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Despite the loss, freshman Jalen Johnson was SPECIAL tonight 👀 24 PTS | 16 REB | 7 AST | 3 BLK | 2 STL Only the 6th game of his college career 🗣 @Jalen_J23 (via @accmbb) @overtime's photo on jalen johnson
20 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Marty Mush
I’m just sad. There’s no spin zone. Duke stinks right now. Only positive is that Jalen Johnson is really good
20 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Barstool Blue Devils
I LOVE YOU JALEN JOHNSON OMG @BarstoolBDevils's photo on jalen johnson
20 Jan, 03:56 AM UTC
Zion Olojede 🇳🇬
This pass by Jalen Johnson. Ridiculous. https://t.co/AmHMpd9rnR
20 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
Duke TWT Live
20 Jan, 03:57 AM UTC
Zion O | #SI6HTS
Jalen Johnson gave us one of the greatest individual performances I’ve ever seen at Duke and it was wasted. https://t.co/hFfwVBth0y
20 Jan, 05:07 AM UTC
Mark Packer
Wow....Justin Champagnie and Jalen Johnson put on a show. Pitt with a big win over Duke. Highly entertaining game. Lots to talk about on Wednesday’s “Packer & Durham”.
20 Jan, 04:18 AM UTC
Marty Mush
This was the Jalen Johnson I was promised holy shit
20 Jan, 03:54 AM UTC
Rick Heidrick
It won’t happen, but another year in college for Jalen Johnson would do him wonders moving forward.
20 Jan, 03:47 AM UTC
ACC Men's Basketball
Jalen Johnson block on one end and HUGE hammer on the other! 😤 @DukeMBB | @Jalen_J23 📺: https://t.co/gp0Sgucamu @accmbb's photo on jalen johnson
20 Jan, 03:58 AM UTC
stephen thompson
Capel on how Duke played tonight: "This team was very different tonight, because I thought that we played Jalen Johnson at his best,"
20 Jan, 04:30 AM UTC
Mike Rutherford
Jalen Johnson rounding into form right on time.
20 Jan, 03:55 AM UTC
Reaction: Justin Champagnie returns to lead Pitt in 79-73 win over Duke: https://t.co/OIwE9OhGbZ @247Sports's photo on jalen johnson
20 Jan, 05:01 AM UTC
George Michalowski
Coulibaly on Jalen Johnson is a very interesting matchup. Johnson obviously more talented and highly touted but Coulibaly has defended well this year
20 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Duke MBB
Duke players with 20+ points, 15+ rebounds, and 7+ assists in one game: Art Heyman vs Louisville, 1961 (33/18/7) and Virginia, 1963 (21/18/10) Danny Ferry vs Maryland, 1987 (20/19/7) RJ Barrett vs Syracuse, 2019 (23/16/9)* Jalen Johnson vs Pitt, 2021 (24/15/7)* * = Duke loss
20 Jan, 05:36 AM UTC
Game recap and main takeaways. Jalen Johnson was incredible but Duke could not pull out the victory. https://t.co/CMtA7vdcuZ
20 Jan, 05:17 AM UTC
Brian Geisinger
Pure chaos w/ Jalen Johnson + Justin Champagnie: Johnson finds Roach out of the post double, Champagnie recovers to delete Roach's rim attempt, followed by a wild transition exchange — chasedown contest from JJ (4 blocks) on Xavier Johnson and a transition dunk on the other end https://t.co/vlQcmlDRzD
20 Jan, 05:35 AM UTC
Carolina Blitz
Both Wendell Moore and Jalen Johnson said the Blue Devils have to be a tougher team.
20 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Bryan García
Volvió Jalen Johnson en Duke (24 puntos, 15 rebotes y 7 asistencias) pero los Devils siguen de capa caída y sufrieron una dura derrota en la pista de Pittsburgh. Justin Champagnie (31 puntos y 14 rebotes) incombustible. Highlights 👇 https://t.co/pCPQgWRg8A
20 Jan, 08:35 AM UTC
French Blue Devils
Défaite 79-73 à Pitt et 5-4 au bilan (3-2 ACC)... comme d’habitude une 1MT atone, -9 puis -15 et enfin le réveil avec un Jalen Johnson de gala. Cette équipe est limitée mais se bat, est revenue à -2 avec 1 min à jouer avant de craquer. On s’est fait rouler dessus par Champagnie.
20 Jan, 07:26 AM UTC
Dillon Howington
The Jalen johnson slander is weird he’s the only one to ball out... 8-14 for 24 points 15 reb 7 ast 4 blk 2 stl & 0 TO... roach DJ hurt brake and Jgold combined 14-41 for 34 points 4-20 from deep 16 reb 8 ast 1 blk 4 stl 6 TO He out performed our starting lineup
20 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
Carolina Blitz
While talking about how impressive Jalen Johnson’s performance was against Pitt, Coach K reveals that Johnson still wears a boot off the court.
20 Jan, 04:50 AM UTC
@HawksDraftNerd Jalen Johnson was fantastic but Josh Chanpagnie stole the show
20 Jan, 08:19 AM UTC
@Marylisha4the glory of God
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20 Jan, 08:07 AM UTC
@Marylisha4the glory of God
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20 Jan, 08:04 AM UTC
Rafael Barlowe
@CozyLito I have Jalen Johnson in my top 10
20 Jan, 05:42 AM UTC
@dopelikcoke Jalen Johnson is legit, close to a triple double, everybody else might be mid
20 Jan, 05:33 AM UTC
Rafael Barlowe
Jalen Johnson or Scottie Barnes??
20 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
On the Duke side of things No question Jalen Johnson should be a favorite for ACC Freshman of the Year https://t.co/jvcJdKLDo2
20 Jan, 05:04 AM UTC

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