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Sa Ra Garvey
#Rant I think Idris Elba is a cool actor. But don’t get this obsession with the public wanting a Black, James Bond! No one wants a White man playing Shaft. Bond is a white English spy! Stop the bullshit! #RantOver
15 Aug, 01:16 PM UTC
Iain Martin
Public service reminder: James Bond is not real. Fictional character, who has been Scottish, Australian, Irish, English, good actor, bad actor. But always an actor. He. Is. Not. Real. https://t.co/q4LPwXdWi3
15 Aug, 04:33 PM UTC
Simran Jeet Singh
Please cast Idris Elba as James Bond to bother the racists https://t.co/HkMJq2F691
16 Aug, 12:02 AM UTC
True Vanguard
I get that James Bond as a character is a white male, and I get not wanting to modify core identity features about characters we know and love... But Idris Elba is B-A enough for me to not care haha CAST THAT DUDE and I’ll actually see that Bond movie in theaters not Redbox
15 Aug, 05:07 PM UTC
James Dyer
“Katie Hopkins is in a twitter fight with Ice T about why Idris Elba can’t be James Bond.” - 2018 summed up in a single sentence.
15 Aug, 02:54 PM UTC
@KTHopkins James Bond: ENGLISH Barry Nelson: American Sean Connery: Scottish David Niven: English George Lazenby: Australian Roger Moore: English Timothy Dalton: Welsh Pierce Brosnan: Irish Daniel Craig: English Idris Elba: English James Bond: FICTIONAL Katie Hopkins: Douche
15 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
White People are so mad about Idris Elba playing James Bond, as if they didn't make films portraying Jesus & biblical characters as White
15 Aug, 07:40 AM UTC
Alfons López Tena #FBPE
Old enough to remember when James Bond was impersonated by Scottish, Irish, and Australian actors. They weren’t English and nobody minded it. @idriselba is English, just like the fictional James Bond. #SayNoToRacism https://t.co/WVHT5srkVs
15 Aug, 06:16 PM UTC
Juventud Cristiana Anti-Sectas
Primero al Dr Who lo vuelven mujer... Luego a James Bond lo vuelven negro... Ya sólo falta que quieran FORZARNOS a no pensar en Jesucristo de Nazaret Nuestro Señor como el hombre caucásico que era.
16 Aug, 02:04 AM UTC
Freddie Campion
According to the books, James Bond is 98 years old and would have retired from the 00 Section in 1966. https://t.co/IAWhM90TeQ
15 Aug, 03:50 PM UTC
Barbara Fraser Outlander
This is a really great article with @SamHeughan by @Thrillist Lots of great info from good questions while filming @SpyWhoDumpedMe Bonding with cast & #SamHeughan007 #SamHeughan on 'The Spy Who Dumped Me,' Bond Rumors and the Joy of Escape Rooms https://t.co/4KXf2XRCtd https://t.co/svgQ6splPP
16 Aug, 12:36 AM UTC
Steve Byrne
If there is a black James Bond, I want to see an Asian black panther.
16 Aug, 12:12 AM UTC
It's pointless saying Idris Elba should play James Bond. Must there be a black version of popular white characters? If a white South African played T'Challa, you lot would've lost your minds. We should work towards having our own original characters.
15 Aug, 12:37 PM UTC
Adult Gambina
Idris Elba cannot act James Bond...he is not the right man for that character. EOD
15 Aug, 10:02 AM UTC
Marcel Hendricks
@sco060 @beastyboo @TamingDragons @FINALLEVEL @JamesRu5531l Nobody seemed to have a problem with Jesus being played by a blond guy with blues eyes for the last 2000 odd years so a black James Bond is hardly ground breaking.
