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Ted Cruz
Why is a Member of Congress launching anti-Semitic slurs on Twitter? Caricaturing support for Israel as purchased by Jewish $$—“about the Benjamins”—is an old slander. Do other Dems agree? Will media ask them? As more Dems support BDS, anti-Semitism becoming far too common.
11 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
Ashley Feinberg
accurately describing how the Israel lobby works is not anti-semitism
11 Feb, 02:45 AM UTC
Ronna McDaniel
Ilhan Omar isn't just anti-Semitic in tweets, she proudly supports the BDS movement to boycott/delegitimize Israel. Does she want to boycott anyone else? No, just the Jewish people in the only Jewish state. Instead of condemning her, Pelosi put her on the Foreign Affairs Cmte.
11 Feb, 01:23 PM UTC
hend amry
No, criticism of Israel isn’t anti-semitism, just like criticism of a Muslim majority state isn’t islamophobia, by default. However racist or bigoted tropes can be intentionally or unintentionally triggered in making those critiques and yes that matters-it always matters.
11 Feb, 06:09 AM UTC
James Woods
The bullshit #BackPedal of the year...
11 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Ronna McDaniel
Democrat Ilhan Omar has called Israel “evil,” compared Israel to Iran, continues to push anti-Semitic tropes, and supports the anti-Semitic BDS movement to boycott Israel. Nancy Pelosi was wrong to elevate her to the Foreign Affairs Committee. Now Pelosi should remove her.
11 Feb, 04:56 PM UTC
Bess Kalb
It's not anti-Semitic to criticize AIPAC. It's anti-Semitic for AIPAC-owned evangelical politicians to support Israel because they want the hell-bound Jews to reclaim the holy land so Jesus can return and rapture true believers to heaven while everyone else incinerates xo.
11 Feb, 05:26 PM UTC
Mark R. Levin
Even Obama’s ambassador is outraged, but not Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler, Durban, Hoyer, any Democrat running for President, etc. In fact, the Obama clown who runs...
11 Feb, 06:30 PM UTC
People killed by gun last year: Japan: 10 Sweden: 41 Switzerland: 47 UK: 50 Israel: 105 Australia: 207 🅄🄽🄸🅃🄴🄳 🅂🅃🄰🅃🄴🅂: 39,773
11 Feb, 06:12 AM UTC
Anti-semitism is REAL But do not conflate and misuse that label. Calling out the government of Israel for it's crimes against humanity and AIPAC, a Pro- Israel lobby group that is effective in influencing Congress Members IS NOT ANTI SEMITIC! I stand with Ilhan Omar.
11 Feb, 08:20 PM UTC
Mehdi Hasan
So, on the whole @IlhanMN controversy, I wanted to do this #thread pointing out the absurdity of saying it's off limits to mention money and support for Israel, when the US media (rightly) does mention money, influence-peddling & lobbying when it comes to Saudi Arabia and DC. 1/
11 Feb, 05:08 PM UTC
Seth Abramson
I'm Jewish. I love my fellow Jews. I have a neutral disposition toward Israel. But I'm not a liar—and won't lie for Jews/Israel. After countless hours of research for Proof of Conspiracy, I've concluded that Israel may have sought to influence the 2016 election as much as Russia.
11 Feb, 09:15 PM UTC
Jim Acosta
Pelosi, Hoyer, and Clyburn call on Rep. Omar to apologize: "Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive. We condemn these remarks and we call upon Congresswoman Omar to immediately apologize."
11 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
Dr. Jill Stein🌻
Criticizing AIPAC is not anti-Semitic. Criticizing the Israeli government is not anti-Semitic. American Jews know as well as anyone else that this is a disingenuous smear tactic to silence anyone who supports peace with justice in Israel and Palestine.
11 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Ady Barkan🔥🌹
I am deeply disappointed in @SpeakerPelosi for her failure today. When AIPAC and its army try to silence criticism of the immoral, illegal, inhumane occupation by screaming about anti-semitism and claiming that nobody may ever talk about how the Israel lobby...
