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Molly Jong-Fast🏡
I never understood why they went into Iraq after the 911 attacks. It was like they just looked at a map ....
14 Apr, 08:35 PM UTC
The White House
“There is no comforting distance of history in Section 60. The grief is raw. It is a visceral reminder of the living cost of war.” — President Biden honoring the service members who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq @WhiteHouse's photo on Iraq
15 Apr, 12:45 AM UTC
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
👇 founder of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America:
14 Apr, 08:59 PM UTC
The Spectator Index
JUST IN: Reports that Erbil airport in Iraq has been struck by a missile
14 Apr, 07:40 PM UTC
Jennifer 'pro-voting' Rubin
I’m left with question on Af War: did we buy them 20 years or waste 20 yrs? Would it have been so draining to leave 3000 trainers/eyes in the ground there ? Did we lose Afg when we chased wmd’s in Iraq? Was it ever winnable?
14 Apr, 12:09 PM UTC
Chris Jansing
Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery, final resting place for men and women who died fighting America‘s recent wars, especially Iraq and Afghanistan “Look at them all” ⁦@POTUS@ChrisJansing's photo on Iraq
14 Apr, 07:18 PM UTC
Tristen Schmidt
@JoshuaPotash @ghostovkandahar By US govt standards, China, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq & others should bomb us for extensive human rights violations
14 Apr, 03:44 AM UTC
Richard Medhurst 🇸🇾🇵🇸
Liz Cheney, whose father along with Bush started the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, raking in billions for Halliburton and other oil and private military contractors, wants the war (and their profits) to continue. How shocking.
14 Apr, 11:14 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
Imagine if the U.S. had *not* declared a 'war on terror', and invaded Afghanistan & then Iraq. Imagine if the response to 9/11 had been rooted in police work, intelligence, international law, aid...winning hearts & minds. Imagine how much safer we would have been all these years.
14 Apr, 07:46 PM UTC
Dave Smith
Take a look at Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, did I miss a few? Millions of dead Muslims due to our representative government. Extreme nationalism can go bad, but you don’t have to make up hypotheticals to imagine how our system can become genocidal.
14 Apr, 12:28 PM UTC
Tara Copp
.@POTUS @JoeBiden "I’m the first president in 40 years who knows what it means to have a child serving in a war zone. "Throughout this process my North Star has been remembering what it was like when my late Son Beau deployed to #Iraq (more) @TaraCopp's photo on Iraq
14 Apr, 06:58 PM UTC
Imagine somebody like Amir Albazi saying he finds extra motivation in fighting against a random American fighter because he’s Iraqi and the Iraq War happened.. It would be a lil bit weird and yet it would be entirely more justifiable than whatever the fuck Rose is saying here 🤷🏾‍♂️
14 Apr, 09:46 PM UTC
"We set aside money for war, but we don't set aside money for the true cost of war." Jon Stewart talks to @LesterHoltNBC about supporting legislation for veterans suffering from illnesses believed to be related to toxic exposure during overseas deployment
14 Apr, 08:14 PM UTC
tim anderson
#Iran carries out targeted retaliation for #Israeli attack on the #Natanz nuclear facility: upgrading uranium enrichment at Natanz, striking an Israeli vessel off the #UAE and attacking an Israeli spy base in northern #Iraq.
14 Apr, 07:12 AM UTC
Fiona Edwards - #BlackLivesMatter
The forces that told you Iraq had weapons of mass destruction to justify the US-led criminal war on the Iraqi people are the same forces that are now telling you that China is committing genocide to justify the US-led cold war and military encirclement of China. Imperialist lies!
14 Apr, 03:31 PM UTC
proud veteran from a family of soldiers🇺🇸
Never forget Pfc John E. Brown, 21, assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 44th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, Fort Campbell, Ky.; was killed on 14Apr03 when a grenade exploded inside his Humvee in Iraq.
