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Sadie Andrews (The Blonde Hotwife)
I’m Jamaica and @LupeMicha s still laying down that wood 😏 https://t.co/zwOY3gQrL7
09 Aug, 10:45 PM UTC
Ms. Dimples 🥹🥹🥹 #BelleMariano https://t.co/XtsRwWZze7
10 Aug, 06:23 AM UTC
In all honesty, #DonBelle is really prepared for this out of the country as a “couple” more than an lt. Haha i think they’re doing us more of a favor for not posting a lot kasi baka mamatay tayong lahat ng sabay sabay sa kilig. DONBELLE IN SFO https://t.co/QUglYDiFXp
10 Aug, 06:02 AM UTC
Jamaica, Colombia, and St. Lucia are the only countries where a boss is more likely to be a woman than a man.
09 Aug, 05:26 PM UTC
Thee Heaven Lee (JAMAICA 🇯🇲 8/5-8/10)
This Jamaican 🇯🇲 man KNEW I WAS THEE HEAVEN LEE …. He caught me leaving the club on the resort and I realized he was able to sneak me into a VACANT room …. I LOVE RENDEZVOUS and I always wanted to have sex w/ a Jamaican in JAMAICA 🫣‼️ ✅ CHECK PLEASE 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 https://t.co/nW5ZD7S41Q
10 Aug, 03:26 AM UTC
Africa Facts Zone
Lewis Hamilton has described Namibia as one of the best places he has ever seen. He expressed his love for the country online, and thanked the country for showing him a good time. https://t.co/WwxZEyoyxA
10 Aug, 07:57 AM UTC
Dami’ Adenuga
If you’re awake, pls enjoy this #JourneyFreeVerseChallenge w/ Nigel Hector from Jamaica. Pls rate this cover. cc @tolibian https://t.co/6B8s2OeXox
10 Aug, 04:33 AM UTC
Michael Gunning
The Commonwealth Games might be over, but tonight you will see & hear some heartbreaking stories💔 From the happy & bubbly personality you all know, in the documentary I visit Jamaica for the first time as a out gay man & open up to @TomDaley1994 more than I’ve ever done before! @MichaelGunning1's photo on Jamaica
09 Aug, 01:32 PM UTC
Nikhil 🏏
MI Emirates when MI Cape Town walks in followed by MI Brisbane and MI Jamaica. @CricCrazyNIKS's photo on Jamaica
10 Aug, 07:50 AM UTC
Jesus still wash Judas feet △⃒⃘
Just replace “Barbados” with “Jamaica”… It’s eerie how similar our experiences are. Who said CARICOM was de*d https://t.co/dbzj3jjjqs
09 Aug, 04:30 PM UTC
Terry Mapurisana
The legendary Reggae King #Yellowman has agreed to feature on my @classic263 reggae program live interview with #TheReggaeGeneral watch this space @taurai11 @KareemaMusic #Jamaica https://t.co/bFJKaJ2i8m @gkmanatsa14 @tanavine https://t.co/D4Fh2nZUAX
09 Aug, 04:40 PM UTC
Debbie Oppermann
YS Falls Jamaica is a seven tiered waterfalls cascading over limestone rock! #waterfalls #falls #YTFallsjamaica #Jamaica #nature #naturelover #landscape #landscapelovers #artwork #artprint #homedecor #BuyIntoArt #FindArtThisSummer #cascades Get it https://t.co/UzPeimnUha https://t.co/pGGEWzQfLx
09 Aug, 11:46 PM UTC
This isnt a Jamaica only problem!?! The Caribbean is not for the Caribbean People! 😭😭 This is NOT ok! https://t.co/fY6DhawTqa
09 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Save Our Citizenships 🧡
With over 225,000 backlogged cases of settled people with European nationalities, and only 15,000 people reported to have been deserving of compensation for the Windrush debacle, one has to wonder WHY one group were set for deportation... 4/ https://t.co/HWYnV31Yf6
10 Aug, 06:41 AM UTC
The beautiful, glorious days of Summer... #GoldenEye #Summer #Vacation #BirthplaceofBond #LicensetoChill #Beautifuldestinations #BoutiqueProperty #IslandOutpost #Jamaica 🇯🇲 https://t.co/niWzqgZqLp
09 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC
Each sporting discipline have a body in charge that is responsible for management and things like securing sponsorship. Sadly most of the sporting bodies in Jamaica are poorly ran or led by old people who aren’t creative or intuitive enough
10 Aug, 04:12 AM UTC
Aloe Yoroi
Jamaica and UK are responsible for this war crime https://t.co/Tm1uwKSCRm
09 Aug, 11:25 PM UTC
Educator 4 Michelle Wu 🍎
“The district has 430 teachers and that includes teachers from countries such as India, the Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Ghana and Mexico. Most of the foreign teachers are in middle school and a few are in elementary schools.” #TBATs https://t.co/4I5TjtSWTK
09 Aug, 04:42 PM UTC
Music Promo Video Listen Here : https://t.co/XMeaA5giki #music #Reggae #reggaemusic #Instrumentals #DubNation #rtitbot #PostYourAds #Beats #Jamaica #Musica #Roots #Dub #Riddim #BlackLivesMatter #Video #YouTubeVideo https://t.co/2TotDHMgUz
10 Aug, 05:22 AM UTC
Jamaica Plain Pads
Jamaica Plain 3 Beds 2 Baths Boston - $3,255: Places Go Fast, Don't Miss This One Features: -Hardwood Floors -Granite Counters -Stainless Steel Appliances -Microwave -Dishwasher -Disposal -Modern Bath -Laundry… https://t.co/yfg5j7Gfli #jamaicaplainapartments #jamaicaplainrentals https://t.co/gX2OlY6Ove
10 Aug, 08:05 AM UTC
Simon James Whatley
Homosexual men & women face vilification & persecution in Jamaica & Nigeria etc. ⁩ ⁦@Olympics⁩ champion & misogynist ⁦@TomDaley1994 does not understand that TQIA++ = straight and irrelevant in those cultures. #lesbian #gay #bisexual #equality https://t.co/6uJvQYUbdq
09 Aug, 10:14 PM UTC
The Netty Life
🎧🏐 ALL THAT GLITTERS Our final #CWG22 podcast to wrap up an extraordinary 10 days of world class #netball 🙌 🥇Australia 🥈Jamaica 🥉New Zealand 🧐Who got Diamonds over the line in the gold medal match against an impressive Jamaican line-up? https://t.co/b2kOQQLPVE
10 Aug, 07:28 AM UTC
I want to go to Jamaica for vacation someday
10 Aug, 07:54 AM UTC
Jamaica Plain Pads
Jamaica Plain AMAZING 2 BED 1 BATH UNIT-LUXURY BUILDING IN JAMAICA PLAIN Boston - $2,650: AMAZING 2 BED 1 BATH UNIT-LUXURY BUILDING IN JAMAICA PLAIN -Laundry in unit -Central air -Parking available -Cats and… https://t.co/uKhqRkwWs3 #jamaicaplainapartments #jamaicaplainrentals https://t.co/xPKO77xcFy
10 Aug, 07:50 AM UTC
Haciéndome un zukito de Jamaica para ver la serie de #IAmGroot con la hamburguesa que me compró mi hermana https://t.co/eshp1aFBPL
10 Aug, 07:51 AM UTC
10 Aug, 07:57 AM UTC
@777Border お疲れ様でした😊
10 Aug, 08:02 AM UTC
Frederic Edwin Church
Frederic Edwin Church, Woodland Study, Jamaica, July 1865 #fredericedwinchurch #openaccess https://t.co/sd5x6KhCIV https://t.co/DBwqkWhB8D
10 Aug, 08:01 AM UTC
@jamaica_sound トゥクさん。さん おつかれちゃんです! https://t.co/Bomvb9eEMt
10 Aug, 07:59 AM UTC