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David Vance
Remember. “Islamophobia” is an invented term aimed at shutting down legitimate criticism of Islam. The fact that the UK is even considering adopting Warsi’s toxic definition into law shows how far we have fallen.
15 May, 06:35 AM UTC
Alex Wickham
EXCLUSIVE: Theresa May is to reject the British Muslims APPG definition of Islamophobia on free speech grounds
15 May, 09:31 AM UTC
Tom London
Have I missed something? The Jewish Establishment and the Tory Party insisted it was for Jews to define AS but now they object to Muslims defining Islamophobia. How do they justify this?
15 May, 03:41 PM UTC
Another Angry Voice
Remember when Labour adopted the exact IHRA definition of anti-Semitism but left out a few examples on free speech grounds & mainstream media went ape shit? Well Theresa May just used 'free speech' to reject the *entire* APPG definition of Islamophobia. Cue media indifference.
15 May, 03:57 PM UTC
Alex Wickham
Remember Tory MPs piling into Labour for not adopting the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism and trying to come up with their own definition instead? Well now the government is doing exactly the same on Islamophobia
15 May, 09:44 AM UTC
“The new definition of Islamophobia would devastate freedom of speech. It says anyone who targets ‘expressions of Muslimness’ is racist. This means anyone who criticises Islam is racist. This is blasphemy law by the back door”, says Brendan O’Neill
15 May, 04:01 PM UTC
“For too long, the word ‘Islamophobia’ has been used to silence criticism of Islam. It has to stop. No religion should ever be protected from questioning, dissent or mockery. Free speech is more important than people’s feelings”, says Brendan O’Neill
15 May, 08:00 PM UTC
1/ Today, @snopes reporter @alexkasprak published an investigation into a network of at least 24 political Facebook pages that promote Islamophobia and conspiracy theories while purporting to represent the views of a diverse set of Americans.'s photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Swati Goel Sharma
Some idiotic journalists call it Islamophobia while offering no alternative. In my next assignment, I will see if such boycott calls hv actually worked but the ques is, does the state has any solution? Such crimes are too many and too frequent to be not taken seriously
15 May, 02:55 PM UTC
New definition of "Islamophobia" in Britain could make it ILLEGAL to critisize Muslim traditions. I thought that in a free and democratic society you should be allowed to critisize ANY religion?
15 May, 05:08 PM UTC
Diane Abbott
Definition of Islamophobia is essentially straightforward: Acting in a biased or discriminatory way against anyone on the basis that they are, or perceived to be a Muslim. And wholly unacceptable
15 May, 09:49 AM UTC
Naz Shah MP
If Theresa May refuses to adopt the definition of Islamophobia, the message she sends to the Muslim community will be heard loud and clear
15 May, 01:56 PM UTC
Bleuland van Oordt
While some Christians have to live with Islamic calls for murder on a daily basis, @Anna_Soubry is calling for anti-Islamophobia legislation!
15 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Are we gonna pretend to be shocked? Theresa May Will Reject Calls By Muslim Groups To Define Islamophobia As A Type Of Racism
15 May, 10:03 AM UTC
Rachael Swindon
Correct me if I’m wrong, but the media reaction to Labour adopting the IHRA, and the Tories refusal to adopt the APPG Islamophobia definition is quite frankly, obscene. Listen up @Conservatives - Islamophobia is racism. And this explains why. Now act. Rachael Swindon's photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 06:14 PM UTC
Kevin Maguire
Presumably all those who criticised Labour's foot dragging over adopting the antisemitism definition(I was one of them) will also want to criticise the Con Govt for rejecting the Islamophobia version
15 May, 12:16 PM UTC
bisous Champion
Vous êtes sûrs que la France est un pays laïque ? Looks like islamophobia to me.
16 May, 02:46 AM UTC
David Vance
Baroness Warsi's attempts to impose *Islamophobia* laws in the UK are closer to imposing Blasphemy laws. They are unwanted and must be opposed. Read my latest column on the issue here! Please RT if you agree with me.
15 May, 07:31 PM UTC
“Islamophobia” is an invented term aimed at shutting down legitimate criticism of Islam.🤔 ALX✝️'s photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 08:03 PM UTC
liz gerard #FBPE
This is a VERY LONG thread about #journalism #ethics #bias #transphobia #islamophobia and newsroom culture Please stick with it, there are some pretty alarming allegations coming up. @thetimes @pressgazette @theguardian @privateeyenews
15 May, 11:12 AM UTC
Nimco Ali 🔻
I sense this definition of #Islamophobia is going to mean that a lot of us feminist and secular Muslim women will be called Islamophobic for seeking to uphold the basic human rights and freedoms of women and for questing male interpretation of holy text.
15 May, 08:38 AM UTC
jewdⒶs // יידהודה
Stephen Pollard: anyone who doesn’t adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism is a racist. Also Stephen Pollard: Islamophobia doesn’t exist so there’s no need for a definition of it.
