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Abhinav Prakash
They want India to bring back ISIS brides on ‘humanitarian’ grounds but oppose India giving citizenship under CAA to those persecuted by the ISIS.
15 Jun, 08:01 AM UTC
I have to ask. Why is media describing 4 female ISIS members from India as "widows of terrorists" instead of "terrorists"? These 4 individuals are sitting in Kabul jail. Just because they happen to be female, we cannot call them terrorists?
15 Jun, 03:11 AM UTC
Pinarayi Vijayan waters down ISIS "fighters" as their Kerala-born widows seek to return to India
15 Jun, 06:30 AM UTC
Swati Goel Sharma
From the NIA chargesheet on several men and women leaving Kerala to join ISIS: The group believed that India is a land of kafirs, Dar-up-Kufra and not Dar-up-Islam where Sharia is established. Why do ISIS widows want to return to this land of kafirs now? @swati_gs's photo on ISIS
15 Jun, 07:34 AM UTC
‘Go to haram restaurants and poison their food’: Ex-Australian ISIS bride now lives a free life in Turkey. Details
15 Jun, 06:10 AM UTC
Ju (Littlemissgiggles)
Don't fall for this bullshit. She knew exactly what she was doing and what ISIS is about...
15 Jun, 10:22 AM UTC
NIA India
NIA chargesheets an ISIS terrorist in Chennai ISIS/ ‘Q’ Branch Case @NIA_India's photo on ISIS
15 Jun, 01:48 PM UTC
Nathan Tankus
This is really dark & I also can't help but think about ISIS & Al Qaeda's long-standing recommendation to use cars in attacks.This kind of violence was always coded as the height of "terrorism" & it's really weird to see it lose that connotation (because of whiteness)in real time
15 Jun, 11:08 AM UTC
Shamina Begum says she was a dumb kid when she fled to ISIS. She must think we are dumb f**ks if she thinks we want her back here - and as for the wokettes asking for her return saying she didn't know what she was doing.....these are the same people who want 16years old to vote!!
15 Jun, 01:18 PM UTC
Duryodhan ❂
Rest of the world: ISIS Terrorists Secular Kerala : ISIS Fighters
15 Jun, 12:43 PM UTC
'उन्हें चाकू मारो, हराम रेस्तरां में जाकर खाने में जहर डाल दो': तुर्की में आजाद घूम रही ISIS की आतंकी दुल्हन #ISIS #Turkey
15 Jun, 10:27 AM UTC
अद्वैता काला Advaita Kala 😷
Should the ISIS widows in jail in Afghanistan be allowed to return to India? @KahaliNow
15 Jun, 09:47 AM UTC
Arun 🇮🇳
Jihadists have begun pushing the 4 ISIS female terrorists as 'Widows' & wives of 'fighters' An adult who consciously joined ISIS & participated in unspeakable terrorism against non-muslims is forever a threat. The world's most dangerous terrorist is a Women aka 'Black Widow'.
15 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
आदर्श वाजपेयी 🇮🇳
ISIS Doctor treating neck pain. ~ Fact Checked by Alt News
15 Jun, 05:20 AM UTC
Charles Lister
#Turkey captured senior #ISIS leader Abu Osama al-Turki (Kasim Guler) in a MIT-led operation inside #Syria. An Afghanistan veteran, Guler was allegedly #ISIS's "financial officer" for #Russia/#Europe/#Turkey & is the 1st "red-level" operative captured. @Charles_Lister's photo on ISIS
15 Jun, 01:18 PM UTC
Not, it's not a difficult case. She picked her side. Barbarous ISIS, keep her out @GBNEWS
15 Jun, 12:19 PM UTC
ISIS – எதிரொலி ; கேரள முதல்வருக்கு வலுக்கும் எதிர்ப்பு..! @mediyaannews on ISIS"> via @mediyaannews #isis | #kerala_CM |
15 Jun, 08:59 AM UTC
President of the United Districts of Tamil Nadu
போகும் என்ற பயம். ISIS தீவிரவாதிகள் மற்றும் இலங்கை குண்டுவெடிப்பில் தொடர்புள்ளோர் இங்கு தஞ்சமடைய முயன்றனர். கேரளாவில் இருந்து சிரியா சென்றவர்கள் இத்தீவின் வழியே சென்றார்கள் என்று உறுதி செய்யப்படாத தகவல்கள் உள்ளது. @Devi_Uvacha @Maathiyosi007 @Jeyan_kumari @RajucuteK @ak_eswari
15 Jun, 02:13 PM UTC
-- GEROMAN -- I fell in love with #NATO -
Another evidence that women who followed ISIS are not ISIS' wives but ISIS. They should be punished like their men - but not "at home" - no - there where they committed their crimes - in Syria and Iraq. Period.
