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Scott Dworkin
Here’s video I found of Donald and Ivanka Trump doing business in the United Arab Emirates. Trump’s inaugural fund chairman Tom Barrack was just arrested for illegally lobbying for the UAE. Let’s make this viral. @funder's photo on Ivanka
20 Jul, 07:35 PM UTC
Andrea Junker
Trump once called for Russia to illegally release Hillary Clinton’s emails. I call for America to legally release Jared Kushner’s WhatsApp texts, Ivanka’s emails, and Donald’s unsecure phone calls. Who’s with me?
20 Jul, 09:22 PM UTC
Sandi Bachom
find it interesting timing that Ivanka and Jared lose their secret service detail the same day Tom Barrack indicted. Remember Trump did NOTHING without Jared being in the room. He had back channels with Russia and the UAE he must be terrified
20 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
Jared Kushner and Ivanka both treated our country like their own personal piggy bank, never forget.
20 Jul, 08:35 PM UTC
Elie Mystal
So, I can't criticize her for doing this given that, you know, Ivanka exists. I can only note that this would not happen in a country that gave a damn anymore.
20 Jul, 06:01 AM UTC
Breaking: Coke jr, Eric, Tiffany and Ivanka Crimealot have no secret service protection.
20 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC
Adam Cohen Lawyers for Good Government #DemCast
Flynn was working for Turkey Manafort, for Russia Giuliani-allegedly for Ukraine Kushner announced a deal involving UAE (remember Khashoggi?) Ivanka got those trademarks from China And now Tom Barrack Was anybody in the Trump administration working for America #DemVoice1 #ONEV1 https://t.co/a7xqUD78SM
20 Jul, 09:40 PM UTC
Tomi Ahonen Not Arrested On FARA Charges Today
Tom Barrack will bring at least the following people as collateral damage: Jared Kushner (UAE, Saudi, Qatar) Gen Flynn (same) Manafort (same) Erik Prince (same) Weisselberg (Inaugration) Ivanka (same) Melania (same) All of these lead to Trump getting decades more prison time. @tomiahonen's photo on Ivanka
20 Jul, 08:22 PM UTC
Resist Together
@CaslerNoel @IvankaTrump Oh snap! Barrack was on the inaugural committee, which Ivanka supposedly led! https://t.co/IaM3HMXgIo
20 Jul, 07:28 PM UTC
Kim Wexler's Ponytail
Ivanka, Jared, Junior, Eric, and all their spawn lose their Secret Service protection after today. https://t.co/6OexbAwOoc
20 Jul, 07:49 PM UTC
Tony Michaels 🎙
Tom Barrack, the head launder of Trump's 2017 inauguration, was arrested by the Feds... Another Trump shit bag catches a case... Who's next? Gaetz, Stone, Ivanka and Jared Kushner? Anyone found Grandpa Farty McSharty Rudy Guiliani? Watch Full Video https://t.co/ssoRiEMoKR https://t.co/ahgpYeXttp
20 Jul, 09:46 PM UTC
Tomi Ahonen Not Arrested On FARA Charges Today
Yes, Tom will flip real fast. He will barely miss third place Obviously Ivanka will flip faster than Tom Barrack And Don Jr faster than Ivanka But Beavis Trump will flip fastests. He will flip faster than he can open his ugly mouth reading the arrest https://t.co/MCRflBtL7O
20 Jul, 10:50 PM UTC
juju AKA judith
Former U.S. Attorney Notes that New Tom Barrack Charges Should Send Shivers Down Kushner’s Spine https://t.co/eGuwCh9fU9 via @NicoleJames **IVANKA TOO, SINCE SHE & TOM WERE IN ON THE INAUGERATION SCAM TOGETHER**
20 Jul, 10:20 PM UTC
Resist and Persist To Save Democracy
Next up Ivanka?? https://t.co/jDLAnrnSe9
20 Jul, 09:28 PM UTC
Shut up man!!
How long before magats start saying that Jr, Ivanka, and Eric are members of Antifa when they start getting daddy in trouble?
20 Jul, 10:09 PM UTC
Paul Pari
@AmyAThatcher Guess who else is in trouble with the inauguration Documents Show Ivanka Trump Didn’t Testify Accurately in Inauguration Scandal Case https://t.co/potZ2UbwL8
20 Jul, 11:00 PM UTC
network lyric bot
Ivanka is a Nazi, she's in the KKK She's got a Gucci swastika and loves the NRA
20 Jul, 11:00 PM UTC
@whitecrow43 I heard Ivanka and Jared are on the outs. Trouble in the bedroom, or something. #edchat #limp https://t.co/jxbJiFSfGi
20 Jul, 11:00 PM UTC
@kylegriffin1 @WHCOS @TomBrady @Buccaneers @IvankaTrump @joshtpm @Acyn @THR @TMZ @AP @joerogan @RexChapman @TrumpWarRoom @CNN But, rumored per ex-Prez Tdumb during his heyday: · ·✔Tom Brady was picked, chosen and preferred "to be mated" with Ivanka Trump? ·✔ Trump wanted TB No.12 as a soon in law?
20 Jul, 10:59 PM UTC