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Melbourne Footy
A special game from Jack Viney. #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
Doctor Fiveball
WARNING: Do not get between Jack Viney and basically anything he might want. #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:26 AM UTC
James Massola
Fact check: Jack Viney is actually made of titanium
23 Jun, 12:09 PM UTC
Michael Thompson 🏆
Just a shout out to James Jordon What a mint game he played. First half was real 'Robin' to Jack Viney's 'Batman' sort of stuff, he was great
23 Jun, 01:16 PM UTC
Fox Footy
“I take a lot of pride in being a leader of the football club, I love the responsibility." Dees’ stand-in skipper Jack Viney opens up on ‘different’ pre-game address, stunning performance. Via @DavidZita1 📝: https://t.co/Gobr5D1PvJ @FOXFOOTY's photo on Jack Viney
23 Jun, 08:23 PM UTC
Attention To Deetail Podcast
DEAFENING RESPONSE Huge might for the club, back to our best. Jack Viney, we bloody love you Dees Footy #AFLDeesLions #AFLDemonsLions https://t.co/asHIhVTQra
23 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Loving Jack Viney appreciation day so far #AFLDeesLions #jackviney #yeahthedees https://t.co/pDm2ha8FkW
24 Jun, 01:56 AM UTC
Ben Asgari
Jack Viney in absolute beast mode.
23 Jun, 11:48 AM UTC
ralph horowitz
Righto Friday positive: Jack Viney last night a reminder he’s in my all time trifecta of hard bastards with Derm & Glenn Archer Criteria: Combination of genuine talent, fearful brutality & insane courage when it’s his his turn to put his head over it 🟥🟦👍
23 Jun, 09:38 PM UTC
Okay. Real talk. Jack Viney is not human hey.
23 Jun, 01:15 PM UTC
ralph horowitz
Good memory there of interviewing Todd Viney in the MCG rooms after a game late 90s on Triple M when Jack Viney punched me in the nuts 🥜🥜. He was 4. How he plays now not a huge surprise... Go Dees
23 Jun, 11:47 AM UTC
SuperFooty (AFL)
Wow, didn't Jack Viney step up as skipper in Max Gawn's absence last night? @MaccaHeraldSun 👉 https://t.co/pu2p75wwvx @superfooty's photo on Jack Viney
23 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
Jack Viney is the maddest bastard in the league. BEAST🔥🔥
23 Jun, 10:34 AM UTC
@gawndog37 "Jack Viney..... three votes"
23 Jun, 12:41 PM UTC
Matt Roberts
Cement drinks a cup of Jack Viney to harden up #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:50 AM UTC
James Massola
Bit too late for the election, but love Jack Viney outbulldozing Scott Morrison
23 Jun, 11:47 AM UTC
Ayrton Woolley
Jack Viney so big. Especially with no Max. Absolute beast tonight. #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:50 AM UTC
Jasper Chellappah
Tell ya what, he may not be a name the media loves talking about but Jack Viney is in some kinda form. Captain today, leading by example with dominance in the middle #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:10 AM UTC
Jack Viney BOG 🔴🔵 #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 12:22 PM UTC
Non Sensible Kate
Good Morning Jack Viney https://t.co/tvZgzsltT6
23 Jun, 10:51 PM UTC
Happy to double down too. Jack Viney appreciation post #MyHeartBeatsTrue 🔴🔵 https://t.co/eKXQCm3gN7
24 Jun, 02:43 AM UTC
afl paint
Jack Viney dominating #afltwitter #AFLDemonsLions #aflpaint https://t.co/m8RuxZzktF
23 Jun, 10:37 AM UTC
@bobzclarkk Jack Viney was on fire yesterday.
23 Jun, 11:01 PM UTC
CBA's - Round 15 Game 1 - Melbourne 27 - Clayton Oliver 23, Christian Petracca 22, Jack Viney 21, Luke Jackson 18, James Harmes 12, Sam Weideman 9, Tom Sparrow 2 & Alex Neal-Bullen 1
23 Jun, 10:16 PM UTC
Jesus Christ Jack Viney is tough as nails
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
Lance Jenkinson
I'd imagine getting tackled by Jack Viney would be like getting run over by a bison #AFLDeesLions
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
Matt Nurse
Tom Whitty, you’re famous! BTW, Jack Viney was absolutely enormous last night. Todd Viney-esque. https://t.co/S5un4YrAB5 https://t.co/sz6p78OK7P
24 Jun, 02:25 AM UTC