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Mike Trudell
When LeBron signed with the Lakers, playoffs were the assumption, the lottery not really a consideration. They were in the No. 4 spot when LeBron got injured, and Ingram/Ball/Hart’s injuries further derailed them to the point to having 11th best lottery odds. And now, No. 4.
15 May, 12:57 AM UTC
Colin Cowherd
“Now the Lakers can fo get Anthony Davis”. Uh, with what? A fourth pick in a weak draft and Kyle Kuzma? Sorry but Lonzo is NOT a hot commodity and Brandon Ingram has medical issue. This is Anthony Davis, Pelicans want something BIG in return.
15 May, 02:16 AM UTC
LWOS LA Lakers
-LeBron James -Brandon Ingram -Lonzo Ball -Kyle Kuzma -Josh Hart -Max Salary slot -Top 4 Draft Pick Yeah, the #LakeShow is sitting pretty tonight.
15 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Arash Markazi
The Lakers had reportedly agreed to send Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, Ivica Zubac, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and two first round picks to New Orleans for Anthony Davis last season but it was turned down. Then again, that was Dell Demps not David Griffin.
15 May, 01:31 AM UTC
The 4-Point Play Podcast
The Lakers now have LeBron James, Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, the #4 overall pick and 40M in cap space The 4-Point Play Podcast's photo on Ingram
15 May, 01:08 AM UTC
I think one cap consequence of rising to #4 is that if we sign a max FA first, and then want to deal for Davis, we no longer need to include both Ingram and Lonzo, as we can get to the $21.7M in outgoing salary required with one plus the #4 pick (plus others).
15 May, 02:48 AM UTC
Jason Maples 🏁🏁🏁
Did yall see Brandon Ingram? Like, nobody could guard him the 2nd half of the season. Was giving Giannis 30 pieces. He's 21 Keep him
15 May, 03:23 AM UTC
Cranjis McBasketball
Brandon Ingram is THE youngest player to achieve a top 5% One on One talent grade in our database at @The_BBall_Index (2013-19 seasons). 0 players over that span have a better rating in our One on One metric at a younger age.
15 May, 05:15 AM UTC
BJ Metta
Let the totality of what New Orleans could have had if they traded AD at the deadline to the Lakers really sink in: #4 Ingram Lonzo Kuzma Hart Zubac + Dumped Solomon Hill 1/$13M Gayle Benson saved the Lakers from themselves
15 May, 03:59 AM UTC
猫かふぇ ねこぱんち
皆さまおはようございます😃 先日子猫保護した11匹💦 とても元気です☺️ 実際は辛いですけど、こうして元気になってくれると本当にやっててよかったと思います☺️ 今後も保護活動をしっかりやっていきますので皆さまよろしくお願いします💦 猫かふぇ ねこぱんち's photo on Ingram
15 May, 02:25 AM UTC
Alex Roig
New Orleans getting the 1st and 4th pick in this year's draft (plus Kuzma, Ball, and Ingram) could make for a very quick rebuild. If I'm New Orleans, I seriously consider trading Davis to the Lakers now.
15 May, 12:52 AM UTC
Jon Fox, NBA
@JCMacriNBA Pelicans are concerned they wont be able to retain Ingram or Ball and prefer younger assets with more years left on their rookie deals. Advantage Knicks
15 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Il terzo giorno della #MuseumWeek è interamente dedicato a #PlayMW! Che si tratti di teatro, cinema, musica o video, una sfida olimpica o una divertente caccia al tesoro, inizia una divertente conversazione con il tuo pubblico online e i visitatori! MuseumWeek's photo on Ingram
15 May, 07:23 AM UTC
L’énorme opération de la nuit c’est les #Lakers clairement. Avec un top 4, tu peux proposer un package bien costaud au Pels pour choper AD. Un Kuzma + Ingram et des paquets de clopes + le pick, ça change tout.
