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Syrian Girl 🇸🇾🎗
Israelis are always kidnapping Palestinian kids and putting them in dungeons. @Partisangirl's photo on Israelis
09 Jun, 01:55 AM UTC
WATCH: Celebrating peace between Israelis and Emiratis in the #UAE. Beautiful! 🇮🇱❤️🇦🇪 @StandWithUs's photo on Israelis
09 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Brian 👁️
@robsatloff @nytimes Uh how many Israelis serve in their military? Are they all fair targets as well?
08 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
JVP #SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveSilwan
“We all just saw, over these last couple of weeks, exactly how Israelis use these weapons,” @bethavemiller of @JvpAction said. “They used them on residential apartment buildings, hospitals, to damage COVID centres and to wipe out Palestinian families.”
08 Jun, 08:16 PM UTC
Lahav Harkov
Dalal al-Mughrabi helped kill 38 Israelis, incl. 13 children...The report says there are “no further portraits of significant female figures in Palestinian history,” implying that “violence [is] the only option for women to demonstrate an outstanding commitment to their people." @LahavHarkov's photo on Israelis
09 Jun, 02:52 PM UTC
TRT World
Israel routinely demolishes the homes of Palestinians whose family members are suspected of carrying out attacks. Will it apply the same rules of collective punishment to Israelis who kill Palestinians? @trtworld's photo on Israelis
09 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
michael malarkey
Israelis are the victims of their own media @TRTWorld
09 Jun, 07:13 PM UTC
George Galloway
HEART OF THE MATTER | The epicentre of the Palestinian struggle is not Gaza but Jerusalem where the Sheikh Jarrah area is under attack by Israelis who want to build more illegal settlements. Two of my friends were arrested there last week. #MOATS #SheikhJarrah #Israel @RTUKNews @georgegalloway's photo on Israelis
09 Jun, 04:08 PM UTC
Shaimaa Ziara
Watch a herd of ARMED israeli settlers protected by israeli soldiers break into a Palestinian home in Hebron to attack/harass innocent Palestinians in their own home! Even plant pots aren’t safe from israelis… Look at that settler towards the end. #Palestine #Apartheidisreal
09 Jun, 06:57 PM UTC
Jamal Dajani جمال
Nothing more annoying than listening to so-called liberals preaching that peace can happen if only Palestinians & Israelis sat down together and worked things out. This is like asking a rape victim to work things out with her rapist. Palestinians seek justice.
09 Jun, 04:22 AM UTC
If the Biden administration is serious about fighting corruption and putting human rights at the center of US foreign policy, including for Israelis and Palestinians, Dan Shapiro shouldn't even be considered for the role of Middle East Envoy. Here's why ⬇️
09 Jun, 07:39 PM UTC
Portugal and Israel never knelt @premierleague so why are England? Are you intimating that the Israelis and Portuguese are racist because they don’t? @GaryLineker has about you wing nut?
09 Jun, 06:52 PM UTC
Eylon Levy
It's #HebrewBookWeek in @TelAviv, and Israelis are absolutely storming the book stalls. Proving we're still the People of the Books. #chagsameach
09 Jun, 07:19 PM UTC
Lucas Hartong
"Brussels (EU) directly funds the salaries of teachers and the publication of textbooks, which, the report indicates, encourage and glorify violence against Israelis and Jews."
09 Jun, 06:13 PM UTC
At a moment when more people than ever — in America and around the world — are supporting Palestinian rights, the Biden administration simply cannot appoint a Middle East Envoy who has numerous conflicts of interest with promoting the rights of both Israelis and Palestinians.
09 Jun, 07:39 PM UTC
Jeff Samuels
It's this sort of idiocy which dooms the Palestinians serving only to alienate Israelis and bolster the hardliners among us.
09 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC
Gabriel Rosenberg
The EU commissioned a report which found that Palestinian Authority textbooks are antisemitic and encourage violence against Israelis, then the EU hid the report from the public! I guess it didn't fit their anti-Israel narrative. Shameful.
09 Jun, 05:33 PM UTC
GOATNALDO🇵🇹 (Backup)
Cristiano Ronaldo shooting the ball into the sky to destroy Israelis rockets, my 🐐
09 Jun, 07:59 PM UTC
✡️ NiceJewishMama🥣
#Israel #jewishlivesmatter 50% of Israelis are NOT White. 🤔🤔
09 Jun, 05:06 PM UTC
Jareer Kassis
That’s right. The Israelis must not provoke Palestinians by marching through Jerusalem shouting “death to Arabs” and assaulting Palestinians while under police protection. And Palestinians must not provoke Israelis by denouncing this march.
09 Jun, 07:51 PM UTC
The Mother of All Talkshows with George Galloway
HEART OF THE MATTER | The epicentre of the Palestinian struggle is not Gaza but Jerusalem where the Sheikh Jarrah area is under attack by Israelis who want to build more illegal settlements. Two of my friends were arrested there last week. #MOATS #SheikhJarrah #Israel
09 Jun, 04:08 PM UTC
Arnold Roth
@garybkatz @ThisOngoingWar @NickKristof @nytimes Innocent Israelis were subsequently murdered by several of the 1,027 #PalArab terrorists freed in the Shalit transaction. Some of those convicted-but-released thugs run #Hamas today. There's little room for doubting that, whatever the motivation, the outcome was a catastrophe.
09 Jun, 03:56 PM UTC
The Jerusalem Post
Palestinian Authority textbooks encourage violence against Israelis and include antisemitic messages, according to an unpublished report commissioned by the European Union in 2019. | #Israel | #Antisemitism | #Palestinian |
09 Jun, 08:10 PM UTC
Daniel Pipes دانيال بايبس
I reveal the results of a public opinion survey in Israel carried out by the @MEForum's #IsraelVictoryProject. It's summed up by the title: "Israelis Want Victory, Preferably without Paying the Price." So, we must explain why it's worth paying the price.
09 Jun, 07:26 PM UTC
Halim Shebaya (حليم شبيعة)
Palestinians should thank Israelis for allowing them to stay in Gaza and the West Bank.
09 Jun, 08:08 PM UTC
Hcom 🇵🇸🇷🇺
@QudsNen When Israelis accuse Hamas of hiding “military assets” among civilians, one must wonder whether they learn their own history. Zionist militias famously used civilian buildings, hospitals, factories, synagogues & schools to disguise their operations. Tel Aviv even commemorates it!
09 Jun, 08:00 PM UTC
@ajplus @GroundUp_News well, that is good to know that there are Israelis recognizing Israel as an apartheid regime! i strongly believe that whatever Israel committing of crimes will eventually come back to it severely. the israeli aggression has to stop.
09 Jun, 03:15 PM UTC
Kwame Prince
@Reuters Not a biased statement. I'm sorry for the children but what about the Israelis Children. Is a two face war.
09 Jun, 07:59 PM UTC
Satnam Lotay
This is is sort of barbed wire PEN where people cage animals in../+the Brutal Israelis ..treat Palestinian people like this...Shocking..!!!
09 Jun, 02:26 PM UTC
Ernie- Rogue Marxist-Engelsist
@bademjanbitch Didnt they do research and found out Palestinians are more closely related to ancient Hebrews than Israelis?
09 Jun, 08:06 PM UTC