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Ryan Day
Congratulations ⁦@CoachUrbanMeyer⁩!! Thank you for everything! Go Bucks! Go Jags! You are going to crush it! @ryandaytime's photo on Jags
15 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
Urban Meyer is officially the new head coach of the Jags. @brgridiron @BleacherReport's photo on Jags
14 Jan, 11:42 PM UTC
ʜᴇ ʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴍᴇ
Urban when the Jags 2-14 @BarkyBoogz's photo on Jags
14 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
The #Jaguars identified Urban Meyer as their top target from the start. He did have some talks with the #Chargers, but the focus was always on the Jags. No. 1 pick, plenty of cap space, endless draft picks... https://t.co/xfxCr9O7Ls
14 Jan, 02:54 PM UTC
Colin Cowherd
The Jags are a perfect fit for Urban @ColinCowherd's photo on Jags
15 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC
Jags hired Urban???? https://t.co/bOfJNF9K3Y
14 Jan, 03:15 PM UTC
Chuck Livingston
Urban Meyer when the Jags start 0-7. https://t.co/AhYtxEfAty
15 Jan, 12:25 AM UTC
Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai
REMEMBRANCE DAY THOUGHTS: Let us pray for the repose of the souls of our heroes past. “When you go home, tell them of us and say, for their tomorrow we gave our today." - Anon “The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example." - Anon https://t.co/pR7QtF8WoO
15 Jan, 06:14 AM UTC
my 19cm dik piel😜lus vir leka kom skiet💦 #piel #draadtrek #pielstyf #tos #jags #boertjie #dikpiel #skommel #komskiet https://t.co/NHm0AK0p4C
14 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC
South Alabama Football
Please welcome to #JagNation our new Assistant Head Coach and Director of Athletic Football Performance @CoachMShadeed! Full release ▶️ https://t.co/amCIZEIcqY #LEO #explOsive #SwarmD https://t.co/2Cdgwbq3xj
14 Jan, 10:35 PM UTC
ᴄʜᴀɴᴄᴇ 👑 #BeatAlabama
im gonna have to be a lowkey Jags fan if Urban coaches there ngl.
14 Jan, 03:10 PM UTC
Albert Breer
GM openings ... Atlanta: Carolina: Scott Fitterer Detroit: Brad Holmes Denver: George Paton Houston: Nick Caserio Jacksonville: Washington: * Saints AGM Terry Fontenot's in the driver's seat in Atlanta ... Jags, pending HC hire ... Washington looking at Rivera-centric execs.
14 Jan, 10:14 PM UTC
Cory Gunkel
Imagining Urban Meyer sadly eating a stale piece of cod in the bowels of Wembley Stadium after the Jags lose 28-6 to the Dolphins in London.
14 Jan, 03:12 PM UTC
The Lagos State Govt
Take safety precautions when you are at the work place to keep safe and slow the spread of Covid-19 @LSMOH @ProfAkinAbayomi @jidesanwoolu @drobafemihamzat @HMOKUNOLA1 @gbenga_omo @gboyegaakosile @Mr_JAGs #TakeResponsibilityLagos #MaskUpLagos #YourHealthAndYou #LASG @followlasg's photo on Jags
14 Jan, 11:43 AM UTC
Peter McCormack
I know some people will be like hold for 6 months and you can buy 10 Jags... ...but Dad could have bought 10 Jags in his life but spent all his money on his kids. He deserves to drive into the golf club like a boss man.
15 Jan, 07:00 AM UTC
Now that’s it’s official I’m extremely happy for Duval it’s about time we had a changing of the guard and it’s time for the Jags to have franchise to be excited about
14 Jan, 11:47 PM UTC
Lady Jags has the PERFECT opportunity to do a “Cinderella Story” uniform that could also be timeless and used for more than one season. 💋💕💅🏻😼 https://t.co/oa6PDRCD1y
15 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
Nick Gryniewicz (Nicky Football)
The #Jags are going to have two rock stars join the organization overnight.... @TheJerryDaniels and I break it down. If Urban Meyer & Trevor Lawrence were rock stars, which rock stars would they be? Full @livelocalloud show pod here: https://t.co/kSWfWHWiMW https://t.co/tIlaBqz5uZ
15 Jan, 03:42 AM UTC
Rafiat G
Happy Birthday to the sister, Anita Baker, and aspiring Lagos Aunty 😁 @mz_Ayeesh May Allah grant your heart desires ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 Welcome to the 3rd floor fam! https://t.co/3T4mfCo1yR
15 Jan, 06:46 AM UTC
Happy Birthday Sweetheart ❤️ @mz_Ayeesh @Mr_JAGs https://t.co/NHCmvFEASK
15 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC
Melina Velba (Ceo)
JAGS fans you hired your guy your HC what’s the reaction??? https://t.co/3gpxVBnHQ9
15 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
MsVelba (Mama Bear) 🐻💗
Jets fans ??? What’s the reaction to Robert Saleh ? Jags fans ??? What’s the reaction to Urbs ??? Along with the number one pick ? And all draft capital ? Panther fans ? You just hired a new GM where ya at ?? Lions fans your welcome to jump in ??? Engines just gettingwarm
15 Jan, 04:24 AM UTC
MsVelba (Mama Bear) 🐻💗
Jags fans where ya at ????
15 Jan, 12:19 AM UTC
Melina Velba (Ceo)
OFFICIAL Photo Cred - Jags https://t.co/cFss5orACR
15 Jan, 01:17 AM UTC
Lamar Jordanson
About to use the Jags again, if I go 4-0 I might need to retire from Madden because I have nothing left to accomplish
15 Jan, 06:44 AM UTC
Erhire Mag
@Ibro_White @MrRealnelson @Al_sudaes @DrIsaPantami @BashirAhmaad @cbngov_akin1 @AyoOyalowo @trolls_queen @nimc_ng @Hope_Uzodimma1 @the_davidatta @woye1 @segilolaa @Journalist_Mind @Mr_JAGs @scarfizal Las las na poor Nigerians, that have little access to adequate information and are supposed to be protected by Government these corrupt acts dey affect pass.
14 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
Adebowale A. Adebambo 🚨
When next election comes, You don't need campaign for these sets of communities to vote for what they already saw. This is Grassroots and as our Professor of Locality always says 'Politics Is Local' All hail Emeritus Prof @Mr_JAGs Ki Olorun Lore Emi yin Alakori 😄 https://t.co/slwEJg0yC4
15 Jan, 06:18 AM UTC

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