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Qasim Rashid, Esq.
Wow. This is pretty incredible. In under 5 short minutes, @RepSwalwell lays out the entire & clear case for impeachment in undeniable terms #ImpeachingHearing @QasimRashid's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 10:22 PM UTC
Elie Mystal
I'm not going to lie, but I'm finding this whole #ImpeachingHearing so emotionally disturbing. The Republicans are just lying and spreading SO MUCH misinformation. They lie like it's breathing. And I've heard it all before and I know their game, but it's really triggering.
09 Dec, 03:24 PM UTC
Lindy Li
Can we all stop and appreciate how effective Daniel Goldman has been throughout this inquiry? His composure makes Collins and Gaetz look seriously unhinged. #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachingHearing #MattGaetzIsATool @lindyli's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 07:51 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump's day so far: - #ImpeachingHearing is not going Trump's way - Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman is kicking ass - GOP counsel Steve Castor is an idiot - DOJ "origins" probe is a bust - Bill Barr has failed him again - Trump is going to prison - It's still only noon
09 Dec, 05:07 PM UTC
Jason Johnson
The GOP argument that they aren't given enough time to review documents before the hearings would carry more weight if they hadn't done the same thing during the Kavanaugh hearings when THEY were in the majority. #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 03:40 PM UTC
Swing Left
Fact check: Impeachment does not overturn an election. Impeachment is a check on Trump's power, protected by the Constitution. Republicans cite "63 million people" who voted for Trump in 2016, not the 264 million Americans who didn't. #ImpeachingHearing https://t.co/7hlfhVLkbt
09 Dec, 03:38 PM UTC
Heidi Przybyla
👉to Berke's imploring Republicans to listen and debate the facts today: @LouieGohmertTX1 seen leaving the room at the outset of the evidence presentation. ... before the Intel. Dem. counsel had a chance to even introduce himself. #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 03:51 PM UTC
Qasim Rashid, Esq.
GOP screams that the Dem led #ImpeachingHearing has prevented Congress from passing critical legislation In under 1 min Rep @davidcicilline brings the receipts to debunk this GOP myth @QasimRashid's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 11:17 PM UTC
Michael Nöthem
That face @Jim_Jordan makes when he is about to destroy a Congressional witness... #MAGA #FoxNews #tcot #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachingHearing @mikandynothem's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
In his role as president, Donald Trump wakes up every day believing he has the right to do whatever he wants. What could possibly be more terrifying? Impeach Trump. Convict Trump. Categorically remove Trump from the office he has so flagrantly abused. #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 03:31 PM UTC
NurseNatNat.. 92K!!
Hey, Boys and Girls!!! Maybe this will help you with #Monday !! Lets make Monday Naughty Nurses day!! Because, when #Nurses get #bored we sneak pictures! (#Retweet for me Please) #BoredAtWork #sexy #horny #scrubs #naughty #RN #daring #Nursenatnat36dd #ImpeachingHearing @NurseNatNat36DD's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 04:33 PM UTC
Jason Johnson
So Trump isn't happy about the IG report.... So he's going to move the goal posts... Again... And again... Until he gets the results he wants... #ImpeachingHearing #IGReport @DrJasonJohnson's photo on #ImpeachingHearing
09 Dec, 08:51 PM UTC
God family country Trump!!! #TheStory #Tucker #Hannity #IGReport #ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings #Trump2020Victory #KAG2020 #KAG https://t.co/NXNvExQxnJ
10 Dec, 12:00 AM UTC
We can’t move on to real issues because @SpeakerPelosi , @RepAdamSchiff and the rest of the Dems don’t care about money, our country or our president @realDonaldTrump .#ImpeachmentHoax #ImpeachingHearing ❤️🇺🇸VOTE RED❤️🇺🇸 https://t.co/idHxSm5OFE
09 Dec, 11:46 PM UTC
🇺🇸 Kim 🇺🇸
.@AdamSchiff the circus ringmaster is a no show at the hearings after releasing the ONLY #ImpeachingHearing report last week. The report is empty, 0 evidence of a crime. Yet the show still goes on! Get mad America - those you elected continue obstructing.Your tax dollars at work https://t.co/aS0jsWDoC1
09 Dec, 06:13 PM UTC
Louie Gohmert
Calling in to “Mornings on the Mall” at 6:35AM CENTRAL. We’ll discuss the House Judiciary #ImpeachingHearing yesterday & the #IGReport. Listen in to @wmalnews!
10 Dec, 12:09 PM UTC
Teresa Jane
Daniel Goldman, lawyer for Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee says President Trump's behavior is "a clear and present danger" to future US elections #ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW
09 Dec, 09:37 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump @brithume @BretBaier Wow. This is pretty incredible. In under 5 short minutes, @RepSwalwell lays out the entire & clear case for impeachment in undeniable terms #ImpeachingHearing https://t.co/wEZHuGMFOR
10 Dec, 12:27 PM UTC
Bot Sentinel
⚠️Trollbots are tweeting about #ImpeachingHearing and it is trending. https://t.co/w5uOb4jPBO
10 Dec, 12:11 PM UTC
Fadil Americano
@GOP This is pretty incredible. In under 5 short minutes, @RepSwalwell lays out the entire & clear case for impeachment in undeniable terms #ImpeachingHearing https://t.co/euw9yoenDj
10 Dec, 12:30 PM UTC

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