15 May, 07:57 PM UTC
Tom Holland
And, FWIW, to people who've written books on the origins of Islam, and then found that the accusation of 'islamophobia', sprayed around like a tom cat marking its territory, is one that can result in multiple death threats.
15 May, 08:12 PM UTC
The Helper
WHEN YOU LOOSE AN ARGUMENT, JUST YELL "ISLAMOPHOBIA" - Rep. Ilhan Omar accuses Liz Cheney of Islamophobia: 'You never met a Muslim you didn't want to vilify'
15 May, 08:25 AM UTC
With the rise of far-right attacks on Muslims globally, including worshippers being murdered in places of worship, it is deeply shameful that the @Conservatives are refusing to adopt the definition of Islamophobia as set out by the APPG on British Muslims.
15 May, 10:38 AM UTC
Sayeeda Warsi
“Conservatives are mired in allegations of #Islamophobia and are not the best arbiters of framing a definition” My interview @Channel4News @JackieLongc4
15 May, 07:50 PM UTC
Labour Press Team
"If Theresa May refuses to adopt the definition of Islamophobia, the message she sends to the Muslim community will be heard loud and clear." - @NazShahBfd
15 May, 10:54 AM UTC
Rory Edgington
So after giving Corbyn months of stick for not adopting the full IHRA definition of anti-semitism (despite it specifically ring-fencing a certain country from criticism...) the Tories then refuse to adopt the working definition of Islamophobia??
15 May, 04:37 PM UTC
Tom Holland
The definition of Islamophobia the Govrnmnt is being asked to approve is one that threatens to criminalise "claims of Muslims spreading Islam by the sword or subjugating minority groups under their rule". But most Muslims, for most of history, wld have been fine with these claims
15 May, 08:17 PM UTC
Kirralie Smith
Islamophobia is a ridiculous word designed to silence criticism of Islam. There's already perfectly good laws preventing hate, inciting violence, etc. No need for a special law just for Islam. We must be able to criticise, satirise & analyse all ideologies
16 May, 12:23 AM UTC
“Islamophobia” is just self-projected left wing anti-patriotic word to use to silence anyone who criticises Islam or wanting to put this country first. I don’t see Sikhs Christians & Hindus crying out Sikhphobia, Christianphobia or Hinduphobia.
15 May, 11:19 AM UTC
Michael Rosen
‘Islamophobia ‘ -means ‘hate of Muslims’. It’s racist not because Muslims are a ‘race’. Racists are people who treat other groups as if they are a ‘race’ or a group apart. Most Muslims are people of colour so Islamophobics hate them for that. That’s racism,
15 May, 07:56 PM UTC
Damo 🌹 #GTTO #JC4PM2019
So we've found out today that Theresa May will refuse to adopt the British Muslim's APPG definition of Islamophobia, citing 'freedom of speech' as the issue. Freedom of speech comes with a degree of responsibility - this lot just want to keep on being racist it seems.
15 May, 05:33 PM UTC
Two sound grenades were hurled inside Al-Ikhlas mosque in #Espoo city of #Finland whilst Muslims were praying. #Islamophobia DOAM's photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 12:17 PM UTC
Mohammed Amin
Good. I regard the APPG definition as fundamentally flawed. We don’t need the word Islamophobia at all. Muslims fixating on the word are not helping with the real struggle against anti-Muslim bigotry and discrimination. The word Islamophobia should be abandoned.
15 May, 01:40 PM UTC
𝖑𝖔𝖐𝖎 𝖔𝖉𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖔𝖓
at iftaar today please make dua that the muslim community can acknowledge any type of discrimination apart from Islamophobia as well. insha'allah ❤️
15 May, 01:14 PM UTC
Channel 4 News
Conservative peer Baroness Warsi says that as her party is "mired in its own controversies of Islamophobia, they're not the best arbiters of finding a definition of Islamophobia". Channel 4 News's photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 08:30 PM UTC
امنه خان (a.k.a. jay) ☪️/🏳️‍🌈/⚧
obviously abortion should be allowed in all cases, but calling total abortion bans "sharia" when sharia doesn't call for total abortion bans is just letting your latent islamophobia show
15 May, 05:53 PM UTC
@NazShahBfd Since Islam is responsible for most of the terrorist atrocities around the world at present, fear of Islam is not irrational. "Islamophobia" is a means of Islamists trying to control the peoples of non Islamic countries.
15 May, 05:25 PM UTC
Is this ‘Muslimness’ or ‘perceived Muslimness’? Are we allowed to criticise this or is that now forbidden? This new proposed definition of Islamophobia makes no sense!