15 Jun, 01:57 PM UTC
A society believed in unity in diversity.The world has seen how radical groups has devastated nations,whether it is Taliban or ISIS,it has destroyed civilisations.Hindutva- a volcano of hatred,if not nipped in d bud,will eventually erupt and destroy one of d oldest civilisations.
15 Jun, 12:51 PM UTC
Komunitas Tolak Khilafah
Ex ormas HTI dan FPI diduga berafiliasi dgn kelompok teroris lokal seperti Mujahidin Indonesia Timur dan Jamaah Ansharut Daulah, hingga organisasi teroris dunia, ISIS. Berikan informasi ke aparat jika melihat keberadaan mereka, biar Indonesia aman. #UsutTuntasJaringanTerorisFPI
14 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC
Constantin Barcov ☭ Free Palestine 🇵🇸
@SkyStapley @MikeKofiA If your country is attacked and an ally comes to help you, is the said ally an invader? They came at the request of the Afghan government to fight the Mujahideen, which were helped by the US, which would later become the Taliban which later became Isis and al-Qaeda. History!
15 Jun, 08:58 AM UTC
dishevelled pimp
Remember when everyone was like “you have to call Isis ‘Daesh’ they hate that”
15 Jun, 03:33 PM UTC
His Excellency Sophitsho
Oh gosh! Now ISIS is going to see this and the US army is going to have to intervene 😢
15 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC
Isis Journal
In our June 2021 Issue we dive into the world of Research Film. Click the link below for our open access articles to read and watch what it's all about!
15 Jun, 01:33 PM UTC
La hermana República de Siria condena el injerencismo hacia Nicaragua. Siria fue una de las víctimas de la primavera árabe promovida por Estados Unidos usando ONGs y redes sociales, lo que conllevó a la creación de ISIS. #LaHuacaGolpista #EleccionesSinInjerencia
15 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
Sanjit Rout
ଡାକ୍ତର ଇଜାଜ ମଧ୍ୟ ଜଣେ ଯୋଦ୍ଧା। ହଁ, ଇଏ କିନ୍ତୁ Front line Corona ଯୋଦ୍ଧା ନୁହଁନ୍ତି ଇଏ ହେଲେ ISIS ର front line warrior ଓ IMA ର ଆଜୀବନ ସଦସ୍ୟ। Kerala doctor in IS terrorist raid on Afghan jail via @timesofindia
15 Jun, 12:49 PM UTC
@aimeeterese Al Qaeda and ISIS are OUT. Domestic terrorism is IN.
15 Jun, 02:56 PM UTC
@AsadAli_07 #SajalAly #boycottzara ISIS Pakistan "DKD TRAILER OUT NOW" #PressConferenceByDrQadri #شہباز_پاکستان #نااہل_سندھ_حکومت #SayNoToPPPFacismInSindh #IndianNukesThreatToPeace
15 Jun, 11:45 AM UTC
@mediyaannews திராவிடமும் IS பயங்கரவாதமும் - ஒரு பயங்கர காதல் கதை #IS #ISIS #Kerala
15 Jun, 03:04 PM UTC