15 May, 01:01 AM UTC
Raymond Norman
Join 3 authors from 3 countries in an adventure from one of the Quest Books. Cheryl Carpinello @ CCarpinello. Fiona Ingram @ FionaRobyn. Wendy Leighton-Porter @ WLP_author. histfic #historicalfiction adventure fiction #MG YA kidsbooks IARTG Kindle ebooks Raymond Norman's photo on Ingram
14 May, 11:48 AM UTC
Brandon R Bumgarner
Ja Morant Delon Wright (Jaylen Brown, Brandon Ingram, ???) Jaren Jackson Jr Jonas Valanciunas @memgrizz take my money!
15 May, 02:44 AM UTC
@thebirdwrites Tatum is worse then Ingram, and the Celtics picks are worse then the lakers pick. But keep it up lol wailua's photo on Ingram
15 May, 06:40 AM UTC
Iceberg Slim❄️.
Draft Culver- Trade Ingram 🤐
15 May, 04:08 AM UTC
Rahul Aryan
Flop XI Cricketers of IPL 2019 @ImRaina (c), R Uthappa(wk) Collin Ingram, D Miller, AT Rayudu , Yusuf Pathan, Tim Southee, B Stokes , J Unadkat, Piyush Chawala, M Siraj. #IPL2019 RT If u Agree
15 May, 05:18 AM UTC
Zach Milner
Potential LA Depth Chart: Lonzo/Garland Ingram/Hart Max FA/Bullock LeBron/Kuz xxx xxx Plus exceptions Might have to use MLE on Bullock. Will have to check tomorrow if Lakers can keep bird rights while signing max FA since the salary of the #4 is higher than #11
15 May, 07:32 AM UTC
so my dad wants to start discussing trades w me & also saying “kiss Ingram goodbye” like DAD NO PLS W ALL DUE RESPECT SHUTUP
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
Tyler Drohan
Lakers offer: Ingram, Kuzma, Hart, 4th pick Celtics offer: Tatum, Brown, 14th pick, 20th pick, 22nd pick Knicks offer: 3rd pick, Knox, Dennis Smith Jr, Robinson Clippers offer: Harrell, Gallinari, Shamet, Lou Will, SGA, ‘21 Heat 1st Lakers > Celtics >> Knicks > Clippers.
15 May, 07:55 AM UTC
Bucks-Dio-Thor-Podrick stan account
@UnwrittenRul3s Next year when AD, LeBron, and Ingram combine for a 105 pt 35 reb 10 blk 10 stl game in the WCF>>>>>>>
15 May, 07:52 AM UTC
@98_av_INGRAM そうなんですかね…最低限のマナーは守ってほしいです。
15 May, 02:50 AM UTC
Laker Nation 🏀
Hate how people are so quick to get rid of Ingram
15 May, 07:46 AM UTC
@TrashTalk_fr Je suis les Pels je trade quand mm AD, je recup des TDD et des jeunes prometteurs, je vais voir les Lakers: Pick 4 ( Draft Reddish), Ingram, Zubac, Lonzo Ball, plus un autre tour de draft et c'est bon Ou Celtics leurs TDD 14, 20 et 22, Brown Horford et le TDD de Memphis 2020
15 May, 07:40 AM UTC
@puxa_sporting69 @PlanetaNBA Antes estaba clarisimo q los knicks podian dar mas, ahora no se yo... un back court con Lonzo y Holiday es brutal en defensa, y luego mete a Ingram Randle y Zion mas el pick... el pack de los Lakers sería insuperable sin las dudas por salud.
15 May, 07:34 AM UTC
Michael Taylor
@brosales12 Is there anyone good articles/threads on him? Not completely familiar but have heard good things about him. Concur on the kids tho. Particularly Lonzo, Ingram, Hart.
