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Jesse Kelly
This is Jackson Sparks. He was 8 years old. He’s dead now and you’re responsible for it. Darrell Brooks was inspired by your constant anti-white rhetoric. So he got in a SUV and ran over this little boy. You and everyone who talks like you killed him. Live with that. https://t.co/Iaa6YxsTXK @JesseKellyDC's photo on Jackson Sparks
02 Dec, 04:28 PM UTC
Michael Berry
I wish America could get as angry for innocent Jackson Sparks as convicted felon George Floyd. https://t.co/oYW2roox58
03 Dec, 02:05 AM UTC
Fox News
Waukesha parade aftermath: Jackson Sparks, 8, remembered at memorial service for his love of baseball https://t.co/DWc7ex9rEe
03 Dec, 12:00 PM UTC
Tom Durian
Members of the @carrollu baseball team decided to show their support for 8yr old Jackson Sparks by showing up at today’s visitation in their baseball jerseys. They didn’t know him but say the baseball community is right and supports one another. @tmj4 @TMJ4Tom's photo on Jackson Sparks
02 Dec, 10:29 PM UTC
David Burke 🇺🇸
100’s gathered in Waukesha, WI tonight to remember 8-year-old JACKSON SPARKS at a memorial service after the Christmas parade tragedy that left the 3rd-grader & 5 others dead; 62 injured. Let’s not forgot his name or the name of DARRELL BROOKS who drove the SUV. #RememberWaukesha https://t.co/v0vTf4CHDv
03 Dec, 10:10 AM UTC
Breitbart News
The family of deceased 8-year-old Waukesha victim Jackson Sparks encourages children to wear baseball jerseys to Jackson's services. https://t.co/peE6BUDGmc
03 Dec, 03:01 PM UTC
Kevin Wiles, Jr
Showing support for Jackson Sparks, the 8 year old boy killed in the #Waukesha Wisconsin Parade Tragedy. His mom asked people to wear baseball jerseys to his wake due to his love of baseball. Today, people across the country are wearing #Jerseys4Jackson to show their support. https://t.co/QV2N3kOsNz
03 Dec, 12:39 PM UTC
WHDH Assignment Desk
In honor of 8 year old Jackson Sparks, the youngest victim of the #Waukesha Wisconsin Parade Tragedy, the @7News #TodayInNewEngland team is sporting our @RedSox #Jerseys4Jackson. #7News https://t.co/iF8wdJnrqo
03 Dec, 12:32 PM UTC
UWW Baseball
We joined our colleagues from @WarhawkFootball and @UWWMensHoops to honor 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who passed away due to injuries sustained at the Waukesha holiday parade. Our thoughts are with Jackson, his family and friends today. #JerseysForJackson https://t.co/tRc5NpfQmU
03 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
Bryan Dee
Wearing our #JerseysForJackson on @620wtmj to honor 8-year old Jackson Sparks, who was killed walking with his baseball team in the Waukesha Christmas parade. Hope you’re hitting some dingers in a better place, bud 🙏🏻 Make sure to wear your jerseys today. ⚾️⚾️⚾️ https://t.co/gdnJOxJbJu
03 Dec, 11:18 AM UTC
Turn a Pair Baseball Podcast
An 8 year old baseball player named Jackson Sparks was among those senselessly killed on 11/21 in Waukesha, WI. Join my community and wear your baseball jersey on Friday. Post a picture with the hashtag #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/gizjLzPE5R
03 Dec, 12:41 AM UTC
Frank Leoni
@Mount_BSB supports the family of Jackson Sparks, the 8 year old boy killed in the Waukesha holiday parade while walking w his travel team the Blazers. We're all with you. #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/frR3MgzsPR
03 Dec, 01:44 PM UTC
Mike Curkov
Jackson was remembered in an emotional ceremony last night. Today little leaguers and baseball fans around the world are planning to wear their jerseys to school/work in his honor @CBS58 @WaukeshaBlazers #jerseysforjackson #Jerseys4Jackson https://t.co/2SNocgs7b6 https://t.co/SyU2PJm7FU
03 Dec, 11:22 AM UTC
Dubuque Fighting Saints
Today, Waukesha native Max Montes and the rest of the Fighting Saints wear their #Jerseys4Jackson in honor of 8 year old Jackson Sparks. Jackson lost his life as a result of the tragedy on November 21st during the Waukesha Christmas parade. Our hearts are with you, Waukesha. @fightingsaints's photo on Jackson Sparks