15 Aug, 08:44 PM UTC
KRON4 News
His name is Idris Elba. Will he be the first black James Bond? https://t.co/KYNGeUqTBC KRON4 News's photo on James Bond
16 Aug, 04:35 AM UTC
Annelize van Rooyen
Vote for Sam Heughan. @SamHeughan . The perfect 007. James Bond https://t.co/pQz2peJb7c
15 Aug, 07:18 PM UTC
Andy Ihnatko
I hope the contractors warned @tim_cook that even the fanciest doors in the world will barely hinder James Bond in a microjet. Just in case that would be a factor in any of Apple's unannounced projects. https://t.co/OhfZa0Z6jN https://t.co/Atp5CjNI5P
16 Aug, 05:10 AM UTC
Jo H 🇬🇧 Shadowbanned
@andreajenkyns I think remainers have and do accuse most "brexiteers" of being "Russian bots/spies". To me it shows an inability to understand that we all have different views and they need to give that a reason - they've watched too much James Bond!!?
16 Aug, 04:53 AM UTC
Cookie Roof 🍪
Hang tough Sam voters through the sleeping hours here across the pond we have built you a nice lead. ......Who Do You Think Should Be the Next James Bond? https://t.co/tSPjug8O6A
16 Aug, 02:50 AM UTC
Richard Steenvoorden 🌱
Het mooiste is als de volgende James Bond een Joods-Islamitische halfbloedige transgender is uit China die eigenlijk liever balletdanseres wil worden dan een geheim agent zijn. #IdrisElba
16 Aug, 05:26 AM UTC
Tomi Ahonen
James Bond The Forgettable Dudes Collection 007 On Her Majesty's Secret Sofa 007 The Living Duvets 007 Licence To Chill #RelaxAMovieOrTVShow
16 Aug, 05:23 AM UTC
platonic friend to animals
@KTHopkins James Bond is a fictional character, Katie
16 Aug, 05:29 AM UTC
Idris Elba, prochain james Bond jvous l’dit
16 Aug, 05:28 AM UTC
@sagarikaghose James Bond ki Beti where do you get such advanced information which even your leader Raga doesn't ? Maybe you get these information from secret sources of Tukde-Tukde Gang people.
16 Aug, 05:28 AM UTC
Tomi Ahonen
James Bond Pierce Brosnan Collection 007 ClosenEye 007 Tomorrow Never Tries 007 The World Is Not Too Tough 007 Try Another Day #RelaxAMovieOrTVShow
16 Aug, 05:27 AM UTC
James Bond is a fictional character. He can be anything we want him to be. That’s the joy of fiction.
16 Aug, 05:26 AM UTC
The Ambler
@KTHopkins James Bond was really several different people, it's the name given to the agent using the 007 tag at the time. Therefore each successor of the number will be a different person. No problem.
16 Aug, 05:25 AM UTC
In My Own Lane
Oh but he can Edna....he can and he WILL be James Bond....so take a nap drink some tea and get over it https://t.co/QyBSU6HCPJ
16 Aug, 05:25 AM UTC
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16 Aug, 05:25 AM UTC
Shane Mead
@KTHopkins James Bond was played by an Australian. Also James Bond is fictional.
16 Aug, 05:24 AM UTC
XXX Girls (+18)
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16 Aug, 05:23 AM UTC
@KTHopkins @reginalddhunter James Bond is an agents name as it 007 .. James Bond can be anyone it's a fictional name given to an agent.
16 Aug, 05:22 AM UTC
Tomi Ahonen
James Bond Roger Moore Collection 007 Live And Let Rest 007 The Man With The Golden Bed 007 The Spy Who Spooned Me 007 Moonrelaxer 007 For Closed Eyes Only 007 Nobody Does It Standing 007 Octopillow 007 A View To A Dream #RelaxAMovieOrTVShow
16 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
Richard D Jones™
The only reason I want @idriselba to play James Bond is because I want to see how many ways they can make him an undercover janitor.
16 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
@5MinuteFinal Agreed, I bet it would the most successful financial James Bond ever as well.
16 Aug, 05:21 AM UTC
O Pierce Brosnan σχολιάζει τον σημερινό James Bond και έχει απόλυτο δίκιο! #ipopgr https://t.co/BCd2lj3Oqq
16 Aug, 05:20 AM UTC

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