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Tiffany D. Jackson
Flight attendant: What do you do? Me: I’m an author Him: Oh! What do you write? Me: Mostly young adult novels Him: Oh for kids? So when are you gonna write the real stuff. Ha Me: Probably when you learn how to be a pilot. *awkard silence throughout the cabin* #authorclapback
10 Jan, 02:18 PM UTC
Kamye West
Jamie Lynn Spears' "Are you ready?" in the beginning of the Zoey 101 theme song was the equivalent to her sister's "it's Britney, bitch.” https://t.co/Y7cSiAnWah
10 Jan, 09:36 PM UTC
Michael Heaver
Brilliant to see so many young people on telly standing up for Brexit, bang against a second referendum. Wake-up call for hardline Remainers who claim to represent the young. Michael Heaver's photo on Jamie Young
10 Jan, 10:08 PM UTC
Katie Hopkins
Brilliant stuff from the young people of Leeds. I watched and applauded. Thank you for your honesty, your candid truths and for giving @Channel4News a heart attack. Brexit Britain owes you a debt of gratitude Katie Hopkins's photo on Jamie Young
10 Jan, 10:42 PM UTC
Brandon Blair✞
Tim Tebow refused to compromise his faith and yet still landed Miss Universe. Take notes young fellas! Brandon Blair✞'s photo on Jamie Young
10 Jan, 09:26 PM UTC
🆘#CREWE #CHESHIREEAST🙏STOP LOOK LISTEN !! this will 💔yours as much as it has mine - Young Owner is shouting 🙏"STOP" to the Tall Male DOG THIEF who SNATCHED HIS Jack Russell OFF HIM !! 🔽Mela was STOLEN on UNDERWOOD LANE @ approx 12 noon 4/1 then He RAN with HER to Derby St. LostandStolen's photo on Jamie Young
10 Jan, 11:18 PM UTC
Phila. Felines
Young CLAPPY landed in ACCT #Philly when found stray unable to walk; must exit 8pm TONIGHT 1/10 for a place to heal. Mail lifesaving@acctphilly.org / Call 267-385-3800 x500 if you can RESCUE this girl! To PLEDGE, visit https://t.co/Q0e1Wt1H0g, enter name & id: CLAPPY—A40523025 https://t.co/HGP4cQS7tI
10 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
URGENT!! Goodnight everyone. A young Grenadian, who is currently at the Port of Spain General Hospital is in need of help as soon as possible to save her life. Anyone who is in Trinidad at the moment and able to donate blood please DM me to assist.
11 Jan, 03:40 AM UTC
My new photoset is live :) Login and enjoy! https://t.co/wIqCprqY54 #nylons #highheels #miniskirt jamie-young's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 09:13 AM UTC
Ned Zelic
Big fan of Brisbane Roar's Jamie Young. Great reflexes. Tremendous goalkeeper. Top bloke too. Very humble
11 Jan, 09:19 AM UTC
Wesley Awad
Amazing time in Indonesia, enjoyed the challenge of finding young players with potential & being part of the process in giving them the opportunity to come to the UK & be part of the scholarship programme. Talent + opportunity, one of these boys will get signed 💯 #DreamChasers https://t.co/wkbFrwl7Od
10 Jan, 06:26 PM UTC
Carol Fraser 🕊 Lord John Gray
O cabelinho o young Jamie 🤧 https://t.co/pwK1SRpFrS
10 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
My Body tells me to go-ooo to @youngthegiant, March 2 at @macewanhall! RT this by 9p for your chance to win a pair of tickets! https://t.co/OlqegX7g5m
10 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Youth Justice Agency
Delighted to have worked with @BBCLearning in developing this short film depicting both a young person’s and a victim’s experience of Restorative Justice with @Y_J_Agency. Aim is to reach out to schools and spark debate within the classroom https://t.co/tuM0AMvDsC
10 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Hyundai A-League
This brilliant save from Jamie Young kept things scoreless in the first half. 📺: Live on Fox Sports 505 and 10 BOLD #ALeague #MCYvBRI Hyundai A-League's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 09:54 AM UTC
If she never listened to the virtual barber shop hair cut mp3 file ... she’s too young for u bro 😳😭😂
11 Jan, 05:03 AM UTC
Mitchell Jones
On the 11th of March I’ll be cycling from Pompey to WalsallThis is in aid of Pompey ITC who focus on assisting the young, homeless and others less well off in our city. Today I’m cycling to Stonehenge for practice. https://t.co/566216FEOS
11 Jan, 09:30 AM UTC
Brisbane Roar
51' | SAVE! That is right out of the top drawer from Jamie Young! #MCYvBRI 0-0 #RoarAsOne
11 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Brisbane Football Review
Jamie Young is by far the best goalkeeper in the #ALeague #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Nuno Espírito Dave-o
Jamie Young is a joy to watch. Don't think he's necessarily the best 'keeper in the #aleague, but his acrobatics do it for me. Reckon he's almost better with the higher degree of difficulty saves which is a real point of difference. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:55 AM UTC
Brisbane Roar
44' | SAVE! What a save from Jamie Young! He keeps out a rocket of a strike from Griffiths. #MCYvBRI 0-0 #RoarAsOne
11 Jan, 09:42 AM UTC
The Ladies League
Jamie Young’s wrists are gonna hurt more than a 15 year old boy’s after Griffiths shot #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:44 AM UTC
Peter Evans
What an evening spent at Jamie's Farm with Key4Life and 12 of the young men they are helping rebuild positive lives, after spending early adulthood in prison. What awesome work they do! Now we want to work with them to help prevent current young people 'choose' the wrong path!