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Yossi Gestetner
@IlhanMN Hi @IlhanMN. Per published reports, you were born in Somalia and you were late a refugee in Kenya. What is your relation to Israel that you seem more obsessed to tear that country down than to build up the two countries where you spent the first 14 years of your life?
11 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
Philip Schuyler
A quote: "May Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." This is not from a sign held by a guy on the street in Iran. It was tweeted by Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar, a woman in the United States Congress.
11 Feb, 06:39 PM UTC
Lara Friedman🔥
A thread on the @IlhanMN controvery: Over 15+ yrs working the Hill on Israel-related issues from a non-AIPAC point of view, members/staff (both parties) told me over & over that they agreed with me but didn’t dare say so publicly for fear of repercussions from AIPAC et al. 1/
11 Feb, 04:36 PM UTC
@IlhanMN faces new criticism from both parties for her constant racist remarks towards Israel. The fact that this woman can get elected is just a sad state of affairs. Her racist rhetoric has no place in our Gov't. Please share if you think she should be removed immediately. Andrew's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 03:17 PM UTC
Leandro Ruschel 🗣
Primeiro-ministro de Israel afirmando que se o Irã tentar atacar o país, será o último ano que celebrarão a revolução.
11 Feb, 09:34 PM UTC
Angel Font #VdMdiuSi
Atenció als propers moviments geopolítics de Rusia, Israel, China... pel control meridional d'Europa Si la UE no es posa les piles amb Catalunya ho faran altres ESTEU AVISATS
10 Feb, 11:56 PM UTC
Joshua Scott
@IlhanMN You know what would be MUCH better than an apology? Publicly condemn #Hamas, #Hezbollah, #CAIR, and any organization that advocates for the destruction of #Israel and the Jewish people. Seriously, go on record that you are firmly against them and what they stand for...
11 Feb, 08:26 PM UTC
Katie Halper
1. There’s nothing antisemitic about criticizing AIPAC. 2. Kevin McCarthy knows that. So do the House Dems cravenly attacking @IlhanMN bc she's a Muslim WOC vulnerable to these attacks. 3. Jews (like me) & non-Jews must reiterate: criticizing AIPAC & Israel isn't antisemitic.
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Emma Vigeland
What happened to elevating minority voices, Democratic elite? Ilhan Omar's Israel stance is informed by her experiences as a Muslim and Somali-American. Instead, she's smeared as an anti-Semite. Or do you only want to elevate minority voices when it's financially convenient?
11 Feb, 05:04 PM UTC
Ida Skibenes ❄️
Funny how when @IlhanMN questions Israel and lobbyism, she’s immediately called anti Semitic. But when Trump placed a travel ban on Muslim countries, he was just “putting America first”. FFS.
11 Feb, 09:25 PM UTC
Michael Tracey
Today was an object lesson in how power dynamics really operate in this country Dems: claim they’re deferential to women of color who speak out GOP: claim they’re against outrage culture, PC, and “being overly offended” Both thrown out the window when it comes to Israel
11 Feb, 09:54 PM UTC
🔥Aiden Wolfe
Rep. Omar shouldn’t apologize for a god damn thing. America spoons Israel because Evangelical tools think it’s a requirement for their beloved corpse on a stick to descend from the heavens wielding an AK-47. What a fucking joke. She has my support.
11 Feb, 08:12 PM UTC
Brian Krassenstein
Ilhan Omar, suggested that AIPAC, a PAC that supports Israeli causes & donates to key Republicans, has a role in those Republicans voting for policies which favor Israel. Should we also attack anyone suggesting the GOP is Pro-gun because the NRA backs them too then?
