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Hossein Ronaghi
@nytimes If you consciously allow the injustice, repression, and killing of the Iranian people to be normalized in your publication, it means that you are deliberately participating in human rights abuses. Otherwise, stop it if you were not aware of it. #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 04:37 PM UTC
Iranian people are furious with @nytimes and their Iran reporter @farnazfassihi. Read this thread to know why. #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 04:52 PM UTC
We, Iranian people expect @nytimes to employ journalists who tell the truth to the world as we, Iranians inside Iran have no voice. But what Farnaz Fassihi does is to show the facts upside down and strengthen the image of the Islamic republic regime. #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 04:51 PM UTC
Is anyone at @nytimes awake to see how their "journalist" is threatening Iranian political activists who are under extreme danger and pressure inside Iran? #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 05:47 PM UTC
Masih Alinejad 🏳️
Woman: "You want to harass me? I will send your video to Masih Alinejad and everyone will see it." This pro-regime man harassed a woman for her hijab. She bravely filmed her harasser despite the dangers. Be brave like a fearless Iranian woman. #MyCameraIsMyWeapon @AlinejadMasih's photo on Iranian
12 Apr, 02:32 PM UTC
Your reporter @farnazfassihi is a great lier. She writes all her reports to satisfy Mollahs. She has drived Iranian people crazy. This is a shame for NYT. Isn't there anyone in NYT to check her dirty lies about flight-752, ladies parks in Iran or so on? #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 05:42 PM UTC
Another example of #NYTimesPropaganda: Azadeh Moaveni advocating and normalizing Islamic forced Hijab that has suppressed millions of Iranian women. It shamefully goes so far as to claim that forced Hijab is the reason of women progress in Iran! @nytimes
12 Apr, 05:41 PM UTC
Hey @nytimes thanks to your reporter's gift to most of Iranian in Twitter. @farnazfassihi blocks us because we mention her misinformation, however she completely knows those are misinformation. #NYTimesPropaganda @Mirasbifarhangi's photo on Iranian
12 Apr, 06:32 PM UTC
There are three main elements in what @nytimes reporter @farnazfassihi does which infuriates Iranian people. 1. She consistently spreads misinformation regarding Iran. All this misinfo is in one direction: whitewashing the IR regime's actions against its people. Examples follow.
12 Apr, 04:52 PM UTC
Hillel Neuer
Germany thinks that Israel's attempt to stop the Iranian regime from nuking the Jewish state was "not a positive contribution." Noted.
12 Apr, 02:44 PM UTC
Hey @nytimes your Iran reporter @farnazfassihi mistranslates Farsi articles on purpose so that it'd fit her Iranian regime propoganda narrative & blocks anyone who points this out to her, claiming that we're cyberbullying her. Any comments? Or is #NYTimesPropaganda on purpose?
12 Apr, 04:41 PM UTC
This is how she normalizes discrimination against and suppression of Iranian women by misinformation; After this video the restaurant was shut down and three staff and the granny were arrested just for dancing, but Fassihi hides these painful facts. #NYTimesPropaganda @nytimes
12 Apr, 07:18 PM UTC
Assal Rad
Facts: -#Iran’s civilian nuclear program is *legal* under NPT -Israel’s attacks inside Iran & assassination of Iranian scientists is *illegal* under international law -Iran allows oversight w/JCPOA -Israel allows none -Iran has *no* nuclear weapon -Israel has a nuclear arsenal
12 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
mina bai
Twitter storm #NYTimesPropaganda by Iranian users due to pro-regime reportings on #Iran, specially from its persian reporter #FarnazFassihi.Users from inside the dictatorship try to get their voices out to the free world @nytimes has failed them, standing by the side of dictator
12 Apr, 07:15 PM UTC
Stop your journalist @farnazfassihi from spreading lies against the Iranian people. together with the Islamic Republic, she publishes Iranian news in a directional manner. @nytimes #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 04:33 PM UTC
Shahin Milani
Iranian Twitter users are using #NYTimesPropaganda to draw attention to the inaccurate reporting of the @nytimes on Iran. Users are particularly upset with inaccurate statements made by @farnazfassihi and her tendency to block users who criticize her.
