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Adrian Wojnarowski
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving had no contact with the franchise after Irving opted into his deal on Monday, and a sense of inevitability existed that Durant would eventually ask for a trade, sources tell ESPN. It happened today.
30 Jun, 07:04 PM UTC
Brian Windhorst says the Lakers could potentially put together a package that lands Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving @TheNBACentral's photo on Irving
30 Jun, 09:43 PM UTC
Kyrie Irving is focused on forcing his way to the Lakers, per @WindhorstESPN https://t.co/ER30WrvvMh
30 Jun, 10:21 PM UTC
Evan Massey
Per source, the Dallas #Mavericks are expected to heavily pursue a trade for #Nets star Kyrie Irving. Assuming they lose Jalen Brunson, that pursuit will be very aggressive.
30 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Steph Curry and Kelly Oubre Jr. have played more games together than Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving lol
30 Jun, 07:50 PM UTC
The Lakers are making Kyrie Irving their No. 1 trade target, per @mcten https://t.co/hYw3EpqkLR
01 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Legion Hoops
REPORT: Executives have “floated” the possibility that the Lakers can trade for both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving if they would like to continue playing together. (via @WindhorstESPN) 🍿🍿🍿 https://t.co/ihYH1o8aYB
30 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
Uncle Drew
If Kyrie Irving is traded to Lakers this week, I will send one person who likes this tweet $1000. Must be following https://t.co/DmiUH2yLR6
30 Jun, 07:55 PM UTC
"Kyrie Irving is telling everybody he plans on going to LA, meaning the Lakers as soon as he possibly can." —@stephenasmith @espn's photo on Irving
30 Jun, 09:12 PM UTC
Shannon sharpes burner
Lebron James to Kyrie Irving after Kevin Durant requested a trade https://t.co/nC6k4dWrRl
30 Jun, 07:35 PM UTC
Since Kyrie Irving stepped on Lucky The Leprechaun: - 2 Games later he got injured for rest of playoffs. - Mandate in New York forces him to miss half of season and 20 million dollars. - Celtics sweep Nets in playoffs - Nike doesn’t renew his contract - KD says peace out
30 Jun, 07:20 PM UTC
Camisa 23 | NBA
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 O Lakers pode oferecer um pacote para adquirir Kevin Durant e Kyrie Irving JUNTOS em Los Angeles. 😳😳😳 🗞 @WindhorstESPN 📸 Nathaniel S. Butler https://t.co/tfHOebUDGU
30 Jun, 09:48 PM UTC
Complex Sports
Kyrie Irving after being at the center of yet another teams collapse @ComplexSports's photo on Irving
30 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Stephen A Smith
I feel that Kyrie Irving ruined the franchise. @stephenasmith's photo on Irving
30 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
.@WindhorstESPN says the Lakers could make a play for both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant 🤯 "It has been floated to me. ... That the Lakers would potentially have a package that you could trade for both of them." @espn's photo on Irving
30 Jun, 09:59 PM UTC
Brooklyn Netcast
Sean Marks scared off: James Harden Kyrie Irving Kevin Durant It’s clear who’s fault it is.
30 Jun, 08:06 PM UTC
Hoop Central
REPORT: “As for the prospect of the Lakers trying to get in on the Durant sweepstakes themselves…a source close to the situation put the chances at “zero.” Their focus, it seems, is on Irving. And vice versa,” via @sam_amick (https://t.co/LsNArSYuhp) https://t.co/DZLnqg7jOK
01 Jul, 01:49 AM UTC
I just wanna remind y’all that Kyrie Irving ditched Bron in Cleveland and Bron didn’t ask out..he backpacked them bum ass n ggas to the Finals. I bring that up because for some reason they get linked together as moving the same, when that couldn’t be further from the truth..
30 Jun, 07:34 PM UTC
Top Ball Coverage
Despite Kyrie Irving opting-in to his contract, people around the league believe Kyrie desires to reunite with LeBron James in Los Angeles, per @JakeLFischer https://t.co/lxZN4RkeWK
30 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
LeBron James Fan 🇨🇵
Avoir attendu que Kyrie Irving active sa Player option pour être certain qu'il ne renforce pas l'équipe de LeBron James puis une fois que la certitude est présente demander immédiatement son trade c'est fort c'est très fort de la part de Kevin Durant.. https://t.co/Nt7t3RAPwH
30 Jun, 08:25 PM UTC
Jovan Buha
On the increased likelihood that Kyrie Irving is traded to the Lakers, the potential framework of a two- or three-team deal, the Lakers’ reluctance to trade Anthony Davis for Kevin Durant and more with @sam_amick: https://t.co/oNRFSG9xds
01 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
The Athletic
Kevin Durant's trade request cements a period of hope and potential but ultimately failure in Nets history, writes @Alex__Schiffer. "They really didn’t get anything out of the Durant and Irving era — except a blueprint on how to not build a superteam." https://t.co/ENe9tnNNcW @TheAthletic's photo on Irving
01 Jul, 01:30 AM UTC
Kyle Odegard
Kyrie Irving next team odds, via DraftKings: Lakers +250 Mavericks +350 Nets +500 Knicks +800 Heat +1000
30 Jun, 08:47 PM UTC
Sydel Pls Forgive Me For The Names🏆💍 
2K Covers since 2k17: 17-Paul George (Nike) 18-Kyrie Irving(Nike) 19-Giannis(Nike) 20-Anthony Davis(Nike) 21-Dame(Adidas) 22-Luka(Jordan) 23-Booker(Nike) I doubt they ever put Steph back on the cover again no matter how good he is
30 Jun, 10:35 PM UTC
Tenemos un escenario de cambio por Kyrie: "Irving y otro Net (Seth Curry, Royce O’Neale o Day’Ron Sharpe) por Westbrook y las 1ras rondas 2027 y 2029. Si Nets no quieren tomar el salario de Russ, podrían sumar un 3er equipo, con un pick + Talen o Nunn involucrado." - @sam_amick https://t.co/h21dInuWra
01 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
Eric Pincus
ICYMI Latest @BleacherReport Would Any of These 4 Teams Help Lakers, Nets Trade Russell Westbrook, Kyrie Irving? -- and now with teams spending money, it's the Spurs on that list who stand out with their cap room still intact: https://t.co/uEtoo9uKPF
01 Jul, 01:54 AM UTC
🪬 Lakers Vino
Sounds like the Nets want both first round picks from the Lakers in an Irving trade. Seth Curry could potentially join Kyrie in the trade to LA. https://t.co/HX9D1RnFH8 https://t.co/ljlIzhoweL
01 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
Rob Parks Jr.
The @Lakers potentially have a trade package to trade for Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) and Kyrie Irving (@KyrieIrving). Wow man! If this happens the internet will break! #LakeShow #LakersTwitter #NBATwitter via @WindhorstESPN @ESPN @ESPNNBA https://t.co/7MVNdOvAWG
01 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
CLOSED - #BCHwy3A - Vehicle incident at Irving road east of #CastlegarBC has the highway closed in BOTH directions. Assessment in progress. Detour available. More info: https://t.co/VRXRseEfMo #SouthSlocanBC #NelsonBC
01 Jul, 01:03 AM UTC