11 Feb, 09:18 PM UTC
Remi Brulin
Tom Friedman 2011: "I hope that Israel’s prime minister understands that standing ovation he got in Congress this year wasn't for his politics. That ovation was bought & paid for by the Israel lobby." Was that an "anti-semitic trope"? Or is it so only when @IlhanMN says it? Remi Brulin's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 03:29 AM UTC
Brit Hume
Because you see, her comment was really not about Jews or Israel or even AIPAC. It was about lobbying. I wonder if she’s aware that lobbying is protected by the First Amendment.
11 Feb, 09:47 PM UTC
🇵🇸 Free Palestine Initiative 🇵🇸
How unfair is it that Israel has all its resources available to them 24/7 but #Palestinians have little to no resources? Why do world leaders sit on their hands & watch the injustice that occurs in #Palestine? When will a #Palestinian life matter!? #FreePalestine #FreeGaza #BDS 🇵🇸 Free Palestine Initiative 🇵🇸's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC
As long as I live - I’ll never understand why Jewish Americans vote 75% for the Anti-Semitic Democrat party. Not one Democrat politician attended the ceremony moving our Embassy to Jerusalem. Obama and his staff hated Israel. This makes absolutely no sense. WAKE UP!
11 Feb, 09:55 PM UTC
Tammy Bruce
I have a tiny feeling this will remain an issue... "UPDATE: Rep. Ilhan Omar 'Apologizes' for Anti-Jewish Comments" via @NYJooo
11 Feb, 08:31 PM UTC
The apology that Ilhan Omar sent out was forced. She follows centuries of black leaders who were vilified, punished, and mislabeled for denouncing the oppressive regime of Israel including MLK, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela... She did nothing wrong calling out AIPAC & Israel.
11 Feb, 09:58 PM UTC
Asa Winstanley
Striking: many of the liberals & soft-left that enthusiastically shared @AOC's viral video about the insidious influence of corporate PACs in Congress are either mealy-mouthed or actively smearing @IlhanMN about the biggest Israel PAC -- AIPAC
11 Feb, 06:49 PM UTC
Hot Take Monger
The uncomfortable truth - aside from the silencing of critique of Israel - is how the foundation these folks are working on is that Muslims are, by default, anti-Semitic. That starting point makes any/all criticism of Israel/pro-Israel lobby, from a Muslim, suspect. @IlhanMN
11 Feb, 07:22 PM UTC
Yossi Gestetner
@bedier @IlhanMN What it implies to you is your problem. I really don’t know when/how she crossed paths with Israel that she is so obsessed with it (while leaving her home country and refugee country out to dry).
11 Feb, 03:35 AM UTC
Seth Abramson
10/ Every story we're seeing (particularly overseas) says that Mueller has had agents talk to every one of these Israeli firms, often in Israel, and that he is closing in on how Israeli engagement(s) with the Trumps pre-election fits in with—yes—Manafort and Kilimnik's collusion.
11 Feb, 09:31 PM UTC
REP. TLAIB wrote for racist/anti-semitic Farrakhan paper Tlaib also called for cutting military aid to Israel & seemingly abandoned a two-state solution in the Middle East. Anti-Semitism & racism are the new Dem normal. Impeach Omar and Tlaib
11 Feb, 09:16 PM UTC
Sarah Wilkinson
Ilhan Omar is under fierce attack from the pro-israel's for daring to voice the fundamental truth: US Congress is muzzled by israel #BDS
11 Feb, 09:02 PM UTC
It is true that there are long standing pernicious antisemitic tropes about rich Jews nefariously controling government. It is also true that pro-Israel interest groups exist, have influence, help shape US policy toward Israel and thus contribute to oppressing Palestinians
11 Feb, 07:00 PM UTC
The Daily Caller
Former KKK Leader David Duke Defends Rep. Omar For Criticizing Pro-Israel Lobbying Group The Daily Caller's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 06:18 PM UTC
Jeff Spross
Was it flippant and unnuanced of Ilan Omar to tweet Puff Daddy lyrics to explain the Israel lobby’s influence? Sure. But people say flippant and unnuanced things on complex topics all the time. And it’s hugely telling which people are allowed that indulgence, and which aren’t.