12 Apr, 08:00 PM UTC
Kasra Aarabi (کسری اعرابی)
It’s utterly shameful that the Islamic Republic’s lobby in the #West tries to normalise the harassment of women in #Iran The bravery of #Iranian women is truly inspirational.They’re leading the fight for change against the misogynistic Islamist regime.The world must support them
12 Apr, 05:36 PM UTC
This is truly about your jurnalist @farnazfassihi who publishes untrue and false news against the interests of the Iranian people and in line with the propaganda of the Islamic Republic. Misleading to your audience. @nytimes #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 04:27 PM UTC
Farnaz Fassihi has never been our voice. She misuses feminist movements like me too and lies that the only problem Iranian people have with her is because of their misogyny. But the fact is she is killing our voice by misleading news. @nytimes #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 05:01 PM UTC
Maryam Rajavi
Meeting with French dignitaries on the occasion of the Persian New Year – Paris - Auvers-Sur-Oise: The people of #Iran will never forget elected representatives of the people of France who supported the Iranian Resistance against religious fascism in their most difficult days. @Maryam_Rajavi's photo on Iranian
12 Apr, 08:54 PM UTC
Hossein Abedini
#Breaking: EU sanctions elite #Iran commander over 2019 protests. The European Union has imposed sanctions on eight Iranian militia commanders and police chiefs, including the head of the elite Revolutionary Guards, over a deadly crackdown in November 2019
12 Apr, 03:33 PM UTC
Jason Brodsky
WSJ: "Top Biden administration officials apparently were given no advance notice of the attack against the Iranian uranium-enrichment facility, according to people familiar with the situation." #Iran #Natanz
12 Apr, 11:04 PM UTC
Ali Javanmardi
We will liberate #Iran regardless of the intense lobby of the mullahs in the US. Most #American_media including the #NYTimes ignore the voice of the majority of the #Iranian_people,
13 Apr, 01:16 AM UTC
Hey @nytimes, why would you willingly deprive yourself of 80 million potential Iranian readers and 8 million potential expat subscribers by giving platform @farnazfassihi? She has blocked most of us on Twitter, why shouldn't we do the same to her and you? #NYTimesPropaganda
12 Apr, 07:53 PM UTC
Hezbollah continues to fill its supermarkets with Iranian goods. Several landings of the Iranian cargo plane recently, 🇮🇷 Fars Air Qeshm, Boeing 747-281F(SCD) (EP-FAB, 731822) as flight #QFZ9962 to #Beirut 🇱🇧 on: 06/03 09/03 19/03 23/03 29/03 31/03 05/04 09/04 10/04 12/04
12 Apr, 07:49 AM UTC
Ali Javanmardi
ignore the ongoing repression and slaughter of the Iranian people, and reflect the views of the mullah's mouthpieces in Washington. #NYTimesPropagnda #NYTimes
13 Apr, 01:16 AM UTC
Iran Freedom
International support & solidarity with the Iranian people and their uprisings for change and democracy as well as #MaryamRajavi's 10-point plan is what Khamenei's regime fears #WeStand4FreeIran
12 Apr, 11:18 AM UTC
Benjamin Weinthal
I can reveal for 1st time Iran's regime imprisoned 3 Iranians for contact with Israel. One of the bombshells: Erdogan's MIT intel arrested an Iranian woman in Ankara after she left Israel's embassy. Erdogan delivered her to Khamenei's terror force, IRGC.
12 Apr, 06:51 PM UTC
Israeli spy Shawn (שושנה)Dreyfus, JD, LLM
Top Biden administration officials apparently were given no advance notice of the attack against the Iranian uranium-enrichment facility, according to people familiar with the situation. Good. I don’t trust the Biden administration.
12 Apr, 11:22 PM UTC
@StateDept Why DONT you Start the 2021 lottery process? iranian wineners are waiting for the opening of US Embassy in Ankara... Please follow up as soon as possible #dv2021 #OPEN_EMBASSIES @StateDept @TravelGov . @POTUS @VP @SecBlinken . @USCIS @USEmbassyTurkey
12 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC