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It is Friday so the team at @primalrock1 is gearing up to begin production of 2000 meal boxes to ship to teammates for Thanksgiving Dinner!
20 Nov, 02:18 PM UTC
♑ $†εŦαπ ♑
It is Friday and yes today my motivation is higher! We are close to the weekend! 🙌😂
20 Nov, 04:38 AM UTC
Dr Adrian Heald
Could we all remember that it is Friday today, that means #foodbankfriday which ties nicely together with #slowcooker
20 Nov, 12:14 PM UTC
Because it is Friday!! Salam🙏
20 Nov, 01:27 PM UTC
I'm Just Tooo Damn...🤔🤫🤦🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
Well it is Friday💁🏻‍♀️😉😘😂
20 Nov, 08:37 AM UTC
et super hanc 🅱️etram
it is Friday my dudes
20 Nov, 03:17 PM UTC
Song A Day / Philosophy Away 🙏 🎶
Black coffee, Dexter Gordon and it is Friday 🌟 Good morning good people 😊🌅🙏 Dexter Gordon 😎🎷🎶 What's New (Live in Holland 1964)✨ Dexter Gordon - Tenor Sax George Gruntz - Piano Guy Pedersen - bass Daniel Humair - drums #Jazz
20 Nov, 11:45 AM UTC
Imperial Dating System
The Imperial Date is: 0 892 020.M3 ++ THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Life is the Emperor's currency, spend it well ++ By the old Holy Terran calendar it is 'Friday' (in the Imperial Palace (UTC))
20 Nov, 11:12 AM UTC
Wilhemina Slater’s Side Bang
Good morning. It is Friday and day ?? of the panoramic.
20 Nov, 01:02 PM UTC
Mature English Milf
Thank F**k it is Friday. Lets have fun this weekend Come and explore me and my content x
20 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
Sweet Cheeks Salty
The tech I gotta meet had a little attitude with me on the phone just now. Because it is Friday, I’m gonna let it slide and give him one more chance when I meet him on-site. Being in a good mood doesn’t mean I start taking shit from people..
20 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC
Good morning. It is Friday. Roundup time. 1. Domestic with @mollyesque, @anitakumar01 and @NaftaliBendavid. 2. Global with @jenn_ruth, @DSORennie and @jessdonati
20 Nov, 01:23 PM UTC
Dr. David Bruno
Hi eveyone - David Bruno - Director of Staff and Student Services #d100chat I am feeling AMAZING because it is Friday!
20 Nov, 03:31 PM UTC
mrs shemar moore
yesterday was Thursday ᵀʰᵘʳˢᵈᵃʸ today it is Friday ᶠʳᶦᵈᵃʸ
20 Nov, 03:21 PM UTC
🦇Queen Vampiress🦇
Good morning dearies, I hope you all had a delightful evening. May today be frightfully good, since it is Friday finally. I'll be on and off periodically today, trying to finish this short story for all of you. (not my art). 🦇💜
20 Nov, 03:11 PM UTC
Andrew Athletics
It is Friday, time for a pair of @VJA_VALT Interviews with our Andrew Student-Athletes 1st up is @VJA_FOOTBALL and @BoltsTrack athlete John Maas Enjoy!
20 Nov, 02:31 PM UTC
Maryellen Brady 💗📚
Thank the heavens it is Friday! I'm so behind in my #vss story, but my #NaNoWriMo is nearly complete with a word count at 60, 917. Even more if I added in the 15 pages of world building I did yesterday. How is your writing going #WritingCommunity?
20 Nov, 03:33 PM UTC
The Rev. With RAGE! she/her/hers🌈🌊♈♀️
@Bex_Lyn @kyledcheney I think I am going to make some fish. Cod with some lemon pepper...maybe some coleslaw and baked potato. It is Friday, after all.
20 Nov, 03:24 PM UTC
🏳️‍⚧️Serena🏳️‍⚧️ #SuperStarSquad
Good morning, cutie pies! How are you today? It is Friday, so hopefully you’re ready for the weekend! ^-^
20 Nov, 03:22 PM UTC
NHS Counter Fraud
#FridayMorning For those on the Monday to Friday 9-5... it is Friday and the last day of the working week! Time to open your eyes to the risks of fraud #InternationalFraudAwarenessWeek #FraudWeek @NHSCFA's photo on It is Friday
20 Nov, 07:55 AM UTC
Mary Fernando
@MoriartyLab #correct - it is Friday 🤣
20 Nov, 03:10 PM UTC
When you realize it is Friday. @shadowofwargame #PS4share
20 Nov, 07:08 AM UTC
@NoToRiOuSJT_48 Morning JT! Thank god it is Friday
20 Nov, 03:26 PM UTC
remember when rebecca black said ‘yesterday was thursday today it is friday ... tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterwards’ n we bullied her for it ?? she was right !!!!!!
20 Nov, 02:51 PM UTC
First Military
Well it is Friday... Captions please (keep it clean!)
20 Nov, 02:21 PM UTC
Terence -Ter | Accept the Vote !!!
@therealjmers It is Friday... it’s a day we can take it easy, in all honesty :)
20 Nov, 03:28 PM UTC
@JeaneF1MSP Sorry you have to put up with the trolls on here, you missed one word (part) but some people don’t care that it is Friday afternoon and you have been working without a break for months to try and save lives.
20 Nov, 03:21 PM UTC
It is Friday but I wish it was dieday
20 Nov, 02:15 PM UTC

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