11 Feb, 10:10 PM UTC
It is very telling that people are supporting @IlhanMN by saying that criticizing Israel is not antisemitism. She didn't criticize Israel in her tweet yesterday - but American Jews. The kneejerk responses tell us a lot about the congruence of ant-Zionism and antisemitism.
11 Feb, 09:50 PM UTC
space force cadet
@bessbell @rezaaslan We should be able to criticize Saudi Arabia and Israel without being called Islamophobic or Anti-Semitic. Their lobbies deserve to be called out and are standing in the way of progress
11 Feb, 06:01 PM UTC
Hajo Meyer's Violin
I see Margaret Hodge of Labour Friends of Israel is now accusing @JennieGenSec of lying about the number of antisemitism cases in @UKLabour. She almost seems disappointed there aren't as many antisemitic members as she hoped there were. How odd. She should be pleased. #Newsnight
11 Feb, 10:29 PM UTC
I Brake For Leakers
@RepSwalwell trump constantly thumbs his nose at our allies, they are certainly our friends. And people can support Israel but also believe they are often bullies to the Palestinians. Israel is not always in the right.
11 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
La Jornada
Con esta medida, #PaísesBajos reconoce que #Israel no tiene soberanía legal sobre los territorios palestinos. La Jornada's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 03:13 AM UTC
Yeah I bet she's sorry... If these people had their way every single Jew, Christian, Trump supporter and anyone that doesn't bow to their leftist agenda, would be exterminated. This is not an exaggeration, if anything it's an understatement.
11 Feb, 10:50 PM UTC
The government of Israel, in 2018 alone, spent $15,813,972 lobbying the US.
11 Feb, 10:45 PM UTC
Rabbi Ruti Regan 🏳️‍🌈♀🇺🇸
Every liberal Jew who objects to Congresswoman Omar's use of antisemitic tropes has had hasbara people come at us with ridiculous talking points. You don't need to tell us about the existence of bad-faith attempts to paint all criticism of Israel as antisemitic. We know.
11 Feb, 09:12 PM UTC
J Street
We’ve been tagged in a number of threads today where important debates are taking place about Israel advocacy, Jewish identity and movements for justice. @jeremybenami recently offered some thoughts on these issues on our blog. Please have a read: J Street's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 09:17 PM UTC
Beth Houston⏳
Same here. If a prez candidate is pro-#Israel & genuflects to #AIPAC they won't get my vote. This is total 'Emperor w/no Clothes' B.S. Israel's conducting an illegal land grab via the genocide of #Palestinians in an apartheid state. WE. CAN. SEE. THEIR. WAR. CRIMES. #BDS #Gaza
11 Feb, 10:04 PM UTC
MintPress News
Israel is in the process of plunging America into a war with Iran that could ignite a third world war, according to Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell.
11 Feb, 10:55 PM UTC
Charles Hoskinson
A couple of thoughts on @IlhanMN and the Israel lobby... 1. Lobbying is protected by the #FirstAmendment. There's no exception for American Jews....
11 Feb, 04:23 PM UTC
🌐IPM ❤️💗💖💚💝💘
@The_Acumen support for israel is cratering among americans, especially young americans this has the israel lobby in a blind panic because the US is the only thing preventing israel from being repeatedly sanctioned for war crimes
11 Feb, 05:53 PM UTC
april glaser
There's something very anti-Semitic, however, in equating opposition to anti-Semitism as support for Israel
11 Feb, 10:54 PM UTC
Al Jazeera English
US politician Ilhan Omar apologises over Israel tweet
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
La artillería del régimen de #Israel ha atacado este lunes la provincia de Al-Quneitra, en el sur de #Siria, ha informado la agencia siria oficial de noticias. Nota Completa: HispanTV's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 10:53 PM UTC
Ilhan Omar 'unequivocally' apologizes for Israel tweets
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
Caitlin Johnstone ⏳
Israel is a western imperialist military operation that was dropped in the heart of the most geopolitically strategically crucial location on earth a few decades ago. It should surprise no one that there is a transnational political-media campaign to keep that operation going.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Democrats are silent because they agree with the anti-Semitism and anti-Israel views.