15 Apr, 01:15 AM UTC
Jabclonk Lyethorn
Still think it’s really disturbing that a very small percentage of leftists and libertarians have fully accounted for the fact that the Afghanistan war was based on a lie and was a preemptive war and horrible atrocity no morally ‘better’ than the Iraq war
15 Apr, 01:49 AM UTC
Stocking Mill Coffee
I’m old enough to remember when the last occupant of this office was lampooned for doing things like this because he didn’t serve...much like the current occupant. Difference being, the last occupant didn’t vote to invade Iraq. -NG
15 Apr, 02:47 AM UTC
Press TV
Iraqi group claims responsibility for attacking Mossad center in Erbil
15 Apr, 02:20 AM UTC
Heshmat Alavi
#UPDATE The Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq denies reports circulating by #Iran-linked outlets about an attack on a Mossad base.
14 Apr, 12:52 PM UTC
Heshmat Alavi
.@STRUANSTEVENSON The regime’s ruling #Iran is meddling in Iraq & has caused objections by the Iraqis. Iraqis are fed up with Iran. Under orders from Tehran, Soleimani led the popular mobilization forces to lead a genocide against Iraq’s Sunni population.
14 Apr, 07:53 PM UTC
Edward N Luttwak
Petraeus did v well in Iraq by skillfully emulating British-style divide & rule (arming the Sunni tribes against the Shi'a militias) but was then hypnotized by the military malpractice known as counter-insurgency warfare, wasted billions & fell flat on his face in Afghanistan
14 Apr, 10:31 PM UTC
Heshmat Alavi
Dr. @BoumedraTahar The crimes of the mullahs’ regime did not stop at #Iran’s borders. They extended to its neighboring countries, to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and even to Europe. The role of Qassem Soleimani needs not to be recalled.
14 Apr, 07:00 PM UTC
proud veteran from a family of soldiers🇺🇸
Never forget LCpl. Dean D. Opicka, 29, assigned to Marine Forces Reserve’s 2nd Battalion, 24th Marine Regiment, 4th Marine Division, Milwaukee; died 14Apr08 while conducting combat operations in Anbar province, Iraq.
15 Apr, 01:12 AM UTC
War Noir
Some interesting Saudi G3 rifles are on sale in #Sadr City, #Iraq. They cost 800,000 IQD each (~547$). Hard to tell where is it come from originally but various ex-Saudi rifles were captured by #ISIS and found their way to gun markets.
14 Apr, 11:27 PM UTC
Iran Democratic Association (IDA) Canada 🇨🇦
Dr. Tahar Boumedra, ex-UN official: The crimes of the mullahs’ regime did not stop at #Iran ’s borders. They extended to its neighboring countries, to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and even to Europe. #Ramadan
14 Apr, 07:45 PM UTC
I wonder how long it will take for @netanyahu & @gantzbe to confirm the assassination of 3 hi-level #Israeli #Spies at #Mossad Base in #Kurdish #Erbil in #Iraq last night identified as: 1 Menahem Noam 2 Ekifa A'ami 3 Biriz Jacob with many more injured.
14 Apr, 04:40 PM UTC
American Earthquakes 🌋🌊🌎
To our Muslim followers and friends, we wish you a very good #Ramadan, #RamadanMubarak. May this month be full of Peace.🕊☪️ P.s: The most seismically active Muslim majority countries are #Indonesia, #Turkey, #Iran, #Iraq, #Pakistan and #Algeria. 😊 #EQVT.
14 Apr, 11:48 PM UTC
قناة الحرة
هجوم أربيل.. رسائل إيرانية بعد "نطنز"
15 Apr, 02:18 AM UTC
Echo Chamber
Our criminal regime lets every Iraq War instigator, Epstein accomplice, and financial crisis fraudster walk free. Then responds by trying to put a mother of 4 in prison for the rest of her life.
15 Apr, 02:57 AM UTC