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Adrian Wojnarowski
JALEN Lecque.
22 Nov, 11:19 PM UTC
Benjamin Solak
The Eagles are actively playing bad players (Jason Peters, Jalen Mills, Carson Wentz) over players who are not only potentially better (Jordan Mailata, K’Von Wallace, Jalen Hurts) but are younger and more likely to fill the Eagles’ future rosters.
22 Nov, 07:18 PM UTC
Brandon Awadis
Suns traded for Chris Paul. Signed Jae Crowder. Added E’Twaun Moore. & drafted Jalen Smith. AND were able to keep their core-4 Dbook, Ayton, Bridges, & Cam + their top-10 pick in the process Fantastic off-season for the Suns ☀️🧡💜
22 Nov, 09:24 PM UTC
Jalen Green looking real BOUNCY at a G League scrimmage 🔥 @JalenGreen (via @nbagleague) @overtime's photo on Jalen
22 Nov, 11:10 PM UTC
It’s time to put Jalen Hurts in man @MasterTes's photo on Jalen
22 Nov, 06:39 PM UTC
Davis Mattek
Is there 1 person in the contiguous United States who would object to seeing Jalen Hurts over Carson Wentz right now?
22 Nov, 08:13 PM UTC
Thomas R. Petersen 🦅
Jalen Reagor was by far the best receiver on the field today for Eagles. It feels unfair to compare him to players on functional offenses that actually scheme to the strength of it's players... #Eagles
22 Nov, 11:47 PM UTC
Benjamin Solak
The Eagles moved Jalen Mills from S to CB at halftime and he’s been further away from the WRs he’s covering at CB than he was when he was playing S
22 Nov, 08:47 PM UTC
A minute of disgusting dunks by Jalen Lecque! @Ballislife's photo on Jalen
22 Nov, 11:26 PM UTC
The Bright Side
Phoenix Suns draft: @thejalen_smith analysis and highlights (via @DaveKingNBA) https://t.co/Vkz8bL4Znn
22 Nov, 03:58 PM UTC
Pacers Nation
Good luck, TJ Leaf! And welcome to Pacers Nation, Jalen Lecque 🙌 https://t.co/gU8vTf8mSD
23 Nov, 12:08 AM UTC
Matt Nein
STOP! I’m over it. You can not make any more excuses for Carson Wentz. All of his ‘weapons’ are back and he’s still turning it over. Yes the offensive line is bad but as a Seahawks fan I’ve seen Wilson succeed for years behind an awful o-line. Jalen Hurts time.
22 Nov, 09:04 PM UTC
Matt McMullen
Here are the Raiders’ inactives for tonight’s game: QB Marcus Mariota RB Jalen Richard OT Sam Young DT Maurice Hurst OL John Simpson DT Daniel Ross
22 Nov, 11:54 PM UTC
Paul Gutierrez
Raiders inactives vs. Chiefs: DB Lamarcus Joyner, QB Marcus Mariota, RB Jalen Richard, OT Sam Young, DT Maurice Hurst, G John Simpson, DT Daniel Ross. https://t.co/wPFKfjtCsG
22 Nov, 11:52 PM UTC
Was anyone else excited about Jalen Lecque?
23 Nov, 12:13 AM UTC
Joe Giglio
Wrote this in April. It was clear then and it’s blatantly obvious now. https://t.co/iUbg8i3vbe
23 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
DMoney 💸🇮🇹
Jalen Hurts watching Carson Wentz throw a Pick 6, get sacked for a Safety, and an INT at the 3 yard line https://t.co/YxiqPR0HEx
23 Nov, 12:06 AM UTC
The Trade Deadline
Introducing, Jalen Lecque (vs Zion Williamson) https://t.co/9U7QGZQhVO
23 Nov, 12:12 AM UTC
Tyler Jackson
Feel sorry for Jalen Reagor. He’s not as good as JJ, but his numbers would probably be somewhat better if his QB didn’t stink
23 Nov, 12:09 AM UTC
Myles Turner Brazil
E o Indiana Pacers enviou TJ Leaf + 2Rnd pick futura pra OKC por Jalen Lecque. Indy economiza $2.8M e fica cerca de $1.2M abaixo do teto da Luxury. Pacers poderá adicionar o rookie Cassius Stanley sem precisar pagar taxas. Herb Simon neste momento: https://t.co/dq2RYV6amV
23 Nov, 12:16 AM UTC
Minutos antes de que se anunciara el traspaso donde lo mandaban a Pacers...Jalen Lecque apenas llegaba a OKC PRESTI TE LÍQUIDA https://t.co/VWwR5hgnkj
23 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
Inactive #Raiders for tonight's game .... QB Marcus Mariota RB Jalen Richard T Sam Young DT Maurice Hurst G John Simpson DT Daniel Ross https://t.co/CKY7jLT1x0
23 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
Dustin M Smith
@DMoneyDoesIt @jalenreagor Funniest part is if you saw jalen in person you wouldn’t even think of saying any of this to his face. Acting like a tough guy when we all know you’re another internet pussy🤣 keep trolling you clown🤡🤡
22 Nov, 11:20 PM UTC
DJ Folk
My preseason 2021 NBA Draft Mock 1.Jalen Green 2.Cade Cunningham 3.Evan Mobley 4. Jonathon Kuminga 5.Scottie Barnes( I’m very high on Scottie) 6.Greg Brown 7. BJ Boston 8.Jalen Suggs 9. Mojave King 10. Jalen Johnson
23 Nov, 12:13 AM UTC
listen to SMILEY on soundcloud
jalen said he was getting another dog and i didn’t believe him LMAOO
23 Nov, 12:09 AM UTC
I don’t care if Jalen Hurts sucks or knows a fraction of the playbook. I’d rather watch him play and stink it up knowing he’s a rook than watch my $32million QB play like it’s his first game every. Single. Week.
23 Nov, 12:09 AM UTC
@BatesDoe69 I really wanted Ceedee thought they were gonna trade up but didn’t then saw bro was still on the board and we drafted Jalen fucking Reagor -___-
23 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
If Jalen Hurts starts, are the the Eagles going to run the ball more? Not trying to be toxic, I’m being serious. Let’s have a conversation.
23 Nov, 12:14 AM UTC
𝒞𝒽𝓇𝒾𝓈 🦎
First TFerg and now Jalen I know nothing but pain https://t.co/I0AYICLPqZ
23 Nov, 12:13 AM UTC

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