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From paying tribute to Beyoncé to meeting her. From recreating Ivy Park campaigns to being featured in one. Always take a chance on yourself 🙌🏽 #FLEXPARK out now! https://t.co/7cN5mtleh0 https://t.co/JWaVM3VeeZ
22 Jul, 06:06 PM UTC
The Black Lumberjack™️
thought y’all ain’t want the Ivy Park Swim collection. so why the app froze? https://t.co/b2wwbhishn
22 Jul, 03:52 PM UTC
Sean Howard
I had fun creating these photos of Pierre for the latest Ivy Park drop that’s out today. 🧡💧🐝 https://t.co/XZYURjmuc3
22 Jul, 03:38 PM UTC
why do i hate this ivy park drop but i’m still gonna buy shit…. the hold beyoncé has on me https://t.co/xvWsCVXC6x
21 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Os preços da nova coleção IVY PARK mais caros que as coleções anteriores KKKKKK tá cada vez mais difícil hein gatinhas, imagine @anthunesarth's photo on Ivy Park
22 Jul, 02:03 PM UTC
adidas not tired of doing this shit every ivy park drop…? 😁 https://t.co/O4moc47LgK
22 Jul, 03:58 PM UTC
Camille Hawkins
My Ivy Park order went through https://t.co/V21uObxAWk
22 Jul, 05:02 PM UTC
Beyoncé every Ivy Park drop: https://t.co/TfjzD5bYlf
22 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
até hj nunca consegui encontrar nada da ivy park em camelôs, a máfia Carter deve ser temida até no nicho da pir4tar1a https://t.co/8Hgl7g7ihj
22 Jul, 02:23 PM UTC
The real OG supporters know this was months in the makingggg. I can’t believe I went from sitting on the train for five hours & sleepless nights of editing to catch Ivy Park pop ups and do my own photoshoots to getting to shoot an Ivy park line before the release. https://t.co/5OlaSnehFO
22 Jul, 06:27 PM UTC
⭒ Räy ˣ| LETITBEY | ⭒
It’s crazy how it’s ivy park release day and my tL not up in flames like usual. Hive really don’t give a fuck this time around https://t.co/ffDgVmHvR5
22 Jul, 05:14 PM UTC
E! News
Where to Buy Beyoncé's Ivy Park x Adidas Flex Park Swim Drop Before It Sells Out! https://t.co/lr4wchHwBF
22 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
the way navy and beyhive should become sister fandoms. we ask rihanna and beyoncé for a new album and they just give us fenty beauty and ivy park https://t.co/WdMnGCCBO0
22 Jul, 08:09 PM UTC
Entertainment Tonight
Beyoncé is mkaing a MAJOR splash in the world of swimwear! 💦 #IvyPark https://t.co/rouoqqiZ1l
22 Jul, 07:08 PM UTC
See y'all keep talking shyt about Beyonce's new Ivy Park drop but ppl steadily buying it out!! https://t.co/0g8t3OBIAR
22 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC
lili 🎈
o pessoal q eu ri pq comprou aqueles casacos da ivy park rindo de mim agr pq no rio tá fazendo uns 8 graus
22 Jul, 08:04 PM UTC
Beyoncé’s Wind Machine
Beyhive Twitter every time there’s an Ivy Park drop and Adidas happens to mess things up like they always do https://t.co/poDCNpUP0F
22 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
Beyoncé fans vented on social media after failing to get items from FLEX PARK, the new Ivy Park collection. https://t.co/AfG5TY4HG5
22 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
Ivy park is trending... Yall that shid is getting sold out
22 Jul, 07:10 PM UTC
The BET Awards.
𝐁𝐄𝐒𝐓 𝐅𝐀𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐎𝐍 𝐁𝐔𝐒𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐒. House of Deréon, @HoustonVocals. Ivy Park, @BvyonceKnowIes@ThroneBejeweled. https://t.co/4ZoFQpTpnQ
22 Jul, 08:56 PM UTC
se os preços das peças da ivy park tão assim imagina quando o preço do ingresso quando a bey voltar pro brasil https://t.co/0Ttlh3w8SS
22 Jul, 07:26 PM UTC
So why do y'all hate this new ivy Park drop? Is it really just cus Beyonce's not modeling in it? Ion get it https://t.co/sc7MGR8rnx
22 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC
I’m never getting any ivy park and that is NOT OKAY
22 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC
I had the Ivy Park slides in my cart 🥺 I was so close...
22 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC
ᴄᴀᴍᴍʏ & the peach 🍑
i like this wave of the ivy park collection
22 Jul, 08:57 PM UTC
Tyler the FRObae 💫
At this point IVY PARK
22 Jul, 08:43 PM UTC
Jhenè Stan Account.
I’m still dreaming about that ivy park Adidas skirt.
22 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
Damn all I wanted from this Ivy Park drop was the slides 😡
22 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
These Ivy Park prices nuh pretty at all.
22 Jul, 09:14 PM UTC
Funniest Tweets From Beyonc Fans Who Didn’t Receive New Ivy Park Swimsuits https://t.co/wIxEoYZV8d
22 Jul, 09:12 PM UTC