03 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
CBS 58 News
The @CBS58 Morning News team is wearing #Jerseys4Jackson and encourage you to wear one Friday, Dec. 3 in honor of Jackson Sparks, the youngest victim killed in the Waukesha parade tragedy. #WaukeshaChristmasParade @CBS58's photo on Jackson Sparks
03 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
Jackson Sparks was murdered by Darrell Brooks, a 39 yr old black militant racist, member of BLM who was out on 1000 dollars bail after being charged with punching and then running over the mother of his child with an SUV https://t.co/in3R4liqM2
03 Dec, 06:19 AM UTC
TMJ4 News
We want to see your #JerseysForJackson! Everyone is being asked to wear baseball jerseys today in honor of 8-year-old Jackson Sparks, who was killed in the Waukesha Christmas parade. Reply with your photo and we will add it to our gallery. MORE: https://t.co/I6850SwMC5 https://t.co/pVwQxK5tTG
03 Dec, 03:16 PM UTC
Turn a Pair Baseball Podcast
It’s #jerseysforjackson day! Share a picture in your jersey to honor the memory of 8 year old Jackson Sparks. https://t.co/3yFCQMUE7I
03 Dec, 03:06 PM UTC
Jon Hannam
CHS Softball & Baseball honoring Jackson Sparks and keeping his family in our prayers. 🙏🏼⚾️ #Jerseys4Jackson #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/fRzpuPCASa
03 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
Today Jacob is wearing a "Jersey for Jackson" honoring 8 year old Jackson Sparks who was a victim of the Waukesha parade tragedy. Prayers to the Sparks family 🙏 #jerseysforjackson #Jerseys4Jackson https://t.co/5p29F21RAW
03 Dec, 03:09 PM UTC
Craig Hamilton
@LittleG95 & @softball_girl92 honoring the life of 8 yr old Jackson Sparks #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/vuKOCal2pR
03 Dec, 01:20 PM UTC
Our morning workout was in honor of Jackson Sparks. His family is in our thoughts and prayers. #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/CGFCzUrDWf
03 Dec, 03:26 PM UTC
GHS Girls Basketball
GAME DAY @ 7:15pm! Theme is jerseys to honor 8-year-old Jackson Sparks.#letsgo #graftongirlsbasketball #Waukesha #waukeshaparade https://t.co/b8y4pPKBKL
03 Dec, 03:13 PM UTC
The Nest
Good morning cardinals! Head back out to Marshall tonight as the boys will take them on at 730pm! Marshall asks that the theme be jersey once again to honor Jackson Sparks, a young boy who recently passed away in the Waukesha accident. Come out and support! #GoCards
03 Dec, 01:58 PM UTC
Lane Intermediate
The Lane community showing support for eight-year-old Jackson Sparks. #waukeshastrong #Jerseys4Jackson #wawmproud https://t.co/dMEYKY9zyn
03 Dec, 02:14 PM UTC
FOX6 News
SHOW US your #JerseysForJackson ! ❤️ MORE: https://t.co/7P2gSzdeLU @fox6now's photo on Jackson Sparks
03 Dec, 03:21 PM UTC
Nicole Minzel
Brody is wearing his jersey in support of Jackson Sparks the 8yr old boy killed in the Waukesha Wisconsin Parade. I can’t even imagine the pain this family is going through and we hope this shows them that they have support from across the nation ❤️⚾️ #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/8ouFwvC2o9
03 Dec, 02:52 PM UTC
Rich Ratay
This kid is sporting his #9 today to honor the memory of Jackson Sparks and all the victims of the Waukesha Parade Massacre. #JerseysForJackson https://t.co/EROZC7nRAB
03 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
Jessob Reisbeck
My little man just turned 8 this week. The same age as Jackson Sparks. #jerseysforjackson https://t.co/rIgA7RKei0
03 Dec, 03:24 PM UTC
@FoxNews We want forget: • Jackson Sparks, 8 year old male •Virginia Sorenson, 79 year old female • LeAnna Owen, 71 year old female • Tamara Durand, 52 year old female • Jane Kulich, 52 year old female • Wilhelm Hospel, 81 year old male #SayTheirNames
03 Dec, 12:16 PM UTC