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Berny Belvedere
James Lindsay appears to have been permabanned by Twitter. Let us honor his memory by recounting some of his finest moments.
05 Aug, 06:52 PM UTC
Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️
This is a perfect example of discourse engineering: using the tools of language control to shape and restrict public narratives. "Hateful conduct" is a pretext—"hate" is, in fact, widely permitted, as long as it's directed toward regime-approved targets. https://t.co/0KA6rm51jM
05 Aug, 05:45 PM UTC
Liz Wheeler
This is actually why Twitter hates James Lindsay. They’re scared of… this. @Liz_Wheeler's photo on James Lindsay
05 Aug, 07:10 PM UTC
Tim Pool
im guna put james lindsay on a times square billboard its like my thing now https://t.co/iLglEexji4
05 Aug, 03:50 PM UTC
Greg Price
James Lindsay called out groomers normalizing the sexualization of children and this chick responded by spam reporting his account until Twitter suspended it. That says a lot about you. https://t.co/FjspRzr3YJ
05 Aug, 03:40 PM UTC
Wokal Distance
1/ My friend James Lindsay was permanently banned from twitter today. An activist weaponized the rules by filing reports until something stuck. We need to talk about why they went after James specifically. A thread🧵 https://t.co/nyVbPfJxHp
06 Aug, 12:23 AM UTC
Colin Wright
1/ If it hadn't been for James Lindsay, I may not have ever spoken up about gender ideology. In 2018, while a postdoc at Penn State, I wrote James this email expressing my concern for the state of academia and my fear about speaking out. His responses helped give me the courage. https://t.co/bggWFarQ7q
05 Aug, 06:35 PM UTC
New Discourses
Hello all. James Lindsay (@ConceptualJames) has been permanently suspended on Twitter. While he's considering his options, follow him elsewhere: https://t.co/Y88qox5k70
05 Aug, 03:12 PM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
BREAKING: James Lindsay PERMANENTLY BANNED from Twitter | The Post Millennial https://t.co/ZDyjTaTB1w
05 Aug, 03:59 PM UTC
Seth Dillon
Twitter violated their own hateful conduct policy by misgendering James Lindsay as “they” while explaining how he violated their hateful conduct policy. @SethDillon's photo on James Lindsay
05 Aug, 05:49 PM UTC
The Serfs
Since James Lindsay is permanently banned I wanted to share my personal favorite moment of him where he spent time out of his day while shopping to accuse breakfast cereal of grooming @theserfstv's photo on James Lindsay
05 Aug, 07:14 PM UTC
Konstantin Kisin
I strongly disagree with Twitter banning James Lindsay but I can't help thinking it's probably the best thing that could have happened to him.
05 Aug, 03:59 PM UTC
Anthony L. Fisher
Just heard James Lindsay got banned. As his free speech tourist buddies bleat and sob over "unjust censorship," please always recall that Lindsay did not believe in free speech and in recent months has basically been an open fascist. https://t.co/5eKrYrq0Gy
05 Aug, 09:20 PM UTC
It’s Ma’am, PhDelightful 📚
James Lindsay is my friend and I’m very sad to see him permanently banned, especially over a tweet in which he was defending children against the sexual predations of adults. Twitter is despicable.
05 Aug, 07:26 PM UTC
Of all things James Lindsay could get banned for, he’s banned for opposing the sexualisation of children. Is this the thing we’re not allowed to talk about now? I personally think it’s OK to be against sexualising kids. That this is considered to be offensive is alarming to me.
05 Aug, 09:50 PM UTC
Michael O'Fallon - Sovereign Nations
James Lindsay’s account @ConceptualJames was permanently suspended for the phrase “child sexualization specialist” in reference to those that are providing gender transition guidance. https://t.co/Fn3XlaSARw
05 Aug, 03:18 PM UTC
James Lindsay is right 👏 @prageru's photo on James Lindsay
06 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
Christina Buttons
The left hates James Lindsay because he so effectively articulated and exposed their nonsense beliefs. And the center-left hates him for doing it better than they ever could. He made a lasting impact and he will be present even without an active Twitter account.
05 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
Allison Royal
"It feels like I got let out of prison." - James Lindsay My full #FreeJamesLindsay interview is here. He's not shutting up. In fact, he's doubling down. Everyone, the tipping point is here. @NewDiscourses https://t.co/M9giH2MxF9
05 Aug, 10:11 PM UTC
Theo Jordan
Why is James Lindsay silenced from speaking on here but that maniac Dash Dobrofsky can broadcast such hateful vitriol every week with no issue? Why is "groomer" a bannable offense while half our nation is called nazis and white supremacists on an hourly basis with no problem?
05 Aug, 07:49 PM UTC
Moms for Liberty
BREAKING: James Lindsay PERMANENTLY BANNED from Twitter This was @ConceptualJames appeal, when @Twitter said, "describe the problem you're having": https://t.co/XuuyxxK4SX https://t.co/XDh5kqFKxV
05 Aug, 06:56 PM UTC
Kelly S.
James Lindsay permanently banned from Twitter after calling Harvard instructor a 'child sexualization specialist' https://t.co/DMjGqrLAZo
05 Aug, 05:41 PM UTC
The Post Millennial
BREAKING: James Lindsay PERMANENTLY BANNED from Twitter https://t.co/h3tteKPhmR
05 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Franziska Davies 🇺🇦
Nichts gelernt @CHBeckLiteratur? Kreml-Propagandistin Gabriele Krone-Schmalz mussten Sie aus dem Programm nehmen, als Russland den Krieg gegen die Ukraine eskalierte. Immer noch führen Sie einen Titel des anti-semitischen Hetzers James Lindsay. Not good. https://t.co/cKO7A5n4hW
06 Aug, 12:35 PM UTC
He had blocked me so I didn’t notice but James Lindsay was one of the best people on twitter. He had a lot of godawful takes but he once hit that asshole James Lindsay in the face with a sword and broke his eye socket and that’s something we can all aspire to.
05 Aug, 09:19 PM UTC
Leftists who got pushed out of the left are not right-wing. Stop giving them space here. Dave Rubin & James Lindsay actually are controlled opposition, people astro-turfed into the spotlight to stop you from achieving substantial political goals
06 Aug, 07:45 AM UTC
Here is James Lindsay’s statement on his perma ban from Twitter: https://t.co/LMWJqG6S8D
06 Aug, 02:13 AM UTC
Daily Wire News
Author James Lindsay Banned From Twitter, Trans Harvard Law Instructor Claims Credit https://t.co/1yc69IatfB https://t.co/j4KSK0vWT3
06 Aug, 12:20 PM UTC
Theo Jordan
I guess I should have mentioned who this applies to (James Lindsay). Some fiery thoughts from yesterday... 👇🧵 https://t.co/sSr6QLbUqQ https://t.co/xncLO9WvdN
06 Aug, 12:49 PM UTC
The Neighborhood Sociologist
I believe the people who will miss James Lindsay the most are not his fanbase - who will follow him to other platforms, but the Far Left culture warriors who used Lindsay's foolishness to have something to talk about each day.
06 Aug, 12:45 PM UTC