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#IWouldLoveItIf Trump’s not re elected https://t.co/YAveFhKaTJ
13 Feb, 08:31 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf more people paid it forward. https://t.co/nRXlyi4ebR
13 Feb, 08:33 PM UTC
Morris Animal Refuge 2020
#IWouldLoveItIf senior shelter sweetheart Foxy got adopted on #ValentinesDay! She’s been here since November, 93 days (we counted wrong, it’s even longer than we thought 😿). She’s just $14 through Friday with our Valenpaws Special. Please RT. And adopt: https://t.co/TscWUaczrE! https://t.co/vXyJjFnDVy
13 Feb, 09:41 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf i could avoid the traffic jams. https://t.co/0Im9s6TAhh
13 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf you’d keep your religious ideology to yourself https://t.co/G80i2yo8VG
13 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf they made candy like this https://t.co/fZauRerc3q
13 Feb, 08:31 PM UTC
🇺🇸Josh Keaton🇵🇪
#IWouldLoveItIf I got a balloon @joshkeaton's photo on #iwouldloveitif
13 Feb, 09:18 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf this was our garden🥰 I’d invite y’all n we’d ask @EmeraldZoo to barbecue. @Cogitatorium to get the wheels 2 pick u up. @Hippie_of_Love to bring the love. @StephaniedeJag3 organize it. Would u like an invite? How would you contribute? https://t.co/ftCMtc87YI
13 Feb, 09:11 PM UTC
Michael 🎧
#IWouldLoveItIf everyone danced. https://t.co/RlNAH2N8UK
13 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Kenneth Reading
#IWouldLoveItIf I could move to a warmer climate in winter
13 Feb, 08:31 PM UTC
Morris Animal Refuge 2020
#IWouldLoveItIf you sent the shelter cats kitty litter. And by love it we mean they promised to release us once the first shipment arrives. We are being well-treated. *blinking quickly and slowly: .... . .-.. .--.* just please send litter off our wishlist: https://t.co/HF1QsUxVPp https://t.co/ZHGOrGB5BT https://t.co/u2vFw8uaCT
13 Feb, 09:32 PM UTC
Martin Luther King III
#IWouldLoveItIf we could all work together to eradicate voter suppression.
13 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
𝓛 💞𝓛 ❤️
#IWouldLoveItIf my dogs could come to work with me
13 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
Robyn 🥀🖤
#IWouldLoveItIf everyone could just be nice https://t.co/rPq343624F
13 Feb, 08:32 PM UTC
Martin Luther King III
#IWouldLoveItIf 100% of eligible voters voted.
13 Feb, 09:29 PM UTC
Shari Bee
#IWouldLoveItIf I could drive my bed to work https://t.co/BRsMTEMeiB
13 Feb, 08:34 PM UTC
Jeff Dwoskin
#IWouldLoveItIf would ignore tweets that beg for retweets Retweet if you support me on this!
13 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
#IWouldLoveItIf everyone got a library card today for my birthday 🎂📚😊🎈 https://t.co/1g5iTydm3y
13 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Becca 🌹
#IWouldLoveItIf 3 day weekends were the norm. https://t.co/Lp4j9t0K5d
13 Feb, 09:03 PM UTC
Stevius As F*ck
#IWouldLoveItIf more people dgaf. https://t.co/jhWVmPStP2
13 Feb, 08:51 PM UTC
Whoa You!🔥🔥 🏴⚔️
I been thinking #IWouldLoveItIf all the women of the #Resistance knew how much I respect & appreciate all the work & time they in for our cause. So for #ValentinesDay2020 I put together a video using Adele - Love Song . and here is part of it.... https://t.co/0aQL6aVTGv
13 Feb, 10:05 PM UTC
The Losman
#IWouldLoveItIf people acted like decent human beings on social media
13 Feb, 09:21 PM UTC
Mario Speedwagon
#IWouldLoveItIf you shushed! https://t.co/ikPQil48pJ
13 Feb, 08:35 PM UTC
♫ Adriano&Paulina ♫
#IWouldLoveItIf you'd come play with me https://t.co/mzDX8JAYa7
13 Feb, 09:23 PM UTC
Sunbeams_5Cathy 🇬🇧🌞🍹🌴🦉
#IWouldLoveItIf All my dreams came true
13 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Becca 🌹
#IWouldLoveItIf my allergies were cured for good. https://t.co/HINOUbMfGo
13 Feb, 08:52 PM UTC
Ghost Girl G
#IWouldLoveItIf I got paid for tweeting https://t.co/5oLzxiiN8l
13 Feb, 09:02 PM UTC
Queen of the Nerds
#IWouldLoveItIf I got a real Valentine gift..... but I think it's not in the cards https://t.co/B7Qsl2MhwA
13 Feb, 09:57 PM UTC
💞 Susan Ⓥ 💞
#IWouldLoveItIf ANYONE? https://t.co/RhaT6UxNDH
13 Feb, 09:10 PM UTC
Pandas 🐼 for Bernie2020 🔥🌹🐦
#IWouldLoveItIf I could go back in time and redo everything from high school on, keeping all of my memories and the lessons I've learned- I'd rock the shit out of my teens and 20's.
13 Feb, 10:37 PM UTC