15 May, 08:01 AM UTC
When we get kuzma and Ingram and the 4th pick for AD😍
15 May, 08:01 AM UTC
@jyu49 @brosales12 or you could just keep the pick, sign Jimmy or Middleton and just have a terrifying, long defense with Culver, Lonzo, Bron, Ingram, Kuz. All being able to switch
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
Max Harslem
@scherer_sven @JLage_GtG @DominikChesani nicht auf das letzte Paket drauflegen müssen, sondern können dann entweder Ingram oder Ball behalten. Und Zion nimmt den Pels zwar ein bisschen Druck, man wird ihn aber trotzdem nicht für nichts abgeben wollen. Ich glaube nicht, dass nach dem Drama mit Butler eine Franchise es
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
@FranJMerino Si, yo también veo ese pick fuera en un pack con Ingram y Kuz intentando mantener a Lonzo, ya sea por AD, Beal u otro. Pero en caso de que no se traspase me gusta Culver ya que un SG anotador no veo...
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
Austin Merced
@lakerhero911 @redrock_bball Switch kuzma for ingram because of his condition
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
@mikaelena2 @htown_13_ @Lakers_NationFR Et dans l’éventualité où Ad est toujours partant il faut faire un packaging pick 4 kuz hart et lonzo malheureusement mais c’est le choix le plus logique car ingram est notre meilleur jeune et que Kyrie est peut-être un futur Lakers
15 May, 08:00 AM UTC
@jyu49 @brosales12 That's why this is a good pick for the Lakers. Depending on what you want, you can flip 4 + assets for a star, you can flip 4 for a shooter straight up, or you could flip 4 plus Ingram or Kuz for a better piece
15 May, 07:58 AM UTC
Hero de Guzman
@redrock_bball Should the Lakers package that 4th pick with like Ingram and Hart for AD?
15 May, 07:57 AM UTC
@AChad92 No deal we have to keep ingram
15 May, 07:56 AM UTC
Martin byrne
@LouDobbs I know fox is for trump and cnn are against him .. but all you people on fox come out with the most horrendous shite it’s just crazy .. the other stations might not like trump but don’t tell lie after lie .. you hannity Carlson Ingram the ones on the couch . are woeful
15 May, 07:55 AM UTC
Manuel Pérez
@ADaimiel Lonzo, Ingram, Kuzma, Holiday, Randle, Zion... No suena mal, no?
15 May, 07:54 AM UTC
@SareenSports Why Ingram have different bat Stricker
15 May, 07:52 AM UTC
𝒲𝒶𝓋𝑒 𝒫𝒶𝓅𝒾
@JustRyCole 4th and Kuzma & maybe add Hart for Beal then get Kawhi. Lonzo Beal Kawhi Ingram Lebron
15 May, 07:49 AM UTC
Igor Damasceno
@smallballbr Ingram já tem escoliose de tanto carregar jumento naquela equipe
15 May, 07:49 AM UTC
@Buttuh kawhi prefers playing with a team that are working hard and playing hard than some divas like lonzo and ingram
15 May, 07:49 AM UTC
Caroline Tilley
@TSSPublishing @weequizzie @ingram_wallace @RupertDastur Goodness, now that is something to aspire to. Amazing.
15 May, 07:45 AM UTC
@KYOKEI__KOHO 新たに京慧府広報アカウント作成しました。京慧府をPRしてゆきます。 不定期更新です。
15 May, 07:44 AM UTC
Frank Schaeffer
@stephenasmith Pelicans would have Zion, Kuzma, Ingram, Holiday, Bol (w/Lakers pk), Randle, Moore, Jackson, Hill, Okafor, Johnson, Bertans... Maybe bring Payton back.
15 May, 07:43 AM UTC
@tomozou_kantoku そろそろ、本腰入れてやって欲しい。 もう、だれも叩くことはなくなったし、自分もしないつもり。 キッチリ、完成品にまでは仕上げてくださいね。
15 May, 07:43 AM UTC
Ni cotiza que los Lakers van a traspasar el #4 y a Ingram o Kuzma o alguien por el estilo por Anthony Davis, enhorabuena ya tenéis lo que queriais @NBA
15 May, 07:43 AM UTC
@floturkiche Même s'il part t'as Zion randle holiday et un gros truc contre ad (Tatum kuzma Ingram un truc comme ça )
15 May, 07:41 AM UTC
@SaySayNicolas Jsuis mort. Ou Julius Randle - Lonzo - Ingram - Kuzma - Zion...
