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神戸・教員暴行事件の「加害4教員謝罪の言葉」が謝罪文としてひどかったので赤ペン先生をしてみた。 40代女性教員の文はひどすぎて、書いてるうちにさじを投げたくなってきた。
17 Oct, 12:11 AM UTC
Jason Mewes
Just a reminder to all you clownshoes that the last time I found someone talking shit about Jay & Silent Bob on the internet I hopped on a plane and kicked their asses. All you motherfuckers are gonna pay #SNOOGANS #JayandSilentBobReboot
16 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
a webserie de the stripper fico tri mas so quero sabe como eles vao faze as cenas de: - sexo no helicoptero - sexo no escritorio - sexo no elevador - sexo no carro - sexo no motel - sexo na imperium boa sorte
16 Oct, 01:36 AM UTC
Another W in the books for #Imperium. 🙌 @TheWWEWolfe @Marcel_B_WWE @FabianAichner @WWENXT's photo on Imperium
17 Oct, 12:32 AM UTC
#Imperium's @FabianAichner & @Marcel_B_WWE vs. @_StarDESTROYER & @strongstylebrit. Hard-hitting tag team action, COMING RIGHT UP. #WWENXT @WWENXT's photo on Imperium
17 Oct, 12:20 AM UTC
Alexander Wolf[e]
Watch @WWENXT tonight because #TheMatIsSacred #NXTonUSA #IMPERIUM
16 Oct, 11:18 PM UTC
Bad News Brown's Baadasssss Song
Imagine Imperium with Cesaro as a member.
17 Oct, 12:18 AM UTC
Sean Slate
Holy shit... Oney/Burch vs Imperium was NUTS 🔥 #NXT
17 Oct, 12:28 AM UTC
Imperium might have Undisputed Era in their sights:
17 Oct, 12:33 AM UTC
Jay Reddick
If you've just found @WWENXT since the move to @USA_Network, that tag match right there? THAT is what you've been missing. Wow. @_StarDESTROYER @strongstylebrit #imperium
17 Oct, 12:32 AM UTC
#Event - Vanquish all others with your Will and Wit! Come join us @bnbyeg as we crown Edmonton’s Twilight Imperium Champion. Over $500 in prizing PLUS bragging rights! Everyone gets something for playing. . . . #Directplay #boardgames #YEG #YYC #YQL #yeggeek
17 Oct, 01:00 AM UTC
It Doesn't Matter What Your Podcast Is Called
Imperium out here like *NSYNC with the way they move seamlessly together during their entrance #NXT
17 Oct, 12:20 AM UTC
vou ter que ir rebolar a raba e fumar um rosh no meu hábitat imperium hoje
17 Oct, 01:01 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
#WWENXT results: Imperium vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch
17 Oct, 12:42 AM UTC
George "GNC” Overton
@EvT_ImPERium @theScoreesports @wildrift Agreed, they didn't really cover it at all, like how this could elevate Mobile Esports to another level
17 Oct, 12:57 AM UTC
K 🌻
@RogerLucasJJ Vou fumar hj no imperium.
17 Oct, 12:50 AM UTC
@ZirobVG @YourDoomsday0 @XenoTekOfficial @wildrift Zirob chill with the negativity 😛😂. Just be excited!!!!!!!!!! LoL MOBILE!!
17 Oct, 12:45 AM UTC
Tomasz Was
@PetrosTovmasyan ..Liczba ludnosci przez ponad 1000 lat! pozostała na poziomie Imperium Rzymskiego...Zadne katedry,trubadurzy ,nieliczne uniwersytety..czy cała WIEDZA Grecji i Rzymu zachowana dla Europy przez Arabów tego nie zmienia....Piekny romantyczny okres wojen,zaraz,ubostwa...i ciemnoty
17 Oct, 12:39 AM UTC
@Evolution081 I saw the beginning, my power just cut out during The Imperium match. Thank you I should of been more specific.
17 Oct, 12:38 AM UTC
@EvT_ImPERium @wildrift I signed up to can’t wait
17 Oct, 12:37 AM UTC
Tennessee Revolver
Imperium pull off the win over Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. #WWENXT
17 Oct, 01:14 AM UTC
Michael Levy🙄
@redsox4evur_os @SoDuTw See, I got an inkling from the tag match that there's a possibility of UE vs. Imperium. I'm going to start this rumor off of literally nothing but that.
17 Oct, 01:13 AM UTC
Michael Levy🙄
@SoDuTw The Imperium win was curious. It wasn't called a number one contenders match, but you would think Aichner/Barthel are in line for a tag title match. Would they do heel vs. heel War Games or even turn UE for a match with Imperium?
17 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
Jeff Hill
@SoDuTw I feel like Imperium vs whoever is going to be in War Games over TUE.
17 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
@REALInsomnia_ @ZoooTay @NotPlayerX Well PC is much more developed as a platform competitively compared to mobile. So realistically mobile as a competitive platform of gaming is between 3-5 years behind imo, depending on game.
17 Oct, 01:09 AM UTC
Denzel Jackson
Becky Lynch in Imperium confirmed
17 Oct, 01:08 AM UTC
@EvT_ImPERium @ZoooTay @NotPlayerX What’s different abt mobile from PC?
17 Oct, 01:07 AM UTC
@REALInsomnia_ @ZoooTay @NotPlayerX You know how many years it took for LoL to become stable as an esport? YEARS!! PUBGM is literally less than 2 years in esports. Plus you are looking at it from a single region, NA. Worldwide the game is huge as a player base. Esports will follow, it will take time.
17 Oct, 01:03 AM UTC
Neria Surana
The Imperium is less dangerous here.
17 Oct, 01:03 AM UTC

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