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Ziam’s Triangle
#IStillBelieveInZiam because out of all of the 1D songs that Liam sang for his live show, he made the Ziam anthem different (letting fans sing along with him) and he got emotional and teary eyed during that song in particular. Just like the first time they sang it without Z. https://t.co/0OoJpZidoS
13 Jan, 06:54 PM UTC
I'm soo proud to be a ziamie 💛❤ #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM @ziamieboo https://t.co/Irofk5uBti
13 Jan, 06:07 PM UTC
Ziam’s Triangle
At the end of the day, Zayn still sang “he”. #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/sXnUZ69tQa
13 Jan, 07:29 PM UTC
#ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM it hurts my heart that no one is listening, but i promise some of us are https://t.co/iQoV0usQA2
13 Jan, 05:47 PM UTC
#ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM Zayn with liam Vs Zayn with gigi:) https://t.co/lynqX9rrxY
13 Jan, 07:06 PM UTC
Ziam’s Triangle
One last thing. The Cartier bracelets aren't for fashion. Those bracelets are made SPECIFICALLY for couples to symbolize commitment. One person wears the bracelet and the other person has the screwdriver. The bracelet can't be taken off unless it‘s unscrewed. #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM
13 Jan, 09:05 PM UTC
Ah! My heart! 🥺❤💛 #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/vPzs3gWsVL
13 Jan, 09:26 AM UTC
Teddy Bear and the black cat are a couple🐱🧸 #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/VJJK2P4RGc
13 Jan, 06:31 PM UTC
Maryam ❱❱❱❱²⁵
Who said Zayn hates Liam? #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/GLVHY98GiV
13 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC
Find someone Who look at you just like the way Zayn look at liam..✨ #IStillBelieveInZiam https://t.co/V4t0LgHtkU
13 Jan, 05:55 PM UTC
kimia²⁵ | STREAM VIBEZ
their rings🥺 #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM #IStillBelieveInZiam https://t.co/6Z0ENqHyfy
13 Jan, 07:09 PM UTC
katy | nobody is listening
Zayn doesn’t smoke in front of people he loves #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/pQSzNwDNH2
13 Jan, 10:10 AM UTC
مادر واندایرکشن
#ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM They are the happiest people on earth when they are together. https://t.co/Gel4EZH7ou
13 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Please retweet and reply #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM ❤💛 L: I love you Z: bye Liam, I love you too https://t.co/zNBrnOhKWS
13 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
¹ᴰ hadis ‏‎‌²⁵🤡
Don't touch me I'm broken #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/4kGqpyG9eb
13 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
مادر واندایرکشن
It makes no difference. Identical looks .. full of love . And finally. A beautiful love ... #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/Mi3VSL8S3f
13 Jan, 05:40 PM UTC
Larrie boy
Just the power this couple hold! #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/FlYTSCLWPr
13 Jan, 05:35 PM UTC
مادر واندایرکشن
Because of these romantic looks . #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/UZJKulxsE2
13 Jan, 05:13 PM UTC
kimia²⁵ | STREAM VIBEZ
They are happy togather❤️💛 #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM #IStillBelieveInZiam https://t.co/SgiCD4CdQr
13 Jan, 06:20 PM UTC
Mont loves ziam ᶻ³
Ellos son almas gemelas fin #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/ZgV8aYPCY6
13 Jan, 06:03 PM UTC
Part 1 💛❤️💛❤️ #istillbelieveinziam https://t.co/RiUkgKtbN8
13 Jan, 07:53 PM UTC
Naty 🍪
Pls 😌 The antis are so mad tho. For what?💀 i thought its fake for you so why does it even bother you jeez. #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/nxsZ3E1E7X
13 Jan, 08:52 PM UTC
تدی برِ زین⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦⁦🕊️
When I hold you in my arms... There it nothing common about us(""": #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/u34QFu1F1U
13 Jan, 06:30 PM UTC
nora check pinned
imagine saying #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM when zayn literally has a child... you have no idea how much you're affecting that child's and zayn's mental health, do you? https://t.co/08uGNJsHGF
13 Jan, 09:01 PM UTC
Naty 🍪
To all the antis saying “ZAYN AND LIAM HATE YOU” No honey, they don’t. But I think its pretty clear who they do. #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/zTR96wqG1f
13 Jan, 08:55 PM UTC
Naty 🍪
He made his decision. :) #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/btRwpbiKYf
13 Jan, 09:09 PM UTC
No matter what others say, I believe in this love more than anything else #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/KPF0Gq7YEP
13 Jan, 06:06 PM UTC
The Left Pare 🧸¹ᴰ|Z3 era
They cant even say they have a dog together #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/vNuSGHkyn0
13 Jan, 09:03 PM UTC
13 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
Naty 🍪
11. Place in pop in US. 8 minutes ago we were on 14. Place. KEEP GOINGGGG #ISTILLBELIEVEINZIAM https://t.co/7yU13fRYz0
13 Jan, 09:16 PM UTC

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