11 Jan, 07:41 AM UTC
Jamie Walton
@GameSpot Shenmue 3...."dont worry young jamie, in 18 years you can carry on the story"
10 Jan, 09:42 PM UTC
Jamie Allen
Great meeting with @MU_Foundation CEO @JohnShielsMU today discussing the potential of working in partnership across Greater Manchester and beyond to benefit the lives and aspirations of even more young people. #strongertogether #mufc Jamie Allen's photo on Jamie Young
10 Jan, 09:53 PM UTC
The Football Sack
City with two back to back chances! Wales denied by Jamie Young and then Good's shot sails over from a corner. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:18 AM UTC
dave gordstein
@charlotte2153 @BenHabrit How was a dogpile initiated? Young Jamie responded to Frances - not the other way round. It seems to be something quite remarkable you are suggesting. Was Frances employing a Jedi mind trick? Did she use powerful voodoo? Or are there Norwegian forest forces at play?
11 Jan, 08:24 AM UTC
Jamie Young is hands down the best shot stopper in the #ALeague #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
The Football Sack
STOP IT JAMIE YOUNG! He saves again! #MCYvBRI The Football Sack's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Lachlan Phillips
Surely Jamie Young is the most overworked goalkeeper since Ante Covic at the Vuck
11 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Brisbane Football Review
51'- Jamie Young with another stunning save to deny Jamieson. #ALeague #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:06 AM UTC
Steve Bugess
@conor993 Thank Jamie Young methinks.
11 Jan, 09:51 AM UTC
The Football Sack
Jamie Young with a strong wrist to deny Griffiths! This is what we came to see. #MCYvBRI The Football Sack's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 09:43 AM UTC
Nick Sculley
Two early observations: 1. Jamie Young is outstanding. 2. This is the best colour matchup in the A-League. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:19 AM UTC
🏍 Lynne Gee 📱+🚗 =❌! 🐳
@Jimwhit69 @le10shep @bigyin600 Jamie, can you remember your initial reaction when you (a young lad desperate for sponsorship) were offered the Durex deal? I can imagine the face 😖!
11 Jan, 09:00 AM UTC
graceful swan
i know there's gonna be (good times) - jamie xx, young thug, popcaan https://t.co/CMFmVRtQt0
11 Jan, 12:29 AM UTC
Caledonians FC
✍🏻 Signing Caledonians FC are delighted to announce the signing of Jamie Shinners . We look to him to help bring these young lads forward and no doubt he will do so With his Premier Divison Experience . This signing has been a long time coming , welcome to Cals 🇧🇪 #UpCals🇧🇪 Caledonians FC's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
ali in pyjamas
Jamie is fucking brilliant in his ambassador role, as are a bunch of other young Labour members in our region. I despise the Labour party at the moment, but Jamie and Niamh are both lovely people, genuine anti-racist campaigners, and great ambassadors for their party. https://t.co/xw7PFFvCTZ
11 Jan, 12:24 AM UTC
🧡Greta Poppy💟🔥
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11 Jan, 12:02 AM UTC
Ngau Kai Yan
Some game, that. Finally got to witness a Jamie Young masterclass, the concussion of an aeriel fan (a pigeon this time!), and De Laet playing & scoring at ST. Always good fun in this league. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 11:55 AM UTC
💋Maleah Porno ❤🚫
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11 Jan, 11:06 AM UTC
Jamie Lee Curtis is not pleased with one person's antics at the Golden Globes Curtis should be ashamed attacking a young woman for simply trying to earn some money wow what a hypocrite Hollywood the ego has landed
11 Jan, 10:42 AM UTC
Jamie Lee Curtis is not pleased with one person's antics at the Golden Globes fuck off Curtis you dumb cunt so a young woman gets paid peanuts to do a job and your ego dislikes her so much for women together
11 Jan, 10:40 AM UTC
Davo Sports Mad
@NedZelic Jamie Young left open no chance. Plus there have been some easy turnovers as well Ned.
11 Jan, 10:20 AM UTC
La Speranzá
Only so much Jamie Young can do... Id hate to see what our GD would be without him.... #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:09 AM UTC
We don’t deserve Jamie Young, he’s way too good for us, deserves to be fighting for titles. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:09 AM UTC
Jamie Young didn’t deserve that. This Brisbane team doesn’t deserve Jamie Young. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Davo Sports Mad
Jamie Young What a save!!!! @brisbaneroar #CityRoar
11 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Goal Australia
Jamie Young unbeatable right now. Who do you think is the best keeper in the A-League? #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:08 AM UTC
Jamie young take another bow..#MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
@brisbaneroar JAMIE YOUNG FC #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
Katie Lambeski
City actually looked pretty good, but Jamie Young keeping Roar in the game. Thought they got in to it later in the half tho, Taggart offside call very close. #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 10:01 AM UTC
#MCYvBRI I feel bad for Jamie Young. Such a talented keeper let down by an incompetent team.
11 Jan, 10:00 AM UTC
@MelbourneCity I’ll back Jamie Young to score in this boring match
11 Jan, 09:59 AM UTC
Bring Back The Roar
It’s half time here at AAMI stadium. If we didn’t have this guy in our team we would be at least 3 goals down and there would be no point coming out for the second half! Well done Jamie Young! Bring Back The Roar's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 09:52 AM UTC
Jamie Young is an EPIC goalkeeper #BRIvMCY #brisbaneroar Annie's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 09:43 AM UTC
John Maguire
@BBCJohnBeattie @andy_murray @JudyMurray @jamie_murray Thank you Team Murray. You have all worked very hard to achieve what you have. You are all an inspiration to young and old throughout the world. God bless for the future.
11 Jan, 09:28 AM UTC
Peter Tisell
#MCYvBRI What a change for Jamie Young, a couple of seasons back his foot skills were being bagged; now they are being praised - not just any commentator but @Fof1967 hiself!
11 Jan, 09:24 AM UTC
Tom The Pom
Without Jamie Young @brisbaneroar would be even more woeful than they already are (and that’s fairly woeful) - he’s a gem. I feel for him #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:20 AM UTC
I remember a time when I thought Jamie Young looked quite awful. What a turnaround #MCYvBRI
11 Jan, 09:17 AM UTC
@JamieVernon Young Jamie, check this super important video out, it details the importance of correct tongue posture. https://t.co/vj7YCVDmUz
11 Jan, 06:55 AM UTC
It was the start of a new school year. Jamie, a young and attractive lady teacher, was teaching a primary four class. After a few months, she noticed that there was one particular boy Tommy who wasn’t doing well in his class tests.
11 Jan, 06:37 AM UTC
Transgender Guide
Interview with Jamie Young, author of "The World's Best Cross Dressing Guide" at https://t.co/6DVTZKrQqV
11 Jan, 03:44 AM UTC
12. omg in no order: young 20 by jamie park nd brian april fools .. also by jamie perfect love by loona so good by rv i don’t wanna love you anymore by lany all very good stuff 13. i love having my hair played w nd my head scratched bc i’m actually a CAT
11 Jan, 03:19 AM UTC
Mark Urban
@VictoriaJustice Yeah, it was just wonderful, I like to remember the time an you and Jamie https://t.co/mlBdwzJ2P2 was so young and sweet. I still like to the watch the series today.Then I’m really wistful.😘🥰🌹❤️🌹💏😌😔🇩🇪vs.🇺🇸🍑🍑💝💖💋💋 Mark Urban's photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 02:36 AM UTC
M4M Cum ☣
Young Jamie Gets A Big Jock Cock - Lollipop Twinks - VIDEO and more pics at https://t.co/Wk4fX3ppF9 - #Hardcore #Hunk #gayporn M4M Cum ☣'s photo on Jamie Young
11 Jan, 02:33 AM UTC
@Coalie00 @Jamie_Burkart Unfortunately for BOTH of us... It’s a little too late to die young... 🙃
11 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC
Brisbane Roar Stats
4 players have featured in all 12 @ALeague games for @brisbaneroar so far this season. @RIQUESILVA_33, Jamie Young, Adam Taggart and @alexlopezs8 #MCYvBRI #ALeague #GoRoar #RoarAsOne
11 Jan, 01:48 AM UTC
Jamie Sample
@westhamsam27 @gholffddk @LeaveEUOfficial Where your proof there are who get the hands dirty yet can't afford a house high students they are worried they can't subway offering aprenice jobs only your sounding the young are lazy and you wonder why they are angry you make genrel statments with no basis of facts
10 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
@Red_Devil_Marv Some Narben again for Jamie xx and young Ian is so sweet xx
10 Jan, 11:28 PM UTC
Amy Vong
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10 Jan, 11:17 PM UTC
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10 Jan, 11:02 PM UTC
@Wan_Bizzy That bit look like a young uncle jr from Jamie Fox show 😂😂
10 Jan, 10:43 PM UTC
Jabulani Mkandla
@SiPhillipsSport Jamie Vardy is a good striker and young I think to take Jamie Vardy is a great idea for the club Chelsea
10 Jan, 10:21 PM UTC
Jaime Chase
@BleacherReport @gerrydulac He arguing over football issues, which is normal and can be revisited. Ben could have lost his freedom and job over his off the field antics with young girls. The NFL is always talking about character, but not now, C'mon MAN! The Rooney's are Birdboxing facts.
10 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC

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