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Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦
If Democrats don't cut ads from Richard Donoghue's remarks to Trump in the Oval Office and run them straight through the midterms, it'll be an enormous missed opportunity. #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:05 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
Listening to this #Jan6Hearings, I'm reminded that more Americans voted for the smart lady than that treasonous idiot syphilitic chode. @AynRandPaulRyan's photo on #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 07:52 PM UTC
Liz Cheney, Kinzinger & Rosen made it clear Jeffrey Clark & Republican Congressmen are about to go through some things. Biggs, Gosar, Gaetz, Jordan, Brooks, Scott Perry & Marjorie Taylor Greene? #TrumpsCoupPlaybook #TrumpIsACriminal #Jan6Hearings #January6thCommitteeHearings https://t.co/wxf8a0vNoX
23 Jun, 08:11 PM UTC
Kenny BooYah! 🖖🏾
Bombshell revelation at #Jan6Hearings today: These are the six losers who asked trump for preemptive presidential pardons for their roles in the January 6 Insurrection. Very telling. https://t.co/kDMspZYAme
23 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
Alex Cole
Fun Fact: Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton never asked for a pardon. Matt Gaetz did. #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:22 PM UTC
Christine Pelosi
Twice impeached former guy Trump: "Just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republican congressmen." #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 07:53 PM UTC
Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸
Funny thing about these #Jan6Hearings... https://t.co/DJPpVr7QZ4
23 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC
Rep. Adam Kinzinger says hearing will expose "Trump's total disregard for the Constitution and his oath" #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/iGnEUE6fcM
23 Jun, 08:00 PM UTC
Charlotte Clymer 🏳️‍⚧️🇺🇦
The closing montage slash preview of witnesses testifying that Gaetz, Greene, etc. all asked for pardons is incredibly compelling. #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:40 PM UTC
Only the guilty ask for blanket #pardons. Mo Brooks Andy Biggs Matt Gaetz Louie Gohmert Scott Perry Marjorie Taylor Greene #TrumpsCoupPlaybook #Jan6Hearings #January6thCommitteeHearings https://t.co/SYhU0X5NSa
23 Jun, 09:42 PM UTC
Teach your children to be a Lady Ruby Freeman, not a Trump. #TrumpIsACriminal #January6thCommitteeHearings #Jan6Hearings #thursdayvibes https://t.co/38WknAndAA
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
Shazz 🌊🌊 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇺🇸
#Jan6Hearings Members of Congress who helped Trump's attempt to overturn the election. Paul Gosar, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Mo Brooks, Louie Gohmert , Andy Biggs & Kevin McCarthy etc etc 147 Republicans signed a letter to reject the election. https://t.co/UlxVn6vKGt
23 Jun, 08:24 PM UTC
Ben Wikler
Today’s #Jan6Hearings are the last until July—so it’s worth highlighting today that Wisconsin’s role in the attempt to overturn our democracy wasn’t limited to Ron Johnson. It was a project that consumed most of the state’s GOP… and still does. THREAD https://t.co/xGOszncNia
23 Jun, 11:15 PM UTC
Only criminal Presidents try to seize voting machines. That's why #TrumpIsACriminal. Kinzinger is showing Trump, Jeffrey Clark, Representative Scott Perry & others were ready to trash The Constitution. It's #TrumpsCoupPlaybook #Jan6Hearings #January6thCommitteeHearings https://t.co/EYO4Y3xcKA
23 Jun, 08:52 PM UTC
Republicans against Trumpism
🚨🚨NEW: The NYT is reporting that the Jan. 6 committee plans to unveil new evidence in today's hearing about how Donald Trump tried to manipulate the DOJ to help him cling to power after he lost the 2020 election. The #Jan6Hearings will start at 3 pm. Tune in!
23 Jun, 12:48 PM UTC
The Republican Accountability Project
Summary of the #Jan6Hearings so far: #1: Trump is guilty of assembling the Jan. 6 mob. #2: Trump is guilty of lying to the American people. #3: Trump is guilty of forsaking his own VP. #4: Trump is guilty of sending his fans and followers to harass innocent Americans.
23 Jun, 06:34 PM UTC
Bloomberg Quicktake
Former acting deputy AG Richard Donoghue recalled a direct quote from Trump in December 2020 saying: “What I’m just asking you to do is say it was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen” #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/JWfKMWVM5R @Quicktake's photo on #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 08:28 PM UTC
Senate Judiciary Committee
NOTABLE: Despite repeatedly being told that there was no widespread fraud, Trump asked Rosen and Donoghue on December 27, 2021 to “just say the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me and the R Congressmen” — a direct quote, as Donoghue told @JudiciaryDems. #Jan6Hearings @JudiciaryDems's photo on #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 11:18 PM UTC
Donnedia Edmond
#thursdaymorning #ThursdayVibes Waking up to GOP infighting shows how reprobated disrespectful& unprincipled Repub.are to each other & Amer. Marge called McConnell Graham & 12 Repub.Colleagues failures/As Dems. Remain united awaiting Day5 Of #Jan6Hearings 🗽🙋🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/Hu3EXv57Me
23 Jun, 03:42 PM UTC
WATCH: Jan. 6 Cmte. shares texts between Rep. Scott Perry and then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadow, in which Perry urges Meadows to elevate Jeffery Clark within the Justice Dept. #jan6hearings https://t.co/MCCiiZcF4H @MSNBC's photo on #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:06 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Why are these fascist MAGA traitors still in Congress??? Prosecute them. Every damn one of them. #LockThemAllUp #Jan6Hearings #TheView #Maddow Eric Herschmann Matt Gaetz Innocent Trump DOJ Jeff Clark Clarence Thomas Mark Meadows Marjorie Taylor Greene Innocent Second Amendment https://t.co/daKpPiOqiL
23 Jun, 10:19 PM UTC
White House call logs obtained by Jan. 6 Cmte. show that the White House referred to Jeffrey Clark as "acting Attorney General" ahead of meeting in which Donald Trump discussed appointing Clark as acting AG. #Jan6hearings https://t.co/RdYLvfum24 @MSNBC's photo on #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:21 PM UTC
Fernand R. Amandi
Today’s stunning #Jan6Hearings revelations again underscore that if AG Merrick Garland and @TheJusticeDept do not indict Donald Trump before the November midterms - so voters understand actual crimes were committed - it will be an act of dereliction, malpractice and capitulation.
23 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC
𝐾𝑒𝑟𝑟𝑦 𝐾𝑎𝑦𝑒
Being a cult survivor myself, watching this whole thing play out has been especially painful. This will be for the historians to study, how quickly a charismatic cult leader can convince their followers to commit gruesome crimes. #Jan6Hearings #January6thCommitteeHearings #exjw
23 Jun, 04:09 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Sean Penn sat with officers who defended the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack by supporters of former President Trump in an attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election. #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/gkWXTJMR1M
23 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
Senate Judiciary Committee
“People tell me Jeff Clark is great. I should put him in [DOJ leadership].” — President Trump, 12/27 “[Jeffrey Clark's] the kind of guy who could really get in there and do something about this.” — Rep. Perry, 12/27 This was a Trump Republican takeover of DOJ. #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/VxZkbKB8RJ
23 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
No Dem Left Behind
No surprise that members of the #treasoncaucus sought pardons #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/pNNS1tFTxc
23 Jun, 09:52 PM UTC
Malena-PRO-CHOICE #maskup 🌊 & Fight Tyranny!
The plan for this coup by Donald Trump must be talked about in every corner. Make a vow to talk about it with even those who you know may not want to hear about it! Do it for heroes like Officer Edwards! Do it for the future of our democracy! #jan6commision #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/FgW7RchaQ7
23 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
Dad Of 4A's
Trump needs to be charged with treason, along with everyone, who was in on the biggest scam in American History! #Jan6Hearings
23 Jun, 09:04 PM UTC
Ahmed Baba
“Just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the Republican congressmen." Trump thought if the DOJ sowed enough doubt, maybe he and his pardon-seeking GOP allies could pull this coup off. My latest @Independent on #Jan6Hearings https://t.co/tH7Yd9xPrO
24 Jun, 12:17 AM UTC