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Tim Dillon
FACT: Scions are for Pacific Islanders who are up to no good.
24 Nov, 08:24 PM UTC
Stat Boy Steven 🇳🇱 🇮🇪
Wins at UBS Arena: Artemiy Panarin: 1 John Tavares: 1 New York Islanders: 0 #NYR #Isles
25 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
Mollie Walker
FINAL - #NYR 4, #Isles 1 Rangers handily defeat a minor-league version of the Islanders. Two goals for Kevin Rooney, two goals for Chris Kreider, two assists for Ryan Reaves, a fight for Alexis Lafreniere & a partridge in a pear tree.
25 Nov, 03:11 AM UTC
The NHL won't cancel tonight's Islanders game until every player on the Bridgeport Islanders, Worchester Railers and Islanders Hall of Fame has been recalled on an emergency basis.
24 Nov, 07:04 PM UTC
Zolan Kanno-Youngs
NEW My dispatch on Biden’s return to Nantucket, where he has brought a dizzying number of Secret Service agents, press and government officials. But it’s tough to surprise these islanders. (I can think of some who will appreciate the kicker).
24 Nov, 09:45 PM UTC
Sea Shepherd
A good reminder that the #FaroeIslands are the only Atlantic islanders still killing whales and dolphins. #StoptheGrind There is a way to honor traditions of the past while moving into the present. 😊🐬
24 Nov, 11:50 AM UTC
Seth Rothman
The Rangers have now surpassed the Islanders' all-time scoring total at UBS Arena. All-time goals at UBS Arena Rangers 4 Islanders 3
25 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
Stat Boy Steven 🇳🇱 🇮🇪
It's not as if the Islanders don't know what it takes to win at UBS Arena. They've had 3 teams show them how to do it. #NYR #Isles
25 Nov, 03:16 AM UTC
25 Nov, 05:05 AM UTC
Solomon Islanders defy lockdown, set fire to buildings in 2nd day of protest @Reuters's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 04:25 AM UTC
Alex Gallagher
Got a leaflet from Kenny Gibson Msp with this ludicrous statement. As if @theSNP hadn't betrayed the island and islanders over the last 14 years.
24 Nov, 08:45 PM UTC
Chris Botta
I know besides the Sens and Islanders, other teams have had cases. The messages I’m getting are about the NYI because that’s who they associate me with and I’ve tweeted about. The people contacting me may feel the NHL has failed on this with other teams as well.
25 Nov, 03:31 AM UTC
Rangers have more wins at UBS Arena The 4th Line was on something Kakko streak extended Kreider continues his pace to score infinity Pageau is a cunt vat. Lafreniere became a man at 10:04PM, November 24, 2021. Fuck the Islanders. Covid ridden or not #NYR Victory Flamingo
25 Nov, 03:12 AM UTC
J. Souza
“Why do you keep showing the sad Islanders fan next to his Rangers girlfriend?” #NYR MSG cameraman:
25 Nov, 03:04 AM UTC
New York Post
Rangers show Islanders they can dominate physically @nypost's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
the way poyraz was telling the islanders about their plan to get their homes back and still has his caring eyes over Haziran 🥺❤️ #iyikisen
25 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
Sandra Moone ✨ #S4TB
just saw a shooting star while driving, and immediately remembered to make a wish because of animal crossing. my islanders would be proud even though I’ve neglected them for weeks 🥲 🙈
25 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC
Islanders Videos
"This is the NHL. These are dreams that we've had since we were kids. It's not an easy situation that we're in right now, but we've got to keep moving forward as a group" - Casey Cizikas on maintaining positivity in this tough stretch for the Islanders @SNY_Islanders's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
New York Post Sports
Rangers show Islanders they can dominate physically @nypostsports's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
Islanders Videos
"You just look at the standings, you know where we are. We know our situation. It's nothing about really patience, it's about we've got to find a way to win a hockey game with less than ideal situations" - Barry Trotz @SNY_Islanders's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 05:00 AM UTC
The Melanesian Churchman
@devpolicy Agree . Solomon Islanders are by standers in their country - cannot see your leader, bid for work contracts, get a bank loan, health care, foreigners enjoying everything ....the situation highlights greater evil that exists !
25 Nov, 02:35 AM UTC
CordUp 🔌🍋
#Isles-#NYR attendance: 17,255 (100.8% capacity) Islanders have sold out 3 home games this season. Islanders rank 2nd in total percent capacity and are one of only 4 teams in the NHL to average above 100% capacity.
25 Nov, 04:57 AM UTC
Fire Judge Enthusiast
@yuuuzey Rangers have more goals and wins in UBS than the Islanders do 😹😹
25 Nov, 04:56 AM UTC
Casey Stern
This should read: “Rangers show 9 Islanders and some other dudes…”
25 Nov, 04:58 AM UTC
Islanders Videos
"It's been done before. A team won a Stanley Cup by being where we were at this time a few years back (the St. Louis Blues)" Barry Trotz on what improvements he'd like to see from the Islanders: @SNY_Islanders's photo on Islanders
25 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
@LeightonSauni Islanders and their sprite cure for all the ailments lol
25 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
@based_shesty Islanders playing like the green bean casserole of the NHL rn
25 Nov, 05:07 AM UTC
Stephen #Shesterkin4Vezina (12-4-3)
@breadmanspasta these wins against the poverty islanders franchise is always the best, nothing compares. 7 straight losses for the isLanders.
25 Nov, 04:51 AM UTC
@GallantEnjoyer Ok thank you, also the rangers own the Islanders.
25 Nov, 05:07 AM UTC
#Isles #LGI #NHL Islanders view in the standings
25 Nov, 05:04 AM UTC