15 May, 07:39 AM UTC
Jace Osborn-Sweet
@JustRyCole Ingram + 4 for Blake Griffin
15 May, 07:39 AM UTC
Memory of Quinque
" 아, 죽고 싶은 아침이다. 아니다, 살고 싶은 아침이다. 그것도 아니다. 빠져들 것 같은 아침. " ──Ece Ariane Ingram.
15 May, 07:39 AM UTC
@ArashMarkazi Let the lakers give up 70% of that plus that 4 pick for AD and watch how loaded Zion team will be immediately. Yeah it’ll be ad Kemba and bron with a bunch of scrubs but NO will be like Jrue-JIMMY Butler-Zion-Kuz-Randle-Ingram-Okafor-Culver-Hart, etc etc etc lololol Gentry GOLDEN
15 May, 07:38 AM UTC
@TheAndrewSystem We’ll trade you the fourth pick + Ingram for Beal. You could potentially have 2 duke greats in your starting line up.
15 May, 07:37 AM UTC
@FranJMerino Por cierto, Pelicans si hubieran traspasado en el dead line: Pick 1 Pick 4 Lonzo Ingram Kuzma Zubac Hart Más lo que ya tienen.... Gran decisión aquella.
15 May, 07:37 AM UTC
PJ Mc Grane
If New Orleans know AD really wants out: Pelicans get: Ball, Ingram, 4th overall pick. and Lakers 2021 1st Round pick. A young core of 5 1st round picks and a 6th to be made Lakers get: Anthony Davis Superstar to help attract another free agent #NBADraft #Lakers #Pelicans
15 May, 07:36 AM UTC
@JonnyHyphen Kobe & Bron tutoring him with Kawhi/Ingram teaching him how to lock up         ‏'s photo on Ingram
15 May, 07:36 AM UTC
@JLStrika806 @stevenstrange_ @ColinCowherd Tatum and Brown are too much for AD. I keep them if I am Boston and I’m riding with my crew. Btw, Ingram and Kuzma + 4th for AD. Then let’s go get Jimmy, Seth Curry and Mirotic. @Lakers
15 May, 07:34 AM UTC
Frank Schaeffer
@stephenasmith Lakers should trade Ingram, Kuzma, Muscula, 2019 No. 4 pick, 2020 2nd Rd pk, 2023 1st Rd pk for A Davis. Trade L Ball, J Hart, M Wagner & 2021 1st Rd pk to Wizards for B Beal. Sign K Irving, D Cousins, Ariza, Marjanovic, Rondo, Chandler & keep Lebron, Bongo, J. Williams & Caruso
15 May, 07:34 AM UTC
PlayStation 4からブロードキャストを始めました! #PS4live (Diablo III: Reaper of Souls – Ultimate Evil Edition (Japanese)) live at
15 May, 07:33 AM UTC
#1 young thug fan
Nahhh Tatum was lookin really good n Ingram was slow to develop but biggest upside Ingram, he got bout 5 year to enter his prime
15 May, 07:33 AM UTC
Max DC
@bensjonathan Pas vérifié mais à voir si t’as des contrats expirants + des assets et des TDD. En soi oui les Lakers sont favoris mais t’as 2 soucis : la santé d’Ingram et le vrai gap entre le #3 et le #4
15 May, 07:32 AM UTC
In a perfect world the Lakers can keep Brandon Ingram & Lonzo Ball. Everyone else can go those 2 are special but BI about to blow up next season
15 May, 07:32 AM UTC
@darrylhowerton Could argue brown is the best young player currently of that list but with the lowest ceiling as far as becoming a number 1 option an teams best player out of Tatum ingram or age no ? He seems ideal high end role player for a contender?
15 May, 07:31 AM UTC