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Illinois Basketball
Are you kidding, @slimjake_!? 3️⃣5️⃣‼️ straight three pointers at shootaround #Illini | #EveryDayGuys @IlliniMBB's photo on #Illini
06 Mar, 02:55 PM UTC
NCAA March Madness
WHAT. A. FINISH. 🔥 Illinois ends the game on a 9-0 run to pull out a HUGE road win against No. 7 Ohio State! #Illini @marchmadness's photo on #Illini
06 Mar, 11:15 PM UTC
Josh Whitman
Such respect for this squad. What a road to get here. 16 B1G wins! More than any #ILLINI team in history. 🔶🔷💪 Let the celebration begin! @IlliniAD's photo on #Illini
06 Mar, 11:17 PM UTC
Aarman Sethi
This is why Ayo Dosunmu is the best player in the country. Best closer in all of CBB. #Illini
06 Mar, 11:04 PM UTC
Jeremy Werner
#illini Ayo Dosunmu said he thinks they should be co-champions in the Big Ten with Michigan.
06 Mar, 11:18 PM UTC
Scott Richey
Trent Frazier holding up a sign that says "B1G Champs" as the #Illini walk off the court.
06 Mar, 11:07 PM UTC
#4 Fighting Illini
BEST TEAM, BEST COACH! Who wouldn’t want to play for the #Illini right now https://t.co/nDIvViuxOJ
06 Mar, 11:19 PM UTC
Jeremy Werner
#illini Underwood asked about being B1G champs: "I know we won 16 games, and we played all 20 of them." "We all knew this would be a unique situation with an unbalanced schedule ... But I know this, no one's won more games than us, and we played them all."
06 Mar, 11:46 PM UTC
Derek Piper
#Illini Ayo Dosunmu: I think we're so confident because the kind of coach we have is so great... When he yells at you, we don't take it as punishment. We take it as he wants to win a championship.
06 Mar, 11:29 PM UTC
Illinois Basketball
Capping off the regular season with Big Ten Win No. 1️⃣6️⃣‼️ #Illini | #EveryDayGuys @IlliniMBB's photo on #Illini
07 Mar, 12:18 AM UTC
Illinois Basketball
Belo being Belo. @papicurbelo11 was dominant today in Columbus. 19 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists #Illini | #EveryDayGuys @IlliniMBB's photo on #Illini
06 Mar, 11:41 PM UTC
Joey Wagner
#illini Ayo Dosunmu: This is exactly what I came back for and more.
06 Mar, 11:21 PM UTC
Derek Piper
#Illini Ayo Dosunmu: I think when it's all said & done, we will be co-champions (in the Big Ten)... We believe we're Big Ten champions.
06 Mar, 11:18 PM UTC
Marlee Wierda
ROAD KILL. #Illini beat Ohio State 73-68 in Columbus for the regular season finale clinching the No. 1 seed https://t.co/YXqjVqs6Bj
06 Mar, 11:11 PM UTC
Jeremy Werner
#illini Ayo Dosunmu confirms he had a concussion.
06 Mar, 11:20 PM UTC
Shannon Ryan
Asked about Michigan winning Big Ten title over Illinois, #Illini coach Brad Underwood says, "I know this, nobody’s won more games than us. And we’ve played them all."
06 Mar, 11:47 PM UTC
Bret Beherns
#Illini Ayo on his mask: “I feel like a super hero with the mask on.”
06 Mar, 11:32 PM UTC
Jeremy Werner
#illini Underwood said they made the switch to put Williams on Liddell at the end of the game and Williams made him look like a genius.
06 Mar, 11:43 PM UTC
Matt McCumber
That’s 5 out of the last 6 games in the last 15 days on the road in arguable the toughest league in the last 20 years of College Basketball according to KenPom...3 games without their All-American. 5 wins and a #1 Seed in the 2021 NCAA Tournament. You happy!? 📈 #Illini
06 Mar, 11:35 PM UTC
Derek Piper
The #Illini have five road wins against top-10 teams since 1990. Two of them came this week. With that, Illinois should be a 1-seed in the NCAA tournament for the fourth time in school history. https://t.co/IViYV7U5j8
07 Mar, 12:27 AM UTC
Illinois Baseball
Double play from center fielder Taylor Jackson. Bottom of the eighth we go. MID 8 | #Illini 5, Ohio State 5 @IlliniBaseball's photo on #Illini
06 Mar, 06:05 PM UTC
Jeremy Werner
WATCH: #illini Ayo Dosunmu discusses win at No. 7 Ohio State, return to the court, teammates stepping up and start of the postseason https://t.co/5S5gk2yruq
07 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
Ruth Cooper
ROAD KILL!! I❤️THIS TEAM! #Illinois #Illini #illinoisbasketball #1seed 🧡💙 https://t.co/YL9ariSkW0
07 Mar, 12:40 AM UTC
Kent Brown
How about this Super Hero ... Again?Greatest closer in @IlliniMBB history does it today in a triumphant return to the court! Take a breath and get ready for some postseason hoops! #Illini @AyoDos_11 https://t.co/ehgzxu4bZh
07 Mar, 12:49 AM UTC
Illinois Volleyball
First set snaps. 📸 #ILLINI https://t.co/XPsI4Lh4R7
07 Mar, 12:49 AM UTC
Illinois Volleyball
Things you love to see: a @kylie_bruder ace. 😊 #ILLINI @IlliniVBall's photo on #Illini
07 Mar, 12:52 AM UTC
#4 Fighting Illini (Fan Nation)
As @TheAndyKatz always says, THE clutchest player in College Basketball. Add another to the collection 🥶 😎👉 POY #Illini https://t.co/rkfA8dtn3h
07 Mar, 12:56 AM UTC
Illinois Wrestling
125 | Cardani and Ragusin knotted at 3 and heading to overtime. #Illini
07 Mar, 12:53 AM UTC
Illinois Wrestling
133 | TWOOO Byrd gets on the board first with a takedown two minutes in to P1. #Illini
07 Mar, 12:48 AM UTC

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