11 Feb, 08:47 PM UTC
I Aver🌲
@BigJebBos Haven’t there been articles in @haaretzcom, @Jerusalem_Post, @IsraelTimes, and @jdforward indicating that the Israel lobby has some influence in Washington?
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
Boss Moss
@DavidAFrench @NRO Supporting Israel is distinct and different than supporting the 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. The latter is primary and necessary - the former is a luxury. If supporting Israel (or any ally) requires compromising the 1st Amendment then that support is corrupt.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Philip Kirschner
Warren does not even have one percent Native American DNA, I have two percent of King Dovids blood line which does not give me right to the thrown of israel. She is a liar
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Mark Hartley
@byronbca @BBCWorld Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
@SpeakerPelosi Demand that Israel refrain from their genocidal acts against Palestine! Demand that we all divest from Israel! Demand all payments to Israel be stopped immediately!
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Trying to draw and crying
Hi, criticizing Israel is not anti-semitic. What is is using similar words, phrases, and conspiracies. Also believing that Israel = all Jews everywhere.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
@2KEENZ @loafstata @DylanFMackinnon @GeorgeWillard9 @eatatmilliways @kristinegWP @rachaelmbade @washingtonpost What makes Israel so special to get all this attention? Where is the BDS movement for China? D3's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
M come Micio
@Sestze2 @stevangelist @joebenaiah @chick_in_kiev Only a moron can call Israel "apartheid" M come Micio's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Pastor Apustaja
Directly caused by the US, Britain, and Israel when they wanted to control oil by undermining Iranian democracy. Did you know Iran was one of only three countries left without a Rothschild-owned or controlled (((Central Bank)))? If a Theocracy is what it takes - good!
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Jeff Conibear
@Yair_Rosenberg @mehdirhasan @ishaantharoor @hahellyer @IlhanMN Even The Forward has suggested AIPAC be registered as foreign agents. Shilling for Israel’s 50-year brutal occupation of the Palestinians is literally all they do.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Christopher Lawrence
Guys, this is not hard. She is obviously an anti-Semite. No reasonable person who is aware of her many statements on Israel (Jews) denies that. First rule: Israel= Jewish people. It’s the Jewish State. Here is a previous tweet. Christopher Lawrence's photo on Israel
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
unauthorized poptart
@_joonpark @IlhanMN 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ from what I understood it was for if her word choice misrepresented her statement but like....she said The US backs Israel so hard because money and She’s Not Wrong
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
@AdyBarkan In 2006 Israel did not occupy "Palestine," whatever that means. So your story is a little suspect right off the bat.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Free American
🤔 The same Linda Sarsour that is openly anti-Semitic? I'm sure she will feel right at home in Palestine as they try to blow Israel off the map. AOC is truly delusional and it is terrifying that the left is not even trying to hide their radical agenda
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Matthew Anderson✡️🌈
@NormFThomas @mtracey ...they're not Israeli influences, they're american. Mostly Christian Zionist and military industrial complex. US policy towards Israel has never been about Jewish interests which is why the embassy had a dedication prayer by an antisemitic preacher. Why Republican /1
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
العودة Ziomythologist 🇵🇸
Top HRW official accuses Israel of meddling in UK, gets called ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist’ — RT World News
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
Steve Blank
@SenSchumer True, and we should not pretend the right wing fanatic in Israel is any better than Trump.
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC
JS Huddleston
All that Middle East money pouring into the clinton foundation doesn't phase omar. And what about the $10M paid to aoc by new lobbyist netflix? Dem Rep. Omar apologizes for Israel comments, calls out 'problematic' role of AIPAC, 'other lobbyists'
11 Feb, 11:01 PM UTC

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