16 May, 05:41 AM UTC
YHWHuniversity™️ knowing GOD through Jesus🎚Christ
@SkyNewsAust @jacindaardern @CBNNews @LoomerFanClub @AmyMek @JudgeJeanine @ACTBrigitte @charliekirk11 @MarkDice @PrisonPlanet @RitaPanahi @WatchSharia @TuckerCarlson @NasrinSotoudeh @AlinejadMasih @USAloveGOD @Acts17 @LVNancy @SandraSentinel @KAG4All @JVER1 @kwilli1046 @GIJoeOPS @DeborahJesic AT LAST SOME BACK Whatever you might think about @theresa_may on #Brexit, I give her credit for rejecting to define #islamophobia as a type of racism! As a Christian reading Quran 5:51 and many anti Christian verses, shows me #myISLAMOPHOBIAisJUSTIFIED YHWHuniversity™️ knowing GOD through Jesus🎚Christ's photo on Islamophobia
16 May, 05:15 AM UTC
Diyanet America
Raise your voice! #islamophobia is real! Let's end the hate and unite together. - We are looking to raise the money for opening our #mosque to door the community again in this blessed month of Ramadan. - - #newhaven #arson #fire #masjid @DiyanetAmerica #CT Diyanet America's photo on Islamophobia
15 May, 06:58 PM UTC
Brendan Cox
I have to say I’m lost in this debate about the difference between Islamophobia and Anti Muslim hatred. Is there a good non partial summary of the debate that anyone can recommend?
16 May, 05:54 AM UTC
caroline england❌
One glimmer of common sense in our mad world Government REJECTS proposals for official definition of Islamophobia @MailOnline
16 May, 05:01 AM UTC
Au Purrr , The ResistaCat
BREAKING , @ScottMorrisonMP Says It Is Time For #MoreOfTheSame @LiberalAus #ClimateChange Denial , #Refugee Abuse , Racism , #Islamophobia , Fear Mongering , Lies , #HumanRights Abuses , #MurrayDarling Mass Fish Deaths And Corruption #auspol #AusVotes2019
16 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Alexander Bain
@skynewsmichelle As the world leaders gather to condemn #Islamophobia, the @Conservatives in government reject the definition of Islamophobia in the name of “free speech”. But criticising the government of Israel is blasphemy against free speech. It’s beggars belief!
15 May, 06:25 PM UTC
'Hatred against Muslims does not begin with the sound of gunfire breaking through the peaceful calm of a place of prayer. It begins with simple prejudice in our schools, our workplaces and our communities.'
15 May, 03:55 PM UTC
peter steyn
Government REJECTS proposals for official definition of Islamophobia
16 May, 06:02 AM UTC
James Marsters
Whether you're trying to come up with abortion legislation, a definition of islamophobia or antisemitism, or a plan on how to educate about LGBT issues, maybe listen to the people who've first-hand experience of the problem rather than those who don't? Dunno, just a wacky thought
16 May, 06:15 AM UTC
Kwan Jin Yao
"What are the roots of popular fear of Islam in China today, and how is it connected to the actions of the Chinese government in Xinjiang?" Islamophobia in China
16 May, 06:15 AM UTC
John B Tawn
Government REJECTS proposals for an official definition of Islamophobia after experts warned Sajid Javid it could be a 'backdoor blasphemy law' and limit free speech  via
16 May, 06:14 AM UTC
Steve Halliday
@AdamWagner1 @APPGBritMuslims Islamophobia is a way to stop criticism of Islam.. freedom of speech??? No such thing anymore
16 May, 06:14 AM UTC
@Janric Pointing out the hate isn't persecution or Islamophobia; it's a call for accountability. Their spin (and political cover from Party leadership) is nothing short of wretched.
16 May, 06:14 AM UTC
Simon Kelly
@mrianleslie Why are people so confused as to why they won't endorse a widely held definition of Islamophobia?
16 May, 06:13 AM UTC
The cultural enrichment we get importing these people is amazing #immigration #Islamophobia #islam #ImmigrationReform #Brexit harryteplowe's photo on Islamophobia
16 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Rose 🇪🇺
@JulianapShielda @OzKaterji I agree. But I feel it's dangerous to say islamophobia isn't a thing cos clearly it is.
16 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Are we about to go down the next rabbit hole of denying free speech by labelling so called "Islamophobia" racist? How does this square with the faith being hijacked by misogynistic cultures? Yet another way of the do-goody left to shut-up women (Labour supports the idea).
16 May, 06:11 AM UTC
T. James 🐸
The Grooming Gangs in the UK, resulting in the rape of 100s of vulnerable children over decades, have taught the #LoonyLeft absolutely nothing about the danger of #politicalcorrectness & #censorship #Islamophobia #freespeech #LibDem #SadiqKhan #Labour
16 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Andy C
@DailyMail Why don't @Twitter ban #AntiSemitic #Muslim bigots like @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN @lsarsour who are allowed to hide behind #islamophobia to commit more terror attacks @AOC List of Islamic Terror Attacks - The Religion of Peace Andy C's photo on Islamophobia
16 May, 06:11 AM UTC
Waldrons Solicitors
The Government has rejected proposals for an official definition of Islamophobia, with Downing Street saying the matter “will need further careful consideration.” The proposal in question has already been accepted by Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish Conservatives.
16 May, 06:10 AM UTC