US and Israel's potential war crimes out of context. Omar has repeatedly had her comments on foreign affairs distorted by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. via @businessinsider
10 Jun, 07:40 PM UTC
Leah McElrath 🏳️‍🌈
The attacks on Ilhan Omar serve to distract from the fact that both the United States and Israel decided NOT to become part of the International Criminal Court. Other states who did not join include: China India Iraq Libya Yemen Qatar And Russia withdrew its signature in 2016.
10 Jun, 05:18 PM UTC
Matt Vespa
So, has Ilhan Omar been stripped of her committee assignments yet? No. Dem leaders welcome her to clarify her anti-Semitic remarks about the US and Israel being just like Hamas. She's an anti-Semite. This has been known since the 'hypnosis' tweet.
10 Jun, 06:56 PM UTC
Noam Blum
Wow Ilhan Omar refers to Israel as a democratic country with a well-established judicial system.
10 Jun, 05:04 PM UTC
David “HINDSIGHT IS 2021” Walsh
The thing about Ilhan Omar is that she has a *very* different perspective on American empire than the “moderate” former CIA Democratic politician type, and she’s not shy about saying so.
10 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC