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The Jameela Jamil situation is exactly why POC and LGBTQ as umbrella identifiers is inadequate when it is time to name the REAL hierarchies and complexities of ID when marginalized people are violent, exploitative and hurtful towards Black LGBTQ people in particular
06 Feb, 01:31 PM UTC
Hari Ziyad
Not to take away from her journey to queerness, but this statement by Jameela Jamil defending her casting as a judge on a voguing competition show as a then-closeted person with no connection to the ballroom scene really highlights the fallacy of “using one’s privilege for good.”
06 Feb, 01:20 PM UTC
Jameela Jamil no queriendo salir del armario como bi porque está saliendo con un hombre y le iban a montar el pollo es *exactamente* la causa por la que la gente bi no se siente parte de la comunidad LGTB
06 Feb, 01:17 PM UTC
Titania McGrath
Before anyone accuses Katy Perry of taking a role best suited to British Asians, you should know that she is now identifying as Jameela Jamil. https://t.co/6xRsKxMVSk
06 Feb, 05:24 PM UTC
Ana Cerezuela
Si algún día necesitáis un ejemplo clarísimo, sangrante y brutal de bifobia, contadles que a Jameela Jamil la han sacado del armario a patadas cuando no estaba preparada, y una vez fuera le han negado su pertenencia al colectivo LGTB por estar saliendo con un señor. https://t.co/9edfbe8lUj
06 Feb, 02:22 PM UTC
George M Johnson
This is why we always say not to lump Black and POC on some equivalency. Non Black POCs take our space too. Being queer doesn’t = I can speak for all queer spaces. Cut the crap. https://t.co/wSqw5tZu1e
06 Feb, 04:47 PM UTC
shaun kinnair
In the 3rd Month of massive protests on the streets of France and in that time @bbc have not reported on it once. But Jameela Jamil announces she is ‘queer’ is front page. Seriously!!?? Is this what I pay my licence fee for? @skbytes's photo on Jameela Jamil
06 Feb, 04:10 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
‘Woke’ actress Jameela Jamil responded to criticism that as a straight woman she shouldn’t be cast in a new LGBT-interest TV show by suddenly announcing that she was “queer.” Checkmate, bigots. https://t.co/hHGf7x8kKz
06 Feb, 07:53 PM UTC
Andy Ngo
“Jameela Jamil has announced she is ‘queer’ after receiving criticism for being cast in a new LGBT-interest show.” The new way for ordinary people to gain instant privilege is to suddenly identify as “queer” & “non-binary.” It suddenly makes them better. https://t.co/XVlzdthQHX
06 Feb, 06:36 PM UTC
evan :)
it's been f*ck jameela jamil ever since she literally SLUT-SHAMED beyoncé at her big age back in 2013. she is a performative "feminist" who's just trying to get a quick check.
06 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Sarah Ditum
I don't know why Jameela Jamil couldn't just identify as a fucking presenter and do her stupid job
06 Feb, 10:35 AM UTC
House of Xpression
06 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Solidarity with my fellow bisexuals everywhere, whose busy day of having an anxiety disorder & failing to sit in chairs properly is being disrupted by the predictable bi erasure in the face of Jameela Jamil coming out. A woman having a male partner doesn't mean she's straight. https://t.co/ATWjgPuQwQ
06 Feb, 11:22 AM UTC
shania twink
Representation is so important. We finally have our own Asian Lena Dunham, Jameela Jamil.
06 Feb, 03:15 PM UTC
Tasha Suri
not remotely convinced jameela jamil should be heading a show about the ballroom scene and the flattening of all LGBTQ experiences into an unnuanced monolith is ick, but if you think a south asian woman comes out 'just for attention'... why are you like this.
06 Feb, 10:35 AM UTC
Iria G. Parente
No tengo ni idea de qué ha pasado con Jameela Jamil, pero los comentarios diciendo que tiene novio cuando ella se declara como queer son bifobia de manual. https://t.co/6KGK0PUNjt
06 Feb, 01:07 PM UTC
Alexandra Phillips
Who on earth is Jameela Jamil and why is her announcement that she's 'queer' front page news on the BBC website?? @BrexitAlex's photo on Jameela Jamil
06 Feb, 06:05 PM UTC
ABC News
Jameela Jamil comes out as queer amid backlash over judging new ballroom show. https://t.co/4Uavp1cp6q
07 Feb, 06:58 AM UTC
CNN en Español
"Lo mantuve en secreto porque tenía miedo del dolor de ser acusada de apoyar a la comunidad por moda, por algo que me causó mucha confusión, miedo y agitación cuando era una niña", dijo la actriz. https://t.co/3mPgvKHUn6
07 Feb, 07:40 AM UTC
Taylor Swift Updates
💬 | Jameela Jamil on Taylor publicly discussing her ED and Jameela’s ‘I-Weigh’ movement [@HollywoodLife] “I’m just so grateful that she’s talking out about her own experience, because it can help lots of her young followers identify their own eating issues that they have.” https://t.co/7PMhahqhj3
07 Feb, 08:15 AM UTC
Tara “bisexual isn’t binary” Pond
The amount of biphobia/queerphobia in Jameela Jamil coming out as queer is completely expected and still infuriating and disapointing. She is queer if she says she's queer. People joking about it is hurting people who worry they aren't 'queer enough' to come out
06 Feb, 10:23 PM UTC
"This is absolutely not how I wanted to come out," wrote Jameela Jamil https://t.co/MthkgzL81k
07 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Agnes Grunwald-Spier
Who is Jameela Jamil? https://t.co/ejwRA2SMG6
07 Feb, 08:04 AM UTC
People saying Jameela Jamil can't be queer because she's in a relationship with a man right now = fucked up, ignorant and uneducated
07 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
britney spears’ cousin
diving into a very dark jameela jamil investigative hole…
07 Feb, 08:02 AM UTC
.@jameelajamil Comes Out As Queer, Speaks Her Heart Out About Her Sexuality on Twitter https://t.co/pR1dnBIpuY
07 Feb, 08:01 AM UTC
hot babe for bernie 🔥
I apologize for anything I said before I realized that Jameela Jamil is not, in fact, hosting a traditional ballroom dancing show in the vein of Dancing with the Stars
07 Feb, 08:15 AM UTC
World News
Jameela Jamil announces she is ‘queer’ after backlash over TV role https://t.co/bQE1UPWfrr
07 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
akira 🗡
Jameela Jamil or sumn bye queen https://t.co/gqugnOdia3
07 Feb, 08:10 AM UTC
Nieuws van Nu
#Actrice Jameela Jamil komt uit de kast na kritiek op haar rol in tv-show https://t.co/tpPMf2iF8q #nieuws #nieuwsvannu
07 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC